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Crafts #29

Cast On began on Monday, 31 October, 2005, founded on nothing more than the desire to talk about knitting to people who get it. All the other stuff, about how memories, thoughts, hopes and dreams are knit into the fabric we create, and so become part of the fabric of our lives; about how life and knitting intertwine, and how sometimes you simply cannot tell where one part leaves off the other begins; about how the only thing wrong with the world today is that there is not enough knitting in it, all that came later, over time. Since 2005 the podcast has evolved to focus on finding inspiration in the ordinary, using it to kick start the process of making stuff, and finding ways to carve out the creative time and space that allows you to work your ass off on the projects that matter most to you. Like knitting a sweater. Or saving the world.

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  • T-Bird1965
    Thrilled to hear Brenda again!!!
    I had stopped listening to podcasts after Brenda stop doing her show years ago. Imagine the thrill when another knitting friend told me that she heard Brenda was back. For some reason all other podcasts just pale in comparison to hers. It is so well done, the music is so lovely, the continent is so directly on point to our love of knitting, and her voice is so soothing and melodic. It is just a joy to listen to Brenda every single time. And I cannot be any happier. I listen to her first episode from October 2020 as I was sitting on the porch today snapping beans to get ready for Thanksgiving tomorrow. One of the things I will be thankful for is that I have this podcast to listen to again.
  • jd in California
    You’re Back!!!!!
    How did I miss that?! Where have I been for the last year?!?! I had thought iTunes was R O N G when it said there were new episodes and just in time to knit on my latest project. I binged the first few episodes knitting away while the hubs was at a B O R I N G movie. Brenda 2.0 is just as wonderful as Brenda 1.0. I would say that Cast on is the best knitting podcast ever (which it is) but it is so much more. It’s about living fully, richly, creatively and authentically. I missed you and am so delighted that you’re back.
  • kuaikuai
    You can’t go home again
    Brenda Dayne has not been in a coma for six years, so it’s understandable that her interests and activities have changed. If you are into sewing and putting together a wardrobe as well as knitting, you’ll be in clover. The one short-coming is that although Brenda was aware in the past that her audience spanned from novice to expert knitter, now she seems to assume everyone is up to speed. As a result, while I’d love to learn more about sewing, these sections are alternately incomprehensible or mind-numbingly boring. While I wish Brenda the best in her new endeavors, if you download an episode hoping for the old Cast On magic that made you wish to pick up your pointy sticks, you’ll be disappointed
  • Jo in Wisconsin
    Made my day!
    I’m feeling like Im hearing from a long lost friend. Your’s was the very first podcast I ever listened to. I would download them on CD’s and listen on my 66 mi commute to work at a children’s hospital. Then I started a new job with a shorter commute which was a very stressful job. I started over listening to all your podcasts because your voice and conversations really calmed and settled me. I did this everyday for 6 months. You made a huge difference for me. Im still knitting and still a nurse and am so thrilled to be Ave more episodes to listen to!!
  • Sophlikes
    The Best
    Thank you, Brenda. I love your show. I would listen to you talk about anything! (But it really is a delight to have such lovely, funny, and thoughtful programming geared towards knitting and making.)
  • oryxrun
    Yo Chica, Bet on you! Liked you b4...came back for more!!
  • jenystaiman
    I am a proud patron of Cast On and it is totally worth it! Here are a few reasons I love listening to Brenda’s show. 1. She’s really funny! I especially love that she revels in the humor of her embarrassing moments. I laugh out loud a lot while listening to her. :) 2. She’s a geek’s geek. It doesn’t matter what she’s geeking out about and whether I engage in that activity myself. Her geekery itself transcends the activity, and it’s captivating. 3. She’s a great storyteller. As she will tell you, her podcast is not just about knitting and other fiber arts. It’s about family & friends, life challenges, triumphs and passions. And plenty of other cool things. 4. As many other reviewer‘s have noted, she has a beautiful and soothing voice, lovely and intoxicating to listen to. Thank you for this great podcast, Brenda!
  • AmandaLWDIS
    *tears of joy*
    This was the first podcast I ever subscribed to all the way back in 2006. Today, I just had the deep urge to listen to the soothing voice of Brenda Dayne, only to discover that SHE’S BACK! The same music, the same soothing voice, I could just cry tears of joy 🖤🖤🖤
  • tigers68
    she’s back!
    I have missed Brenda, her stories, music, and voice. I have been a listener from early on and am so happy to hear cast on again. Great stories and great music. Totally endearing.
  • Cheeky Redhead
    I missed this podcast!
    Welcome back Brenda! For anyone new to the podcast you really need to listen to Brenda talk about knitting and the life that surrounds it. It’s relaxing and motivational.
  • hlnmo
    New Love
    Just found this podcast and I was instantly in love. Beautifully crafted.
  • r0syred
    Must listen
    Brenda could talk about anything and I would listen. Her voice is calming and she has a way of making me feel like I’m spending time with a dear friend. That she happens to speak about my favorite topic, knitting, is just icing on the cake!
  • meadowlarkknit
    Hello Again!
    It’s wonderful to have you back, Brenda! I’ve even re-listened to a few of your long ago episodes today, and loved them all over again. Thank you!
  • knitoday
    Brenda is back! This is wonderful
    Many years ago I learned about this great podcast from another podcast. At the time I liked “Cast On” so much that I went back and listened to each episode from the very first one. I was sad to learn later that Brenda stopped podcasting. Here I am again, listening to Knitmore Girls and hearing that Brenda Dayne is back. It’s just as good as it was in the past. Brenda’s voice is so pleasant. She is interesting and very well spoken. It’s a podcast of substance. Give it a listen. You’ll stay with Brenda.
  • LuckyLindey
    Great to have her back!
    I’d forgotten how much i missed Brenda, and suddenly there she was again, like the balm for my soul that I didn’t realize I needed during this awful year. Yes, she’s political. Like many of us, she’s not one of the privileged straight white people who has the luxury of pretending politics aren’t important.
  • LCKDenise
    She’s back - thank goodness!
    I learned to knit the same year Brenda began Cast On and was thrilled to find it that same year. Brenda’s sanity and calm voice is so welcome in this difficult time. Welcome back Brenda. You were missed.
  • Jeannefil
    So glad you are back.
    You were missed!
  • HLS6
    Cast On is back! And it’s wonderful, as always. This is a beautifully-produced podcast, and Brenda’s voice is clear and lovely. Just perfect.
  • auntlyh
    Splendid storytelling
    I missed that Cast On was coming back until there were a few new episodes. It wasn’t difficult to catch up. Hearing Brenda’s splendid storytelling again is like reuniting with a dear, long absent friend.
  • name for review is taken
    So political in the first minute or two. I don’t belong here.
  • Grandmatutu
    Welcome home! Sigh. So glad you’re back.
  • Jclark34
    Preach to me that wooly goodness
    Listening to Brenda is like going to church. She makes me feel warm and happy as I laugh and cry along with someone who feels like a dear friend. I came to this podcast right at the close, and fell so heavily in love that I have been giving myself permission to listen to episodes only when I need them most! Thanks for all your time and effort, Brenda! Your time on the air was utterly magical, as are you. Update: Brenda is back and I have shed the fattest, happiest tears of joy. My level of love for this stranger on the internet is perverse. WELCOME BACK, BRENDA!!!
  • AudraNash
    A must listed for all textile artists!
    I am not a knitter (yet?!!) - I am a hand-weaver and just so enjoy this podcast.
  • KBM54
    The knitting world needs this podcast!
    This podcast is a much needed balm during these crazy, unsettling times. Lots of great knitting talk and the best music from the beautiful soul that is Brenda Dayne. I’m so happy she’s back!
  • yarnoverboard
    Cast On
    I really missed Brenda’s knitting podcasts. Delighted she has started again, and can’t wait to see what’s in store!
  • cellymcfae
    Happy Return
    I’ve so missed this podcast and didn’t realize how much until Brenda started up again. Thank you so much. 💖
  • srosen419
    Holy crap, you're back!!
    I was so sad when I found out you were ending the podcast. But you're back! =) Cast On was the first knitting podcast I stumbled upon when I first started knitting 10-ish years ago. So excited to chill with the new content!
  • Gelareht
    Welcome back
    I am so glad she is back , beautiful voice, great show
  • nshibu
    No comparison
    The best is back! What other podcast combines knitty goodness with intelligent commentary, warm wit, and a superbly curated playlist? You’ve been missed, Brenda Dayne—happy to be patron.
  • Hufflepuffknits
    I’m incredibly excited that Brenda’s back into knitting podcasting. It brings me back to my early days in knitting at my parents’ house, and now I have a little one of my own. Wow! Her voice, storytelling, and structure of her podcast transports you into a knitting universe with yarn and warm fuzzy feelings. Thank you for this gift, Brenda 💕
  • tahoe bike
    Brenda Dayne. Cast on
    I’m am so surprised and happy to see Cast On is back!!!!this is a high spot in a terrible year!!!
  • MargeCo
    Absolutely thrilled she’s BAAAACK!!!
    I had given up ever finding a knitting Podcast as good as Cast on. Getting the email that Brenda was coming back was the best news, in what admittedly has been a tough year. Thanks so so much for Podcasting again. Looking forward to your every release!
  • ssssssbbbbbbbbbb421
    I am so happy your back you where missed
    I love all the info you give about knitting, dying, and history of the craft or Wallis. It’s a very well researched pod cast. Thanks for all the work you but in I really enjoy it. I am living in the Middle East but you take me home when I hear your voice I am from Oregon .
  • SamsaraPNW
    So Happy!!!
    I literally choked up when I heard the music start. I’ve missed Brenda’s voice so very much these last few years, and the rebooted podcast is like having a visit from an old friend whom you haven’t seen in some time. She hasn’t lost her touch, and her unique brand of warmth and sharing is most welcome in these times. I always learn something new, hear a song I hadn’t heard before, or learn about a book, technique, or idea that I might not have encountered otherwise. If you love crafting, podcasts, and voice like liquid hot chocolate, give her a listen. Welcome back, Brenda!
  • bjoy
    This is a smart, funny, and well produced show. Brenda Dayne is amazing!! Her voice is soothing, and she is very real. I listened in the ‘old days’ and am so happy she is back. Take a listen if you love knitting, I think you will love it too.
  • *Deja*
    As soothing and inspiring as your favorite yarn store
    I loved listening to Cast On before it ended in 2015, and I might have cried (I definitely cried) during the final episode. Imagine my delight (and tears) when I learned she was bringing it back! Listening to CastOn let’s me feel the joys of knitting when I can’t (walking) or shouldn’t (driving). And listening to her when I can knit is a doubled joy.
  • Liz_Wallace
    So, so good
    I literally cried my way through Brenda Dayne’s new episode of Cast On. She’s so very good at what she does! Entertaining, knowledgeable, soothing, funny-Brenda is so very good at this podcast thing! And she was doing it LONG before podcasting was a thing! I was transported back to simpler times when my kids were little and our worries seemed small and there was no pandemic! Her knitting and dying knowlege is inspiring and her music selections area up are soulful and beautiful, and her interviews are top notch. I knitted and listened, and tears rolled. I’m so glad Cast On is back!
  • CarrieMtn
    Keep listening.
    The marvelous Ms Dayne is back! I had forgotten how exceptionally talented she is. It’s like you’ve been eating restaurant chicken noodle soup for a long time- then you have a cup of your grandmother’s and you remember how it is SUPPOSED to really taste! Her voice is melodious, and she has an uncanny ability to make any ordinary thing interesting (like Ira Glass). I am so excited!
  • Finnster976
    You’ve been missed. I love your voice, the topics and the music. Thank you so much for returning to the mic.
  • Violinknitter
    She’s Back!
    One of the first podcasters, let alone first knitting podcasters, is back! Her voice is just as calming as ever, her content is on point, and her audio quality & editing is top-notch! Grab your pointy sticks & give this podcast a listen!
  • jvjas
    Welcome back, Brenda!!
    Cast-on was the first podcast I ever listened to many years ago and missed it terribly when it was gone. I’m SO glad to hear Brenda’s lovely voice and to hear her share her knitting wisdom again. Literally it just makes my heart sing to hear ‘Knit...knit like the wind” and everything else that follows.
  • PAYG Listener
    One of the originals, one of the best
    So glad to have her back! Brenda Dayne is back after a long absence, and still one of the most talented podcasters around. If you haven’t experienced her work yet, you have lots of old episodes to binge on. Lucky you!
  • MirEight
    Welcome back!
    The gold standard by which I measure all other podcasts. Brenda’s amazing voice, the production quality, and the thoughtful agenda of each episode combine into an amazing offering that I look forward to with anticipation. Thank you for coming back to us after all this time!
  • Eslocket
    Back in the saddle with an old friend
    So excited to hear Brenda and to pick up my pointy sticks. She was one of the first podcasts I would listen. If you are a knitter - it is a must listen.
  • JudyM11
    Welcome back
    Delightful knitter back after a 6 year break. Love listening to her happenings over the years. And in this episode she posts an interview she had done with thelat Cat Bordhi - a legend in the knitting world. She may live in Wales but her love of the fiber art is universal. A joy to listen to.
  • Emm1e
    This IS the Knitting Podcast You Were Looking for....
    There are a lot of fiber related podcasts. Many of them are full of people having a good time and squeeing over new yarn and knitting products - those podcasts are a lot of fun. This podcast is all of that PLUS art and culture and philosophy and good music. It makes you think about things that make you grow as a person. I still return to the "make do and mend" series all the time. And, because just I can't help myself, I now quote Brenda to people whenever possible: "If you're cold, put on a sweater. That's what they're for."
  • Limberknitter
    Six years away & fresh as ever!
    Wonderful voice. Excellent production quality (as always). So delighted that Brenda has returned to podcasting. The back catalog would be worth a listen to anyone new to the podcast.
  • YYZ_listener101
    The best podcast ever! It is so great to have this conversation back.
    A thoughtfully produced and high quality production. Thank you !
  • knitswithdogs
    Awesome return to podcasting.
    Cast on with Brenda Dayne was the first knitting podcast I ever heard. It is a combination of wonderful knitting chat, and life experiences from Wales. It is very professional with great music and interviews. It is fantastic that Brenda is back. We are so lucky!!
  • ElsbethCecile
    I wish I could give 10 stars
    Oh, the joy of hearing “Hi, knitsib, how ya doing?” The same wonderful voice, the same great interviews, the same awesome music and just plain chat... I smiles all the way through it, even the memorials to Cat and Annie. And ending with the bells....ahhhh. So very VERY glad you are back, Brenda!
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