Wizard and the Bruiser

Leisure #35Games #9

Holden McNeely and Jake Young are your guides on a psychotropic journey into the secret origins of nerd culture. Fill your ears with education each week as the hosts tackle subjects from the worlds of comic books, video games, anime and film. Untold stories, bizarre facts and crazed deconstructions will fly at you at dangerous speeds, do not listen if you are pregnant or nursing. Make no mistake, this IS the sweatiest podcast in human history.

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  • Ghostnoteltd
    These guys are hilarious, and do great in-depth coverage of some of my favorite nerd topics. Highly recommended! I just have one beef (and the only reason I’m not giving them 5 stars): Sometimes they get so caught up in nerding out about a topic, they forget to provide a synopsis. Example: I’m listening to the Naruto episode right now… and it took them FORTY-ONE MINUTES to summarize what the show is about. This happens a lot. Can be aggravating for shows/movies/whatever that one hasn’t seen.
  • commander snuggles
    Pretty interesting and informative but they don't go very deep. If you know a lot about a topic they're covering, it might seem pretty basic. I personally like the hosts but the enthusiasm, volume and personality quirks might turn off less patient listeners.
  • Ross0827
    So entertaining
    I haven’t played most of the vidya they talk about, and i don’t shame myself to anime, but still, runs this show immensely entertaining, second only to heavy usage of commas.
  • FearlessFollowerDave
    Hilarious and Informative
    A coworker is a huge fan of the LPN family of podcasts, and knew I am a ridiculous nerd who loves to find out all the unimportant things about the things I love. When he got to this podcast he told me I had to listen to it. I started from the beginning and I cannot give it up. These guys are clearly great friends, love doing their research for their show, and very much respect their listeners. I’m closing on the end of 2018, and dreading having to wait for weekly releases because this show just hives with my soul. Thanks guys!
  • Shampoo bottle copy
    Great pod great job
    I've got a job where I listen to podcasts all day, this one is always the first thing in the morning. Great way to wake up, fun guys, and a lot of the time I'm not even familiar with the subject already but it's still interesting with no existing point of reference. Keep it up, I'm gonna burn through the backlog!
  • TIMintheBOX
    Hold on, Holden
    Love the show. The way Holden pronounces “Geralt” makes me want to rip my ears off. 5/5 stars.
  • gangsta monkey
    Wiz out your bruisers and bruise your wizards
    This show is doooooope. Very funny
  • Red_man23
    Love Wiz Bru
    Great info and senses of humor. Thanks for doing your thing boys
    two goats
  • pickle rick 717
    Just started listening and this is an epic podcast! You guys cover all my favorite stuff in depth with a flare that only CCR can have. 5 stars all the way. If you do a bleach episode/episodes soon I’ll break the internet and give you guys 10 stars. Thanks for all the great content, and keep it up.
  • mc_squar3d
    love u guys!
    please do animal crossing :(
  • daibenduguy
    Finally reviewing
    Been listening for a couple months on another app, sorry it’s taken me so long to review it on here they keep asking us listeners to but I mean come on. I love this podcast. The hosts are passionate, knowledgeable, and a blast to listen to. Both hosts are awesome in their own ways I won’t get into how I’ll forget things they’ll get mad I’ll never let it go. but I wouldn’t give a podcast five stars for that alone. What sets this podcast apart for me is the emphasis on history and the people involved with the topics they care about. From the creators, to the companies, to development, to regional or historical significance, release and reception, I could go on; they really dig in to everything about these topics and as a listener, it not only blankets me in the kind of inside nerd knowledge I love, it actually revives passion I had for things. Not even just things I’ve spent time apart from, but even franchises I actively love; there’s so much meat to this podcast. I recommend it all the time and tell them just to find a topic they love and give it a try. That was a lot of typing for an iPhone. Thank you for reading.
  • kingofkittens
    Thanksgiving bonus!
    Quickly...typing...fingers are turning to brittle bone and gray dust...so good...memories....fading away...
  • Begin to the ear
    The weakest of the LAST PODCAST network.
    The topics seem interesting but I was very disappointed. I’m a long term listener of the LPOTL so I thought this related show would be at the same caliber as that. They hardly seem to do any research on the topics, especially Holden who somehow manages to bring his less than stellar writing and acting career into every topic, and virtue signals to the point it’s cringey. I hate to use the word “soyboy” but he fits it. Jake is funny, actually nerds out, and seems to overall enjoy himself. If they replaced Holden the show would be better.
  • mehmichelle
    So great!
    I’m a huge fan of Drawfee, and a huge fan of Last Podcast on the Left. So naturally I’m a fan of the Venn diagram center that is this podcast. I’d describe it as a podcast of cocktail party facts but for when all of the cocktail parties you’re being invited to are full of nerds.
  • RustyShacklef0rd
    Mostly good, could be better
    It’s usually good, especially Jake Young. There really isn’t any excuse for doing an episode on something that they both haven’t watched or played, though. Seriously, that’s pretty lazy. And having a guest who doesn’t get to really share their views much because Holden won’t shut up for most of the hour is really frustrating. Especially when they bring on the guest because they know more about the subject, as in the recent Firefly episode.
  • OU in FL
    Is great!
    Do the dang Star Fox episode!!!
  • Phil the hedgehog
    jake cheated on his SATs and holden buys alcohol for teens
  • Alex Heiden
    Always entertaining
    A podcast I really look forward to every week. Hosts are funny and seem like great guys. I've given to the patreon a couple times to show support, keep up the good work.
  • JakeLegendXIII
    Worth a listen no matter what you’re into.
    The Last Podcast Network is expanding and is full of so many great shows. I can’t say enough good things about Wizard and the Bruiser. Jake and Holden have the right balance of over the top comedy and detailed factual research. I tend to walk away smiling and having learned something new after each episode. Keep up the great work!
  • GallagherFamily
    Fun for Everyone
    This podcast is definitely catered to Nerd Culture ™ but I’ve thoroughly enjoyed every episode I’ve listened to even though I wouldn’t considered myself deeply entrenched in that community. The episodes are deeply nostalgic but chocked full of very fun facts delivered by two very enthusiastic nerds. Holden and Jake are relatable and their gush on each topic makes this podcast much deeper than just an info dump.
  • gnomehugger
    Every episode is amazing, the only one that is kinda iffy is the power ranger one, mostly because I know a lot about PR and was disappointed that they only talk about the 90s show
  • Ndav1968
    My favorite way to learn semiuseful things
    Love the crazy facts these guys can find about apparently any topic you put in front of them
  • perturbedtangent
    5 stars
  • J. Ryan Sommers
    Nerdcast to the Max
    Jake and Holden have a tendency to gush over every topic they cover, but it comes off as an authentic conversation from real fans. They do a great job of putting you through the history as well as their own personal experiences with the subject. They’re extremely personable and break down topics I’ve not seen on any other podcast. Listen to these guys as often as you can!
  • Soupedupman
    Great podcast
  • Wdadams50
    Great show
    I love the deep dives they do on various nerd/geek topics. I’ve binged most the series over the past couple weeks. Upd: they never have the colors ready
  • Eternal Peanut
    Wonderful podcast
    This podcast is great.
  • Jalahzs
    Great podcast
    Funny people and good content!!
  • Alt3r_Flash
    My favorite pop culture infotainment pod
    Jake and Holden present different pop-culture fixtures (scream, sonic the hedgehog, Garfield ) and break it down, its history and its cultural impact. 5/5. Warning: very naughty
  • 00--Tim
    Holden and Jake introduced me to some really cool stuff.
    The episodes on Neon Genesis Evangelion and One Piece turned me on to some seriously interesting anime. But, there is more to this podcast than that. Holden and Jake are fun to listen to and cover a variety of fun topics.
  • Marinerblu
    I learn little things but the enthusiasm is what makes these guys so entertaining. They have guests from time to time and I wish they would have one about once a month. Worth a listen!
  • VolioB
    Funny Nerds
    These guys are great. They’ve turned me onto some things I never would have looked into without hearing them “gush” over it. The Yakuza episode is one that comes to mind. Never would have picked up any of those games, but now I’m loving them. Thanks!
  • Givenup96
    The best nerd podcast
    Amazing edutainment podcast about all my geeky love
  • Bass4jake
    I learned about W&B on Last Podcast. Well researched and entertaining feeding the nerd in all of us!
  • SulkTheHulk
    It’s good. I’m 33, married, with a daughter on the way. I went back to college three years ago and listened to w & b on the drive to and from school and it really helped me destress. It was great and introduced me to a buttload of new and quirky entertainment choices. Nice job.
  • Head of Krampus
    Love it. These guys are great
    Awesome edutainment about nerd culture before everyone and their mom started calling themselves a nerd. You don’t have to be familiar with the topic in order to enjoy it. Just pick a random episode and give it a shot.
  • dlandfan
  • JoeyNunezDa3rd
    Love these wackos
    Funny and informative! Been really great to listen too. Do more episodes on anime with bazingas because I like hearing u guys come up with new was to refer to oppai.
  • SeanTPoindexter
    Fun show
    This is a great show. These guys are my age (maybe slightly younger) so listening feels like I’m just sitting around talking to friends I’ve known forever.
  • HoboCop
    So there was this one time I was hoovering all this blow off the front edge of my office desk and it was making me all gonzo to the point where I no longer needed to eat lunch even though it was slightly after my normal lunchtime.
  • jenneheiden
    Love it!
    It’s like they took a peek into my brain at everything I loved as a child and decided to talk about it. Love the witty banter.totally relatable! Keep it up!
  • seventx7
    The hosts are incredible!
    I love holden getting weird then Jake having to wrangle him in... And then Jake being weird and holden having to wrangle Jake in. Such weird dudes... But I love them.
  • LLGIDeRitoLL
    Great show!
    Amazing show of nostalgia and making me realize my childhood will always be cooler than kids today! You guys really have to do an episode on Banjo Kazooie though; one of my favorite games as a kid! I’ll give you $100 to do it!
  • Raymond Button
    Love the podcast! You guys are awesome and make the work day go a whole lot easier. Also got super excited when I heard you say you’re going to do a gravity falls episode! I just finished the show with my fiancé and we’re both looking forward to hearing you guys discuss it. That’s for continuing to be awesome while informing and making me laugh every week.
  • Awesome Jess <3
    Nerds Unit!
    I absolutely love this podcast! It makes me flag my nerd flag proudly! The hosts are great with diving deep into each week’s topic ranging anywhere from video games, cartoons, movies, etc. Their in-depth knowledge and research that they do will scratch that nerd/pop culture itch that’s gnawing in the back of your brain. Topics on gaming tend to be the more predominant topic the podcast focuses on and that’s just fine with me. :)
  • Squallfyr
    Are you feeling a sense of loneliness in this world?
    This is the cure. For everyone who needs a “level-up” in their nerd-om, the ones who think they “know it all!”. Give these 2 Gods of investigative journalism and humor and wit, 60 minutes of your time, and prepare to have your life changed. It’s like when you finally poured your first bowl of cereal and poured the milk without making a mess. You’re gonna do it again and again and again....
  • ironzorak
    Titles are hard, I like this
    Informative and funny, I listen every week and look forward to learning about IP’s I love and it makes me interested in games/movies/ shows I’ve never tried
  • Clydedog1
    I absolutely love this podcast. Do yourself a thousand favors and listen!
  • ChadAHall
    Always a pleasure
    Easily in my top five. Often I have never even heard of the episode topics (Hatsune Miku, Neopets, Fire Emblem) but it never matters. This show is all about Holden & Jake. They make learning fun. [Insert rainbow]
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