Just The Sip

by E! News

E!'s Justin Sylvester sits down each week with some of your favorite celebrities for candid conversations that are sure to shock and excite. If you like your tea hot, you'll love "Just The Sip."

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Recent Reviews
  • lindyfly
    Could not agree less 😂
    SLC is the worst. They try way too hard to be extra 🤢 Anyway, love the podcast
  • Manolonico
    Love this podcast
    I love this podcast soo much ! I feel I’m at home talking with friends!
  • WJB06
    Love this podcast!
    I watch this on youtube and am so excited I can listen to it now! These are such great interviews... so funny, raw and real.
  • stanjust
    Justin is the highlight of my week
    I’ve been a fan since daily pop started so I was relieved to know Justin started a podcast. Everyone needs a Justin. He makes me feel like I’m not crazy, and no matter what is thrown my way he always makes me smile. Someone give this man his own watch what happens live!
  • LoveDatHoney
    #30Abae Approved
    I’m a long time podcaster. Original Reality TV watcher. Gotta away from listening to Dan Savage and strictly listening to True Crime. After finding the Jay, The Lady Sitter, here recently during Pandemic that is 2020 he grounded us. He has that uplifting personality but keeps it 100. We find out that Jay has been around forever. I shouldn’t have waited this long to listen. It’s easy. Has great reads. Love this New Orleanian who is destined to be a Real Housewife STAT
  • remingtonk
    A+ 100
    Justin & the Comments by celebs girls are my favorite. Feel like we are friends. THE BEST!
  • BLS0922
    So fun
    Justin is the best-friend we all need in our lives. Love his energy and his playful nature that is combined with thoughtful questions.
  • samantham1
    Love Justin love this pod!!
    So obsessed with Justins energy and didn’t realize how much I needed to hear Hoda and Justin interact! The best energy ever and I cried the whole episode
  • Shakira19
    Loving It!!!
    I don’t write a ton of reviews and there are so many shows interviewing celebs. But your show is so relatable while giving me the tea. I feel like I’m at the kitchen table listening to my friends just talk about life. I’m hooked
  • Liser Liser
    Justin I Need You in My Life!
    I love, love this podcast! Justin is funny, smart, and knows all the stuff! I look forward to a new episode every week. The way he interacts with his guests makes me feel like I’m in the room with them. I need Justin to be my BFF! Working from home with little social interaction these days, this podcast is everything and puts me in a great mood. Thank you, Justin and keep doing what you are doing!!! ♥️🤩🌈🍹
  • the real Nikkyface
    Justin > Andy Cohen
    This podcast is everything! Fun, funny, witty, juicy, trendy, addicting, pure and simply my favorite! Justin says the things we are all thinking! He always gets the tea & is never afraid to push the envelope! This podcast literally has given us so many viral moments & he’s just getting started! Thank you for being you Justin! 💎
  • Conniiegee
    Correct Obsession!
    I love Justin he’s so fun to watch on daily pop and i used to always think i want more and here it is!! so excited to catch up on all these episodes!
  • Pammie26
    Favorite podcast
    Justin keeps it real and asks the right questions.
  • SweetSouthernSass
    I love Just the Sip, Justin is such a good host and asks important questions and goes deep into topics! Funny, important and we need more of this 💕
  • Crystalapatton
    My fav podcast!
    Absolutely love Justin and his podcast! Can’t want a whole week for another episode.
  • FrankieR8
    Justin be my friend!
    I love this podcast! He offers so much from lighthearted banter to insightful thoughts! I enjoy Justin generally so I knew I would love this podcast and it doesn’t disappoint! Genuinely wish we could be friends! lol I know he’d check me with my BS! Lol if you can get that from a bloody podcast then speaks volumes!
  • Aims624
    Justin’s humor, style and love come through in every episode, all while he interviews the most interesting guests and gives us all a better view of what is happening in the world around us. There is amazing content. The conversations are diverse, real and Justin brings humor to every episode. I love listening every week.
  • Kim Primatic
    Fun interviews with Heather McDonald and Tracy Tutor!
    I'm a new listener, Apple podcasts recommended you! I really like your interview style and conversational format. Heather McDonald is always a delight. Her Juicy Scoop special is really funny, relatable and politics-free, which is a great respite in these times. I enjoyed your convo with Tracy Tudor and look forward to her book. Brava!
  • greggusto
    Informative, Fun, and Unique
    As a queer person of color working in the entertainment industry, I’ve gotten so much value out of these conversations. These interviews are funny and entertaining but they also have so much heart. The guests selected resonate with me so much and these are kikis that I’m so glad I get to tune into because I have learned so much. Justin is a ball of joy. This is the first podcast review I’ve ever written because I want to this uplift content and hear more content like this. I hope you’re listening E!! I’ve listened to numerous and various podcasts shows over the past 5 years but this one is worth taking the time to not only listen to but write a review to help ratings. This show is so near and dear to my heart. Keep it up!
  • gama220
    Justin is the next Andy Cohen!
    Justin is the perfect mix of funny, charming, insightful and relatable. Listening to his housewives interviews gets me through the work day and always has me laughing! His POV is so refreshing, non-judge mental and positive. I think that the day Andy Cohen decides to retire, Bravo needs to make Justin the next WWHL host!
  • LindsayMJ88
    Justin is a STAR !
    Justin is an absolute star! Thoughtful interviews / conversations always.
  • chocolatecityusa
    Love your podcast, Jason! Who you are on DAILY POP is just a sliver of who you are and what you bring. Bravo! 🥰✊🏽🥰
  • MaggersNM
    Incredible perspective
    Justin this podcast brought a profound understanding with Chris from Flint, his deep passion and purpose. The wisdom in the youth of Sarah to reflect on the definition of compassion. Thank you for giving them a voice.
  • kaynic88
    Thank you🤎🤍🖤
    As a white person who is trying to learn an be better. I found this recent episode very informative. I am so grateful for Justin’s way of saying things I needed to hear.
  • bgbrodie
    You are amazing!!
  • The Other Rach
    Thank you Justin for having these conversations, now more than ever! ❤️
  • Ladybuglaf4774msn.com
    June 3rd podcast
    Great podcast! Very informative and enlightening!! Thank you Justin!
  • Acbdr3
    Thank you Justin!
    Today’s podcast spoke to my heart. Thank you!
  • luciwhitcar
    Justin makes me laugh always, even in the midst of a serious episode about current events. He also always makes me think, I love his approach on every subject. He is genuine and the real deal. Thank you for the podcast today about racial issues. I listened to every second.
  • sneakerfiendmariii
    Justin is the best
    I love Justin so much he’s the reason why I watch daily pop he’s the best!!!
  • bay area lady
    Smart and articulate
    Great interview style. Intelligent, asks thoughtful questions and follows up on answers.I enjoy listening to your podcast. Thank you!
  • laplayafreebird
    Interview Artist
    I just now discovered this podcast and after the second one I immediately subscribed after hearing the questions Justin asks. It is obvious that he is a down to earth person that has been through his own struggles. A refreshing breath of fresh air. Very relatable. Just might become my second favorite podcast (Juicy Scoop with HM will always be my first love). Thanks Justin!
  • AJSwerv32
    The best!!!
    Justin is the best!! I just wish he used more accurate descriptions because Kyle didn’t discuss her LVP drama and Brandi doesn’t discuss this seasons Denise drama. But I love him and all his chats!
  • susiebrie
    One of the best interviewers
    Justin is one of the best journalists. I don't know what else to say! He had a way of making the guest feel extremely confortable, every episode feels like you’re listening to best friends have their weekly gossip. I look forward to it every week!
  • Em828
    Justin is everything
    Hilarious, honest and one of a kind. Love Justin and all that he does!
  • Hannah A Brown
    I love love love this podcast. Justin is so fun to listen to— I feel like I’m hanging with an old friend! He makes me laugh while still having really meaningful conversations with wonderful guests. Can’t wait to hear more! ❤️
  • 💗💗C💗💗
    Justin is INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!!
    Amazing, hysterical, thoughtful interviewer. Love him!!!
  • hellolooie
    A star
    The only interviewer that matters.
  • gnesbitt
    New fan!!!
    Found you from comments by celebs! I loved your energy and vibe instantly. Here I am 6 episodes in and can I just say you’re wonderful, amazing and your words hold so Much weight! You had me sobbing during your episode with Nina Parker. Thank you for opening up and thank you for reminding all of us the power that comes from being seen!! Keep doing you Justin, can’t wait to see what’s next for you!!!! ❤️
  • itsyagirlnat
    New Girl
    I’ve seen you on E! Here and there. I was excited to come across your podcast. Fun interviews. Subscribed immediately 💗
  • branoffdanielle
    Love love love
    Love daily pop/nightly pop but this is my absolute fav. LOVE Justin and his personality!
  • Nushie23
    Yes queen
    I haven’t listened to a single episode but I already know it is 5 stars and I’m going to LOVE IT. I’m Justin’s biggest fan. I hope we become best friends one day.
  • Kiianna90
    5 Stars!
    Bring on Morgan Stewart!! 💗
  • AshSchlin
    Never stop!
    Justin is truly one of my favorite people on tv and I can never get enough! This podcast is perfect and always gives me a dose of the lady sitter ! Keep doing your thing Justin! We love you!
  • Ryan3746
    Yay Justin!
    E! sure has great taste in hosts. Justin is one of my favorites on Daily Pop and I love getting to hear more from him on this podcast.
  • Sugar's Mama in NC
    Love love love ❤️💗🧡
    Great job...definitely a new favorite for me!!!
  • Nyamekyewa
    5 stars and I haven’t listened yet!😂♥️
    I know I’m going to love it because I love listening to Justin’s point of view. Congratulations on your podcast!
  • Cassie80
    I love this man. He’s my friend in my head(to quote Wendy Williams). He seems so polite and just an awesome individual. Thanks Justin I hope a lot of men (black men) who are also gay hear this. It gave me strength and I’m not gay. Thank you so much ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
  • D2020V
    The best
    Love Justin, love his interview style and questions, and REALLY loved the latest episode where he was the guest :)
  • Bambinajasmina
    Big fan
    Love everything about this podcast except the intro...I can’t! That terrible drum intro. Hope you level up with the intro and then this podcast would be perfection!
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