The Jump

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Rachel Nichols and a rotating cast of ESPN NBA Insiders and analysts keep tabs on everything around the league.

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Recent Reviews
  • ric 1111
    I want to listen to jump...get greeny
    Get it right
  • Cpopepope
    Basketball please
    Getting way too political
  • Finstagrum
    Audio quality is so inconsistent!
    Sometimes is blown out, sometimes it’s too quiet, sometimes it’s only in one ear. When it jumps to commercials, my ears get blown out and I gotta pull out my headphones. And a lot of the guests are so random.
  • Dabenow!!
    Keep politics out of sports
    Keep politics off the pod
  • sprite spite
    What is going on!?!
    Ok let’s practice what we preach, remove Rachel for a progressive black woman.
  • Hubestar
    What’s wrong with the audio?
    When I miss the TV show, I turn to the podcast. Recent episodes including today’s (Dec 15, Feb 26) only have sound in one ear which makes it very unpleasant to listen
  • Stoptryingtoforceanickname
    There's been a few episodes where there is audio only coming through one side. It also just isn't that good, need better mics or something
  • JTR Celtics man
    Was decent before politics ruined it
    Totally ruined the show when you left sports and went in to the field of politics. Stick to sports as that’s what this show is for. If you want to start a political show then start one, but sports should be an escape from politics, not an echo of one party’s talking points. I don’t care which side you’re on, I want sports from a sports show. A whole pod with the name “Inauguration Day”!? Come on now. You’ve lost a listener here.
  • Russ Musky
    No Political crap
    Rachel’s guest keep talking over each other. Very difficult to follow. No political stuff please.
  • Williamisbill
    Rachel, Tracy McGrady & Ahmin should host!
    Great show, but it’s best when Tracy McGrady and Amin el Hassan are on. Then Richard Jefferson and Scotty Pippen. When the cast of characters change to others, the show is no longer must see/listen content. Ramona Shelbourne, Jacki Mac and Brian Windhorst are great guest appearances also!
  • carlsunder
    Are they gone?
  • poops124568
    Very noice
  • Davonsjfjfnf
    Good but Perkins gotta go
    Kendrick Perkins is racist and literally adds nothing to the show. Most of his comments don’t actually make sense. Ramona and Lowe are clearly carrying the team. 3/5
  • Hoelzlmd
    Paul Pierce brings absolutely nothing to the show...just a waste of time whenever he speaks
  • yaBoiChoco
    Too political
    I like the basketball aspect of the podcast. It’s my favorite podcast for basketball insights. I’m not a fan of all the politics. If I wanted to listen to a political podcast I would.
  • uncfreak
    Chris Cote
    Bring Chris Cote back to Lebetard Show ESPN.
  • 428531
    Amazing show but too many ads
  • Shjejjbfnjdkslskekeoep
    Kendrick Perkins
    I use to listen to this podcast all the time until Kendrick was a regular guest. Sorry, I’m not a fan and he is only there to get a reaction out of people. There are better NBA podcasts out there without the nonsense.
  • Boot_Mouth
    Who’s On The Panel?
    If you want me to download the podcast you’re going to have to let me know who’s on the panel for each episode. Continue to just call it a panel and I’ll just continue to skip it.
  • Dee-Es
    What happened to sports journalism? Perkins just gets on the show and spews illogical takes. He makes distasteful comments toward players, and no one stops it. It’s like the show is more concerned with going viral , for some outrageous take versus good substance.
  • Podracer2020
    What’s up with the internet connection?!
    How is it possible that this is a show on a multi billion dollar network, featuring multiple millionaires as guests and hosts and nobody has a good internet connection?! It’s like watching my parents talk to my grandparents over Zoom during a snow storm. There’s just constant lag that causes all parties involved to talk over each other, weird pauses between sentences because everyone’s scared someone else is about to say something.... I mean, I would chalk it up to 2020 and the WFH situation, but every other podcast seems to be doing just fine at this point.... Love the show, but I think I’m done listening until next season haha
  • Plus+ONE
    Rachel is a Queen
    Been rocking with the jump from the jump Too much Perk tho
  • JoMama9282
    Why the heck is Kendrick on every show
    Kendrick is hella entertaining but having him on this much pisses off Lakers fans.
  • dtggdsf
    Best NBA Show
    They get all the facts but the ads are too loud
  • tiredgrl
    What has happened to all the Zion hype? He’s never able to play much.
  • redteerex
    2020 Perkins
    For whatever reason 2020 is the year of espn Perkins. I turn off the podcast whenever he’s a feature. I’m a fan of Rachel and most of the other guests, that doesn’t overcome how distasteful Perkins is.
  • 6abe
    Get rid of Kendrick Perkins
    Great show and love Rachel and the guests like T-Mac, Paul Piece, Scottie, RJ, Brian etc. Love everyone except for Kendrick. He constantly contradicts himself and loses all credibility. Does he even know basketball? Most of the show is everybody arguing with Kendrick, trying to give him basketball knowledge. It’s like a classroom being disrupted by a class clown when everyone is trying to have an intelligent conversation.
  • Ggrampus
    Jimmy butler is an asshat
    Best basketball show of all time
  • triggertigee
    Politics BLM we need a black sheep
    It takes zero courage to say black lives matter in the NBA. BLM hurts black people especially the poor! The Marxist hide behind this bumper sticker like a wolf in sheep’s clothing. NBA is full of sheep, wake up learn the facts. Black man is 15 times more likely to kill a cop then the other way around. They commit a much higher rate of crime per capita. More whites are killed then blacks by the police, facts don’t care about your feelings, FBI stats. The NBA is full of victims, whining about false hoods fed to them by the race hustlers, LeBron James is racist look up what he said about Jews.
    ESPN ads to loud!
    Great show. Please turn down the volume on the ads. I have to pull my earbuds out every time.
  • austxsun
    TURN DOWN the commercials
    Used to be much better, don’t bother to listen to this pod while using headphones/earbuds, you’ll want to punch someone when the commercials hit. Fix this stupidity ESPN.
  • camw49
    Great content, but it is annoying how they just take the audio from the show that day
  • joshhhh22
    Audio not up to par with other podcast
    Audio is terrible. You’d think here if lately they’d figure out how to make it a little cleaner and not so staticky, with how much revenue probably comes through here.
  • hdsgbnku
    Lazy excuse for a podcast
    This is not it Podcast. This is a audio from a show. Make a podcast then put it on this format. Straight up lazy. Just an excuse for money
  • Trooper563
    Stick to basketball.
    You guys cover everything but basketball. Let Windy take over. Rachel is so over. Stay away from politics.
  • theodora e.
    Love The Jump, but...
    Love, love, love The Jump except when Chiney is on. She talks too much! Given the choice, most viewers would rather listen to Scottie Pippen, not Chiney, yet she talks thru everyone, even Scottie. Who does that? What happened to Amin? I miss him!
  • Chu791325
    Get rid of Perk
    I loved the jump until Perk started being on. He is so annoying don’t know what’s the point of having him on.
  • Skiman0418
    Okay, but needs less Perk. Anytime he is on I usually end up turning it off.
  • issac bongboy
    Amazing job
    Love the show, so convenient to listen on the go.
  • evan23326248
    Wonderful Podcast
    LeBron is the goat
  • rabbott624
    Stop having brain windhorst on
    Dude is terrible, everyone else on the show is 100 times better
  • Jesus Thong
    Hey let’s pay a bunch of washed up people who never say anything critical about anything. Scotty pippen is worthless he is a total weak minded idiot who is scared to say anything critical ever. And he is the best one “behind” Rachel nightly and it goes down from there. Ps Wendy is as fat as she is devoid of original interesting takes how did she ever get a job doing this? 100% because she is trans and white.
  • C146)37&?
    Inconsistent Uploads
    If you’re going to advertise as putting the show as a podcast.. UPLOAD THEM! It’s frustrating how inconsistent these episodes upload. I understand that the original premise of the show is not for a podcast but none of the less, with the amount of people that listen in, the least you can do is upload right after the episode airs on ESPN
  • jyddo
    I absolutely love the jump. My favorite people ofcourse are Rachel, Brian W, Scottie, Chiney(chineye) but I love em all. Well except Marc Spears! Shout out from Nigeria!
  • klstills
    Great crew! Love watching these guys!
  • studwalker
    Not a podcast
    This is a TV show first. It's not a podcast first. The number of times they are discussing a video or reacting to a video is too high. That makes a bad podcast.
  • JoranvanderSloot
    Boring...and vapid!
    For the most part this show has two segments: 1) promote some player’s product or ‘brand.’In which a player’s business dealings are lauded, usually w just enough mention of philanthropy and one or two b-ball questions. 2) gossip and speculation from a cast of vestigial ex-players or espn b rate beat writers. It seems like researched or considered ideas on actual basketball and team achievement is verboten. Outside of Lowe, Windy, McMullen, Woj, and El Hasin, listening to anyone on this show will undoubtedly make you dumber about basketball/life-in-general. Luckily there are plenty of other places to hear/read the few outliers mentioned above.
  • Around there
    Blend of enthusiasm and information
    This tends to be positive while focusing on quantifiable information. It does not rely on more than 40% of the program on deducing feelings of player and the like.
  • Brad Lynn
    Rachel Nichols is a goddess!! She has been one of the best analyst and personalities in sports for many years and that has never been more evident than on The Jump! She absolutely knocks her monologue out of the park each and every show and isn’t afraid to ask the tough questions to the biggest stars in the game. Best NBA show on any platform.
  • _Princeflav
    The jump
    The show can be better, it is definitely better when Brian Windhorst is on. Too much Nick Friedell on the show, the jump should have more Amin on it. As well as Rachel is okay, Very knowledgeable but she is a bit annoying. Seems like she has exceed Molly Qeriem on the annoyance scale. She needs to stop with these rhetorical questions.
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