Mystery Show

by Gimlet

A podcast about mysteries, hosted by Starlee Kine. From Gimlet.

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Recent Episodes
  • Case #6 Kotter
    Jul 31, 2015 – 01:18:02
  • Case #5 Source Code
    Jun 19, 2015 – 38:55
  • Case #4 Vanity Plate
    Jun 12, 2015 – 42:10
  • Case #3 Belt Buckle
    Jun 5, 2015 – 51:33
  • Case #2 Britney
    May 30, 2015 – 49:24
  • Case #1 Video Store
    May 22, 2015 – 25:42
  • Mystery Show - Trailer
    Apr 30, 2015 – 03:32
Recent Reviews
  • shsygidtjgj
    😛😋🤪🥳🤩😎 🌈🍄🌺
    I love mystery stories but it is SO hard to find good ones, and this podcast is so good !😊
  • alikovestotravel
    And a splash of hyperbole. I really really enjoyed this listen. I found this podcast via Heavyweight podcast. Knew Gimlet would have some other good stuff. BRING our fabulous mystery woman and her PDCAST BACK!!
  • Medinajoes
    2021 GREAT!!! FUNNY!! I love it!
    Where is more what happen?!? It’s a great light listen I love it will their be more episodes?
  • Susannah Smith
    It’s a crime that there isn’t more Mystery Show
    Simply the best of the genre. Starlee Kine is a genius.
  • Lillllll lõplik
    Perfectly satisfying
    I just found this in 2021 and I absolutely love every episode. I wish this had five seasons so I could keep listening! I love that each mystery has a solution. Each one is wonderful and I would honestly do alot of things to bring this podcast back.
  • Moocow14
    Listen again and again
    I have just now listened to all the episodes in 2021. I imagine I will listen to these episodes again. My favorite has to be “Belt Buckle.” This is so well produced and Starlee Kine is a wonderful interviewer. Thank you for this gift.
  • touristinthecity
    Light touch, sensitive investigations
    Starlee was really a marvelous interviewer; she allowed the people she came across to be quite comfortable with her, even as I'm squirming in listening to it. I used to host a podcast and know how hard it is to get it done, and she did. If Mystery Show didn't have a sweet spot in that summer before Trump, it certainly hits it now.
  • Language Mentor
    Wishing this back into existence!
  • Oncognito
    Just amazing
    I got to this late and it is such a shame that this show was cancelled. This has brung me so much delight. Starlee is such a skilled storyteller and detective, it amazes me how she solves all of these mysteries.
  • hjcoffman
    A freaking delight
    I am sad I don’t listen in 2015, but in 2020 / 21 world this podcast is even more of a delight. Now that Spotify owns Gimlet can we bring it back? Hey, Max Fun network - let’s create a “new” show. You know you want to.
  • KravMarc
    Starlee. I listened to your Kotter podcast today. If you can send me your email, I can forward you my fourth grade picture, from 1977, wearing a Sweathogs shirt
  • wtyyuuu
    Amazing show
    This podcast is beautifully done. Starlee Kine is a gifted storyteller.
  • khlvklsh
    So good
    I’m _way_ late on this podcast, but it has given me a lot of joy during the lockdown. F Gimlet
  • whitzgig
    Starker is so missed.
    The best podcast, incomparable. Such a shame it was cancelled.
  • ßłë
    No more?
    I love this podcast, but isn’t there more???
  • BreeSpree3
    Where did it go?
    The last episode says they will be back in July...over 5 years ago. What happened? Where’s Starlee? We want more!
  • Annie Acker
    Binged in two days. Please resurrect this 2015 gem.
  • realreveiws from real people
    Ok so...
    This is a really great podcast I completely understand if you do not like it but I found it very interesting and I am sad it is not still being made! Happy 2021 Also just wanted to say the song for the intro by spark and called those mysteries. Ps love yourself you are amazing Also if you love this podcast I recommend sending gimlet emails or letters to get this podcast back on
  • softail1959
    Need more
    Just discovered! Love this show
  • Annieheart
    Bring it back!!!
    Just discovered this podcast and it totally surpassed my expectations. The host is extremely likeable and you can tell she put a lot of time into writing the story. I wish it would come back! Belt buckle episode is the sweetest thing I’ve heard. And the Britney episode was super nostalgic.
  • illnation504
    Great Podcast. I miss it.
    This was my all time favorite podcast. It was a nice break from the True Crime overload. It was nice to just hear a story and to find out the foundations of it. A+
  • Modernista64
    Simply the Best
    More than five years after first hearing Mystery Show, it remains among my all-time faves. Such a pity that its run was so brief, but that makes each one of the episodes a true treasure. I’ve made everyone I know listen to the belt buckle episode.
  • Bronx.amy
    Great little podcast
    What a gem. Every story is told with great detail and care. So interesting!
  • Cry Trefz
    I came across this the other day and I absolutely love it. Each episode is so rich with lots of unexpected turns. Amazing story telling. I just noticed this came out in 2015 so that’s that. It’s one of my favorite podcasts (I listen to a TON of shows) and I am so sad there isn’t more! Times are dark and this was a great escape.
  • Kmac54386
    More Starlee please!
    This is a great podcast. If I find anything else by starlee I will definitely listen to it.
  • Esutton2
    Absolutely obsessed! Charming and so interesting. Please come back!
  • Unknown12345708431
    Love it!!
    Please continue! These are sooooo good!!
  • Father French
    Bring it back!
    I want many things in life. One of the biggest ones is for this podcast to come back. It’s incredible, and I’ve been waiting for five years now. 😞
  • Ayo.Stay-
    Road Trip Essential
    I recommend this to everyone with long commutes/travels. Regardless of their preferences they all love it!
  • calilah westley
    bring this back!
    the latest mystery is “why did this amazing show stop?” please make more of it!
  • Teh Brw
    Please come back.....
    I loved this show. Starker...come back!
  • josebuendia
    Mystery Show was the best
    Every now and again I check back to see if this podcast has re-emerged from its marvelous cloud of ridiculousness. And alas, again no Mystery Show. Absolutely brilliant show. Please return!!
  • Po L.
    Bring it back!
    Can we bring this show back!!!? It’s soo good!
  • HeLLo...M
    Perfect. Timing.
    Perhaps the best way to end 2020 for me was finding and listening to this show. But unlike 2020, the series ended way too fast.
  • MEKmommy
    So sweet and fun!
    What a beautiful podcast! The child detective in me definitely loved every minute of this!
  • Karrathan
    So Perfect
    This is the best thing I’ve ever listened to. The host is funny, engaging and admirable, and the stories are so wonderful. I was so sad to see only 6 episodes and it ended 😭.
  • robbyhecht
    My All Time Favorite
    This is my favorite podcast of all time. I hope somebody powerful wakes up someday and decides it’s worth a reboot. Starlee ftw.
  • KGirl,K
    Get! It! 👏🏽👏🏽 You do an amazing job.
  • JaneWolfe
    Lost a star for personality
    Loved the podcast, but Starlee IRL is really rude. I used to listen to this thinking, man, if we ever met, we’d be bffs. And then we met. Lost all respect for her.
  • pepperashley
    Still waiting on season 2
    Please please please!
  • a.j.211212
    I can see why there were only 6 episodes. There are some interesting tidbits and interviews but I found myself enraged that they spend so much time and energy to answer an unimportant question that has no relevance and usually has an extremely simple answer that only requires common sense and not extensive research. It’s just that they’re unwilling to accept the simple answer, so they run around trying to find meaning in it, find out ultimately there isn’t any, then circle back to the common sense answer. I ask myself “why do you care so much?!”
  • Justwoooooooow
  • All-You-Can-Eat
    Not forgotten
    Still have this in my feed hoping one day it comes back...
  • WillStegemann
    The Best Podcast
    Ever Made
  • Rar.
    This might be...
    The G.P.O.A.T. Starlee is so disarmingly persistent and inquisitive and really everything I want to be when I grow up. This is going to be the Firefly of podcasts. Sigh.
  • straferockefeller
    Mystery Suggestion
    Why did such an engaging podcast suddenly vanish like a TriBeCa video store?
  • Teachermom47
    Please come back!
    I truly enjoyed this pod cast. It was interesting and I looked forward to listening to it. I was so sad that there were only six episodes.
  • disappointed1237
    Glad I can listen to something engaging and entertaining. Very good story telling.
  • Lex576
    Gimlet Failed You
    One of the best podcast ever! Why would you cancel this show?
  • Rue Bee
    Top 3 Favorite Podcasts Always
    You promise a second season! Please?! I’m laughing and riveted. More episodes please!
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