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On The DarkHorse Podcast, we will explore questions that matter, with tools that work. Weekly episodes of "The Evolutionary Lens" are co-hosted with Heather Heying, in which we use an evolutionary toolkit to reveal patterns in nature--including human nature. Other episodes will feature Bret hosting long form discussions. Some guests will be well known, others obscure, but all of them are chosen because they have demonstrated unusual insight. The state and future of civilization will be a recurring theme, so buckle up!

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Recent Reviews
  • MatB-RM
    Critical thinking?
    Love the people saying this is a great example of critical thinking. Hmmmmmm except that if anyone was actually thinking critically, the main points of their arguments collapse. Confirmation bias is all that carry’s people through.
  • bielsister
    Lost it post covid
    Some good takes during the pandemic, but now that's gone it's the tedious anti-trans agenda every week. Brett's solo show's are generally better.
  • Pianoman gardner
    Brian Peckford interview is excellent
    Bret gets some great guests on his show from the critical thinking covid doctors to great speakers such as Jordan B Peterson. For anyone with a curious mind, these Pods are top quality. Freedom is under attack from all quarters, so these pods keep me sane.
  • Iak27
    Brilliantly informative and insightful
    Brilliantly informative and insightful.
  • Owen C. Jones
    Should be mandatory listening for all
    There is so little intelligent and thoughtful discussion out there that questions the herd narrative. Yes some of the commentary may be speculative, but Bret and Heather are very careful to always explain this. There are some big questions out there that need answering. Keep up the good work!
  • Xiodr1246
    The sanest people on the internet
    Listening to the dark horse podcast throughout the pandemic has been of inexpressible value to me
  • MattLines78
    A wonderful podcast
    Intelligent, well researched and thought provoking. Bret and Heather have an amazing way of analysing many issues we face today. I just wish more people could be exposed to them.
  • Mister Edward
    Conspiratorial Thinking
    I always feel that the discussions tip over from interesting critical thinking into unhealthy conspiratorial thinking. Entertaining? Sure, but only until you realise that some of the most interesting revelations turn out to be exaggerated or plain misleading. Bubble... pop!
  • father of5
    I love this podcast
  • williams274
    A must subscribe!
  • tc raven
    Honest, fascinating and informative discussion of often difficult subject matter
    Bret and Heather talk openly and honestly about subjects giving a greater understanding and perspective to the listener. Personally I am so grateful that I found this superb podcast. Well done guys and even with the continued threat of censorship please don’t give in or up. We all need voices like yours more than ever before, thanks.
  • Elisa-may
    A must listen for everyone
    Friends recommended this podcast last year during the early times of the pandemic. I’ve been listening to many of their sessions now and would recommend this podcast series to anyone who’s looking for open dialogue and people speaking the (what might feel uncomfortable) truth. Thank you Heather and Bret (and guests) for shedding light on important topics by showcasing facts.
  • Jason Dack
    Just started listening…
    I enjoyed the vaccine podcast up to a point. Unfortunately, I had to stop half way through because Steve Kirsch was particularly obnoxious and aggressive towards Dr Robert Malone. It was particularly uncomfortable to listen to. He had the nerve to accuse Dr Malone of interrupting but it was the other way round. Just awful - it was like a personal vendetta. This is a shame because there were some very interesting points made about the attempts by the authorities to play down or dismiss the problems occurring with the vaccines.
  • Cained and able
    UK Citizen!
    Thanks for your work, glad to see someone promoting critical thinking and helping the layman out with understanding what is going on in the murky world of science! Please keep up the good work!! PS How can we get ivermectin in the uk!???
  • yehgitz
    I don’t know why, but I can listen to episodes of this podcast for hours.
  • Steve Howarth
    Heather is irritating
    Great podcast. But only in small doses. Heather’s constant interruptions are not helpful. I’m not sure of her motivation for making them.
  • TheHappyBusker
    Big up the original IDW
  • skydancer1313
    Favourite paddy at mo....
    Heather keeps. Brett on track..........great content..been watching what’s going on. Since Evergreen.... from. An avid obviously illiterate Brit.............NEVER MIND THE. BORRIS
  • Ptwqz
    Supreme intelligence, zero arrogance
    I am very grateful to Heather and Brett. I’ve learned a hell of a lot about the world and about science, in a relatively short space of time. There is a lovely tone and a genuine desire to educate on this podcast. I first came across Brett and Heather on mr Rogan’s show. I could sense that they were going to be insightful people then, and they have not let me down. All the very best from the UK
  • Magic Budgie
    Magic Budgie UK
    Fabulously informative podcast from Bret and Heather, easily one of the best around. Thoughtful, measured and well presented Bret and Heather are two of the best minds in public life. Another episode with Douglas Murray would be most welcome???
  • Karagg1
    So much content - my brain hurts!
    Bret’s one of the most significant thinkers of our time. Wonderful conversations. Podcast gold.
  • seanybrav
    The world needs this podcast
    Bret is one of the most important voices and minds. Subscribe, support, share!
  • Stoic81
    A must listen
    The most insightful podcast out there on the forces shaping and changing our world.
  • Kieran Alexis
    Uniquely credible analysis from this brilliant team, I’m only just catching up with the new live format, and wow am I glad that I did. The best questions and arguments surrounding the crucial investigation into covid19. If you like the truth and have a mind like a razor you will love this. Thanks!
  • Ml-uk
    Thanks to the Weinstein-Heyings!
    Many thanks to Bret (and Heather) for giving up their time...the podcast is extremely interesting and informative, and having listened to Bret over the last few years on a number of platforms, it’s great to know there’s a place I can access more of his measured, gentle paced approach to multiple and manifest complex topics.
  • Gandalf_19
    The pod likely has the most bespoke interaction you will hear with any given guest.
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