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Top of the Mook is an automotive lifestyle podcast hosted by Tall Guy Car Reviews and Mr. Organik.⁣⁣ | Produced by: Madcap Media |

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Recent Reviews
    Top Of The Mook
    Waiting on the next EP ALL MONEY IN.💯🏁 #RIPNIP
  • Leon141414
    Jus got my BIG BODY 2020 HELLCAT CHARGER cause of yall
  • Blak96
    The Last Dance
    Drazen Petrovic was a monster!!!
  • JDudley81
    Hard working brotha’s
    Y’all motivate everyone you come into contact with. Hell even folks who only watch your videos. Watching Mr. Organik and Slim everyday keeps me on my grind! Cause the grind don’t stop! I gotta work twice as hard and move twice as fast to get to my ultimate destination! Organik love from the seed my brothas
  • SilasR1012
    The GOATs 🐐💯🔥
    These guys are the most hilarious, motivational, and overall inspiring people on the internet man. If you haven’t listened to this yet you sleeping on it.
  • mrsims1376
    Best out...period 💪🏾😎
  • Mel1234567891011121
    G squad from the seed
    My guys get me throw work 💯 keep them coming.
  • Top dawg Sam
    Wassup with the uploades?
    Joe Rogen just got 100MILLION off his podcast deal. As soon as yall get serious and really grind with this podcast it aint no reason yall cant get some of that BIG podcast bag.
  • x3Deex
    GSquad & GargoyleGANG
    Wussup Guys I Been Watching You two Since The First Upload On TallGuy’s Channel When He Was Ising His IPhone Camera... Ima Producer And I Would Love To Let You Guys Use Me Beats For Your B-Roll Shots... And It’s A Dream Of mines To Have Mr Organik Rap One Of My Beats... Keep Doing Your Thing Guys... Follow Me On Instagram @ x3Deex 💯
  • YNPStunna
    Yall slacking on the uploads, what happened to every Monday & Friday?
  • B-Good1
    Motivation Transparent Result is the business Brothers from different brothers Mr Organk and Tall guy review
  • Hulksmash42
    Two of the most LEGENDARY men on YouTube
    Congratulations to Mr. Organik on the wraith and Tall Guy that Lambo is coming.
  • Browleo
    Best up and coming podcast
    You guys remind me of the All The Smoke podcast guys Barnes/Jackson. Realest in the youtube game. Question: what are y’all eating for your last meal on earth?
  • EasyyMoneyySniper2
    Best podcast out!
    I get a lot of motivation from you guys, I just started watching both of y’all on YouTube about 3-4 months ago but I have yet to be disappointed. Keep up the good work and keep motivating. Chicago stand up ! PS. I’ll like to see y’all on that court 😈 #ProBaller
  • Garza1058
    I’ve watched every episode from the beginning, and I already know this podcast gonna be the biggest thing out there. There’s nobody else keeping it pure like you guys are!! Keep doing y’all’s thing and continue to go TOP OF THE MOOK!!!!! Much love from Houston,Tx
  • Sixtreleo
    Pick this review for the next podcast pls
    Hey slim and organic just wanted to tell y’all to keep doin what y’all doin love y’all videos I follow all three Chanel’s this podcast helps me get threw the day at work you guys are hilarious just watched “penitentiary slim meal” video it was hilarious and organic congrats on your new rolls keep grinding guys the sky’s the limit
  • DigBick😂
    Very inspirational podcast
    What really happened with RDB. I know they wasn’t true to they word but really happened ?
  • Feecheezy
    Top of the Mf Mook .just wanna say thank you for the realest pod cast out . Keep spreading positivity, health And Inspiration. Gargoyle gang da gang da gang gang ...💪🏽 -@Feecheezy
  • Jvyy we
    keep up the legendary journey
    i’ve been watching y’all since Tall Guys life story & Mr Organik aka 3ofemmm had the GT challenger. watching you guys grow over the years had been very inspirational and i appreciate the organik rawness y’all put out there. stay blessed fellow kings 🙏🏾🙌🏾
  • themayor31
    Top of the Mook you guy are the best podcast I walk 3miles I i Listen to you
    Cool podcast
  • Polo DaDon
    The best podcast
    Big supporter, made my way over to an apple phone so I could write an iTunes review. 5 star show, who’s the first guest going to be eventually?
  • Frankie Alfonsi
    Black Accord and a Red CTS
    Started from the bottom now we here.
  • your_reagent on ig
    Dope Podcast
    Been watching you guys on YouTube from the seed. I love how you all inspire others to be the best versions of themselves and go all out to realize their dreams. I appreciate the motivation and inspiration. Keep going to the top of the mook fellas big respect.
  • Moneymank.
    Y’all doing something different 💯✊🏾
    I subscribe to all off the channels and everyone I keep up on the daily I had to put my good manz on to the podcast and we say we act just like the both of y’all we been speaking on YouTube for years and just watching y’all podcast made me feel like god opening the door that you were talking bout and I feel it’s me and my guys turn to be great like y’all I never took Leaps of faith till I started wastching slim and Organik me Nd my guy gonna be up there will y’all soon just watch keep up the work I see the growth💯‼️‼️
  • TheBobbyPearson
    G-Squad & Gargoyle Gang
    What’s happenin’. Huge fan of you guys, support all the way from Atlanta. This podcast is the ultimate “man cave” barbershop talk there is. The conversations that happen, are relatable and inspiring. I salute you guys, and whenever y’all come to the A, lunch on me lol. I appreciate y’all men. ✊🏽
  • Jaren coleman
    Big G squad and gargoyle gang 💪🏼
    I rock with you guys heavy, y’all give out hella motivation to thrive and do great in life. Im g squad and gargoyle gang all the way from Toledo,ohio. I’m 19 and you guys always got me Thinking about building credit and stacking money to support me and my family. I drive a Se Dodge Charger right now, but soon I’ll be in a Charger hellKeazy ! I’ll be starting up a YouTube channel soon, but for now can you shout out my Instagram for me “ @ ChampagneSlxm “🙏🏼 much love, keep grinding💪🏼
    Slim and Organik !!!!
    I’m proud of my dawgs !!!!!!! Keep pushing !!
  • freddyrozzay
  • BigWat81
    MJ greatest of all time, Iam not taking anything from Bron but different eras. I grew up watching the MJ’s, the Dr J’s list goes on but I say MJ still the GOAT. On another note keep doin what y’all doin Brothers.
  • DaGR8one2021
    Amazing pod cast and P.U.R.E
    I can’t say enough that slim and Mr.oragnik are best of the best always keep it real and entertaining me . I am always looking for the top of the Mook podcast to post . Much love and respect to both of you legendary individuals God Bless ...
  • Bigdizzle
    Full Earth Smokeage
    Finally, a podcast that can relate to the people! Two real individuals who both drop crazy stories about their experiences, while providing guidance to people trying to maneuver their way through this thing we call life. Legendary entertainment!
  • Chris So Crispy
    Top of the Mook
    Tall guy and Mr. Organik are real genuine and I love their YouTube channel and I love their content and they keep it real.
  • dat ST guy
    Y’all are awesome
    I would say I’m g squad. I’ve been watching you two on YouTube for a while. You guys helped me thru trails and tribulations in my life. Shown me all I gotta do is grind and don’t stop. Keep up the good work.
  • USA91
    First off good mornin y’all. Love what y’all do. Y’all have helped me to get up off my ass and start my own Channel. No subscribers yet or videos YET!!! I know I got to get some things bout that’s gonna be part of the channel. I truly do appreciate y’all. And would like to say THANK YOU!!! For kickin me in the ass. Top Of The Mook from here. Stay up!!! Much love to y’all and yours. 🤙🏼🤙🏼🤙🏼
  • Jnasty21773
    Inspiration of greatness!!’
    You guys are a true inspiration to all who digest the msg you guys put out, please keep it !!! Much love to: Tall guy (Corey Barrett) Mr. Organick (Jarvis .R, 3 of em) Jasmine Luv (Tall guys Rib) , Officer Jones, Jeremy Barrett and family, stay blessed Fam
  • Jayden310!
    Camaraderie between friends is a thing of beauty.
    I’ve had good friends, I’ve seen good friends interact all my life and I can honestly say watching and listening to Corey and Jarvis interact is amazing in every sense of the word, never have I ever seen two friends have such unbelievable chemistry. These guys are both super blessed, a real match made in heaven, no homosapien. Keep inspiring each other and keep inspiring the people while growing. 😤🤝. SRTF
  • Reda//Bullet
    Saved my life
    Literally listening to you both and watching your channels have saved me. I was never motivated and didn’t know how to wrap my head around coming from the bottom of the Nook but I’m on my journey and I have you all to thank. Can’t wait to see you in that SVJ
  • kitaiscool
    My daughter had the pleasure of being trained in basketball by both of these gentlemen at 43. This had to be at least 3-4 years ago, and I have been paying attention to their journey since. Their success isn’t surprising to me due to the fact that they always had this aura of excellence about them, and an acumen of greatness: Timely, Responsive, and Respectable. There’s a lot of people with these attributes, but their faith and consistency is the real sauce. Y’all are incredible. Keep up the glorious work. Billions Before Buried! - EKZ
  • only1trooo
    Real Top of the Mook podcasting from some real Top of the Mook kinda ni66az.....anotha legendary episode💪🏽 from the seed
  • VinnieBlanco
  • Smooth black guy
    Love the Podcast... All respect to Tall Guy Reviews & Mr. Organik 💪🏾💪🏾💯💯 Love Y’all Podcast All ❤️❤️❤️ !!!
  • Pior24
    Legendary podcast. ✊🏾
  • ultragsquaddd
    What happened to the red old school
  • Bigg Cam Car Reviews
    Bigg Cam Car Reviews
    I got a question for tall guy. What happened to that old school red car you bought? An thank you to both of you for dropping consistent free knowledge for the people it is most appreciated big gs and gg💪🏽😤😤
  • Appppjunkkyyy
    Realest of the real
    Been BIG G Squad and watched every single video since u made the video about how to finance a $70k car without making $70k. And been Gargoyle da Gang da Gand da Gang Gang since slim told me to go subscribe to Mr Organik. Yall the most legendary dudes while being the realest of the real and being raw with it. You cant fake that kind of chemistry. Keep going and keep growing. You inspire me every day to do more and be better for me and mine. This podcast is HILARIOUS! And I definitely recommend for anyone looking for the raw and real, no filter view of what’s going on in the world.
  • malikchamp2524
    Big inspiration to black men
    Following on all platforms and if you ain’t, get to it!
  • Jackobed_1
    Am always inspired anytime I watch y’all . I love this podcasts. Highly recommended 💪🏿🙏
    Family ✊🏾
    Shoutout to my boy Trend!! Legendary wedding!! Stay safe Bone & Slim 💪🏽
    Top of the mook
    These two OGs are so naturally funny I could listen to their stories and wisdom all day!!!!
    Top of that mook
    Been following slim since the beginning dude is a good dude came so far and does what he can for all his people wish more people were like him
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