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Voice actor Matthew Mercer leads a group of fellow voice actors on epic Dungeons & Dragons campaigns. These familiar voices bring the audience into the full experience of D&D, allowing imaginations to soar as the characters embark on adventures. This is Critical Role!

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  • DDK15009
    Great show, but.... Episodes are missing!
    Hey! I’m late to listening through the Mighty Nein’s story, but I can’t see some of the episodes which used to be on the podcast. I know there’s a new podcast but it doesn’t have them either! It’s an awesome show and I’d like to listen to all of it, but I’m stuck!
    but i found a glitch on episode 30 😩
  • TheeProf
    Best Actual Play Podcast
    As the title says. This is the BEST actual play podcast you will find. The buy the cast have with their characters is amazing and nothing short of a miracle that they have been able to continue and achieve the things they have. So proud to be a member of this community!
  • simpleham1
    Most amazing dnd podcast!
    Matthew Mercer is amazing and the cast is great, so I am thankful that we have them to listen to
  • Holmes915
    Love everything critics role now!! Watched both campaigns and still can’t get enough!
  • Cartagia64
    First D&D podcast
    This is my first podcast for D&D and I am really enjoying it. The cast is great and Mercer is a fantastic DM.
  • MrLoar
    Excellent Podcast
    This is hands down the best D&D podcast out there. The accents never waver while in character. The players obviously love the game. The setting is meticulously thought out. I thought my world had a great deal of details but I was wrong.
  • truth in darkness
    Where did it go?
    Where did the rest of season 2 go, it ends at episode 20.
  • Flinch and Die
    Just recently discovered, already a favorite!
    I only found your show about four months ago. I’m a trucker and I decided to start looking for podcasts to keep me occupied on long drives. Enter Critical Roll. I’ve binged your podcast ever since, doing my best to catch up as quickly as possible. It’s also rekindled my love of D&D and now I’m in the process of searching for and gathering a group to play with. Thank you so much for this awesome show and the countless hours of entertainment it’s brought me!
  • LivecatStudios
    Longtime listener, but where’s the rest of season 2?
    Absolutely, love your show! Helped me learn to be a better DM myself and I think what you all do is incredible. Also, super happy to have contributed to the animated series Kickstarter. So stoked! That being said, what happened to the rest of the episodes on your podcast? It appears it only goes up to S2E19 now. I hope this is just an error as listening to the podcast during my long commute is the only way I can catchup. Thank you, Eric
  • gabymonsterr
    Lovely story, Carry On
    PSA- episodes after S2E19 can be found on their new podcast channel. Just search “Critical Role” and chose the one with “podcast” in the cover image.
  • krambotyt
    Hey, by the way...
    You should probably put out an episode or something that explains where the podcast went... By the way it’s over at Critical Role with the black and grey cover.
  • JoshPosterra
    What happened to the other episodes?
    Love the series!! but I woke up and all the episodes from campaign episode 19 on are “deleted by user” same on your YouTube channel. I was in the middle of campaign 2 on episode 41 :/
  • Somecooldudr
    Excuse me I was listening to that
    I wake up this morning to find that the podcast I was listening to for almost 2 years now has deleted the newest part the part I was on Ep 154 and just poof gone I would at least like to finish it
  • armorednight
    Missing episodes!!????
    First off I Love this show and you guys!!!! But I'm upset!! I listen to Critical Role while I’m at work. I loved campaign one! And I have been listening to campaign two. I just finished episode 22 the other day at work. The next time I had a chance to listen to episode 23 I realized that now the last episode listed is all of a sudden episode 19. I then learned of a change to a different pod feed. I subscribed to the new feed, just to find the the first episode listed there was episode 37!!! Now i have no way to listen to the missing episodes except on YouTube, which I can not do at work. So Im truly bummed, but I will not be listening to any more Critical Role until one of your feeds includes the missing episodes!! :(
  • Eccleston c
    Where are the episodes???
    I absolutely love this show and it deserves 5 stars but where did all of 2019 go? The episodes are gone.
  • Radiophonic Oddity
    Rest of campaign 2?
    I am at Episode 20 with having to make a jump to 38 since g and s dropped it, or just a mistake?
  • AndrewCole3
    Missing episodes
    I know that episodes after c2e39 are not going to be here but where are episodes 20-38 I was sure they were here a week ago....
  • maneboo11
    Where did the rest of campaign 2 go?
    I have been religiously listening to critical role now for Over 3 months while I drive around for my job. And suddenly. The rest of campaign two is missing. The other critical role podcast doesn’t even have the beginning of campaign 2 available. I’m extremely disappointed this.
  • Omaewamu
    My god, this podcast is a work of art. I’ve noticed people are asking about why this podcast no longer updates. I was confused too, but ever since the team left g+s they’ve started using a different podcast, look for the critical role with the black logo. Also, to those of you complaining about the audio quality, I’m sorry but all this shows is that you are whiny toddlers who cannot struggle through something for its story. It also shows that you are judging after only listening to a couple episodes, since it clears up after only about ten episodes.
  • Ezio7080
    Thank you Critical Role for the Benny Hill references...I had to get it as a ringtone
  • Echo the husky
    Just great!
    Matt is a great example of a creative DM and story teller. Working on my own to tell stories and would one day love to be at that level. Cheers all for your creativity. Love the podcast! -Cole-
  • LaftyTafty17
    Love Matt Mercer
    “It’s high noon” lol just throwing a line from the legend himself. But, I watch Geek and Sundry on Twitch so... to find out there is a podcast??? I am beyond hyped. Will help me get through my work shifts so much faster!
  • zar-hu
    Really good
    I loved every bit of this show
  • Vivi Jean
    I started at the very beginning. Episode one. I didn’t know what to expect, and I was brought along on an adventure of friendship, love, war, and betrayal. Now, I am almost to episode 115. The end is near and another campaign awaits. Matthew Mercer and Vox Machina gave me hours and hours of entertainment during morning commutes, lazy weekends, and restless nights. But more than just entertainment, they showed what DnD was all about and Matthew taught me how to be a better DM. Give it a listen. The story is great and the friendships are better. (Btw, for those of you complaining about the sound quality, I promise it gets better. If you really can’t stand it, skip ahead to episode 25 before leaving a bad review.) Bidet!
  • JJ81366
    Lack luster recordings great show
    The show is fun, entertaining, and interesting. The recordings are simply terrible, loud, echoey, many times the voices overtake the mic and the mic cuts out, sometimes you get a horrible static that doesn’t go away for a couple minutes, sometimes a loud electronic interference overtakes the parties voices
  • Maddie Janson
    Great Except... 🤗
    In the listing, no. 1 is after no.10. I am very confused about this. Please fix it. 😄. Great podcast though! Jester and Grog are the best!!! 🍺🍩 Also, if any one-shots happened in Vox Machina, it doesn’t show it.
  • dtp24
    Vox and The Mighty Neun
    Been keeping up with this series since Team Vox.Cool to hear that they split from geek and sundry to make their own stable platform,keep up the great work
  • TiffReviews14
    Love the show, but...
    How come no more episodes after FEB?! I watch/listen to you tube stream while at home, and the podcast while out and about, but the podcasts stop in the 50s and I’m in the 60s. How am I supposed to catch up by Christmas?! Love the people love the show.
  • Jim rule
    Corporate DnD
    Good voice acting as they are all actors and top tier DMing. They are corporate sponsored(Wendy’s, Amazon, Blizzard,DnD beyond,etc.), do sky mall merch cash grabs(literally sold cheap wedding rings), and host expensive live shows that are ruined by the fans and players hamming it up($70 min ticket prices). Plenty of overacting at times and cringe moments in the show. It’s still a good listen overall but I only give two stars for the reasons mentioned above.
  • TheDoctor456
    This is the best podcast the cast and guests of the show are fantastic and it’s probably the only way I can get through the work day! It’s an amazing source of silly and semi serious adventuring!
  • Blue_Dandelion
    Start with Campaign 2
    If, like me, you like D&D primarily for the roleplay and character-building elements, then I really recommend that you start listening to Campaign 2 (The Mighty Nein), and then MAYBE go back and listen to Campaign 1. Campaign 2 starts out with stronger characters and a higher amount of fun character interactions right from the get-go. The Vox Machina campaign starts out shaky: the characters are flatter and less likeable and they only slowly get better over the first 15-20 episodes. If on the other hand you’re more into D&D for the combat and you don’t mind starting out with less interesting characters, you’ll probably be fine starting at the very beginning with Vox Machina.
  • T2105
    The combination of game play and voice acting creates a unique experience for the listener. These are LONG episodes, but they fly by. It's fun and immersive.
  • TheYoungInterviewer
    What happened to episodes 7-9 of vox machina?
  • Dollas&Sense
    Worth the Investment.
    I stumbled on this podcast last March. It wasn’t long until I was hooked. Even started watching the past streams on YouTube. It took me until August but I finally caught up through both campaigns. Both Campaigns are amazing. Truly incredible work, it opened up a whole way of interactive storytelling that has mesmerized me all year. I would start with the second one, work your way to the present and then go back through the first campaign. Laura Bailey, Sam Reigel, Travis Willingham, and Matthew Mercer are some of the most naturally funny people I’ve ever had the pleasure to listen to. Jester, Scanlan, Grog, and and the plethora of npc’s Matt has come up with will leave you satisfied. The other cast members are great too those are just my favorite. Matt’s world is really incredible.
  • Tm-painter
    Gonna miss these
    I used to listen to Your dark heresy games for long drives. Gonna miss it for sure
  • DopplerDelta
    A new campaign is always a rocky start
    I won’t lie, making the jump from Vox Machina to the Mighty Nein was a new thing. But 30 episodes in, and the Nein are starting to really grow on me!
  • RedmondTheRobot
    What is with the audio quality?
    I want to get into it more, but the audio quality does not seem to get better. Maybe the story gets better, but I honestly cannot stand listening to it. Get everyone their own decent mics and try a little bit of mixing, because this is honestly terrible on my ears.
  • Spacepuppy969
    Nothing funnier to listen to while painting minis
  • ProfessorNoir
    Murder hobos
    If your really into a group of sociopaths who solve everything at the point of a sword then you will love this. If you want something more complicated with your role play then you will be disappointed.
  • ErcMan013
    Still can’t believe it’s over
    The first campaign is a story that starts off a little rocky with some issues between the players, but by the end you won’t remember any of that as you fight to see through your tears of joy and sadness.
  • SmithPaPa
    Greatest podcast ever!
    Absolutely love these guys. And gals lol they are so funny together. It just draws you in and keeps you coming back for more. They just have this chemistry and they bring you along on this story with them and you feel all the emotion and get to know these characters and it’s great it’s just so fun def check it out
  • Kai Daly
    Improv skills are insane
    See Title
  • oediaxl
    Everything I didn’t know I needed
    Amazing cooperative storytelling. Exactly what Gary Gygax envisioned and dialed up to 11.
  • Dash Y.
    Big fan
    This is great, awesome story telling thanks much for making my work day so much better
  • Lorelei Faye
    Most overrated podcast on the internet
    See title
  • podcast-fan
    Episode 37 jethro Tull recommendation
    Albums: songs from the wood, heavy horses. Songs: songs from the wood, cup of wonder, velvet green, one brown mouse. More wandering adventure, less Oliver Twist.
  • RaFire LaFlynn
    Great story and characters
    I’m super late to the game, but have been gradually catching up and enjoying every minute of it! Masterful story crafting, well conceived and multidimensional characters. Also provided so much inspiration for personal d&d campaigns. Thank you so much!
  • Bearspace
    Currently living abroad with more time than expected on my hands. Long breaks and long bus rides by the dozen. And yet I can never get past the first half hour. Thought this could fill the gap while I’m separated from my old D&D crew but it just makes me miss them more. I’ve tried thrice now to get into Critical Role. Just can’t do it. Perhaps it’s unfair to judge the entire show based on the first 30 minutes of episode 1 of campaign 1, but here I go. The audio quality is non-existent. Music continually overtook the dialogue or descriptions by the DM, leaving me straining for a sense of what was going on. Players keep talking over each other, which is bad enough irl but horrendous on an audial medium. Ep 1 seemed to drop right into the middle of a campaign without truly introducing the characters. The “welcome to” episode did allow for basic knowledge of the party members but not why they’re together or what they’re doing. Normally I take D&D semi-seriously with my friends but how seriously everything was being taken didn’t sit well with me. The DM seems to have done substantial and impressive world building based on the vast reserves of lengthy episodes and recommendations from my friends, so points for that.
  • mrnolanatty
    Amazing show, still going!
    I love this show so much and have binged hundreds of hours of it already. The second campaign is still going, if any of you are wondering, on their own podcast channel. It’s still called Critical Role, with Critical Role as the publisher
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