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The Google Teacher Podcast is designed to give K-12 educators practical ideas for using G Suite and other Google tools in classrooms and schools. Hosted by Matt Miller (Ditch That Textbook) and Kasey Bell (Shake Up Learning).

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  • coley192
    Google Teacher Tribe
    Love the variety of topics and interviews with passionate educators - I always walk away with some fresh new ideas. With the ever-changing world of technology, it’s important to have opportunities to learn and stay current with classroom edtech. The Google Teacher Tribe never disappoints!
  • @JakeMillerTech
    a gSuiteEdu Must Listen!
    If you're an educator in a Google for Education school district, this is a must listen! Matt & Kasey keep it light and fun, while also keeping listeners up to date on any new Googley features or updates AND focusing on how the tools can be used to benefit our learners. Thanks for providing this content to us all, Matt & Kasey!
  • INEDUC8R Lisa
    Monday Morning Rabbit Hole
    This podcast gets me excited for learning with every episode! Matt and Kasey share their knowledge and the expertise of the entire Google Teacher Tribe, with tips and tricks to use immediately. Without fail, I venture off “down the rabbit hole” to explore ways to purposefully integrate technological tools to infuse learning in my classroom. Thanks for all of the inspiration!
  • Amy HK
    Terrible audio
    Some great ideas but it’s almost unbearable to listen to due to the audio quality. Scratchy sounds and unequal volumes. It sounds like they recorded everything over Skype. The last episode had random playground noises (which I think was purposeful) but it was so irritating and distracting.
  • Storczon
    Google Teacher Tribe
    This is my weekly go to for keeping on top of tech integration tips and ideas will using Google products. They are practical, realistic, and informative! The guests are amazing as well!
  • @specialtechie
    The Gateway EDU Podcast!
    "Monday's are my Jam" because of Matt & Kasey! I've been listening to this podcast since the very first one and still look forward to listening every week! I call it the "Gateway EDU Podcast" because it's the first one that made me want to listen to Podcasts at all. I thought they were so boring, but not anymore! You'll laugh and learn in every episode and you'll be #superexcited if they ever give you a "shout-out" on the show. Even if you are not from the south (which I am), you'll appreciate Kasey's use of Y'all in every episode. Give it a listen, your students will thank you!
  • WindyDaze
    The best!
    This podcast is essential listening for any educator, not just technology coaches! I have gotten so many ideas and tons of inspiration from both the hosts and guests. I even went back and saved a ton of episodes that I want to listen to! Thanks for the great content and I really encourage others to tune in :)
  • WA247365learn
    This podcast continues to provide me with the latest and freshest ideas in ed tech. The rate at which things change in this field is so quick that it is often difficult to keep up. Kasey and Matt do a nice job of giving you the Google updates, sharing application of the tools, and even gathering tips and answering questions from their listeners. This podcast has consistently helped me in my job as an ed tech coordinator and assists me in staying up to date as a Google Trainer. Not to mention they always have resources available in the show notes for you to enjoy and share with others! ❤️🤩 “Jump in” with just one episode and you will be hooked.
  • read your bible
    Hey Yall...Its the Google Teacher Tribe Duo
    I can not say enough abou this podcast!! 95% of my google resources for my classroom come from listening to Matt and Kasey. Its my Monday- Friday morning drive to work. I usually leave with a page filled of notes, resources and ideas that I can use in my classroom immediately. Thank you Kasey and Matt for sharing and may the Googles be with you always!!!!
  • Melflypar
    Commute worthy
    This is my Monday morning. Always filled with great tips and ideas.
  • Jated bubbsy
    Look forward to each one & listen again
    Kasey & Matt can help you understand new information while you are driving & make you want to look up more on their webpage later! I love this podcast!!
  • jkwallsr
    Keep Up To Date with Google for EDU
    While I use Google for Education tools regularly, listening to this podcast helps keep me up to date when new features or changes are made to the tools I already use and love. Highly recommend.
  • Lisa Marie Bennett
    Kasey & JimmyMatt are #extraspecial!
    I LOVE this podcast! I've never listened to podcasts until now - and I'm hooked. I don't have kids in the car with me on my commute now that I have a new job. (Instructional Technology Specialist) I read a tweet once about a tech specialsit who kept up with her podcasts on the way to work, so I figured I'd try it. It's kind of like a little dose of professional development every day - with friends. Kasey and Matt are awesome together, and I love listening to them. I started with the most recent, and am working my way backwards. I'll be sad :-( when I can't listen to them every day.
  • Lissa Brunan
    Perfect Podcast for any life-long learner using Google!
    Matt & Kasey are a great duo that are on the cutting edge of Google’s constant updates! Weekly Monday podcasts provide a great way to stay connected and use the remainder of the week to practice new skills and ideas. Providing the hashtag #gttribe allows listeners to continue the conversation, learning, and idea sharing online via Twitter! I encourage everyone to subscribe and dare them not to get excited about what they hear!
  • TeacherBee
    Change Makers!
    Kasey and Matt are just the kind of educators who are making a difference for students and teachers! These two are not only knowledgeable but funny and real. I appreciate the great work they do to help improve education and their encouragement to try something new!
  • Harpera82
    Always Leave with New Ideas!
    Kasey and Matt’s accessible personalities and real-classroom application ideas are always on point. Their insight and experiences help teachers to ‘see’ how G Suite tools can serve many, many purposes in the everyday classroom, across grade levels, curriculum, and units/lessons. Thanks for always having something new to share and inspire us!
  • mrs_sever
    Great Podcast!
    I listen to this podcast every week and I have learned so much from it. It trully opens my mind to new ways to use Google in my classroom and it has converted Google into my new playground.. When you are competing with video games and youtube videos from the students' attention everyday, it is vital to find creative ways to deliver content and to engage the kids, and this podcast definitely provides new ideas and encourages me to try to be a better teacher. Thanks!
  • teachernik
    Listen today, implement tomorrow!
    This podcast brings practical and engaging strategies that can implemented directly into the classroom. As I work my way to become a better teacher, I am grateful to podcasts like these that both challenge me and provide resources to help my students grow. This is a MUST list for all passionate edtech fans.
  • liv2educ8t
    Love your podcasts
    Your podcasts are my travel companion on every trip I make and I travel a lot for work. You both do a great job of sharing practical ideas and Google connections for the classroom. I often have to take voice notes while listening so I can go back to review all your information after my drive. Thanks for what you do for all our kids!
  • Starblazer5000
    Absolutely love the podcast and look forward to trying out all the new tech apps and features you share. You have positively changed and improved my teaching. You rock!
  • Jay Bizarri
    Each Episode Gets Me Thinking!
    The podcast is light and positive and silly and full of practical help. I appreciate their efforts and am inspired by the obviousl love of teaching!
  • KieferSJ
    I’ll never miss an episode
    Hands down one of my top podcasts & the one I ALWAYS make time to listen to. Perfect amount of humor added in with learning.
  • Kacy H
    Love learning more and more aboutGoogle from these experts! So down to Earth and share so much with us that we can apply in our classrooms immediately!
  • Tutmobl
    Perfect start to the week
    Finally, a reason to look forward to Monday morning commute! There is something I can try immediately every time. Wouldn’t miss it!
  • Mophysics
    The best podcast for me.
    Jimmy Matt & Kasey have created the perfect podcast for me. It fits my morning commute time perfectly. But even more so it give me great tools and HOW they could be used in the classroom. They know their stuff and know what educators want. The banter keeps getting better. Thank goodness for the show notes otherwise I’d lose track of all the amazing tools they drop per episode. Thank you for the great work!
  • J_tolen
    Amazing and Funny
    I love learning with Kasey and Jimmy Matt. They share so many great ideas and make me laugh at the same time. This podcast should be on every educator’s list.
  • Mrs. Eady/ATL
    A new follower
    It’s worth a listen. Once you do, you’ll follow too! Thanks for the valuable information.
  • Whimsical Teacher
    Best Podcast for Tech Teachers and Coaches
    I got a new job as a tech coach this year at my 1:1 chromebook junior high, and Google Teacher Tribe has been a lifesaver. I really didn’t know what I was doing when I started my job, but now I feel I’m receiving the best PD on all things Google every single week! Matt and Kasey are so fun to listen to, and they seem to love having this show. A lot of ed podcasts are dry, but theirs is whimsical and fun. Thanks guys!
  • ArcadiaP
    Do you struggle to get moving and motivated on Monday mornings? Join Matt and Kasey for the latest Googly news and awesome in-depth dives into all kinds of Google tools. The energy that Matt and Kasey bring to the beginning of my week help carry me through, especially on our downhill slide to summer. Do yourself a favor and join us this Monday! (Or Netflix-Style binge all the old episodes today)
  • aligryder
    Right up there with coffee
    Hearing Kasey and JimmyMatt’s voice is my latest morning groove, especially Monday’s early am new release. I’ve spent three decades in the classroom but it’s a new age in education—I’m all in and going forward, thanks to the Teacher Tribe and my twitter feed in tow! Can’t wait to meet Kasey this summer and learn from her in person. #engage2018sanangelo
  • Boydmom
    I love everything Google
    I found this podcast a few months ago and love it. I have used Google Suites for several years now and love finding out all the new things I can do with it. The podcasts are very informative and entertaining. Keep up the good work.
  • Matthew Todd G.
    One of my favorites
    I recently finished listening to all of the back episodes of the #GTT podcast. After finishing all of them I wished I had 400 more to keep Matt and Kasey talking in my earbuds. I know I am a better equiped educator and more productive person for having listened to these episodes and I know future episodes will continue to have the same effect. I took my Google Certified Educator Level 1 Exam earlier this week and I was confident going into it, but as I went through the questions and the scenarios I rememvered back to things I had heard on this podcast, so thank you Matt and Kasey for helping me pass. This podcast has also increased my productivity in my classroom and in my personal life. Due to their constant talking about these google apps I have started using Google Keep, Google Forms, and Google Drawings and they have helped to streamline things both in and out of the classroom. If you want a podcast that will entertain and inform then #GTT is definitely the podcast for you.
  • The Primary Professor
    Each episode is exploding with information
    I am in love with the Google Teacher Tribe Podcast. I am an Apple girl at heart, but you guys have brought me to the Google side (shhh...don’t tell 😉). You guys pack so much information into each episode, I have to take time to reflect and brain-dump after each one. I’ll probably have to go back and re-listen to each one, because I’m sure I missed something. Thank you so much for your innovative project! - Whitney
  • morganel6
    Love it!
    I just discovered this podcast in the past couple of months & I look forward to each new episode. I love listening to the podcast on my way home from work because I can learn as I drive. Keep up the inspirational work!
  • Lguard7
    Just what a teacher needs
    The GTTribe Podcast never disappoints. Monday morning is packed with tips, tricks, and hacks that keep teachers in the Google loop and on the top of our game! Thanks Matt & Kasey!
  • MsOReadsBooks
    Five Jalapeños
    I’m always super excited to listen to this podcast so it was time to finally write a review. I love all the learning and try all the time to get others to listen and use the ideas at school with our kids. Total fan girl here!
  • MastSuAK
    My "Go To" podcast!
    I love the Google Teacher Tribe - it's my jam(board)! JimmyMatt & Kasey always present fabulous content that I really can implement in my classroom. I am always SUPER EXCITED for new episodes to be released ;) Seriously though, this podcast is so awesome that I listen to all the episodes numerous times!
  • Kelsue20162
    My fave thing about Mondays
    Love. Love. Love! I look forward to this podcast every Monday! There are so many great ideas that Jimmy Matt and Kasey bring up! So many tools and hacks, so many lesson ideas! Thank you so much for bringing us such great content!
  • tashaw1234
    Great Ideas from Great Educators
    Love Kasey & "Jimmy" Matt! I just finsihed another Podcast. I take something away I can share with teachers in my school everytime I listen to them. Don't wait subscribe so you don't miss another espisode.
  • PCSteach
    Great energy PD while you commute
    If you’re always looking for new ideas and updates this tribe is for you! Great energy and an informative podcast. Keep up the good work.
  • 👩‍🚀🤦‍♀️🙅
    I mustache you to listen to this podcast
    I love listening to this podcast every week over my after school snack of chips and guacamole! Kasey and JimmyMatt always keep me laughing! Jokes aside - I learn something new from this podcast every week and can always find something to try with my first graders. This week we’ll be trying a game of word sneak!
  • Laura Steinbrink
    Better than Guacamole!
    This podcast by “Jimmie Matt” Matt Miller & Kasey Bell is hotter than a jalapeño pepper, cheaper than your own Jamboard, and packed full of great ideas & tips you can use right away!
  • Monica Spillman
    I “mustache” you if you listen to this podcast.
    Word sneak challenge: “Jimmy Matt” and Kasey make learning about Google as amazing as enjoying a great rosé. You can jam- with their theme music as you get on -board with their Google tips and tricks that are hotter than guacamole with extra jalapeño! (Forgot the rest 😉). I can’t believe I didn’t leave a review before. This is my Monday listen on the way to work. Excellent content. Fun to listen. 👍🏼
  • RRKim2018
    Time Well Spent!
    If you use or train using Google applications, this podcast is time well spent! Matt and Kasey always share great ideas as well as the latest Google news and updates! The podcast is super awesome! Check it out!
  • Craig Klement
    More than just Google Tools
    I love that this podcast does talk a lot about G Suite Tools, but it is so much more than that. Kasey and Matt have tons of great ideas and always have great guests that they interview. This podcast is high quality professional development and entertainment!
  • Mbhawkins7
    Be in the know!
    I stay ahead of all the Google updates and fun new activities by listening to Matt & Kasey. I have an easy answer for Whenever someone asks, “how did you know that?” I share that they need to be listening to the Google Teacher Tribe. Quick, easy to follow explanations of all tools in the G Suite by fun personalities. Check it out and be in the know of all that is Google Ed!
  • 79sexyBen
    Great for teachers of all kinds
    I teach music. The information give through this podcast have become a vital part of my teaching practice. My favorite part is the google updates for teachers. Thanks!!!
  • Technichole
    Great Googley Resources
    The thing I love most about GTT are the show-notes! Not every Podcast I listen to has this available and it keeps me coming back, especially when I can’t quite remember what episode I heard something on (I listen during my 45-minute commute Monday mornings). The website is easy to navigate and the content you share is very relatable. #LittlesCan #GSfE
  • Boeboe878616
    Love this!
    I am a Media Coordinator/Specialist in NC and I pass along great tips to my teachers and other Media Specialists. I have been following Kasey’s and Matt’s blogs for a couple of years now. I recently started listening to this podcast and I love it. They give out such useful information. Thank you both for doing this! I love being able to learn on the go.
  • HGSisk
    Super Excited to Tune In Each Week
    I am “super excited” to tune in each week to hear the latest G Suite updates, tips, tricks, guest speakers, and blog posts from Matt and Kasey. They provide the perfect amount of information to digest during my commute and then implement the same day. The show notes are always packed full of fabulous resources that I often revisit. I am happy to serve as a walking advertisement for Matt and Kasey because I love to share the Google Teacher Tribe goodness in each of my sessions. #GTTribe #StacheNStacks
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