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There I was…, presented by the AOPA Air Safety Institute, invites you into the cockpit with pilots across the aviation community. We fly with them as they encounter unpredictable scenarios and we learn from the knowledge and skills they utilize to fly safely out of them. This podcast honors the tradition and heritage in aviation to leverage “hangar flying” as an avenue to pass along knowledge and experience.

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Recent Reviews
  • Jkent27
    Super interesting podcast
    Can’t get enough of this podcast!
  • swedeakp1
    AOPA There I Was podcast Episode #29
    Richard et al, What an exvellent podcast, especially this episode. As a helicopter pilot, I know it is tempting to assume that since a helicopter can do so many things, that it can do more than it (or you/me/we) actually can or should. Land and live is a great mantra. Do we really have to ‘get there’ now, fast, etc? Probably not. Thank you for this excellent podcast and keep them coming. Kris
  • A libertarian
    Learn from the lessons of others
    Seems like such a simple format, one person talking to another about an aviation episode they were lucky enough to learn from. But it is so brilliantly executed with quality audio, clearly prepared presenters, and good lessons to learn from. Thank you for making it.
  • Azhwymn
    Great podcast and educational!
    Thank you for putting on this podcast and for doing such a great job, all around. I am a student pilot, and I did not grow up in an ‘aviation family.’ This podcast has opened my eyes to so many things and the reality of accidents, not every one dies. It has taught me how important safety and training are to aviation. I look forward to each one of these podcasts. Keep up the great work Richard and those that make this possible!
  • XDMan525
    Entertaining and Informative
    This is a phenomenal show for any pilot who is interested in learning more about aviation. Well written and produced this podcast creates a perfect evidence based approach on applicable emergency procedures while creating an atmosphere of this can happen to anyone...so be prepared. Thank you for this quality podcast.
  • flyingfishsticks
    Love this series!
    Thanks for what you do! I’m listening to these with my daughter and we both cringe a little with the “s” sounds in playback. Can you adjust production to help tone down that sound? Minor critique for this amazing show!!! Thanks for your work!!
  • DL_2402
    Great show and super informative
    Thank you!
  • N2GJ
    Coast Guard rescues downed Cirrus pilot & friend
    WOW! Best podcast ever! I heard about this podcast on my weekly listen to AOPA Live. In a way it’s an audio version of “I Learned About Flying From That” which I used to read as a “Flying” magazine subscriber years ago. A suggestion might be to add a “show notes” page with links to info on relevant topics to the podcast. Examples might be bios of the participants, a link to HC-144 aircraft, Cirrus, the Coast Guard mission, videos/photos referenced in the interview, etc. I was really touched by Ed’s personal recollection. You could hear his voice crack when expressing his gratitude to Jillian & her crew. I really enjoyed the interviewer’s style. Great job!
  • Cat Daddy B
    Excellent audio
    Non pilot I’m entertained!!
  • phalsmer
    Great Pilot Lessons Learned
    A professional podcast and fabulous stories from very experienced pilots. There are many wise lessons to be learned hearing their perspective and decision making. Thanks for the podcast!
  • YGlen
    If you enjoy hangar talk ...
    ... this podcast is for you too!
  • Angry bird BS
    Great podcasts
    Love these real life stories, the make you think about the what if’s and put a real scenario with all of the hypotheticals from training. Only complaint is volume of the host and guest, sometimes I can’t turn up the volume loud enough to hear what is being discussed.
  • Paapy
    Outstanding Content
    I am working on my commercial ASEL right now, and really enjoyed the stories so far. They are a great reminder of the risks associated with flying, and why we need to always make safe decisions when we are flying.
  • Penguinlover33
    Good content... work on sound
    Guest and host volumes were inconsistent and host has a lisp that should be fixed with a good mic or in post production. Normally, I wouldn’t complain but the pitch on the lisp gave me a headache.
  • NV XX701
    I love hearing war stories like these! Well done!
  • April VR
    The guests have amazing stories!
    I love the wonderful stories the guests have told on this podcast! Very captivating! Whenever the co-host, Kristin, asks questions or makes comments though, I have to turn the volume way down because I can't stand listening to her! Between the "umm's" and the "uhh's" and the annoying voice she has, it makes it very diffucult to enjoy this podcast to the fullest. In a heartbeat, I'd give the podcast 5 stars if she wasn't on the show. But since she annoys the crap out of me, it gets 4 stars. I like the idea of having a woman on the podcast to represent women in aviation, but I wish they would have found a woman who didn't sound so nervous/tense and had a better voice for radio.
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