The Scuffed Soccer Podcast | USMNT, Yanks Abroad, MLS, futbol in America

Soccer #23

An in-depth show about the U.S. men's national soccer team, the players who could one day make it better, and American soccer in general.

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  • Fmjkfv
    Best USMNT Pod
    Belz and Greg are insightful football minds. They cover the games and players pool with deep dives into game tactics and player progression. Cream of the crop for US men’s soccer podcasts. Follow on Twitter too.
  • kbpvols
    Must listen USMNT coverage
    Level headed comprehensive coverage of us soccer. Regular updates on the player pool's club performances, and in depth analysis of all USMNT games. Professional presentation. All around excellent podcast!
  • adjrbsjsofnrsbskek
    Best in the biz
    Best in the biz
  • Chad MH
    USMNT plug with great insight
    This is a great podcast providing USMNT fans with a critical and entertaining breakdown of what’s going on with the sport in the country. Greg and Belz help facilitate your love and passion for USMNT while keeping you down to Earth with relentless critiques. No corporate strings controlling these guys! Love this pod!
  • whoknowkows
    Dramatic, negative, overall thumbs down
    Terribly dramatic, overdrawn and negative…. If you like to be miserable no matter what —- this may be for you.
  • Brian in 東京
    Great podcast
    Along with Extra Time, in the elite tier of soccer focused podcasts
  • Joe M 15
    Really enjoy this podcast
    I’m a 57 year old American raised and played a steady diet of basketball, baseball and (American) football. I’ve got really into soccer because of watching my teenage son play. I also referee and I’ve learned to really enjoy the game. I’m still learning the nuances, strategy and positioning of soccer. The 2 hosts are funny and know the game and have strong opinions about lesser and well known US talent on the men’s national team. I learn about the game from them and I’m entertained. I want the USMNT to be relevant in my lifetime and the hosts do a great job of instilling hope and caution to that dream. I highly recommend.
  • im tired robbie
    Analysis != 100% criticism
    This podcast was born out of USMNT failing to qualify for the World Cup, and like many USMNT focused fan media, this podcast tries to take an analytical eye at USMNT games. Unfortunately, the hosts have fallen into the trap where what they view as analysis turns into simply finding the negatives from the USMNT games/ overall program. Listening to the pod turns into a chore as the hosts try to find the negatives in each moment of the game. It’s exhausting and I’ve stopped listening after a couple years If you’re a fan who wants to enjoy USMNT success, this pod isn’t for you.
  • wyomountie
    Never rate podcasts
    But Belz and Greg are such a great listen, had to give them a shout. Funny, insightful and relatable, anyone who likes soccer should appreciate these guys. Best endings ever.
  • alabamanola
    Incredibly In-Depth
    By far the best podcast I’ve been able to find on the USMNT. It’s hard to follow every single player in our pool and they do an incredible job of keeping track of all these players as well as providing strong tactical analysis that a soccer fan with any basic knowledge of the game can understand but that is advanced enough that serious fans will also enjoy. Easily my favorite podcast at the moment
  • Rick E. Holly-Wizzle
    Great pod
    Belz & Greg seem like cool guys who provide thorough & entertaining analysis. Plenty of substance with sneaky biting sarcasm & humor.
  • WTOPP92
    Next level USMNT Pod
    Well it took me a second listen and then I realized this is the best USMNT pod out there. Now I’m hooked and can’t wait for these guys to drop new content quick enough. Their analysis goes deep and is usually spot on!
    I love Scuffed!
    I love the Scuffed Podcast! These guys are smart and silky smooth. They know soccer and aren’t afraid to speak honestly about US Soccer. Nuanced, forward thinking soccer analysis. Simply awesome.
  • ZPrice19
    Essential USMNT Podcast Gets Even Better
    From youth player pool reviews all the way to senior team performance analysis, this is THE stop for anyone with even a passing interest in the national team. It’s an automatic listen for me whenever a new episode comes out which, for covering a team who only plays around a dozen or so games a year, is relatively frequent. They are two smart hosts who won’t just repeat what has been said by Alexi Lalas, Taylor Twellman, etc. which for me is a breath of fresh air. The interviews were something I never really tuned into but after listening to the previous ones ( Julian Arajuo, Rapha Wicky) my mind has been completely changed; those episodes are turning into a real strength of the pod. The Patreon interaction thus far has also been really great allowing a lot of listener feedback. Overall, it’s just a wonderful podcast that I am extremely glad I found. Easiest five star review of my life! June 7th, 2021 Edit- Scuffed is in institution for the growing USMNT fanbase. It is quintessential listening following any game, especially that of USvMEX.
  • h.d.johnson
    Quickly becoming one of my favorite soccer podcasts! I look forward each new episode.
  • therealAidsBoi
    Easily my favorite USMNT podcast, cannot express enough how thankful I am for this pod. A must listen for any USMNT fan
  • Not a car geek
    Really great level headed analysis on the USMNT, only wish they produced more episodes!!
  • Julian Szieff
    USMNT Deep Analysis; More than you could ever need to know
    Greg and Adam do an amazing job of following the players and game of the US Men’s national soccer team. They put the time in to follow press releases, put out USMNT specific weekend playbills, and they are funny interesting dude with good insights. Worth subscribing to if you’re a fan of the National team.
  • Gaston0314
    Can’t miss for any USMNT fan
    Favorite soccer podcast by far
  • Zoo keeper9
    Must listen USMNT Pod
    Insightful, smart, and fun pod that digs into all things USMNT.
  • Dallin Busby
    Like a World Cup
    You’ll start listening for the content, and keep listening for the personalities. The guys know their stuff about USMNT and are great at keeping you up to date with the happenings and hype of the pool. I find myself laughing out loud at least once an episode now that I know their personalities a bit more. The types of guys I’d love to watch a game with. My only critique melts away when I realize it’s a bit like the World Cup: sometimes I find myself wanting episodes more frequently, but in the end the weekly show is rare enough that it’s a real treat when the episode is released.
  • Pj4742457
    Super Awesome Anaylsis
    So great. So chill. So smart. Amazing analysis of individual players and over tactics. Love listening to these guys.
  • @Gringo_Mark
    Great pod. Would like to see Dike as a starter with the Sr Team. He is a defender’s nightmare. Only good things happen when he is on the field. Saludos
  • cherry streets
    The lads do a great pod.
    This pod keeps me up to date on the happenings of USA soccer.
  • Rvr12345541
    Great show, great guys
    If you like USMNT soccer, you’ll like this podcast.
  • TimHurd
    Best Place for USMNT Analysis
    Geeking out over the US Men’s National Team has probably never been this fun and the more esoteric the content, the better. Adam Belz and Greg Velazquez are doing a fantastic job putting out this podcast among a rapidly growing landscape of pundits and personalities. Check it out and you’ll be glad you did!
  • Kevin Crawford .
    Best USMNT pod
    Best and most thorough USMNT podcast. Hosts are excellent. Perfectly cult classic-y
  • Long Island O'D
    Good U.S. Analysis
    Quality analysis for US soccer junkies who want the latest in USMT, youth players & potential prospects coming through MLS Europe, etc. Worth a listen.
  • Username was taken@cheeseballs
    Hasan abi gaystraight
    Sent by piker
  • VaReviews222
    Update: Audio seems to be fixed. Great stuff guys. Amazing podcast. Original review: I don’t know if it’s my phone or what, but the audio is fading in and out quickly for one of you two. It makes the show really difficult to listen to. Since it only happens to one of you, I think it’s on your end.
  • ThisisPhil
    Love the contact - fix the volume levels?
    Absolutely LOVE the content of this podcast. I appreciate the no frills just facts aspect of the vibe, but I have to say the uneven production is frustrating—any chance you guys could use tech that makes both voices more even in volume? Thanks for considering it!
  • pdm va soccer
    Great content
    Great content / material & discussion. Love the depth of conversation. The only reason I’m not giving a 5 is due to sound quality...both hosts need to speak more strongly and with more volume. “Lean into” your’s easier to turn the volume down rather than up. Love the show and looking forward to many more episodes! Cheers.
  • MatthewBz
    Favorite podcast
    No better feeling than getting a notification that a new scuffed podcast has come out. Keep up the great work! Can’t wait to see what the future holds with our young and upcoming players!
  • 8bigbruh8
    No a soccer head
    But this podcast is very informative on soccer to the point that you want to go sit down and watch some soccer games. - BIG BRUH -
  • heysuckas
    please record at a higher volume. not your physical voices but the audio is sooooooooo quiet.
  • Jonah3Allen
    Best USMNT podcast
    I love the amount of info I have learned since listening to this podcast and the silent period during covid-19’s canceling of soccer showed how much I love this podcast. I missed it so much!
  • Hot Karl Malone
    Best US Soccer Podcast
    This is the best podcast for anything and everything related to the USMNT.
  • Sesheareeo
    Best US men’s soccer podcast
    Hard to say anything else about the pod, I love the top 40’s and both hosts.
  • Called by God
    What am I paying for?
    This guy take my money and produces no content. What a sorry excuse for a podcast.
  • Arsenalfan414
    Great show
    It’s a quality show with great insight from 2 very knowledgeable hosts who care a ton about US soccer. Am a huge fan of this and would highly recommend
  • Togaman7
    Great USA based soccer podcast
    Very informative, up to date. If you want to know the nuts and bolts of American soccer (men’s side), these guys should be part of your list.
  • Ushmoney
    It is fine.
    It would be better to have even just a little push back when a Pro/Rel zealot is interviewed. Also could use a bit more organization per episode, for example their top 40 player pool episodes lack direction, consistency, or cohesion.
  • BuranRoss1
    Honestly had to scale back listening.
    The tone got so negative. I appreciate honest and even harsh assessments of the program, but Constant trashing of current player pool in favor of 19 year olds wore on me. Not to mention ruthless dunking on Gyasi...even after he scores a brace. I’ll continue to revisit from time to time, but just got to be a bit much.
  • Zedanimal
    Great US Soccer National Team coverage
    Adam provides well-reasoned perspective on the current state of the team and a focused eye on what its future might look like thru frequent interviews and news updates on up-and-coming American players. He and his frequent partner Greg Velasquez also do, for my money, the best tactical breakdowns of US games in any medium. Thanks, guys, and keep it up.
  • Jo mamba
    Love the show! Just one thing tho
    Love the show great USMNT podcast and prospects for USMNT. Just one thing the reference of Latinos as latinx is very bizarre no Latin person I’ve ever met refers to themselves as this. Being Latino American myself it just sounds odd because it’s more of a white person thing to describe Latinos as latinx not Latinos themselves. Most Latin/Hispanic ppl do not know what latinx is. N please no more vamooo tweets haha belz you try to hard to be down with the Latinos and most of the time it comes off as cringe. But great show guys keep it up.... just less pandering
  • JarrodFromIowa
    Great pod for USMNT news
    “The program needs to change and the only way that change happens is with spectacular failure. Apparently just enough mediocrity gives everyone just enough rope to hang on to that nothing changes.” Really thought Belz or Velasquez was going to bring up Ferentz again
  • OldJoe40
    A must listen for USMNT fans
    This show is a US soccer staple. Worth the listen every time.
  • !Samurai
    Best USMNT Pod
    The more critical and anti-Berhalter this pod has become, the more I enjoy it. It was always great, but please keep speaking truth even if some of your fans complain about having to face the harsh reality. Belz has taught me much about the value of a high journalistic standard, and Greg’s remarkable talent as an analyst is really the delightful surprise of the whole show.
  • LeonFC1016
    An all right podcast for the USMNT
    To be honest their level of analysis isn’t as insightful as the guys at Total Soccer, but their content is good enough to listen to.
  • ogprius
    The Absolute Best For USMNT Coverage
    Title says it all. Belz and Greg do a great job covering our pool from top to bottom, absolutely recommend Scuffed if you’re a longtime USMNT fan or just jumping into it now!
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