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Money should be fun, not stressful. Learn practical tips on how to save more money, get out of debt quickly and make progress toward your goals. You can take control of your money and create a life you love. Get even more money saving tips at

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  • Jfhbcfjvdv
    Info you should already know
    This show is great for those of you who’ve been living under a rock. “Make extra money by being an Uber driver, door dash, babysitting”. “Save money by not going out to eat, meal prep, find a cheaper phone plan”.
  • trespence
    Excellent content
    I love Rachel. She’s approachable and seems “real”. The content is varied and I often find subjects I want to share with my teen/young adult kids
  • iiyngrdde
    Not my thing.
    Big Karen energy.
  • tori Delgado
    Episode 65
    Just a heads up for whom ever inserts the commercials as a avid listener of this show I didn’t like how a commercial was arbitrarily placed in the middle of the guest answering Rachel’s question.
  • Xxjro8xX
    Fun, encouraging and full of wisdom
    Rachel’s energetic personality pulls you in and makes you want to listen further. Her advice is full of wisdom, even beyond finances. I always look forward to the newest episode being released!
  • xo.manduhhh
    Great financial information
    I love this podcast. I've listened to a few different financial podcasts, and I prefer this one to the others. Rachel provides clear guidance to common problems. She makes me excited and hopeful to manage my finances better!
  • Jessrus
    Financial habits start where you grew up
    Thank you Rachel and siblings for your real world, honest discussion of how you grew up and how your parents money journey affected you then and how it shaped the way you view finances now. It helps me realize that it is how we grew up that shapes how we think about money. I look forward to learning more about how to get a spouse that is a polar opposite, on board with my goal to become financially stable and to teach my children the same thing! It’s a steep mountain that I have to climb in a few short years before my kids are adults!
  • GwenN07
    Sound Advice
    Great advice that makes you think about your behavior with money.
  • gldengirl
    Keep it up!
    Sometimes a little repetitive, but who am I to complain about free wisdom!! Thank you so much for all you do for us who are seeking financial freedom!
  • Friendly Baby Stepper
    Ideal for Me
    I started with Rachel Cruz’s Contentment Journal. I found that it spoke to me as someone who make emotional decisions - especially about money. I truly didn’t realize how I came to be in so much debt, but the contentment journal helped me slow down and take a good non- judgemental look at myself. From that point, I saw her posts on Instagram and honestly- the van story did it for me haha! I bought her book and now am enjoying her podcasts. She is not quite like her Dad. I found her style more helpful and informative. While her father shows you how to get out of debt, Rachel focuses on the WHY you possibly got there. This way, you can recognize behaviors and work to change them for the better. It’s a game- changer. Enjoy!
  • CrazyNia
    So close to being out of debt
    I have one more month to go and I’ll be out of debt before my fiancé and I get married in May 2021!!! I have been so inspired listening to the Rachel Cruze show and Dave Ramsey. It is worth listening to and it’s been helpful with me and my fiancé talking finances for our home and seeking Advice on how to approach different situations that have happened or are about to come. My fiancé and I feel at peace with our finances and grow closer to understanding them together. Thanks! Keep Inspiring!
    60. 60. (1-3-21) How To Actually Make Progress With Your Money This Year
    When changing behavior/habit will face internal and external resistance. “The external resistance is what keeps me from doing the right thing. That’s why being in a community, having accountability, having support, having models, and having other people doing this are so important to the process.” Will seek out and join a group of individuals to be a part of a community seeking individual improvement
  • rizza-girl
    What a blessing!
    First time listening to the Rachel Cruze show and I absolutely loved it. As a first time generational college student going into Grad school, these episodes will be so helpful to help me pay off college debt and start working towards financial freedom. I love that Rachel speaks about God, and how He and our family plays a role on some of our financial choices. I know these episodes will help me make smarter choices and am looking forward to expanding my knowledge on financial decisions. Thank you for blessing us with these!
  • Crystal2139
    Thank you!
    Love your show! Enjoyable to listen to and love the practical, sound advice.
  • mom of 3 by the sea
    Highly Recomend
    Rachel I feel like we are BFFs. You speak openly & honestly with real wisdom about getting control of money & living an authentic Jesus honoring life. I look forward to reading your new book! I love your podcast.
  • PaulVannSpeaks
    Paul Lawrence Vann Embraces Rachel Cruze FInancial Expert
    A huge thank you goes out to Rachel for her money expertise and wisdom. She is a wonderful spirit filled story teller that makes me want to listen to her podcast all of the time. I highly recommend Rache's podcast because listener's can learn a lot about their money and themselves as well. Continue transforming the hearts and minds of all of your listner's Rachel, you're awesome!
  • 11JRich
    What a wise sweet spirit Rachel is!
    I am a new listener and have gotten such good nuggets from only the first few episodes I have heard. You have such a sweetness about you and such a joy about helping people get into a better place not just with their finances but with their soul. Appreciate you and the time and expertise you put into this show!
  • LoryHartsock
    Jesus and Money! Yes Please!!!
    Thank you for normalizing our faith walk and money. You make it simple and inspiring... 🙌🏽
  • Ssssky
    Dave Ramsey for Millennial Moms
    It’s mostly Dave’s advice repackaged for a new generation of women.
  • tollwrek
    Love the show
    For some reason I like listening to you more than Dave but your all great
  • kschmid89-07
    Best tips for financial freedom!
    Love love this podcast !!! I like Dave Ramsey podcast but sometimes can be too harsh but I love Rachael approach a lot better and a woman’s and family perspective in mind . Love her tips and tricks and how they aline and are realistic !
  • Julie Lewin
    Slow Down
    Dear Rachel, I really enjoy your content, and your ideas. Mostly I like your enthusiasm! The only reason I didn’t give five stars is because I think you talk too fast. Words become jumbled and your enthusiasm turns to higher pitch too fast jumbled words. Then I have to take a break before I can come back again. I hope to hear slower stories in the next episodes. Thank you for your incredible enthusiasm for what you do. Julie W
  • sappala
    Women’s or home maker’s perspective
    I love this show in which Racheal breaks down the bigger goal of being dead free with little things like how you can make home Cooked meals and how you can buy generic products etc to reach the bigger goal .
  • AngieSattler
    Love this show!
    Positive, uplifting and encouraging episodes that are perfect in keeping me motivated and on track with my money. Thanks Rachel and team!
  • Step II
    Selling a book!
    My first listen was to be about 4 emotions as they relate to money. However, it was really about selling a book just like daddy! They didn’t talk about the subject until half way in the episode. Subscription bye bye!
  • drsw7
    Lacks identity and focus
    Of the Ramsey network shows I think Rachel’s show lacks identity. I think that the show lacks focus and isn’t diverting enough in content compared to her Dads show. I do have hope that her new book will provide her more of an identity that will add an extra element to her “personality”.
  • Gngasnp
    Love the diversity and frankness!
    I listen to Rachel for her funny and expressive ways of helping with my finances. I stumbled across this episode about racism and discovered that it was the perfect one for me. I’m like Rachel, I’m blunt, and I want to ask the hard questions to understand things. But I also don’t know everything, and probably make lots of mistakes about racism. Thanks for the interview with Anthony, and for both of your open and honest remarks on a tough subject. Much appreciated!
  • KarDubs
    She’s the best!
    I love listening to Rachel Cruz. She’s got so much energy and all her topics are super relatable.
  • Arob1221
    White privileg
    Thank you for your podcast with AO. I did not understand what people meant by white privilege but when Anthony explained it I understand better where people are coming from. Thank you
  • Greatest Book!
    Thank you!
    Thank you Rachel for this podcast! I’ve always enjoyed listening and learning from Dave and even more from you! I can hear the passion and excitement in your voice. The podcast with AO on racism was a real treat, love it when my white sisters and brothers can have tough/open convos on racism. We’re in this together!
  • PaulEnaT.
  • Amanda Sparkles
    Practical and Helpful Tips and Info
    I love the variety of topics and all the practical tips and info I get listening to Rachel’s show! She gives you ways that you apply everything and it is so helpful. Works for people of all income levels.
  • nonicknameeeee
    I’ve been listening to Rachel’s podcast for almost a year and it has changed my life. I was living pay check to pay check for the past ten years and almost $30,000 in Debt. Thanks to this podcast I find myself in a middle of a pandemic unemployed with a working budget, emergency fund, more money in my savings than I’ve ever had, and comfortably paying off my debt in baby step two with one credit card paid off and now under $20,000 in debt. I am amazed and incredibly proud of myself. Thank you so much Rachel! Her advice works. Listen to this podcasts and do it!
  • NewsJunkie611
    The advice for high debt load and highly educated people is awful. Go check out other podcasts. Rachel is useless
  • jesstasmalltowngirl
    Love it!
    As a recent college graduate starting to look for a full-time job and approaching marriage, I learn so much from this podcast. Rachel and her guests share so much wisdom and encourage me to stay on the right track as I’m starting out in life.
  • Lovethischurch
    So fun!
    I love this podcast because sometimes learning about how to be better with money is boring, but I love Rachel Cruz and her fun personality! Thanks for all of your honesty and wisdom about money!!
  • pandabullocks
    So Good
    I’m going to start putting a dollar in a jar every time she says “so good”. I’ll be an Every Day Millionaire by the end of the first episode. Would also make a great drinking game, if you’re so inclined.
  • J.C. Vargas
    What the American dream is costing you.
    Rachel- Excellent episode and message! I enjoy all of your podcasts. My mom met Max years ago through a friend in Fort Smith Arkansas.
  • Dwerkin
    Love her!
    I enjoy Rachel’s podcast so much. She’s so relatable and her topics are applicable to every day life. She provides lots of little money saving tidbits that are nice to know about. Her laugh is contagious too. She does say “yessss” a lot though lol which I’ve picked up already.
  • Sanra Batbara Gal
    She talks over people and parrots her dad.
    There are some good things discussed in this podcast, but most of what she talks about are the Baby Steps and Financial Peace. It would be great if she started talking about her own ideas. When she does interview people she talks over them A LOT and interjects little words. I unsubscribed and will just stick to listening to Dave since Rachel’s doesn’t seem to have any new ideas to offer.
  • I B Liney
    Getting a budget was the breakthrough
    I had admired Dave Ramsey’s work for many years, but never had the guts to buckle down and get to work. ;) I discovered Rachel’s podcast when she was a guest on Jen Hatmaker’s. I had toyed around with the idea of starting the baby steps— but listening to the episode on budgeting was a breakthrough for me. I realized that I would never be able to break the cycle I was in without a budget. After listening to that episode I finally decided to get serious. I downloaded EveryDollar in February and it has changed everything for me. I have self-corrected my own bad habits (I’m the spender in the relationship) and I have become passionate about telling my money where to go. We are already deep into Baby Step 2 and have put $11,300 toward our debt in just a few months. It feels SO GOOD. I know I could not have done this without a budget and without finding this podcast. Thank you so much for all you do, Rachel!!!
  • loyal in AL
    Rachel has a pleasant voice. I find her very encouraging and positive. I enjoy almost all her topics/podcasts.
  • mangosooner
    I’m getting out of Debt!
    I have paid off all my credit card debt because of this show. Now all I have is my vehicle and house to pay off. Thank you!
  • best ever stuff
    I am a new listener and have really enjoyed all the episodes so far! You are so fun to listen to. My husband and I have been Dave-ish for about 6 years now but in January we jumped on the Dave bandwagon full force! Thank you for these wonderful episodes! I found myself crying when you talked about leaving your baby boy home after your maternity leave was over and then found myself laughing hysterically when you asked your dad for a play set for his grandkids. 😂 You’re so real and relatable! That is so needed in our current life circumstances! Thank you so much!!! 💞
  • Archer Banks
    Don’t use a put down name!
    I had subscribed to this podcast about six months ago and was enjoying it a lot. I did like the recent podcast where Rachel used the term Negative Nancy. Does she not think that is hurtful to anyone named Nancy? I will need to think of her as Rude Rachel, although I do not think of other Rachel’s as rude. Please be thoughtful and kind.
  • Cali1980!
    Message of Hope
    Listen to the Message of Hope episode. It was just what I needed to maintain perspective during these times impacted by COVID-19. God bless you all for providing this message to us!!
  • MindyFF
    I absolutely love how you talk about finances and the tips you give to help little college students like me start to prepare for actual adulting. I also downloaded EveryDollar and I love it as well! It’s made budgeting feel so much better and easier to approach! Keep doing what you’re doing because you’re rocking it!
  • MadelaineGiggles
    Lovin’ Rachel’s Podcast!
    I love it! It’s making me wiser and wiser every time I listen to Rachel’s podcast! ♥️ Thank you for blessing me so much with this resource! Blessing! ♥️
  • blessed momma of two
    I love fpu I’ll walk around the grocery store with my envelopes in my grandma purse😂😂😂lol I’m on my way 🙌🏻!!!!
  • Knm9rx
    Baby steps
    I love the very simple theory of paying off debt.
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