Bad Batch

by Wondery

Patients in search of a miracle cure end up in critical condition. The race is on to find out what went wrong before more people get hurt. The trail leads back to a medical company with slick marketing and a charismatic CEO. And to a multibillion dollar stem cell industry where greed and desperation collide. Laura Beil, the award-winning host and reporter of “Dr Death,” returns for this six-part investigative series from Wondery, the makers of “Dirty John” and “The Shrink Next Door.”

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  • JD_Deek
    Wonder(y) what ruined this
    Good story, not told in my favorite way but enjoyed the first couple episodes
  • Der1985
    Get over it people, it is a STORY and a very interesting one. “Buyer beware” of the greedy medical field. Sad, but true. Our medical needs are only met with $ signs in mind. Keep up the informative podcasts. Loved it. And thanks to this podcast, I will definitely do more research on the company if I decide to seek stem cell treatment.
  • rojojovi
    After the first two episodes, I became uninterested
  • PotatoTheCat
    Bad narration
    Sadly, a topic that is very interesting and worthwhile on its own is overshadowed by the overdramatization that has come to be Wondry’s signature. The reporting is decent, but I’d rather not hear it in the style of a 1940s radio drama. The constant ads are annoying, but apparently Wondry needs all that revenue so it can hire some reporters who can figure out how to speak naturally.
  • Davidjkeys
    Not quite 4 Stars
    I feel like this podcast is misplaced. It would be equivalent to finding a box of cereal in your grocery store’s meat department. It might be a tasty cereal, but certainly doesn’t “belong” in that department. Someone placed it in the incorrect spot. This podcast approaches stem cells almost like a true-crime story. I understand that part of the reporting DOES deal with criminal, predatory practice of medical treatment and sales. But there is a huge part of the podcast that also deals with the science of stem cells, the FDA and, weird legal areas. It’s too much to cover in such a small series. As if I’ve ever been the producer of a podcast (lol) but I think there should have been more episodes, and that the episodes be better compartmentalized: The first few episodes should focus on the science: what are stem cells. The next few episodes would focus on clinical trials and medical sales. The last of the episodes would be case studies predicated on how well or poor the science, clinical trials, and medical sales worked. As it is, all of the episodes are interesting, but there’s way too much information in too a short period; and the science, clinical trials, and medical sales all sort of bleed together.
  • Heesh4
    Why does she talk like that? Cut it out and talk normal
  • Aminable
    Cross country
    The series highlights the importance of clinical trials in America. Pain is for sale as stem cells sold for cash utilize high dollar advertising. If someone says “It’s not about the money” it is definitely about the money. The story frightens and intrigues teasing the moral ambiguity of the health care system. A B.S. in Biology allowed for a great appreciation of this and other Wandery series. Bravo and that you for excellent report!
  • middyed98
    Wonderful journalism
    Well balanced and thoughtful. I’m not a fan of wondery sound effects and tendency to over dramatize but this journalist is great and overcomes that irritation
  • williejake
    Stem cells
    Stem cells work. It’s incumbent on the patient to do their own investigation into the materials and doctor they chose. I chose mine, which I won’t discuss here and my shoulder is better than the other. In fact, it’s stronger than it ever has been in my memory. I faced the knife, or the stem cell needle. I chose the needle and it’s a decision I would make 100 out of 100 times. To say this procedure doesn’t work, is silly. I’m not a doctor. I represent nobody but myself. Do your homework. Take a long time to investigate. Use your head. The risk is on you
  • NikkiLinnea
    It's ok.
    I don't know if I was distracted while listening to this or what, but I finished this podcast not really feeling there was a well explained story. Just a bunch of people talking about stem cells. And there were too many commercials and they were repetitive.
  • Apprater2345556
    Insightful, startling & fully engrossing
    The reporting done for this podcast is exquisite & reflects the journalistic integrity of its host. I’m profoundly appreciative of Laura Beil for bringing this and other medical malpractice stories to the forefront of our minds because we very well could’ve ended up like the patients who were wrongly treated by these horrible acts. I have to say that I think what John Kosolchareon did is criminal and the fact that he continues to try to scam people despite being caught is too egregious to even fathom. He clearly has not and will never show accountability for what he has done & will continue harming more people. It’s a shame that you can witness a wrongful act being committed and yet you have no way of bringing the person who wronged you to justice. I agree with the woman who he badly hurt that he just got a slap on the wrist. Settlements will never be appropriate for situations where people’s lives have been negatively impacted. Thank you wondery and this host for bringing this to light!!! You are truly doing Gods work.
  • ceramicstage
    Far Too Many Commercials
    The length of commercial content feels to be as much as the actual story content.
  • daywinn
    Another perfect podcast on a topic that is never covered. Well done! Thank you!
  • Swimmergirlkate
    Interesting story of poorly regulated industry
    Interesting story that highlights the flaws and shortcomings in the medical industry complex. One major critique that distracted me and made me cringe each time- chiropractors are not medical doctors. It’s misleading and poor journalism integrity to repeatedly refer to his as doctor.
  • Sarlei
    Not chronological, you have to piece together
    They jump all over the place with the timeline. One annoying example, they start episode 3 talking about how cops fbi etc show up at John Ks house then they jump to his childhood. Could have been a story podcast like Dr Death.
  • SaraLW
    Not quite as good as Dr. Death
    But it’s close. The storytelling and reporting is just as good, but the subject material isn’t as fascinating. Still worth a listen.
  • cbread94
    Alright show, bad network and advertising
    Wondery cares more about making money through advertisers than making a decent investigatory podcast. It’s the same thing as those free app store games that just spam you with ads every level, but in audio form. I wanted to like this series, but it’s obvious this network is a cash grab and not a serious creative team. Just look at the amount of podcasts they already have, and how many they constantly make. Don’t waste your time.
  • Nuggetclump
    BAD b?
    How long before you remove these episodes to make a Netflix show?
  • R13Avenger
    Bad Batch Binge
    After devouring Dr. Death, I immediately proceeded to listen to Bad Batch. The reporter who delivers the audio for this podcast is easy to listen to and presents the material in a manner that is easy to understand. There are several “characters” in Bad Batch and it was easy to keep track of who is who. It is an interesting look at a different angle of the medical industry with the opportunity to see how slow progress truly is in the United States.
  • plasticelvisbus
    A Bad Batch of Commercialism
    These podcasts are cropping up everywhere with a repeat & recap formula. Very little new info per episode and packed with commercials. Makes binge listening tiresome, huge fail.
  • Carson1951
    Bad Batch
    Absolutely fascinating and informative! A must listen for anyone considering stem cell therapy!
  • Mercerus
    Interesting story for patients and medical practitioners
    I have seen and followed this story in the news as well as other stem cell related horror stories and am saddened for the patients that experienced medical nightmares. As a biological scientist, I know that the stem cell field is exciting, yet one that still needs much study to provide actual efficacious results. Controlled and monitored clinical trials with cells treatments that have undergone sufficient preclinical studies are the only way to go. I do sympathize with people having conditions where nothing seems to work or where the alternative treatment seems unbearable, but I would say it’s much better to save your money and your remaining health than to add needless suffering by unverified treatments.
  • Aimee E.
    Eye-opening but lacks
    I appreciated that this podcast opened my eyes to the unregulated nature of stem cells. However, the story was overall very boring and didn’t keep me engaged as the other Wondery podcasts have.
  • sofiaev
    Horrifying and fascinating
    Absolutely love her reporting and this story is so good.
  • merrrrrcat
    Good podcast but lack of info
    This was an enlightening story and I believe that Laura Beil is a talented journalist. I just wish that more light was shed on GeneTech. We can all agree that Liveyon, John K and all associated with that company are crooks but we didn’t get the full picture with the company that manufactured the stem cells that ended up infecting the patients. Please come out with another bonus episode on Genetech!
  • Dossy Momma
    Great Podcast!!
    GREAT podcast! Kept my attention throughout the episodes, I was consistently gasping while listening.
  • lypad78
    Must listen
    Super interesting and engaging podcast! My mouth dropped and I said “oh my!” And “oh no!!!!” so many times throughout the podcast.
  • JuanRoUs
    Biased and poorly developed
    Nothing but biased opinions and redundant content. I really liked Dr. death but this is a waste of time. I don’t think is okay to damage a company reputation because she couldn’t find treatment for her dad. This is not journalism or any kind of objective report.
  • Cj675
    Great listen
    Interesting and horrible story. Great narration. I appreciate the journalistic style and inclusion of multiple perspectives.
  • UPS'er
    Love it!!!!
    Awesome podcast!!! So sad for those people!! Keep digging up more news and giving us more podcasts!!
  • CallingaCab
    5 stars!
    This was a really interesting podcast! I loved listening to Dr. Death, and this one was just as good. It was extremely eye opening to the potential risks to a new type of medical practice.
  • schaafdo
    Potential patients should know
    I am asked about stem cells by patients everyday. I am now referring them to this podcast to get better informed. This is important work.
  • anaradanarad
    Well made, important, and affecting change.
  • HeatherMarie12345
    Excellent, important, interesting podcast
    Yet another great podcast from Wondery and Laura uncovering problems in our health care industry (in this case wellness). This is a topic we should all be aware of and concerned about and presented in a very interesting and engaging set of episodes. I can’t wait to hear more in the future!
  • katiebelle8
    Another Wondery / Laura Beal hit
    Laura Beal is simply amazing. Wondery just puts out solid podcasts. This was no exception. I hope the FDA will be able to get a grip on these dangerous companies popping up but sadly, they may not.
  • megannoh
    I love this (along with Dr. Death). I am in the field of pharmaceuticals and found it amazingly interesting to listen to how this all transpired. What a great issue to bring to light and love how this unfolded within the podcast
  • Scott2070
    Wonderful Wondery
    Wondery produces stellar content. Amazing story tellers!
  • Rachelseabolt dispensing
    Love this podcast
  • superman8427
    Good Production but Lacking Story...
    The production quality of this series is very well done, which makes it a pleasant and easy listen. However, the story itself never really intrigued me. I kept waiting for the narrative to get interesting, unfortunately it did not.
  • behdhdbdhfu
    Pretty good
    I liked the first 2 better But overall it’s good
  • Farmgirlshelley
    The best in storytelling
    Wondery never disappoints. Set aside some time, because you won’t want to stop listening once you start.
  • Globberoo
    I mean it was just ok. And sad what people are allowed to do and pay for to have done to their bodies. Hope everyone listens and shares it with someone they love. That being said it was a slow moving podcast and the characters were confusing to keep straight. At times i was confused as to which guy was talking
  • wyolistens
    Inaccuracy results in disappointing finish
    I found the series fascinating until I was sorely disappointed with the last episode. Therein were discussed possible HIPPA violations, and the phrase “Elaine’s HIPPA violations” was used. I thought your legal research would be better as you previously discussed issues of informed consent and regulations. HIPPA regulates a defined class of “health care providers.” Health care providers are prohibited from distributing certain medical information. Elaine’s action of asking for information, or even the fact that she got it in some cases, is not a HIPPA violation. She’s not bound by HIPPA. It was the hospital, and their staff, that potentially violated HIPPA. Further, patients sign releases of their HIPPA information all the time. There was no information provided as to whether these patients, either at the time or since, have released the medical provider and allowed provision of their HIPPA medical information. In sum, the series was great, but also illustrates how one failure of research and understanding can undermine a lot of very important work.
  • integrity in broadcasting
    Wondery is turning podcasts into clickbait
    Too many commercials, redundant content. This is a greedy business, not journalism, or art.
  • fzrgrl
    The medical industry is scary. I feel like it’s all about money and not about people. Host is pleasant to listen to.
  • Nigroam
    Great reporting on skeezeballs like John K and his henchmen. What a jerk!
  • Adamnnn
    If you would like a story that goes nowhere, with no interesting central figures, and no resolution, this is the series for you. Just listen to Dr. Death and let’s appreciate what is, and stop trying to recapture what was.
  • Elliott_k75
    Everyone should hear this.
    Tell your moms, dads, grandmas and grandpas to listen to this. Explain it to the very loudly so they can hear you. Say it’s like 20/20 for your ears. 👍
  • Autumn_Kat
    Important story, wonderful reporting
    Bad Batch is one of my favorite podcasts. Kudos to the whole team for bringing light to such an important topic.
  • Peach4780827
    Skip it
    I gave this a listen because of how incredible Laura Beils work was on Dr Death but this one was just ehhh. I feel like the focus wasn’t clear, the main incident that supposedly launched this investigation is barely mentioned and up until the hosts personal relationship to the stem cell industry was explained I was just really confused as to why she was reporting on this as it just seems she’s not as invested in this Series. I also think it’s strange that the podcast is titled “Bad Blood”, when blood is actually barely mentioned in this podcast. It honestly feels a little deceptive and like they’re trying to capitalize on using the same name of a recent best-selling book on an unrelated medical topic ( the fraud of Theranos’ blood testing).
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