Bhagavadgita Discourse

Hinduism #47

The Bhagavad Gita, is a manual of living that provides guidelines for attaining the heights of human excellence. The text contains the essence of the teachings of the ancient scientists of life - the Rishis. The wisdom of the Gita makes us not only wise but also enlightened human beings. This podcast contains Bhagavadgita Discourse by Swami Nikhilananda of Chinmaya Mission. The discourses were given in English from March 2010 to December 2011 at Chinmaya Mission Delhi. Swamiji explains in simple English the very essence of Bhagavadgita lucidly. A born teacher, logical and systematic, he opens the doors for understanding the Truth, as it is, reaching seekers at their own levels.

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  • muthu
    Must listen for any age
    I loved the pravachan. Swamiji is an amazing teacher with his presentation and humor. This changed the way I see myself and also the world. I’m blessed to know, learn and contemplate Gita with the help of swamiji.
  • pa12221
    Bhagavadgita excellent
    This discourse has definitely changed my outlook on life, relate to Swamiji’s humor, never heard it be explained so brilliantly and never connnected with someone’s way of teaching so well
  • Emme72310
    Uplifting and Perspective changing !
    Love the Swamiji's humor and more so easy to understand translation of The Gita. Have listened to every episode from Chapter 1 to 18. Many "ah-ha" moments can be and were experienced in the process :) I listen to random episodes and always walk away with something!
  • moving to starhub
    Best of all available options
    For the neophyte as well as for those well versed with Vedanta.
  • Rvasisht
    Top class
    Excellent podcst!!! Easy to understand. Swamiji makes it very interesting and fun to listen to with humor interjected in his teaching. Can be listened to multiple times.
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