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Jeff Marek and Elliotte Friedman talk to a lot of people around the hockey world, and then they tell listeners all about what they’ve heard and what they think about it. Plus, look for bonus episodes featuring interviews with personalities in the game or famous fans.

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  • force ghurst
    Best hockey talk
    My heart fluttered for Jeff when Adam Oates said call me privately lol
  • adamkiddddikmada
    How much money do I have to give you to never do another manscaping “bit”? Love the podcast, and I’m laughing over here but, guys, come on...
  • waawaate
    Excellent Storytelling
    These guys do a great job of telling the stories going on behind the game.
  • Dani-YYC (she/her)
    The fashion lady
    This was a great episode. Deb is awesome!
  • Fenton14
    Watched the overtime with Vancouver last Monday and been listening to podcasts. Everyone keeps saying Muzen was at fault. I believe that was Nylanders man. Muz had Myers in his end followed him back out over the blue. I believe in 3on 3 you are playing man to man D. That was Nylanders Man.
  • Molson 10
    Debra Berman
    Great interview and discussion Thanks for sharing some background stories of the business Listen to you guys every week Keep up the excellent work Thanks
  • messier fan
    Deb episode
    Hey fellas. Long time listener, first time caller. Wasn’t sure about what the interview with Deb would be like.... but it was excellent. She seems delightful, and the episode was quite insightful.
  • Hairyugly
    So good all the time.
    31 Thoughts and Spittin Chiclets are the best hockey podcasts around, incredibly detailed and go to depths you don’t get to from many other places.
  • jimmy john jones what a joke
    Just talk hockey
    I come here to listen to hockey and not about anything else. They talked to much about other stuff that does not have anything to do with hockey.
  • In Kyiv
    A woke podcast about hockey. Pretty good coverage of hockey but Woke influenced with a lack of diversity of opinion.
  • EmJay0339
    Great sports talk
    Recommend for hockey fans looking to stay in the know!
  • Prez Dawg
    Great show
    Great interviews, insightful and clear. I could go for longer episodes and more interviews. More Junior hockey talk whenever that starts up again would be nice.
  • ianinnis
    The best hockey podcast out there
    Friedman is one of the most connected people in the sport and Marek brings his insight and levity to the podcast.
  • Oakville63
    Good but....
    Elliott is great and love his insight. He tells a good story. He knows a lot and doesn’t come across as being arrogant. Marek is the opposite. He is just grating. He’s repetitive (“That was a lot of fun...”, “I’ve got a lot of time for (name the person)...” and his obsession with quirky things is annoying. I’ll be unsubscribing. Sorry Elliott.
  • Gigadibs
    Stick to your knitting
    I’ve been a subscriber for more than two years and the rating keeps going down for me. I listen for the reporting - the idea is that Friedman is an insider and has reporting to do, right? - but I find more and more of the show is taken up with: 1. Discussions of “growing the game” that are really discussions about growing HRR; 2. Behind the scenes stories about Sportsnet and HNiC personalities that have little to do with the games that make me in any way aware of those people; 3. Moralizing about “cheering for people, not laundry” and then talking about how it’s good for everyone when the Toronto laundry does well”; 4. Opining about social and cultural phenomena that generally starts with a protective statement about how unqualified they are to give an opinion; 5. Advocating for more of a star system where players can be more individual and develop their own brands; 6. Things players are doing to develop their own brands. The less they talk about the game, the less I have any reason to listen to their opinions.
  • Waskyone
    5 Star Man
    It’s like pizza but a podcast
  • MtlPanther
    Best podcast in the world
    Thought-provoking, intelligent analysis, down to earth brilliant analysts, real rumours, hockey talk about all 32 teams, solid production. This podcast is the highlight of my week every week. I can’t praise it enough. Can’t believe it’s free! Huge supporter of these guys and this show. A must download for any hockey fan of even fringe fan. This will make you love the sport and even reflect on your values to constantly become a better person; this is what it does for me.
  • get me my gold plan
    Best NHL podcast
    Get Juice or Burkie on here once a week!
  • trickshot87
    Not as advertised
    Great hockey podcast. Friedman really knows his stuff and gives great insight. But the title is 31 thoughts...I was expecting him to give his thoughts on every NHL team. Not the case. So that’s disappointing.
  • PhD Max
    This is it!
    Simply the best hockey podcast. Elliotte is the man for everything hockey (sorry Jeff... you’re still the best host and side-kick)! And I love the fact that the show officially starts 20 minutes in :) keep on the good work!
  • Drewntorate
    Everyone’s great except Jeff
    Guys paid to be annoying and have bad takes to make Elliot and Burkie look better I don’t get it
  • PodFanMTL
    Good hockey talk , but ...
    Silence your damn phones while you’re recording . I feel like it is standard podcast etiquette . I love listening to the takes and updates , but less so your e-mail notifications coming in.
  • Slambassador
    Egg nog is the best
    Terrific holiday episode! Ps - Jeff and Elliotte, if you get the chance next year, try Kawartha Dairy egg nog. It’s great with or without the booze and it tastes like a liquid dessert. My mom may or may not freeze a carton each year that her and I will crack at some point in the summer.... cheers!
  • dylm88
    Great guy
    I trust Elliot’s opinion
  • JGLSmith
    Simply great content
  • NSVoyageur
    The best holiday party of 2020
    Thank you for the Holiday Party podcast. What a perfect year end treat!
  • jyazer
    Super NHL reporting
    Great tandem. Jeff is always fantastic. Elliotte’s “stupid idea” comments directed at Jeff are stupid in tone and content, but otherwise he’s very good.
  • Wildwood26
    Great podcast
    Bar none - the best hockey podcast. No one else comes close.
  • bug trunk
    Good show
    Elliot is great despite Jeff Not a Jeff fan
  • Soren 76
    Great Show, but ...
    I enjoy listening to the Podcast, however I was looking forward to hearing their thoughts on all the Canadian teams after free agency, not just 4. I know Winnipeg didn't do much, but I was intrigued on their thoughts were on what Edmonton and Ottawa did as well. Soren
  • Robbie from PL
    Should be called Leafs Talks
    Great hockey podcast however talks mainly about Toronto Maple Leafs. The name doesn’t reflect the content. Should just be called Leafs talk. I like the podcast either way but that’s my only beef. 3 stars for the quality of material.
  • chinnotchan
    Marek-isms never get old
    Been a fan of Jeff Marek’s podcast work since he partnered with Greg Wyshynski. Jeff’s interest in the weirdest parts of hockey (old hockey fight VHS, how players tape their sticks, his never ending campaign for coloured ice). Even though all of the Marek-isms have pretty much become a bit, it’s an entertaining bit nonetheless. Elliotte gets a place to expand on this 31 Thoughts column, which is a must read for any hockey fan. He’s top dog now that Bob McKenzie is retiring. Their interviews always get something interesting out of their guests. Even players go beyond the usual “pucks in deep” colloquialisms.
  • App.Judge
    Jumbo Joe !!!! Excellent beard Elliott
    The Show is GREAT, I enjoy it for hours well driving as a long haul driver and a Hockey fan. I’m here watching the first game Cgy Edmonton and have to just say..... ELLIOTT I LOVE the beard. Looks just like mine. I hope you can and will keep it ❤️❤️. Thanks for all the fun facts and content you two provide to all how listen. AA Calgary, AB
  • ATQthelegend
    Hey guys I just wanted to say that I love your podcast and it’s fun to listen to!
  • Preston12347
    The. Best podcast
    It is the best but the don’t post enough
  • Calbay5
    Love you mr work.
    Gentleman, Just want yo say I thoroughly love your show. Great discussion, banter and great guests. A complete joy :) Tony
  • Darky_dark_dark
    Too long of intro...
    I used to love this podcast and listened to new episodes religiously. The new 25 min word associations intro is too long and detracts from the main topic. Other podcasts I follow are 30-50min total. Either shorten it, move it to the end, or include time section summaries in the pod cast notes for those interested in the main topic to skip ahead.
  • MacBookAir1763
    The greatest hockey podcast
    Two awesome humans, one incredible team. Did not know Jeff Marek before listening to this 2 years ago: what an incredibly interesting person. He’s the ideal host to get the most out of Friedman, whose personality really shines here. They’re simply a stunning team. They’ve got the best info, the best interviews, I really struggle to think about anything that’s weak on this pod. It’s really all great. Congrats to the team, this is a jewel.
  • gabeb3
    My favourite podcast
    I’m a hockey-crazy student at Queen’s University and I cannot properly express how much Jeff, Elliotte and Amil have helped keep me sane during this quarantine period. Your interviews are fantastic, the podcast is so well produced and I find myself taking away something valuable from every single one of them. Keep up the great work guys!
  • Robey111111
    Love the length
    Just wanted to send you guys a note. The interviews have been great! I enjoy the longer podcasts as the keep me entertained and laughing while on my COVID-19 walks with the dog - Keep it up!
  • Durwood wc
    Thank you thank you
    You can never be too long of a show, it’s a podcast if people have had enough they can stop listening and listen more later, really enjoy your podcast, it’s a pleasure too listen too. Awesome podcast gentlemen
  • Jonestowners
    Hishon and JML
    Great interviews guys. Appreciate all your work. Thanks from an Avs fan
  • Paintboy7
    The length is great
    Don’t stop talking. We all need it.
  • a0bc
    Great podcast
  • bpatterson40
    Good job Elliotte
    Good show Elliotte, Marek needs to breathe more so you can maybe get a few more words in..
  • gater68
    in regards to the Mike Sullivan podcast,, the mispronouncing of a person’s name is just rude. the proper pronunciation is Tarasov,,,not Trasov! the man deserves the respect of taking the time to pronounce his name properly! yours sincerely, a habs fan. 😉
  • chrismanuel9
    Must Must Must listen every episode
    I can’t rate this podcast highly enough ..if you are a hockey fan and aren’t listening to this you need to correct that problem right away ...you guys work perfectly together
  • Alexis Perez Tena
    I hate this podcast!
    I hate this podcast so much.... Has me waiting a whole week for just the one hour... I need more...! I enjoy listening to Jeff and Elliot so much. They are so great. I could listen to them talk about sports all day!
  • gavimac
    Great show. Jeff knows his stuff!
  • nucksfan97
    Worse every season
    Not sure why but it seems to be getting worse every season. Maybe the competition is just better idk but ya yikes. Used to listen every week now can only make it a few minutes in before shutting it off.
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