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BossBabe is one of the largest online communities of ambitious women and female entrepreneurs. With over 20M+ hashtag uses and 3.4M+ engaged followers, we have become a household name for ambitious women and started a revolution of women referring to themselves as “Boss Babes”.

The BossBabe podcast is the place where we share the real behind the scenes of building successful businesses, achieving peak performance and learning how to balance it all.

Co-founders Natalie Ellis and Danielle Canty share their experiences candidly, often inviting experts to join them on the show to give their insights. A combination of funny, raw and actionable, this podcast is a must-listen for ambitious women creating success in their own way.

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Recent Reviews
  • Sara_Gamachu
    These is an amazing show!
    It’s only taken me a week or so to get caught up with the episodes. Thank you BossBabe for changing my life with such beautiful advice! Molly S.
  • Valencia Okonkwo
    Best REAL actions podcast for entrepreneurs of all kind!
    I’ve been listening to the BossBabe podcast for over a year now and if you want real tangible things you can apply to your business, steps and actions to take, and of course mindset tips this is podcast for you! Truly love how Danielle and Natalie keep it real all podcasts and share the details, there’s nothing left out. They are both GREAT interviewers asking the RIGHT questions and diving deeper then deep on the gems! Love this podcast, highly recommend and thanks so much ladies for doing this for us entrepreneurs!!
  • The Caribbean Oprah
    So Glad I’m Tuning In!
    While I have followed BossBabe on ‘the socials’ for a while, I’d never realised there was a podcast. I clicked a link when I saw that Brendon Burchard was the guest for the particular episode being promoted, and I WAS NOT DISAPPOINTED! What I loved about the episode was that everything the ladies and Brendon shared were legitimately practical gems of advice….not fluff that left me saying, “Ok, yeah…but HOW???”. I will now be catching up on all the older episodes and waiting on the edge of my seat for the new ones. Amazing stuff! Please keep sharing your wealth of knowledge with the rest of us!
  • Diane M 7133
    Soooo GOOD!!
    This podcast constantly delivers! Thank you for the amazing information and resources!!! 🙏🏼❤️
  • BrookePalmerMusic
    Always at least one great takeaway
    Love this podcast! I always end up writing down some new affirmation or tip for personal growth relevant to my business.
  • lauren deorio
    One of my daily listens!
    You know those few podcasts you always go back to and listen to almost daily. This is one of mine! These girls always have juicy info and tips to implement immediately!
  • Ando0525
    Genuine and informative content! This podcast really motivates and educates on how to be a successful entrepreneur and take actionable steps to reaching your goals. Thank you so much for the amazing work you are doing :)
  • breebreemunoz
    My Favorite Daily Podcast! <3
    I’m going to be honest. I was skeptical of how much I would be able to learn about blogging from this podcast. Only because I have always seen them already be successful. I had never heard their story on how they got started and OMG they are so relatable
  • NothingLikePBS
    Actionable steps to change your life
    Natalie and Danielle give so many actionable steps and tips to help women change their mindset, in a positive direction. From this new and evolving mindset, you can change your life. They not only model this for others but they bring guests on their show that help them lead the way to transformation. Thanks, ladies, for your leadership, your courage and your support.
  • Midwestbarbells
    It’s like they know what I need to hear!
    I adore these ladies! I love how they talk about health, mindset, and entrepreneurship. I love running in each week for their guidance, honesty, and wisdom! It’s like hanging out with a couple of gal pals.🤍
  • The stalking orange
    Life changing
    You ladies are such an inspiration! I listen to you on my way to work and during solo lunch breaks as a motivational booster. Thank you for all you do!
  • nghhcfig
    Lili Sabri
    Episode 188 with Lili Sabri was so good! So many little nuggets of inspiration. This one really made me feel like I wasn’t alone in the “idfk what I’m doing but I’m gonna do it” journey of entrepreneurship. 10/10 must listen!
  • Emagenphoto
    So incredibly helpful and motivating!
    I love this podcast so much, it’s been so helpful in my entrepreneurial journey. I’ve learned so much from the girls and the guests. Thankful for all the content you provide us for free! Priceless!
  • war is ona
    The best podcast I have ever ever yet to listen to. Listen to it!! You’ll thank me later for the review!
  • migacia
    Raw and Vulnerable
    I’ve been following Boss Babe, Danielle and Natalie for maybe over a year now and just discovered their podcast! The Mel Robbins episode was amazing. She was raw and vulnerable. I absolutely love when people share from the heart. It’s not fake, it’s real. Double 🙌🏼 IG: migarcia78
  • Gotchayeah
    Masked Female Empowerment
    The host waste a good amount of time talking about her personal life and seems quite insincere about topics on the show and unless it’s pushing their online paid community.
  • Dreajordann
    Just what I Needed!
    Today’s Episode with Mel Robbins was everything I needed and more! It woke me up to realize that I am on the right path and to stop doubting myself so much. I shared it with all of my friends on social media and so many women have reached out to me saying they have bought both books on Audible (I did as well). I wish the interview could’ve went on even longer it was so inspirational! IG: @dreajordann
  • GracieGirl2020
    I found this podcast recently, at a time when I have been looking into becoming an entrepreneur or work for home freelancer of some type. On this podcast they really help you to focus in on what habits to start, how to find your niche, how to be successful in your business, plus offer a lot of motivation that you don’t typically hear when going into this sort of business. Sooo helpful. Couldn’t recommend enough!
  • Waitingtoberead
    Just discovered my new fav podcast
    I just listened to the episode (#125) with Kiana Danial on investing and making your money work for you. Such a fantastic episode. Now I can't stop listening to this podcast: insightful, honest, and binge-worthy... especially as a business owner.
  • ASobering
    Such a wealth of knowledge! 🧠
    This is one of the most insightful podcasts that I have ever come across! Natalie and Danielle do such a great job of sharing their wisdom and I love how they lead meaningful conversations with guests who bring so much experience to the table. Highly recommend checking this show out - you won’t be disappointed!
  • the.alexa.owe
    Great content, not great sound
    Love the content and honesty with which both hosts and guests discuss the entrepreneurial journey—some episodes (like Ep 165) have hugely disruptive volume the host laughing really loud and me feeling like I have to pull out my ear buds. Love to listen to laughing but perhaps the team could invest in better sound editing.
  • aimegold
    A Game-Changer
    I’ve been in business for 7 years and am finally ready to level-up. This is exactly the podcast I need to do that. Every episode provides me with such valuable information - I especially enjoy the bio hacks, as I’m obsessed with feeling my best and maximizing my productivity. Can’t wait to keep listening!
  • ErinSCampbell
    I listened to my first episode of boss babe today and am totally hooked! I listened to the magic mushroom episode and benefits of microdosing. I am SO excited about it that I just placed my first order!!! Thank you!
  • itsmishmish
    So helpful and honest
    This podcast helped me change my perspective and improve my life in practical ways in terms of my business and also my health. I can’t wait to join the Societé! Natalie and Danielle are AMAZING ❤️
  • sos4yourstress
    ❤️ this podcast!
    I have been listening to this podcast for a while and love all the episodes. When I need some motivation this is what I listen too. Want to start a blog and keep 2nd guessing myself. Just listened to the Mindset episode and realize I just need to make the leap because there isn’t a perfect time to get started there will always be excuses to stop me. I just need to do it!!!
  • delaney0825
    I recently discovered Boss Babe and I am obsessed! Natalie and Danielle cultivate the most amazing conversation and I have learned so much new knowledge since I started listening! 10/10 recommend this podcast to anyone who needs a little push in the right direction to take charge of your life and really discover your true potential!
  • EricaBushwell
    Awesome podcast!
    Natalie & Danielle, host of The BossBabe podcast, highlights all aspects of entrepreneurship, careers and more in this can’t miss podcast! The hosts and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!
  • truthneedsavoice
    Great podcast, but some concerns about use of platform
    5 stars for the business and lifestyle content on this podcast. 0 stars for the popular yet harmful ideas about race in America being featured on your social media platforms. I value and support your work, but don't want to see your platform promoting ideologies that will end up disempowering the young women you serve. (I've deleted other details irrelevant to the podcast, hoping the message has been received.)
  • SamRM4
    When I need a pick me up
    I can always turn to the BossBabe podcast when I’m feeling like a failure. I am a young female real estate agent who has HUGE dreams and aspirations for my real estate career. I came from very modest means and investing in real estate isn’t cheap so I often feel like I’m behind the curve. This podcast always gives me the “pick me up” that I need.
  • give_jahthanks
    The Male perspective
    As a man this podcast helps me see another perspective and points of views. Great Podcast 🏆
  • thewitchnextdoorr
    I discovered this podcast when trying to find groups of women in LA interested in expanding and becoming a boss of their own! This is the best way to start my days. I learn so much, it gives me motivation and comfort knowing I am not alone in this journey. Thank you 🥰
  • FidoFizzy
    Love these ladies!
    I am seriously binging these podcasts. They are all unique episodes and are centered around bring your best version of yourself. I just love it!
  • alexandrageneva
    Both inspiring and tactical
    Natalie at Boss Babe makes me excited to work hard and truly create my vision at its biggest. The boss babe energy motivates me and the real actionable tactics help me execute. The solo episode are my favorites.
  • LSC1978
    So inspiring and helpful
    I have listen to a few of the boss babe podcast and all I can say is wow! I work in corporate America and also have a side hustleI am a girl that wants it all. These podcasts are help on how to manage and balance, stay mindful, and just give me tips and tricks on how to be the best version of myself. Thank you thank you thank you
  • anastasia prech
    Valuable and life-changing information!
    After listening to 5 episodes, all I can say is wow! This podcast is gold. I love that there is so much variety in the content, yet it all ties together as such valuable and even life changing information. I also love how Natalie and Danielle’s personalities and warmth radiate throughout. It’s very well done, great hosts, great guests, great conversations!
  • Rachael Flores
    Editing errors
    I love this podcast, don’t get me wrong. But there have been more editing errors lately. I listened to one where the introduction was all about one interview but the interview was someone completely different. Now, the recent one has an ad playing over the guest talking at one point. Just wanted to give some feedback since it seemed strange for this to happen with such a big name.
  • Christine1634
    Truly Wonderful
    So much good information! Life, health, business, personal finance. First information podcast that I’ve listened to more than 4 episodes. Each one is unique, relevant and inspiring.
  • ainsleymurdock
    Learning and growing from anywhere
    This podcast has been a life changer in my busy Life. I am always wanting to learn and grow more through reading and podcasts but being so busy this podcast has been so helpful when needing to multitask. Natalie and Danielle are so insightful and thoughtful and what they talk about. Every podcast I have listen to I have had a take away. I’m so thankful that they share their knowledge through this podcast.
  • meganporta11
    A must-listen for female entrepreneurs!
    Being a “boss babe” is not always easy, so I appreciate all of the value shared in this podcast. Not only will you take away nuggets that’ll help grow your business, you will also walk away from the episodes with a boost in confidence and mental clarity.
  • snasser7
    Everything an entrepreneur needs!
    I love listening to the bossbabe podcast because it is really a holistic resource that informs listeners on ways to improve not only our businesses, but our overall well-being as businesswomen! So grateful to have all of this knowledge at my fingertips.
  • Lucia zt
    Inspiring and relatable
    Love all the insights and reality brought in terms of being an entrepreneur. It feels very relatable and there are always a lot of takeaways. I also love all the guests, listening to their stories and everything that happens behind the curtain of launching a business. Super inspiring! My fave podcast!
  • DJDPAntigua
    So insightful!
    I learned about BossBabe after watching an event by Jamie Kern Lima and ever since I’ve been obsessed! I love the variation in podcast topics. I get somewhat of pep talk whenever I feel like I can’t get a task done, I get some guidance for business ideas and I feel like I have a friendship with Danielle and Natalie. I truly enjoy this podcast!
  • Trueblae
    Varied content - always a great listen
    I am impressed with the variety of content! I have enjoyed (and finished) every episode I have listened to!
  • AshKay26
    Boss Babe Podcast
    I love listening to the boss babe podcast on my way to and from work! I have made so many notes and implemented many things to my life. Natalie and Danielle have helped me grow my business and find myself. I love hearing from so many business people in the world. Thank you and keep making these podcasts, I need them.
  • Dorrian Lewis
    Well Done!!
    A lot of great and valuable information, Thank you! I’ll definitely be listening more often 💜
  • Knf409
    This is the content I’m here for!
    I’m struggling. At 40, I realized what I was doing is not what I want to do. I really felt like it wasn’t what I was meant to do. I needed to find a community of people doing things differently. I found Bossbabe. I still don’t know what I want to do but, I’m ok with that now! It’s given me the courage to try. To fail. To try again and even if I don’t actually knows these amazing women, I can lean on them and their knowledge to push forward! Thank you for bravely sharing and bringing on guests that make this such a positive vibe and something I want to listen to everyday!
  • 9007
    Love the BossBabe Creators Podcasts- Listen Now!
    The Content and clarity, that Creators Natalie Ellis & Danielle Canty provide to Empower and support, guide and celebrate Women, it’s priceless and is also such an enriching listen. Thank you both and your what a Team💖 I am so grateful and committed to learning and sharing all I can do to contribute in a way that these two beautiful Women have for us all. With gratitude to BossBabe 🌷
  • Amandamat
    I have absolutely been loving everything about this podcast! My notepad is constantly out. I started listening this podcast A couple weeks ago and I’m addicted I’m cruising through these episodes like crazy!!! This podcast is 10 out of 10 100% recommended.
  • Hanna Banana1213
    Great information! Love this podcast!
    I love this podcast! I have been listening to it while I work and it really gets me motivated to level up in everything I do! Feeling inspired!!
  • @BeautyJamBySam
    Much Love
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Much Lashin’ & Waxin’ Love to ya! ❤️ Best to you, Samantha Hardin @BeautyJamBySam
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