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State of the Unions is labor‘s podcast, a production of the 12.5 million member, 56 union AFL-CIO, bringing you the issues and guests important to working people.

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Recent Reviews
  • Mr. Dibbs
    I’ve been listening for over a year now and it’s always an worthwhile education. Inspiring as well. Give it a listen.
  • LoloHusky
    Great podcast. Inspiring interviews and stories.
    Really enjoy hearing all the interviews from a diverse swath of professions/trades and other backgrounds. Very interested to see what new interviews will be upcoming. Would love to learn more about the collective efforts happening in Silicon Valley and other “salary professionals”. Would also recommend turning up mic volume. Very low volume compared to other podcasts I listen to.
  • allin4bigblue
    Great Podcast! Turn up the mics a little more!
    I just discovered this podcast and I love it! Great podcast for all union members or for anyone who wants to join a union. Only criticism I have is that the mics need to be turned up a little. Volume seems lower compared to other podcasts I listen to.
  • Rock7L
    NALC hunger podcast
    I really appreciated listening to the NALC Stamp Out Hunger podcast, great job! I’m recommending listening this podcast to my UAW Sisters & Brothers on our Locals Facebook pages. Thank you for such an excellent job communicating!!
  • Two Unions
    The voice of working people
    Finally, workers have a voice in the podcast space on a national level. Julie and Tim are easy to listen to and break down workers' issues in a simple way. I hope workers all over the world listen to this. I would love to hear discussions about unions working together to support each other, rather than being competitive.
  • Power in a Pod
    Needed for young people interested in labor issues
    I’ve been waiting for a podcast that covers unions.
  • Marry Me, Jon Lovett
    Solidarity Forever!
    Love the new show. Can’t wait to see more.
  • MehBrooklyn.
    Best New Podcast
    Really excited about the guests and content this podcast is bringing to light. Looking forward to listening.
  • AUnionGuy
    Fresh Sound from the Labor Movement
    I found this podcast after hearing about it on the Rick Smith Show and boy are we in for a treat. From taking on the political issues of the moment to hearing from real union members doing amazing things across the country. I am excited for where this podcast will go.
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