Ellen on the Go

TV & Film #13

Ellen on the Go is the place to hear what they’re talking about on the Ellen Degeneres Show! Hosted by the show’s Executive Producers, Ed, Mary, Andy and Kevin, this is your audio catch-up of this week’s Ellen Show, with a never-before-experienced glimpse at how the talk show comes together every day from the very minds that make it happen.

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  • Mlestrange1
    Puppy Pee Pads
    Kevin, I have two big boxes of Puppy Pee Pads that I no longer need because my sweet 16 yo puppy recently passed. They will even wipe up pee better than paper towels. Email me (Ellen knows how to find me, I subscribe to the BeKind box) and I’ll ship them too you for free! Xo ~Emily
  • EllieTheElephants
    Wish To Meet Ellen
    I have been watching Ellen since I was 5, it’s been a while! Someday, I really wish I could meet Ellen. It would be a dream come true. Ellen is humorous, creative and how she wakes me feel warm and fuzzy inside. I love Ellen’s personality, she makes me forget about all the bad and makes me focus on the positive, how can I think bad thought when I am listening to Ellen? Love you Ellen ❤️ keep on doing great TV shows for all of your viewers who can’t see it live! I absolutely LOVE the podcast, the EP’s are absolutely amazing I thank them for all their hard work and awesome commentating! I applaud you! Keep up the good work: Ed, Kevin, Andy, and Mary!
  • bobby bay
    Ellen On the go!
    Ellen on the go is just such a great and funny podcast! I love it! I would totally TOTALLY recommend this for sure! I Love it!😇😇😇🙂😇😇😅😇🙂🙂🙂🙂😇🙂🙂😇😇
  • jenluvsit
    Best Ever!
    Ellen on the Go is the absolute best podcast if you want to laugh and smile for 30 minutes straight. I’m obsessed with Ed, Andy, Mary, and Kevin and want to hug them all (Or jazz hands for now). Thank y’all for the laughs and for bringing positivity into the world!
  • Who Rules The World!
    Far far too much producer banter-fake laughter-banter. 3 min of intro banter, then telling us what's coming up for far too many seconds. Just post the show... We all love Ellen, just Ellen.
  • Tokyo Tateishi
    Tokyo Tateshi
    You guys make my day! Thank you for doing what you do!😁💛💛👍
  • Laura Edmisten
    1 of 6 Listeners
    I don’t have a subscriptions to cable so I miss your show. I love hearing the synopsis of the week. The dynamic of the producers is fantastic!!! I love being 1 of your 6 listeners. 😁 Cher’s episode was by far my favorite. Keep it up!!!
  • jehumphries40
    Funny but . . .
    I think this is a very funny podcast BUT I hate when they SHOW videos! We can't see them! This is a podcast. If we can't hear the funny it's not funny no matter how many times any of you say how funny it is. Don't tell me to DVR them. I'm listening to a podcast because I can't watch the show - I want audio not video. Thank you.
  • Paetr
    I’m currently battling an ailment at 30 that no one can seem to solve. It had been hard in many ways to cope. Listening to this podcast is an amazing way to escape and truly laugh out loud. 30 min of joy is what they do for me!
  • kanyes b!tch
    Fun podcast
    I listen to Ellen’s podcasts multiple times, the banter is very entertaining. It would be great if you could play the clips prior to giving all info during the lead in. Also how about an occasional shout out to all your listeners, not just Portia.
  • MaggieMay777
    Terrible commentary
    The people chosen to talk on between the interview are terrible. They completely ruin the experience to the point I turn it off BEFORE it gets the interviews, the only parts anyone cares about.
  • Paulie dubs
    Pick me up
    No matter how my day has gone, I know that listening to this podcast will pick me up. My thanks to you, the 4 exec producers, for brining light into the darkened world.
  • Sunshine Meriweather
    Always makes me laugh
    I don't always get around to watching the TV show but with this podcast, I feel like I catch the best stuff. Andy, Ed, Kevin and Mary work so well together and are so funny!
  • knappy9
    My typical day starts with listening to this AMAZING podcast, in the car, on the way to work. I can honestly say, listening to your podcast makes my day a whole lot brighter. I’m sure the people at my work appreciate the show also 🤣🤣🤣 Love you ALL! Everyone on the podcast adds their own bit of value as individuals! So funny, all of you! Keep it up!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️
  • Jet130210
    Thank you for being my sunshine every day!
    I am a single mother raising two daughters. I just moved to Phoenix Arizona for a new beginning. New beginnings are not easy!! I just want to thank you all for being my sunshine at 3:30am while I get ready for work. There are days that you all help me dig way down and keep wanting more for myself and kids. You are good people and the person you stand for (Ellen) is genuine and one of a kind. Thank you again! Jennie Turner
  • badgolfer8964
    Number one go to podcast
    Love this podcast. I’ve been listening since you started. I always enjoy Lauren on the show, so loved the episode where it was Andy and Lauren. Sorry everyone else was sick, but great move by the show to send everyone home to control the flu. Thoroughly enjoy the behind the scenes tidbits. Thanks for the laughs and sometimes the tears.
  • sramiscal
    Look forward to new episodes
    Aloha from Hawaii. Besides Portia, I’m also a faithful podcast listener. I always look forward to your new episodes. I love hearing from all of you -Mary, Andy, Ed, and Kevin. Thank you for sharing the behind the scenes info.
  • NicRob3940
    Thank you
    Love this podcast! By far my favorite! Thanks for making me laugh every time I listen. My co-workers always know when I’m listening to y’all because I’m laughing at my desk!
  • whitclyde
    Huge Ellen fan. This podcast makes me feel like I’m friends with y’all! 💙
  • LindseyKB1991
    I Like This
    Love hearing about all the behind the scenes stuff that makes up the show.
  • ellenisontooearlynow
    Big fan but...
    I love the show and it keeps me up to date with the Ellen show which I miss since the time changed. However, I am very upset with how Ed jokes about unsafe driving. People die from aggressive drivers and it isn’t a joke. You guys are great and I know you are in it for the laugh. Just drive safely.
  • GNA705
    I don’t have any social media so I can’t follow you guys, so this is a way for me to see (hear) what you guys do behind the scenes! Every night I listen to this and every week I start over at podcast #1 and by the next week I’ve gone through all of them! Love the show and Andy and Friends!!!!!!:):):):):):)
  • Prple78
    Love the show
    Hi guys! I just wanted to say that I love the podcast! I had to laugh when you mentioned the TiVo option because I watch Ellen on my TiVo I got last Feb. Before that I couldn’t watch because I only had Hulu & no cable. So I’m happy that I was able to catch up by listening to the podcast! And I got your hoodie for Christmas :) You guys are awesome! And I would love to watch a taping of it! -Carrie Wilkes
  • jenrfer
    Number 1 fan ever!
    Ellen if you are reading this then please text me or my school. P.S I love you Ellen
  • @hspenna
    I’ll never
    do a face mask while listening again. It either cracks or slips and ruins it. I laugh way too heavily for any straight faces activity while listening. Love this.
  • AshLiviShaw
    I love Andy and Friends!!
    This team of EPs is just great!! They love their jobs and each other! It’s so encouraging to hear about an interesting and fun work environment. Ellen has created such a wonderful career for so many! Yes, Andy is my favorite!
  • MomInOR
    Positively glorious!
    I love listening to this podcast. I’m a happier person because of it. Even when there is something sad, Ellen brings some sunshine to that moment. Shine on! (Because that’s about all I can see through these happy tears)
  • LRMarshall
    Love the new podcast.
    Love all the people talking at once. We have spaghetti on Christmas Eve and a dump roast, but I eat no legged creatures. Can’t wait to listen to all the podcasts.
  • Emmjay601
    Techy 🙃
    I’m not very techy, but I’m learning, now I never have to miss another Ellen Show.😊
  • Gordo2468
    Excellent for the moms on the go
    This has made it possible for me to have my spoonful of Ellen, no matter where I am.
  • schmidtyNIDAHONOHICK
    Dear Ellen,
    I hear you are very difficult to work for. But you seem so kind on your show. What gives? 🕯 KD LANG is my John Lennon. 🦃🦃🦃🦃🦃🦃 -Les Couchon- 💄🐷🍒👠
  • D0lce
    Love Ellen! My soulmate
    I watch Ellen religiously and this podcast Is just as fun!! I love her & her kindness. I battle with Mental Health and she motivates me to not live in fear and accomplish my goals!!! I love you Ellen Degeneres. I hope you see this one day 🥰
  • Hiefoeodfhdisoddjrfggsoe
    Good clips but not a great podcast
    The podcast is like 50% ads and 40% the producers talking and 10% clips. I skip through most of it
  • Kimtav423
    Ellen is the Best
    I watch the show all the time and listen to podcasts , She is so generous and caring, such an incredible person inside and out ! Thanks Ellen for all you do.
  • teamramhard
    The only podcast to ever listen to #DoGoodBeGood
    I love watching ellen everyday, but it’s really cool to get to relive funny moments from the show but with behind the scenes info. Plus ellen has the best crew on the planet. Xoxoxo
  • sweetsamf
    Samantha Freeman
    Love listening to this podcast so interesting & funny ! Lol
  • kaka101
    We love Ellen
    We love ellen! This is perfect for when you don’t always get to watch the show! She’s just truly the best
  • akstarr222
    Ellen is honestly one of the only celebrities I look up to. I wish that we could be friends, she is just so friendly and so great. Everyone deserves an Ellen in their life!
  • Gmailpolice
    I love Ellen
    Ellen is the most genuine,caring, loving “celebrity “ in the world. I love how much she loves everyone.
  • kiki lundi
    Podcast Gold ❤️
    I absolutely love this podcast. I have been listening since the inception. I must admit episode 110 is my all time favorite. It was hysterical and I couldn’t stop laughing. When Andy was talking about his “self scaping”, it changed the outlook on my day for the better. I love hearing all of you laugh, and be real, and just the chemistry and interaction is on point. I truly like hearing more about the 4 of you at times than the guests. 😊.
  • wittyprof
    Great podcast!
    Episode 110 is laugh out loud! I love the chemistry amongst the producers. They are so fun! It must be an amazing workplace. Their commentary is as fun as watching the show itself. I LOVE Ellen, but her intro to this podcast needs redone! It sounds like she’s reading to a young child. It’s not at all how she naturally acts. Otherwise, so fun!
  • Lady@Elmore2019
    Gods Blessing & Sunshine
    The title simply describes who you are Ellen. You are amazing and so positive with a bright smile that shows your heart. I enjoy watching the show and the way you Bless so many people. I have written you before but I know that you receive so many letters everyday, so I just pray that one day you will read mines or see my video I posted on your site last football season when my boss Kim Charbonnet (Charbonnet Funeral Home. 1615 St. Philip St. New Orleans, La. 70116, did a dance because we The New Orleans Saints won. It was a dance about how you come to work after your team won the game. Ellen my prayer is that you receive every Blessing God has for you and your Staff as well. I wish I could be a Blessed as you are in a huge way. I give when I can and if I can’t because I’m struggling as well especially to purchase a home of my own for my family and I, or buy a vehicle so I can stop renting from Turo every week. With my daughter at Delgado C. College, one as a senior in high school and my baby boy 12 approaching high school it’s hard having 1 vehicle in the house because my husband works as well. Failure is not an option and all we can do is keep pushing forward. I will mention you and your Staff in prayer at Church on Sunday, and your families. God Bless you all and have a Happy Holidays. Love Brittney Davenport Elmore. If you can right back please send to 2714 Hamilton St. New Orleans, LA. 70118 house I rent, or my PO Box 531283 New Orleans, LA 70153. We love you Ellen and team be Blessed.
  • Alaina U.
    A wonderfully delightful podcast!
    I’m a law student and work part-time, so whenever I need a “laugh break” or just something to get my mind of the daily pressures of life, I listen to “Andy & Friends.” I’ve listened from the beginning of the podcast, & anxiously await for the next one to come out. Thank you to the amazing executive producers of the Ellen show for bringing light & laughter into this world through this podcast! Highly recommend to everyone!!
  • Ali.Kansas
    Love your podcast! Just recently noticed since I started listening is Kevin’s laugh. I can here his laugh during the show now. I always thought there was a loud audience member with that laugh, but realize they can’t be in the audience everyday. The mystery has been solved!!
  • tatortotfig
    Love it!
    I love listening to Ellen on the go and the cast with Kevin being my favorite with his snippy comebacks towards Andy or anyone really. Every episode either has me cracking up or in tears and I tend to listen at work so you can imagine the looks I get. Thank you guys fir getting me through my day when its bad!
  • Rosie Posey#1
    Maria S
    🗣ELLEN can you hear me I need your help to put a smile on my lil boys face this holiday. I’m a single mother of four lil boys. Not working right now I’m on stress leave. Please Ellen I really need your help.
  • 2acT
    Nov 28
    As my son is headed back to college early due to an incoming snowstorm- and I am a little sad and down-listening to the podcast with all of you brightens my mood and heart. Happy a Thanksgiving weekend to all of you!
  • 11MichelleV
    Love the Podcast
    Love listening to this since I can’t catch the show very often!
  • kentt26
    Great Laughs All Day!!!!
    Amazing podcast! So glad that this was created I never get the chance to watch the show much! And this gave me the opportunity to know what’s going on while I’m screen printing at work! Always a laugh with slap to the knee when you all crack a joke, then my boss looks at me weird! 😂😂 Thanks so much! Love you all!
  • Colleen Lewis
    Is binging podcasts a thing?!
    I just discovered this podcast a little over a week ago. I watch Ellen every day so I don’t know how I missed this?! I listened to every episode in a week during work. I love all the BTS stuff and learning more about the people that make the Ellen show what it is! Andy and friends, I mean Ellen on the Go is fantastic! 😉 the 4 of you make me laugh out loud at my desk! I can’t believe I finished all of them and now I’ll have to wait each week until a new one is released!
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