Introducing the UP Introcast™

A fresh new format that unlocks incremental sponsorship earnings

What’s an Introcast?

An Introcast is host recommendation of a podcast they love, delivered as a 2-3 minute episode. Using the UP platform, an Introcast is released and remains in the 2nd feed slot.

Why Introcasts?

Earn incremental and consistent monthly revenue. The unique 2nd feed slot makes Introcasts a listener friendly, low effort source of steady income.

How much will I earn?

Early Introcasters have earned 4-6x a typical midroll sponsorships. Specific Introcast opportunities and earnings estimates can be found in the UP dashboard.

Introcasts Key Benefits

💰 Extra Revenue
Introcasts don’t affect existing sponsorships. You can be sold out of midrolls, and still earn incremental income via Introcasts.
💸 Steady Income
Because an Introcast is released and held at the 2nd feed position, they earn consistent revenue for months.
🌐 Works Universally
Introcasts work with all hosts and podcast players. No switching required. Set up only takes 2 minutes!

A Comparison vs Traditional Midrolls

UP Introcast

Minimal Effort 🏖️ - once an introcast is created, it continues earn with no extra work or maintenance. To date, the average Introcast has run for 3 months.

Listener Friendly 🎧 - an introcast is always the 2nd episode on your feed so it doesn’t get in the way. Listeners get your most recent episode first.

Get Noticed 👀 - do you love it when someone compliments you? Other podcasters do too! Get noticed by other hosts and grow together.

Fair & Transparent ⚖️ - modern analytics so the more who listen to your introcast, the more you earn

Traditional Midroll

Requires Weekly Attention - an ongoing midroll sponsorship requires inserting the ad in every new episode

Can Overload - too many midroll sponsorships in an episode and over time, listeners learn to skip your recommendations

No Upside - flat rate earnings provide podcasters with no upside for great reads or audience growth

Zero visibility - “finger in the air” assessment of how well it’s working

🎚️ Easy Set Up

It takes 2 simple steps to configure. Introcasts works with all podcast hosts:
1. Paste the UP Smartfeed mirror URL in Apple PodcastsConnect. Your unique mirror URL will look something like this:
    For your show specific mirror URL, log into your UP dashboard here
2. Look for interesting Introcast sponsorship opportunities in your UP dashboard, record and upload your introcast episodes

🎧 Listen to some UP Introcast Examples

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