Salam, Girl!


The Salam, Girl! podcast features content related to building a strong confident character as an American Muslim woman. The show is hosted by Monica Traverzo and Nicole Queen, two American women who chose to convert to Islam. They share advice, experiences and interview inspirational guests to help empower Muslim women to reach their fullest potentials.

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  • Sugar567294
    Just wanted to say it is in fact possible for men to be pregnant. A little bit of episode 67 was transphobic, trans men are men and trans women are women.
  • tierralila96
    I love starting my drive to work with this podcast. As a recent convert, I had so many questions and needed sooo much of the advice and laugh they give when it came to Islam and being a Muslim Women. This is a podcast even my born Muslim friends LOVE! You two are doing an amazing job by inspiring so many and sharing sisterly love!
  • Taleae
    Highly Recommend!❤️
    These two women are phenomenal! I honestly feel like I’m on FaceTime with them every time I tune in. They talk about modern Muslimah struggles and are a safe space to tell your problems. Wishing nothing but the best for you sisters I’A
  • Noorulann
    Thank you! XOXO
    You ladies are so inspiring, love listening to you two for some good positive energy ❤️
  • StephsHealthJourney
    Amazing! Loving these ladies
    I just found this podcast and I couldn’t be happier! I’m really enjoying just listening to each episode and getting a dose of wisdom and humor from these amazing ladies! As an orthodox Christian, I’m curious about Islam and really enjoy learning more from these wonderful girls! Excited to keep listening. Thank you for all you do ❤️
  • Yellajaj
    Every single episode is relatable!!
    Another convert newbie here.. all alone amongst 100% Christian community, finding this podcast I feel like I also found 2 friends that advise me on everything that i’ve been confused about ❤️
  • saramohsin912
    Very relatable for reverts!
    As a Muslim revert, it has been a blessing to have found this podcast. Nicole and Monica have created a great sense of community for new Muslims, especially ladies, and their episodes on how to become a hijabi helped me in my own journey to wearing hijab Alhumdulilallah. The podcast seems to have grown from a social justice perspective, and I am glad Nicole has been talking more about racial justice issues in recent episodes. Would love to see them use the platform to draw awareness to other global oppressions impacting the ummah, such as the Uyghur Muslims in China, fast fashion and forced labor, etc. Please release a new episode soon, missing the weekly eps!
  • dae19
    So glad I found this!
    So I’ve been contemplating on converting from Christianity to Islam for awhile now and it’s been really heavy on my heart recently to just take the step and take my shahada, and I’ve gradually been learning here and there being around my best friend and her family whose Muslim and they always answered any questions i had and i started doing my own research and reading here and there and i know it’s a lot i will be getting myself into and some of my family aren’t taking it well and i haven’t even converted yet so please make dua for me, and my my journey! Hopefully it can be as smooth as possible inshallah! ❤️
  • amany101
    Love this.
    So thankful I came across this podcast. I sincerely thank you guys. My favorite podcast ever.
  • wasiks
    Listen without children around
    Not a fan. I’m not Muslim but enjoy listening about people’s experiences and religion. After listening to this I have to sit and explain soo many things to my children, not things that I want to at this point. Talked about Christianity and God and how it’s not something that is believable. I teach my children and guide them to believe and look at god for guidance and one podcast and now they have doubts. Awful.
  • Crystal64
    MAGIC ✨
    I’ve been listening to this podcast for over a year now and continue to be inspired and educated with each episode. My significant other is a revert and he appreciates this podcast because it can be hard to find connection with the Muslim community when you are a revert. This podcast has given me a greater sense of sisterhood and also makes me laugh. I want to be your friends! You both have great personalities, the topics are thoughtful, this podcast is just MAGIC.
  • Ashlea-Aya
    LoOoooOve this podcast. For real, cannot believe that I just discovered this. As a convert, this has been soooo helpful just to hear about real life things, islam from a convert perspective, plus it’s a wonderful break from the mundane podcast. Keep up the wonderful and beautiful content! #foreverafan
  • farssheeeeeikh
    Collab Podcast spill the chai x Salam girl
    Hey girls I love your podcast and found the courage to start my own! It’s called spill the chai Please check it out and let listeners know they have another Muslim outlet to connect too!!! Keep changing the world and inspiring us alll ❤️❤️❤️❤️
  • Babalooptylu
    Women, not girls!
    Was interested in the topic, but I am unsubscribing because I cannot stand the way they keep referring to full-grown women as “girls.” Do you call men “boys?”
  • a mom from philly
    Grateful listener
    Salam girls, I wanted to take a moment to thank you girls for creating this wonderful space. I listen to you on my commute and my family and I reap from your positivity throughout my day. Your guests range from all walks of life, and their work and and outlook are deeply impactful: listening to you girls as you help them share their stories makes me reflect within myself on how I can be a better version of myself. May Allah swt continue to bless you with success in this dunya and beyond. Wasalaam :)
  • MommyMegn
    Thank You For This Podcast!
    Thank you, Monica and Nicole, for letting me into your lives and sharing your amazing stories of conversion to Islam, raising Muslim children, and the everyday difficulties of motherhood that effect all mothers, regardless of faith. I have really enjoyed listening to all the guest you have brought on to your show and have learned so much in such a short time. I am Catholic, but my partner and his daughter are Muslim. I found this podcast while searching for ways to support my partner and connect with his daughter during Ramadan. My partner and his ex-wife are Palestinian immigrants, and I see first hand the difficulties of raising a first-generation American Muslim, and I strive to support them on their journey. This podcast is an invaluable asset to me for this, but also for so much more. I especially love finding new places to shop for Eid gifts. This podcast also helps to elevate the voices of Muslim women who are experts in the various fields of interest and issues that all women, and especially mothers, face today. The diverse points of view and experiences provide great advise. I look forward to hearing from a new guest every week.
  • samibailly
    Ramadan Revert!
    Shout out to my fellow ramadan revert! I love the idea of doing a ramadan series of reverts 😭 It’s so fun and a great time to celebrate our shahadaversaries 💞
  • Skynoire
    Not a fan. Unless you’re interested in sharing two white/white passing women make passive aggressive jabs at “those hijabi girls who don’t have children” or “people who don’t work and have time to sit around all day watching YouTube.” Yeah, wasn’t expecting to hear insidious racist remarks on the very first episode that I listened to. I think I’d rather go watch a Arab/Egyptian “hijabi girl” on YouTube then listen to two converts bashing other women and also not acknowledging their racial privilege as converts. I think this show has a limited audience for other white/white passing American converts who are clueless about race. If this is you, then great—you’ll probably love it!
  • Keno1321
    Greatest podcast ever!
    I began to listen to this podcast when I was just learning about Islam and struggling in many ways, about taking my shahada, and emotionally about being the only non Christian in my family. This podcast made me totally sure about my faith! I couldn’t have done this without you girls! Thank you for all that you’ve done and keep being amazing! Listener for life!
  • maermila
    Best Muslim podcast ever!
    I love the Salam girls! I was on the hunt for an educational Muslim podcast when I stumbled upon this one. Though the purpose of this podcast isn’t really for educational purposes but more for Muslim American women to find someone to relate and connect to but you would be surprised about how much I learn and how connected my soul feels to Islam after listening to each episode. I highly recommend listening to their podcast. I love Nicole and Monica and I’m sure you will love them just as much!
  • Manno23
    All women need this not just Muslim women!
    This is the first one I am listening to and you all are awesome. Thanks so much for having a place for Muslim women and all women in general for your platform as support. And btw the spins quality was awesome 😊
  • cjvanlit
    Such a great podcast! As a revert it is so nice to hear the stories from other revert women. I relate so much to their point of view and they provide and honest, truthful view of Islam. I love hearing Monica and Nicole on Salam-talk and it feels like we’re old friends. The guests that they have on the show are from all different directions and I love the insights they provide, they show that Muslim women can do anything! I can’t believe it’s been already more than a year! Keep doing what you’re doing and I’ll be listening! Salaam!
  • Mom*2*4
    Convert in process
    I am a Christian-American woman and I am so glad I found this podcast, I am considering converting to Islam but I’m having trouble pulling the trigger. Each one of your episodes have truly helped empower me in some way. Some days I think “how did they get inside my head” 😂 you are spot on! I have related to so many of your stories and advice, you have definitely been placed in my life for a reason! I know I’m not completely ready yet, but I’ll get there. And p.s.. the April fools was not funny, but funny.. I had JUST found you and was binge listening 😆 love you girls, from your newest loyal follower ❤️
  • Nora Tassabhji
    Love this podcast!
    I met Monica and Nicole at a ChaiTalk event and was introduced to their podcast there. I have quite a bit of a commute to work and listening to this podcast really helps me enjoy the ride & make time pass by so much quicker! I’ve learned so much from them and from all the inspiring women they bring onto the show. The more I listen the more inspired I am to stay strong in faith, be a better person, and gosh I really am so inspired to start a side-hustle/business! Seriously love the content, energy, and speakers that Monica & Nicole bring to the show! P.S. They’re just as lovely and sweet in-person as they are on the podcast <3
  • sh0rty_16
    I love Salam Girl!
    I have been listening to the Salam Girl podcast since I converted to Islam in April. I absolutely love everything about it! Monica and Nicole are an amazing duo and I can relate to SO many of the topics they discuss. Salam girl has helped me get through some of the challenges that I face every day as a new Muslim. I binged on all the episodes when I first found it and now Mondays are my favorite days because I get to start my week with inspiration from these two phenomenal women. Monica and Nicole, I’m so grateful to you both for doing this podcast! May Allah SWT bless you both and accept your duas! Love always, your sister Yazmin 💕
  • SumayaUmSara
    Salam from California
    Salam, girl(s)! I recently stumbled across your podcast yesterday and I binge- listened to all the episodes already. I love what you're doing and so much of the themes spoke to my heart. Keep up the good work!!!!!! ❤️
  • Aya Haffar
    My favorite podcast
    I don’t know where to start.. but I want to say thanks so much for making this podcast. I’ve recently tuned in and I love it. I’ve been searching for a podcast that discusses topics for Muslim women and this podcast is just that and it’s so relatable. One of my favorite episodes are Salam talks, convert stories and the husband’s episode. Thanks so much I love these girls ❤️❤️
  • Tatiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii77
    Love these girls!
    This podcast has brought me smiles! I am a convert (5 years Alhamdulilah) and these girls are so relatable and helpful!! I love this podcast and will share it with all my friends. I’m glad I found you guys❤️❤️ thank you!
  • Mandaxleslie
    Alhamdulilah for these ladies
    May Allah swt bless these girls! Just what I need as a revert and am so pleased to find something so relatable. From the first episode, I listen with tears flowing because I thought no one understood the struggles of the revert process. It’s nice to hear that other women struggle with the issues I came across and currently deal with.
  • Momo123464
    Thank you
    Thank you to the both of you, for introducing us to amazing Muslim women otherwise would have not been heard. Love you both wish you all the success! Samira
  • My dragon era feedback
    Exactly what I needed!
    Monica and Nicole are a huge blessing!! I’m a revert and have been a Muslim for almost a year! Woohoo! I was a born again Christian for my entire life. Becoming a Muslim was the best decision I’ve ever made! But being a Muslim and a white girl with LOTS of tattoos brings its own challenges and I felt at moments that I was alone UNTIL I found Salam girl! Monica and Nicole have been given a gift and everything they speak about helps me feel a little less alone! Al-hamdulillah! I’ve been binging all your episodes and they are hilarious, helpful, reassuring and beautiful reminders that we all have our own journey but we are not ALONE! Thank you Monica and Nicole! May Allah continue to guide you both! With love-Joanne
  • FatmehE-01
    Uplifting, Empowering, Motivating, and Inspirational!!
    What a podcast! Everything that the modern day American Muslima or any girl just looking for an uplifting podcast is looking for! These girls are so empowering, motivating, and inspirational -and oh so relatable!! They have so many amazing topics and guests. I look forward to every new episode every week. Thank you for all your honesty and sharing your stories with us. Keep up the sensational work!
  • MZ-TPA
    A gem of a podcast!
    I stumbled upon your podcast a few months ago, and I am so glad I did! You ladies cover really pertinent topics in a smart, engaging manner. Your dynamic is uplifting and I enjoy each of your fabulous guests. I used to live in Dallas, and listening to your show takes me back to one of my favorite cities. I am going to recommend your podcast to my daughters (who are beautiful hijabi teenagers) because I wish I had something similar when I was myself a new hijabi. Keep up the great work!!💕
  • Rana Aburuman
    Thank you ❤️
    You girls are amazing, I love listening to you. You are both very inspiring and I admire your work. You’re making a difference in Muslim girls lives by sharing your stories and thoughts that are very relatable and realistic. Thank you, please keep doing what you’re doing. May Allah reward you ❤️
  • Hana Mom Life
    These girls are family
    When I listen to this podcast, I’m listening to my friends and we are discussing things that I didn’t realize I was even interested in. I feel empowered listening to all the amazing Muslim women they interview who have fought against all odds to have the success they have. I feel like I’m part of a community of strong Muslim women and I absolutely love how that makes me feel. I look forward to Monday’s with my friends.
  • Zelda Mason
    Listening to this podcast has been so refreshing. There were even moments that I had tears in my eyes! I’m an American Muslim convert and have been Muslim for about seven years now. There were so many moments in both of your stories that I could relate to. There were so many times where I felt that I couldn’t relate to others and now I know I am not alone. Thank you so much!
  • hanan4ever91
    Very energetic
    Love these women! They inspire and create conversations that need to be had!
  • Nicole Shahin
    The podcast I was looking for ❣️
    It’s simple: I love this podcast. Being married to a Muslim, I’ve always had an interest in Islam and find myself yearning for knowledge for my spiritual gain. Monica and Nicole do it in such a relatable and entertaining way. Their banter and chemistry is great and I love the variety of guests they bring on. I am never bored and feel like I learn about Islam a little more with every episode. This podcast has been a blessing for my spiritual life. Thanks a MILLION ❤️🥰
  • Tara Cetinkaya
    Rejuvenating my Soul
    I started listening to Salam Girls during Ramadan as one of my goals to strengthen my deen, and alhamdulilah I’ve been hooked every since! I just finished catching up on all the episodes, listening on the way to and from the office almost every day. It has truly been one of the highlights of my day. Every episode is so fresh and interesting, and Nicole and Monica have such a great talent for communicating and picking out the best topics and guests for the show! I have found it to be so inspiring, and just what I’ve needed to bring a renewed energy to my spiritual life. It’s also made me feel more a part of our Ummah, and like there are other Muslim girls out there like me. Thank you so much girls, may Allah swt bless you for this amazing gift you are giving to Muslim girls everywhere! ~ ❤️ Tara @ Modefa
  • hijabi_mommy
    Love them!
    LOVE MELANIE!! Such a great episode!!
  • rpriore
    Tackles the REAL issues.
    Your podcast has been so important to me as a new Muslim. Since I took my shahada in May I have struggled to find resources for Muslim women that weren’t commercialized by social media. You ladies keep it REAL with everyday advice for living out our highest purpose. Thank you!!!
  • Marie of Montana
    The best podcast!
    I am so in love with this podcast, I even re listen to old episodes because 1 per week is not enough. I am not a Muslim but I really enjoy learning about Islam, and Monica and Nicole are so fun and relatable no matter what your religious beliefs may be. You guys are such a beautiful representation of your faith.
  • Mahdi-La
    My favorite podcast!🧕🏻
    Salam,girl! I love this podcast it’s just what I needed thank you 😊 can you guys make more please?
  • Klundxx
    My favourite podcast!
    Salam, girl! As a newbie revert, this podcast is a goldmine of wisdom on things I NEVER would have thought of!! Thank you so so much for creating this podcast, ladies 💙 Every once and a while I’ll slide into the Salam Girl IG’s DMs, and Monica is seriously so ridiculously kind to respond! After listening to every episode since the beginning, I feel like you’re both my friends. I LOVE Nicole’s analogies and how she directs each episode to stay on track. This review is all over the place, but the point is that I love and appreciate this podcast and the ladies who work so hard to create it! Love, Anja :)
  • Nya Lin
    Life changing
    Salam girls! As a new convert who comes from a place and family that have little to no understanding of Islam, this podcast has served as a way for me to get information, as well as to feel supported and inspired at a time in my life when I have been feeling rather isolated. You ladies are playing a huge part in my journey to developing my identity as an American Muslim woman. Thank you both so much, love Nya ❤️
  • fm3257
    Just binged the whole thing! So hooked.
  • Team walker
    Bless you
    I’m not even sure where to begin with this... I grew up a freewill southern baptist in the backwoods of Kentucky. I joined the Army immediately after high school and met many new people and ethnicities. I deployed to Kuwait where I was blessed to see the Grand Mosque of Kuwait, but when I went I was blind and kept my heart closed. Fast forward 5 years later and I’m now yearning to learn more. I’m not officially a convert, but I’m studying and asking a lot of questions. Your podcast definitely has been helping me along my journey. I’m located in Fort Hood, TX and sometimes it feels like I’m all alone on my journey. It’s amazing hearing your stories and words of inspiration. I look forward to many more podcasts!
  • Sarah Marie Q.
    Best convert relatable podcast ever!!!
    I am a recent convert to Islam (officially a little over a year, unofficially 2.5 years). I ended up marrying a born Muslim and things have been... difficult to say the least. I’ve thought about leaving islam many times but after listening to Monica and Nicole I now know everything I was feeling and going through was super normal for a convert. I am completely blessed to have found this podcast on Instagram. I am currently binge listening to all of the episodes while scheduling content for my own Muslim owned Instagram business. Alhumdullilah ❤️
  • Sabaa A.
    A breath of fresh air
    Love the personality of both Nicole and Monica. Y’all are so fun to listen to. Keep creating!
  • vetgirl1578
    You’re online BFF’s
    Alhamdulilah for this podcast. Monica and Nicole draw their listeners in each week with relevant and relatable topics for new reverts and all Muslims sisters new and old. They share so much great content week to week is such a fun upbeat forum. I look forward to my Monday drives to listen to the new episodes. Keep it coming ladies. Salam girl!!
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