The Best of Car Talk

by NPR
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America's funniest auto mechanics take calls from weary car owners all over the country, and crack wise while they diagnose Dodges and dismiss Diahatsus. You don't have to know anything about cars to love this one hour weekly laugh fest.

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  • rclayp
    These two are genius!
    I don’t mean genius as mechanics just that they are hilarious and some of the stories then the people who ring in are just classic listening- I’m sure they are great mechanics btw but that’s not the entertaining bit. As someone from the UK I can’t even remember how I found this but when it ends I will wholeheartedly miss it.
  • Dukebases
    Brilliant show
    Genuinely entertaining stuff from two witty guys. Doesn't sound scripted in anyway. Even though these are actual reruns from decades ago, they remain strangely timeless. First heard a little clip of Tom and Ray on NPR while on holiday 🇺🇸 and just could not stop laughing. The show was the first thing I googled when I got back home. 🇬🇧
  • torrster
    A laugh & learning.
    I love this. The guys are such a giggle, I’ll always remember the one where they rang up the father of the girl that had the guilty conscious, absolute gold!😆 highly recommend. I’m from the UK & find the callers & the guys so entertaining. Wish we had something similar here. Seems some of the best podcasts are from NPR. The guys take mickeys out of each other & from the callers, very much how we are in the UK. Love it. 😍
  • jgh brotton
    A real good podcast I’ve only listened to 3 of them but it’s enjoyable and learning there language on car parts
  • Mrfixerat64
    Great show
    I listen to this on a podcast while I’m am driving round the highlands of Scotland delivering to a supermarket chain great laughs keep it up Joe
  • Phizzbee
    Always makes me smile
    One of the funniest podcasts I have ever heard. Its vaguely about cars but do not let that stop you listening. The callers just trigger the whole thing off and ends in infectious laughter throughout the studio. Its a great undiscovered seam in US radio and worth listening to all the back episodes. Tom and Ray produced some of the best interaction between people seeking advice and putting the world to right. They may not know all the answers but they have fun exploring the possibilities and stalling to grasp at the elusive straws of a fix. Although no longer on air I hope they still keep posting them on I tunes for the world to enjoy.
  • SteveinLudlow
    Check out Dave from Bemidji
    I have been binge listening to Car Talk for about 4 years and I have now started again from earliest shows. I am in the UK, not particularly interested in cars so why would I listen to hours of shows by two American/Italians? Because they are broadcasting geniuses - the are a superb double act swapping friendly brotherly jibes in between dealing with all manner of wackos. Its great comfort listening, geniunely informative but most importantly warm natured and very funny. If you manage to ear Dave from Bemidji and his interesting trip back from Alaska you will know what I mean.
  • Wide-Rider
    So happy this is avaliable in UK
    So pleased this is now avaliable on the UK iTunes. So funny and informative. would be great to hear the 'Goat farm' from years ago again.
  • Roll Up & Shine
    The best podcast on the net
    I love this show, I've been servicing my own cars for over twenty years so I enjoy diagnosing the car problems myself and Tom & Ray are just hilarious. Some of the problems people ring in with have me rolling, it has to be worth 79p if you havent heard it to download the episode called 'Old moses blew beats' this one is just fantastic.
  • DryEnglish
    Even kids should love
    I agree with every single review. It seems we all discovered them in the USA and now they can brighten even our darkest winter morning back in blighty with their fantastic laughs. \best bit - you can involve the kids now by pointing out Click and Clack in the first 'Cars' movie! Or will they just wonder why dad (or mum) is listening to a couple of old junk cartoon trucks on an ipod? Anyway, don't drive like......oh you know what I mean
  • Zomble1
    Cheers you up!
    Like the others, I started listening to Car Talk when I lived in the USA (I'm British). Despite the name, it's only partly about cars; much more about the people who phone/write in, and the relationship between the brothers. It's by far the funniest thing I've ever heard on the radio, and endlessly good-natured as well. Unlike lots of American comedy, it appeals to a British sense of humour and we were often reduced to giggling idiots. If you were feeling at all sad, this would be great therapy - try it!
  • Conman991
    Best podcast about cars!
    This is seriously one of the best podcasts going! I love it and I reminds me of a time when I was chilling on south beach and I heard this for the first time and I got so carried away listening to the show I got sunburnt! It's awesome and I'm back living in the UK now and this boys remind me of a good time living in Miami and make me laugh! Superb show! Shame they are retiring!
  • Marcelle Holt
    I ride a bike everywhere, I cant even drive, I don't even like cars. but I LOVE THIS SHOW! a funny little find for me as i'm in the UK, but tis is the funniest podcast on the world wide web. (ps puts Topgear 'masculine humour' to SHAME) these guys are the masters
  • Tweedy u.k
    Always puts a smile on my face at the weekends
  • The gid
    London calling
    My week is not complete unless I'm tucked up in bed on a Sunday night listening to these idiots. I now know more about cars then I ever thought I'd need to, just like warm maple syrup on muffins , hmmmmmmmm
  • Brockman2000
    My favorite show of the week
    Me and a bunch of mates listen to this in Japan every week! It's the talk of the office, great laughs and real comforting radio.. must hear!
  • Gizzie550
    The tappit brothers
    Just fabulous. I look forward to the latest episodes , not to learn about cars, but simply for a dose of laughter. Does you good.
  • Beano Bear
    Universal Appeal
    Click and Clack work on so many levels. And it's an added bonus to be able to get them back here in Blighty after discovering them while driving around the States a few years back. Their laughter and humour is so infectious that they can wipe away any stress and blues in just a few chuckles. You even get to learn something about cars! Even though geostationary satellites shudder when they say it... ...the signal still manages to reach the other side of the Atlantic! Cheers Car Talk.
  • ExtAnimal
    A good laugh at the weekend
    I got into Car Talk while living in California a few years ago, and I'm glad I can get it in podcast form here in the UK now. I'm not even that into cars, I just like the wit and humour. My favourite types of questions are the non-autotmotive ones.... The he says/she says type conundrums! Me and my wife listen every weekend. "Dewey Cheatham and Howe!" is one of our catchphrases.
  • Nudger01
    Just love it..
    Got into this on the fantastic NPR - one of the USA's only decent news and current affairs stations. This is so funny and I got into it when living in California. It's really good fun and extremely entertaining - both for car stuff and general humour. It's infectious and I'm so glad it's available in the UK to remind me of "old friends" - thank you Click and Clack..
  • tag1807
    Pure class
    Irreverent yet incredibly well-informed and hugely entertaining. Highly recommended whether or not you need car advice..!
  • Debbie G-S
    I first heard Click and Clack 'Car Talk' in NC, USA when I lived there for 2.5 years. I laughed until I cried, Americas best kept secret! Still listen to it now back in the UK.
  • universalnews
    The best car show on my iPhone
    I first listen to them back in the 90's on holiday in the states, back home in Scotland with my new iPhone and playing with the radio function in the bath, i find car talk on NPR it's like I was back in the States driving from Florida to Grand Canyon....that was such a long time a go. I am so happy to catch up with old friends on the radio. Just fantastic...
  • Doug the gardener
    Simply the best!
    From the first moment I heard Car Talk I have been a huge fan. Maybe it's because you can play along and see if Click and Clack's answer matches what you think. Maybe it's because of the car related musical interlude Maybe it's because of the puzzler or stump the chump Or maybe its because they are just plain funny. I love their sense of humour, it is naive and innocent, they sound like they are having a great time making the programme, they sound like guys you would want to hang out with for a beer or three. I have yet to hear a dud show and I have been listening to car talk for many, many years - and now I don't have to pay audible, I can get the podcast for free here on itunes! Thanks guys!
  • bigjohn1956
    Very Funny
    Two Guys that just make me smile evertime I listen to them, Just give them a go 10/10
  • Ragamuffink
    The Best Show on US Public Radio - Now on Podcast
    I moved from the UK to California in the 1990’s where I found this radio show - and loved it. It’s funny and is interesting too. OK, so the show has an American format, the guys have American accents and there is a blue-grass theme tune, but if you can get past these you’re in for a treat. You don’t have to be into cars to listen - Tom and Ray answer callers’ questions on cars, but may diagnose a relationship problem as readily as a faulty spark-plug.
  • TMitBB
    Thankfully - their podcasts are available in UK
    I first heard Click and Clack in 1999 when I moved to Texas. The Saturday morning hour on the NPR station KUHF was found by accident, but always programmed into my radios - and my schedule - from that first day on. I suffered withdrawal when we moved back to the UK in 2005. Thankfully I now have an iPod. Their brand of humour is quick, witty, and contagious. They never stop laughing, and their callers are infected within seconds. It masquerades as a Car mechanics show. It is without doubt one of the funniest hours of my week, and I look forward to the next installment. Great fun. Download it now...
  • jonathanmills
    Click and clack
    Five star with laughs. if you haven't heard of these guys yet - they're the funniest things on radio all under the guise of a phone in show for car problems. Their sense of humour is unique and they laugh, laugh and laugh. One podcast will be enough to get you hooked. I've been a fan for years but have been stuck until now to some bootleg versions of their 'best of car talk' cds and occasioanlly listening on line. Their podcast in itself is worth buying an ipod for. WIsh they'd get on the Jonathan Ross show so the UK would get to know them. It's the US's best kept comedy secret. Thanks guys for the laughs .
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