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Life and Books and Everything is a podcast hosted by Kevin DeYoung where discussions center on, well, life and books and everything. As a church pastor and theology professor, Kevin loves to talk about faith, theology, history, current events, and the occasional hot topic. The format for LBE includes interviews with leading authors and thinkers, recurring conversations with Justin Taylor and Collin Hansen, and the occasional solo musing from Kevin. Listen in and we hope you will learn something, laugh a little, and get some good book recommendations along the way.

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  • Clark in Pineville
    Consistently informative, interesting,, uplifting
    This podcast is becoming one of my favorites. It is not the bland, same old, talking points. The episode I just finished with Jon Lauck was wonderful. Kevin seems to know something about everything. What could have been a boring subject was full of interesting information.
  • revdradam
    Great podcast; horrible sound
    The interview podcasts are good, informative, and enjoyable. It’s too bad that the sound quality is horrible. I’m young, have good hearing, and I’m straining to understand it sometimes… Also, I wish the article-reading by the host would be a separate podcast so those episodes wouldn’t clog my podcast feed. If I wanted to listen to a nasal Midwestern voice to read articles, I’d read them aloud myself.
  • Chief Resident
    Please get better mics
    Love this podcast, but the audio quality is not equivalent to the quality of these conversations.
  • Charlie in BG KY
    Episode 108 - John Piper
    I really enjoy this podcast, which is why I need to point out how horrible the audio quality of this episode was. Dr. Piper and Kevin sound as if the mics are on the other side of the room. The audio levels are so low that sometimes the conversation is unintelligible. These interviews are too good to be produced so poorly. Someone has to put a headset on and check the levels and sound quality before recording. If the audio is being taken from a Zoom or some other format, you really have to use real mics instead of relying on the external mics of the laptop or desk computer. I will continue listening, but wanted someone to know the audio problems. Charles Fortney Bowling Green, KY
  • scum in the Falls
    John Piper
    An opportunity to have a full length interview with John Piper and the quality of the recording is terrible. Really too bad. It’s very nearly not bearable.
  • Steven King - The Author
    Economics of Abortion - Academically Disingenuous
    I am a DeYoung fan and very pro-life. However, the segment on the economics of abortion was borderline absurd and academically disingenuous at best. Leave the economic analysis to economists. I assume this was in part in response to the Stephen Dubner Freakonomics analysis years ago. It fell flat and is embarrassing to a gospel believer.
  • #1agfan
    DA Carson
    I’m grateful for this podcast. Carson was wonderful. . My son-in-law is a student at RTS and recommended the “Memoirs” book — it was great. Anyone can influence anyone.
  • cthewildman
    Such a Good Use of Time
    I’ve enjoyed this podcast for a while, but the most recent episode with D. A. Carson prompts me to write this. What an amazing way to invest an hour of my time by listening to a brilliant mind like Kevin ask another brilliant mind, Dr. Carson, incredible questions. I wish this interview could have gone on for several hours more. I was challenged & moved & spent money on a D.A. Carson book. Actually, that is the downside to this podcast… I buy a lot of books from the people Kevin interviews. For a free podcast, it’s costing me a lot of money. Nice move Crossway.
  • Mr. Nod
    Two Words: Desiring God
    The host of the podcast contributes to John Piper’s “Desiring God” blog. ‘Nuff said.
  • luddieter
    Just no
    I would like this to stop being recommended for me. I like listening to sermons and learning about how to live a better sanctified life. For some reason that triggered this as a recommended podcast. I do not want nor need to be stirred to greater anger towards american evangelicals.
  • Sgoodbar
    So GREAT
    I look forward to every new release of this podcast. I learn and I smile.
  • historypodguy
    Thumbs Up
    Fun, engaging discussion on both current events and deep theological concepts. This Wesleyan Arminian keeps you near the top of my playlist for reformed perspective on theological topics and to broaden my horizons. Keep it going!
  • Anonymus listener
    From discussion to articles
    This podcast was more interesting as it gave a midwestern, conservative perspective to theological issues in a discussion format between three friends. Now, it’s basically Kevin just reading various articles he’s written, primarily on political issues. With all due respect, the podcast has gotten boring.
  • tea.scrabble.swim
    Interviews on Lee and Jefferson
    I have really enjoyed these interviews. They are very interesting and informative. I appreciate hearing from Christian scholars in the academic setting. I believe it adds depth and soundness to our understanding of history and our ability to speak intelligently on topics of public interest today. Thank you for doing these interviews.
  • stretchkeen
    Very informative
    Thanks for producing such a great podcast of useful information.
  • ohmywordeverynameistaken
    Love insights, books and…sports talk
    Thanks for your bold and clear thinking on the Fall of Roe episode specifically. I love the casual conversation in general, as well as theological discussions, book recommendations…and sports talk! As a B1G girl, I appreciate the much-overlooked Midwest sports discussions! Haters gonna hate. But I also love the updates on your families. As someone who’s much earlier in the process, it’s encouraging to hear what real-life things you are thinking through.
  • chijvcsuk logxbnlpv d
    Sports banter
    Being from Nebraska, l love the sports talk. Please keep it up, as well as all the other great theological discussion.
  • Texasjaybird60
    Sin - Jesus Save me from myself
    As a long time Christian I understand that sin separates me from God both now and in eternity apart from faith in Jesus as my substitute. I understand this Biblical principle as a first principle of the Christian faith. Lately I am thinking this might not be the best initial conversation to have regarding Christianity with those that don’t even know what sin is. I am leaning toward using introductory comment’s that relating to God through Jesus, prayer, and the Bible can help a person be saved from a self focused life and slowly transformed to a God focused life. In the short run, during this life, life is largely about being saved from yourself. Am I off-base?
  • zozomazo
    Wilfred McCray
    Great show, but please, please, please stop an interview when you do not have a proper audio recording. McCray’s phone was in and out the entire time. Interviewer has to step in here and rectify the situation.
  • noahlovesyou
    Great podcast, lacks ecumenicism
    I always enjoy hearing discussions about books, God, and Truth, but this podcast would be an order of magnitude better if there were more viewpoint diversity. Nothing wrong with being reformed, but it would be nice to hear from other kinds of Christians. The church, and modern culture for that matter, deeply needs more charitable conversations between people who disagree, and less insulation of ideas. Regardless, I appreciate everything the hosts have to say, and I always enjoy when there’s a guest on the show.
  • Q. Begley
    Changed My Mind
    I came in to this podcast with a pretty firm skepticism of TGC. I’ve heard secondhand that they have gone full woke, but listening to the discussions, specifically from Collin in “Team Compassion vs Team Courage” has really assuaged my concerns. Sorry guys for believing the worst about you without looking into it myself. Thanks for putting Scripture above political leanings
  • Tap-zoo beast
    Best Book Reviews out there
    I randomly found this show and have loved every episode I’ve listened to. Each review has encouraged me along with the discussion either with the authors or amongst the hosts. I greatly recommend this podcast if you enjoy reading and are constantly looking for new reads
  • shua_sturm
    The Three Musketeers?
    Makes me happy. Helps me think. Thanks gents.
  • nanacgp
    This is a talk show. Observations & opinions are shared from a sound theological Christian worldview. There is joking, discussion, differences of opinion & philosophical discussions. The book discussions & author interviews are very well done. The light hearted joking etc is fun & tastefully & respectfully done. Thank you Kevin, Justin & Collin. Glorify God, praise him forever & read a good book everyone!
    Bring Back the Banter!
    Love the show and the fact that these three are genuinely good friends. “I love inside jokes. I hope to be a part of one someday.” - Michael Scott
  • DrItaliano
    Fun, interesting
    This podcast features three Christian leaders who are smart, very well read, gracious, and thoughtful, who approach subjects with a broad biblical worldview. The banter is fun, but you may have to put up with some sports talk!
  • Scoobydoo6880
    Well done
    Very interesting and thought provoking!
  • David Awn
    Thanks and really appreciate this podcast
    I am an Asian American in CA. I enjoyed the podcasts on Tim Keller, Steve Nichols, on Issues confronting America from Christian’s viewpoint. I would appreciate questions and issues and examples broaden to include other cultures. For I will recommend this due to my bro’s and sisters in Asia and China. I believe the Christians in that part of the world are more aware of issues in Usa that vice versa. Thanks keep it up.
  • M.C. Sims
    Sane, Pastoral, and Learned
    I deeply appreciate the sanctified sanity of this podcast and of the men that facilitate it. Their presentation of differing viewpoints is always charitable, eschewing an us-versus-them, and/or alarmist approach. No less do I appreciate their pastoral bent. It is obvious by the way they talk about and frame important issues that they have the average person in the pews in mind and their growth in Christ. This brings a God-centeredness and rootedness to everything. I would gladly be pastored by these men. Sadly this is not something I can say about other pastors that host popular podcasts. Lastly, as an academic myself, I appreciate the role that reading and books play in this podcast. The emphasis upon reading and continuing to learn is vital for the growth and sanctification of our congregations. Listening to this podcast makes me feel like I’m chatting with good friends. Thanks, brothers, for ministering to people like me I’m this way.
  • emmamaywoodhouse
    I thought I would be encouraged and refreshed about the beauty of America, our traditions, heritage, and what our flag means, but this man did not. He stumbled his way through the first 5 minutes vaguely hinting about bad white males, and seemed to be okay with ppl kneeling for our national anthem. He also seemed to be promoting certain “political institutions” and pushing to “find your own identity” amongst other identities… Looks like he has crumbled and fallen in with the rest of our society and has gone woke. We don’t need another Christian telling us over and over why America is now a “bad” place. The unbelievers, Democrats, and our culture do that enough. Where are our REAL Christian men that fight against wokeness, CRT and social justice? All men are created equal under Christ. ALL men. That’s all that needs to be stated. We all have fallen short and sinned in our past, but we are not guilty of what our forefathers have done. No backbone at all. 0 stars for this podcast. Never recommending this to anyone ever again. Go listen to The Sword and the Trowel or CrossPolitic instead.
  • Whoopie567
    Felt like made new friends on road trip
    I listened to several LBE podcasts in a row driving across several states on a road trip this weekend. This podcast is entertaining, inspires me to read more and made me think about new things. Keep it up, guys!
  • Totorp
    Great conversations about important and difficult topics
    Every time I listen to the podcast, I feel like an anonymous guest listening to an interesting conversation among three great friends who rich theological trainings and ministry experiences in various context. What a blessing! Thank you for sharing your insights with us. May God continue to do great work through this unique ministry
  • Hello1233444
    Fantastic work!!
    Thoroughly enjoy this podcast. Respect all 3 of these godly men and the work they do literally on a daily basis. Episode Recommendation: top lists of your favorite books of all time. Difficult to narrow down, but can only imagine the lists.
  • Doyle of Basel
    Sound and careful theology applied to many contemporary concerns in a serious and thoughtful manner, with the occasional flash of humor thrown in! I only wish this could be a daily podcast!
  • NorieMue
    Great Theology, Good Laughs
    This show makes me think, and it also makes me laugh sometimes. If you’re looking for sound theology in regards to culture, books, or current issues, this is a good one.
  • Lakeside Hiker
    Thoughts for a long walk
    I have been listening to these podcasts on my hikes. They are enlightening, funny and thought provoking. I have enjoyed them immensely. I highly recommend Life and Books and Everything.
  • Rose Frisque
    Thoughtful conversations
    I love book that was my initial reason for subscribing. Turns out it’s more than that! Great content, different perspectives and helpful resources are presented. With the overload of information in our world, Kevin, Justin and Collin provide godly insight into navigating cultural issues. And their conversations are just fun!
  • Tommy Doleski
    You’ll learn something
    You’ll come away with at least one valuable insight. They’re wise, thoughtful, and very well read. Well done.
  • jenflack
    Book bound
    It may seem odd that I’m a 25 year old female listening to three middle aged(ish) men talk about books, sports, important cultural topics, the essence of Christianity, etc. But I love this podcast! DeYoung, Hansen, and Taylor are witty and entertaining, honest and humble, intelligent and thoughtful, encouraging and enlightening...and their friendship and personal walk with the Lord shines through their dialogue. I highly recommend listening for book lovers and conversationalists of any sort!
  • patrickhavens
    Great discussion and range of topics
  • ReportThis505
    Delightful conversations about books
    Kevin, Justin and Collin are great voices to eavesdrop on. They each bring great discussions and questions to authors they interview on the show. It’s like listening in on a conversation at a coffee shop.
  • Ricky Wayne Wisecup III
    Good podcast
    Love the conversations between the guys, they seem to know and respect each other quite a bit. When they go over politics they are level-headed. They have good interviews on books and talk about books that have impacted them. This is a good place for getting some ideas about what book to read next.
  • momtobix
    High praise for these casual conversations
    The conversations are refreshing and informative. The book discussions and recommendations are helpful.
  • kaybertola
    I’m so happy I found this podcast!!
    Just stumbled upon this podcast, and I already am so glad I did. I love the focus on writing and books, and of course, the humor and insight from some trusted brothers in Christ.
  • Go KC Chiefs!!
    Come on guys
    Usually the show is 5 stars, but come on guys, Most of the Christians who voted for trump don’t like his character or behavior, but voted for him because of pro-life policies, conservative judges, and religious freedom.
  • bgghsyyeipktodwe
    One of my favorite podcasts
    I enjoy listening to these men interact with warmth, humility, and obvious knowledge of one another. They joke with each other with genuine affection. Yet they also seriously engage concerning current issues and discuss helpful books that as a layperson I’m grateful to discover. My faith has grown stronger through the insightsshared on this podcast. Lastly, it has helped equip me as a mother to discuss some of these important topics with my two teenage children.
  • Joshua D. B.
    A Model on Several Points
    Kevin, Justin, and Collin are encouraging as models of kindness, humility, thoughtful dialogue and critique, and more. They encourage me in my faith as well as push me to be a sort of “Reformed Renaissance man” in having a beat on different cultural phenomena.
  • Michael R VI
    Great New Podcast
    Love the podcast! Careful and reasonable thinking. Love all the book suggestions.
  • someone else took my name
    5 Stars
    Great format, great insights, great conversations. Not sure what else you need in a good podcast.
  • pigslauterer
    New addition for my listening each week
    I already listen to quite a few great podcasts (daily & weekly) so adding a new one isn’t easy except ... this one. I love listening to these guys. I have been reading their blogs and writings for years and now I can listen in on a their conversations about life and books and whatever. The addition of a time stamp table of contents enables me to start and stop the podcast in bursts. Podcast and the time stamps both very much appreciated.
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