The Sith Council with Kristian Harloff


A weekly Star Wars discussion hosted by Kristian Harloff exploring the galaxy far far away...

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Recent Reviews
  • BoiledPNutz
    This is the one
    This is the Star Wars podcast you’re looking for <waves hand>
  • Wc69
    Kristian Harloff + Star Wars = 5 Stars
    There’s nothing else to be said. I’m thrilled that Harloff is back talking Star Wars. The rest of the council is great although I do miss the old Jedi council crew at times.
  • DanBanks91
    Great Show!!!
    Kristian ,Steph and Mike are great together!! If your looking for a show that a average Star Wars fan can feel welcome by not knowing the entire star wars universe you need to give Sith Council a listen.
  • Slick Saturn
    Y’all’s show is the perfect weekly fix of Star Wars content/talk. Stay awesome! Hahahahaahhaa (Steph Laff).
  • upstate of mind
    Darth Harloff
    And this pod gives you phocusss
  • LBlue29cf
    Back in red
    So glad you guys are back! Love the in-depth analysis and unique perspectives given. Great work!!
  • Bontaname2
    Best sastra Wars podcast
    Really enjoy Hearing Kristian’s view and passion for the Star Wars universe , Steph’s charisma , and Mike’s enthusiasm. Favorite Star Wars podcast on folks nem .. :-)
  • travislloyd450
    Good fun people
    The Queen Stef, and Kristian know their stuff and it’s a chill great time #fart
  • Admiral Anonymous
    Zaflertinflous in Space
    Enough said! I know he isn’t on there, but still.
  • Roachsmythe
    Subscribe to this now!
    Kristian Harloff, Steph Sabraw and Mike Kalinowski are such a great trio for anyone who calls themselves a Star Wars fan. This is a must catch podcast every week and gets me excited for whatever’s next in a galaxy far, far away! Do yourself a favor and subscribe now!
  • Kmetz81
    The GOAT of Star Wars on Youtubr Darth Harloff is back and better than ever!
  • mm370
    Need addition by subtraction
    I was excited when Kristian announced he was once again doing a SW. Unfortunately, his choice of sidekicks is slipping. Steph is horrendous. Not only does she seem to add zero insight besides parroting what Kristian or Mike says, her main input is just cackling “yessssss”. I like Mike’s input but he needs to pump the brakes a bit. He gets excited to talk and speaks over the other 2. While I appreciate anything that blankets Steph’s voice, I would like to hear kristian finish his sentence before Mike starts. Keep the show in line with the Sith tradition by having a show of 2. One to host the show and the other to crave hosting the show
  • tpowellman
    I missed this
    I enjoy a wide variety of podcasts. But one thing I missed was the unique and honest take on Star Wars. It’s not your life but something you love. Jedi council has turned the dark side and I couldn’t be happier.
  • Bo2mastsr 69
    Passionate, Professional, THE BEST
    This is one of THE best Star Wars podcasts out there. It’s like you are listening to an actual radio show. Great info and great hosts. will be hooked!
  • woolly mammoth 317
    The best
    I love Kristin and the whole gang these guys always have the best sex and I go to them to get my news I’m glad the back
  • user11568
    5 out of 5
    Love this new crew!! Keep it up!!
  • 19875737293747
    This podcast is one with the Force and the Force is with it. Kristian Harloff is still the definitive voice in the Star Wars fandom and it’s great to see him back in the full swing of things. Love his supporting cast, the conversation is always interesting, and most importantly the main man’s passion for talking laser swords, scoundrels, and Sith is back. Now we just need guest appearances from “Kylo” Ken Napzok and Mark “2D2” Ellis
  • jay-bee-arrr
    Long Awaited
    Glad your back. Was missing you from Jedi Council days.
  • Big Kabrewna
    Loving the new show
    Great to hear Kristian talking Star Wars again and loving to hear the new Council’s opinions!
  • nec0005
    Came here for Kristian
    Been following Kristian Harold since the Jedi Council days on Collider. After he left I tried listening to other Star Wars analysts, and none compare to Kristian’s Star Wars insight. There’s no one I agree with and appreciate more than Kristian when it comes to everything Star Wars related. Truly enjoy listening to him talk about the galaxy far, far away.
  • splicy mcdicy
    Star Wars news made fun!
    I’ve been around since the beginning. Since Jedi Council and now I have fallen to the dark side lol. I’m glad I found this podcast. Keep up the good work.
  • Mild Mannered Comic Nerd
    Love the show and Crew.
    These three together are fun to listen to. I enjoy the conversations soooo much ☺️👍
  • twsmith217
    Love this show
    Great to hear Star Wars fans talking about what they love
  • MzRwilzon
    I am so glad this show is back. Kristin’s and this team is for me! So glad your back Kristian!
  • Racer725
    Let the hate flow through you
    Must listen for a Star Wars fan
  • TGNiCK333
    Great stuff
    So happy to have kristian harloff talking star wars again.
  • cottonneedsnewshorts
    Love it
    Fantastic show from Kristian Harloff. Must watch for any Star Wars fans!
  • SECjr2
    Glad they’re back
    Collider canceling Jedi Council was a huge mistake, but SEN has righted that error with Sith Council. So glad Kristian and his crew are back for the best and most entertaining Star Wars podcast around. 2021 is already starting out on a good foot!
  • TheGreenGoblin
    Good to have the Council back
    Back in the Jedi Council days, Harloff and crew got me back into Star Wars. Great to have a new Star Wars show from Harloff, always dig his perspective, and the new crew is dope. Keep it coming!
  • LeftyMatt22
    So glad Harloff is back in the Star Wars pods
    Been listening to Kristians content for years now, and I am so happy that he’s back into a council podcast. Steph and Mike are amazing too, as they provide great insight and commentary!
  • 70sRockFreak14
    Great already!
    So happy it’s back!
  • rushb79
    Favorite Star Wars Fan is Back!
    I love this podcast and that Kristian is back talking Star Wars! I totally felt the same that talking Star Wars felt like talking politics before but now this new era and chill convo the gang has every week about Star Wars let’s me hangout and enjoy listening to other fans of varying perspectives and background knowledge. They all know more than me yet make me feel like I am not missing out. I am not a SuperFan and instead just a more-than-average Star Wars fan ha. I feel included.
  • Maply I
    Thank you
    So great to see Harloff talking Star Wars again!
  • RicolaOdie
    Excellent Discussions
    Great star wats discussion. Steph, Kristian, and Mike are excellent. A must listen.
  • Darth Lopez
    Since AMC
    Great show been waiting for the return of Harloff
  • thechrisgonzo
    I’ve been a fan since 2015 during the days before The Force Awakens. The fandom has been up and down but I think the future is bright with all the upcoming content.
  • WojpHojp88
    Love hearing harloff talk Star Wars!
  • Mike Remsen
    Gonna echo a lot of people and say how good it is to have Harloff talking and enjoying Star Wars again.
  • farag. . .LIVES!!!!!
    It’s about time !!!!
    Can’t find a better Star Wars podcast host anywhere. Period.
  • thaught96
    Great podcast
    Love this podcast! So great to hear Kristian talk about Star Wars again
  • Mystonye Gregory
    Dive in deep with the Sith Council
    I love this series great on my drives to listen to these shows. Love Steph Sabraw , Mike Kalinowski, and Kristian Harloff. I’ve been fascinated where the new council takes me. I hope you will enjoy the journey too.
  • KrisKehe
    The Force is Strong with this one!
    Kristian is notorious with Star Wars content. The questions and subject matter he brings up is always on point. Every interview is intriguing and helps the viewer dive deeper into Star Wars lore and envelopes you into pure fan excitement of what’s coming next and what is already here for us to enjoy. This podcast is a must listen or watch on youtube.
  • twolf3
    Loving the format!
    Fans talking the galaxy far far away, love the less structured conversational style.
  • Ofurmaggi
    The council has finally returned
    Been a fan of Kristian Harloff for year now and was an avid wathcer/listener of Jedi Council on AMC and later Collider Video. I've also become a big of Steph Sabraw especially after she joined the SEN family. Mike Kalinowski is great too. These three balance each other really well and I always look forward to their episodes.
  • Zacj.T
    Great Show
    Great Show, I love this.
  • kingbean12
    It’s Back!!
    So glad this show is back. It’s been a long time coming. Great hosts.
  • KingSB23
    Great Show
    I really have always enjoyed listening to Kristian talk Star Wars. Glad he is back in the fold.
  • cody111111
    Great show
    Awesome to have Darth Harloff back!
  • BigMo104
    Best Star Wars Show !
    Finally Kristian Harloff comes back with a show all about Star Wars. I always loved his take on the franchise and his passion as well. Also great to see the addition of Steph Sabraw and Mike Kalinowski in the show. So good!
  • jesse esca
    Star Wars content with out Kristian Harloff? Can’t imagine! So this GREAT. Loving this! Everyone should listen.
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