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Join host Cade Courtley – former Navy SEAL, CIA contractor, preeminent survivalist and best-selling author – as he explores hypothetical life-threatening situations and asks a simple question: Will you be a survivor, or a statistic? From earthquakes to home invasions... tsunamis to global pandemics... each episode puts you smack in the middle of a new disaster scenario and provides the essential tools, knowledge and confidence necessary to face any potentially deadly event – and most importantly: SURVIVE.Knowledge is power, people. Can You Survive This Podcast?

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Recent Reviews
  • Mito Kndria
    Jason Rodman
    Always a great podcast.
  • Cracka kaka
    Enjoyed each episode so far. There are amazing people out there. It gives great insight on different life situations. Keep it going.
  • Otown0802
    Love this show, should be more popular!!!
    You’re killin it man, keep it up!!
  • mech357
    Cade to the Rescue!
    Cade’s hypothetical survival game is not only fun and entertaining, it’s also very informational and educational. He is a good interviewer who actually lets his guests talk! The interviews are just as fun and educational as the survival game. I particularly like the mix of guests, people from all walks of life and educational backgrounds. Well done Cade!
  • bigdogstoney
    Thank you for your service and your awesome interviews on the pod. I just wish you had O’Grady describe more of his SERE experiences on the ground but maybe he couldn’t due to confidentiality?? Appreciate all you do.
  • Sir Turbodog
    To this point, my average score is 80 Cade is a great host, extremely knowledgeable, and seems very personable. The interviews are very interesting and enlightning. Would love to hear an interview with Richard Marcinko! Only complaints ..... during the last 2 episodes, Cade, your volume fluctuated terribly, to the point that you were very hard to hear. You’re guests, Steve-O and Scot O’Grady, their volumes were just fine. And the volume during your show intro & credits is usually low as well. Over all, great job! Keep it coming!
  • Gbfsdgb
    Can You Survive This Podcast
    Awesome interviews with very interesting people that are not the usually lame celebrities. Real folks who will earn your attention after the podcast if you did not know them. The host is a conduit for reality that we do not get in mainstream media. The very special people who have thrived under the special forces crucible are willing to share the knowledge should be heard. God bless those men and women who have sacrificed. Thank You Cade
  • Rockstarcarona
    I would tend to agree with what appears to be the majority here. After the first episode, I was locked in. Figured the rest would be more like the first. Overall though so far, not too bad. But again, I wish more topics were like episodes 1-2. If I wanted to listen to hollywood stories, I would go listen to J Rogan. Stick to survival episodes that are intense like 1-2. I will keep listening for now tho, with hopes the show will get back on track! You will figure it out. I know it ain't easy! Keep up the hard work brotha!
  • WA1318
    Bit Misleading
    While I have enjoyed listening to the overall stories and back and forth with some of the guests. It is quite misleading as going in it sounds more like Survival scenarios what would and what wouldn’t work and why being the main focus of the show instead it seems to follow more a talk show formula with maybe a couple of minutes dedicated to the What If 10 Qs survival. I would enjoy it more if there was more focus on the survival aspects or to generalize to reach a broader audience.
  • spa lady2
    The interview with your guest are nice but!!!!! The advertising of your podcast is about survival tips. They got lost somewhere. Other than the advertising on survival food at the beginning of every podcast I must have missed any advise. Hope in the future you remember to include some survival training tips. Loved the seal stories.
  • Stlman
    Subject manner
    Love the format and Cade is awesome. But for me I would like more podcasts like the first show. Their are lots of celebrities being interviewed out there. You have a perfect format to be different and informative. Keep up the awesome idea. Thanks
  • Viktoriia B.
    It’s super fun and easy to listen! Very insightful
    I love the Erin Brockovich episode I believe that is very important to stand for sustainability! Thank you for spreading the word and doing good for the world Love this podcast
  • hoetker
    Best new podcast
    Very timely subject matter and very well done. Great podcast
  • stlww01
    Enjoying but not what I thought.
    Enjoy the guest so far but it really hasn’t given me to many references that I feel I can incorporate. A topic I am interested in is with all the threats and actual defunding of our police department, how to protect my self and family with the rise of crime?
  • cheerfuldancer
    Very Misleading Title
    Would you look to Adam Corolla for survival advice? How about Neil Degrass Tyson? Each of these guests has a lot to contribute to any podcast, but not about survival tactics. The first episode was, in my view, quite relevant. But after that the episodes and title of the podcast are a startling mismatch. Too bad, if the content were as advertised this would be a very engaging show.
  • Joe Marranzino
    Best Podcast
    Cade is a rockstar just killing it, Well worth my time to listen to all these great episodes as well as for many more. Great job Cade
  • +Music Master+
    Survival is not Passive
    Cade is rocking it out with this podcast. Get Herschel Bento Davis on the podcast. Old school frogman. 🐸 🔱
  • RKaramian
    Great show!
    Great content and flow. Thanks for doing this. 🇺🇸
  • Baby Joel 1974
    Thank you!!!!
    #1. Thank you so much for your service!! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 #2. First episode is incredible, can’t wait to hear the rest of them! #3. Keep on fighting the good fight....
  • SquareOneWes
    Not what was advertised
    Was looking forward to this but after listening to the first episode was disappointed. Thought this would be a tactical man vs wild type of podcast. But ended up being a military bro story time. I did not serve (wish I would have) so did not understand some of the jargon. Probably best for those who have a military a background. Maybe it will improve in future episodes. Thanks for your service.
  • jake070412
    It’s about freakin time!
    My name is Jake i live in south central Pa and i have been waiting for a pod cast like this. I’m retired mil of 20 yrs and i prep as much as i can. Any help you can give me will be fantastic! Just got done listening to it, i laughed and smiled the whole time. Your doing something good here, keep up the good work.
  • Do Not Miss A Single Episode
    Well done Cade!
    This is really well done - full of action and super legit - I look forward to future “casts/
  • amadorzin
    Great pod
    Great pod that is discussing topics I love , very timely
  • regnos yor
    Hope I can survive
    Sounds like a well needed podcast. I am willing to give you a chance to impress me and I’m sure you will so I give you five STARS.Based on hope. Hope right now in this country is what we need. And the knowledge to survive this country is greatly needed sad to say. But these are dangerous times and you must learn something. With no bias
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