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“Are you craving a balanced, wise and biblical perspective on the world around you, in the midst of all the craziness? Welcome to the Lance Hahn podcast where wisdom means looking at all sides, where God’s perspective is of utmost importance and Truth matters. Every episode Lance Hahn will challenge traditional assumptions and lay out a fresh perspective based on a Biblical world view with humor, authenticity and intelligent conversation.”

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  • Mamaslivinonaprayer
    I can’t believe this show is being advertised on Klove. I listened to the episodes on being woke and CRT and felt meh. Very indifferent. But I decided to give it one more chance by listening to the episode on abortion. Please be careful listening to this podcast and take everything to the Lord in prayer. The abortion episode was off in so many ways. First, when a preacher says he’s afraid to preach on abortion from the pulpit YIKES. We need strong men and women of God standing up for the unborn and you can do that while still being compassionate to women who’ve had abortions. And how incredibly offensive to keep comparing still births and miscarriages to abortion. Makes me sick. A baby dying in the womb IS NOT the same as a baby being KILLED in the womb. Sounds like he thinks we can just play god in the situation of abortion. He said what sin is worse ending a life or tormenting a women by forcing her to carry a baby she doesn’t want? Excuse me but what about the torment she will feel from the abortion? Please be careful and use discernment when listening to this podcast.
  • bee jeeper
    Liberal cultural ChristianPerspective. At least on the two podcast I listen to I’m surprised KloveAdvertising for you
  • Chrisha68
    Clear, concise, and easy to follow
    Lance makes the most difficult and controversial topics understandable and relatable. His style is easy to follow and he doesn’t fill the time with jokes and fluff. I have listened to some of his podcasts twice, in particular the LGTBQ and the Middle East shows. My wife and I learn so much from Lance. I also appreciate that he acknowledges that he is a Christian but doesn’t beat it over our heads. Full disclosure: We started to attend his church just this year.
  • BugglesthePooch
    Biblically Aligned to perfection
    I find this podcast to be Biblically aligned every single time and quite a fresh breath of air.I’m grateful for the courage of Lance to tackle tough issues with the authority of Christ.Keep em comin!
  • arexiq
    New Christian
    Literally the best for the new Christian!!!! So much knowledge!
  • Parandesperez
    Compassion and truth
    Church settings are terrifying for me. Pastor Lance is honest, relatable and provides a safe place for me to learn. I’m grateful for this podcast.
  • gsjrl
    Spiritual Warfare
    Sobering and informative! Love this podcast.
  • (:)((
    By far the best teaching podcast I have listened too. This is not a church sermon. This is more of a bible study which is what I have been trying to find for a few years. So happy to get correct biblical teaching!
  • rrsettlage
    So educational and powerful
    I LOVE this podcast. So grateful for Pastor Lance! I’ve wondered about so many of these topics and he is covers them and answers them with biblical and educated answers. SO AMAZING. Can’t stop telling people about it.
  • shaynaclair
    I’m 20 year old girl, desperately looking for a podcast discussing all things Jesus in a way that’s interesting and actually makes sense, and this podcast is IT. I go to Bridgeway Christian Church when I can and love when Pastor Lance preaches, so you can imagine my excitement when I found his podcast! This podcast is something I recommend to literally all of my Family and Friends, ESPECIALLY my non believer loved ones, specifically because of the way Pastor Lance digs into difficult topics and can make his listeners laugh along the way. So so so good. Thank you for what you do Lance!
  • A Champion
    I was so hungry for a podcast, or any sermons I could listen to that addressed controversial and culturally relevant topics for Christians. Then I discovered Lance Hahn. Thank you so much for helping the modern Church navigate the difficult topics and situations of our times. Lance, you are bold, brave, and gifted to lead God’s people. Thank you!
  • Angie B123
    I love how Lance Hahn explains such difficult and even controversial subjects.
  • LilySlabos
    Insightful and wise
    Pastor Lance is very wise in the way he presents these complicated issues facing most of us today. I really appreciate the balance of grace and truth in each of the podcasts and am growing in love for those who have different perspectives and struggles than me as I listen through these episodes.
  • ang777ela
    Life long student
    I love the teaching aspect of learning through a biblical perspective with each tough subject in todays culture!
  • Mrs. Ojin
    5 stars!
    Outstanding podcast! My husband and I have thoroughly enjoyed these episodes!
  • DTnotwoke
    Way to woke for me. I just can’t get behind someone pushing more division. I listened to a lot of his podcast, but when I got to the one about BLM vs police,I couldn’t disagree with him more. Telling people they have a disadvantage because they are a minority is a lie and not helpful to them. Telling white people that they only have what they have because of white privilege is wrong and a lie. I came from a poor family. I had nothing growing up and no education, but thanks to the grace of God I made something of myself. He shouldn’t be pushing that narrative. I think he’s way to middle ground on things. The Bible says if you’re lukewarm he will spit you out of his mouth.
  • musicsoma
    Favorite podcast
    I love how Lance attacks each subject with in depth research and Biblical support. I look forward to his new podcasts every week on my drive to work!
  • reyna art
    Wow 😲😉
    I enjoyed this podcast from the first second you have brought so much clarity on Afghanistan and more thank you and and I understood all of it 😃👍
  • Kimvnco
  • k22adam22
    Excellent, Clear, Needed
    Thank you for this podcast! Each discussion Lance does an excellent job distilling complex social, theological, and ethical topics by breaking down each subject into comprehensible and clear points. Kindly,
  • smeaglia
    Informative, insightful, respectful and well researched
    I appreciate this podcast so much in this epidemic of misinformation that I find myself in everyday. I might not agree with everything that lance says, but I can say that I respect it. He is insightful and his messages are thoroughly researched. He looks at he origin of scripture and does historical research to get the full picture.And possibly even more importantly, he is honest about what he does know for certain and what he doesn’t know for certain.There are lots of gray areas in today’s world and it can be hard to apply ancient scripture to real world situations we face today. But Lance is not afraid to acknowledge ambiguities or uncertainty where they exist and always finds a way to apply the spirit and meaning of scripture in a concrete way that I can actually learn from and apply to my life. He is a critical thinker and I hope his name get outs out there in the world. For context, I am a 30 year old law student who grew up while being immersed in Christianity and ultimately became disenfranchised as an adult. I don’t perceive his views and teachings as “popular” in Christianity today. But I wish that they were. This podcast has helped me reconcile the discrepancies between what I was told about Jesus as a young child and adult with what I see in the world today and who I believe Jesus truly is.
  • Jennyennio
    Always informative
    What I appreciate most about this podcast is that Lance gives as many biblical and theological sides to scripture. Example would be end times. He doesn’t just present a single view of “rapture and tribulation”, rather he expressly gives that there are three viewpoints, a-millennial, post millennial, premillennial, and in some cases will also state where he falls, but not always. He will also clarify things that matter as it pertains to salvation and things that don’t, such as end the end time debate doesn’t impact ones salvation and therefore should never be a dividing factor among Christians. Additionally, I love that he does his absolute best to speak in grace and love reminding us that at the heart, we must always remember the people in every situation. I personally think his presentations remind us to fear becoming pharasees and saducees ourselves. Whether you’re a believer of the Way or not, I would recommend listening. I find I always learn something, even if that something is that I need to give more grace.
  • RVP99
    Best podcast episode ever
    Episode 41 on LBGTQ issues was easily the best podcast to which I’ve ever listened. Lance addressed a really tough, divisive topic with empathy and love while being very clear on what the Bible does and doesn’t have to say on the topic. I so appreciate his approach and willingness to take on the tough topics and stand in front of those throwing stones. He is a role model for those of us trying to be more like Jesus.
  • Number einz
    WOW! Will transform your life!
    Like many biblical characters, lived a wild life full of lessons. After rehab, reconnected with God. With the help of Lance, I am seeing God work miracles in my life. I am receiving God’s favor. God bless you!
  • MTozier
    Lance Hahn Podcast
    Lance is the pastor at our church so we are so used to relevant and applicable teaching every week, but his podcasts on topics that are messy or controversial are especially important as we learn to navigate our way through them. He is clear, concise, and he a way to help people understand things better. We highly recommend his podcasts!
  • Gyttrup
    Sound biblical teaching on relevant topics!
  • Snoflake_21
    Excellent podcast.
    I wish I could write a separate review for each episode but Lance really makes you think and he is so spot one in so many of these episodes. He really picks his topics apart and gives a mind opening perspective on so many of the topics he talks about through the lense of the Bible.
  • Airjer116
    This podcast checks all the boxes! Lance is engaging, relatable, biblically accurate, and respectful. It is so refreshing how he is able find the middle ground in so many hot topic discussions while maintaining a deep level of respect for those who disagree with him. This is exactly the kind of content that the Church in America needs!
  • Candace Lamp
    You know what...
    So, this guy just so happens to be my boss, my pastor, one of my closest mentors, and altogether one of my favorite humans I know. I know he is Lance Hahn here but he’s Pastor Lance to me (and that’s a term of endearment) and I can speak from first-hand experience that he seriously lives out what he preaches. He gets you stirring on things so you can include God in the stirring. He’s constantly challenging our perspectives and to dig deeper; I think that’s a peacemaker trait that Jesus carries. Too often, I think our minds get caught up in the black and white extremes and that either puts us in a place of shame or a place of being self righteous. There’s a lot we don’t know and God’s working and refining us right in the middle and right in all of those areas where we are mostly unsure. When we know that God is ultimately good no matter what and that his word is truth...we can handle a lot of unknowns from that position and that’s how Pastor Lance sets any conversation. I’m excited for the next season and for God to move IN AND THROUGH renewed mindsets.
  • DawnyHK
    Lance is always rightly dividing the word of truth. He has a unique way of breaking things down and digging deep making Gods word more understandable. I’ve read his books and now this podcast is such a blessing. I was able to share the 3 part panic podcast with several hurting people. So revealing and well payed out.
  • Nanners33!
    Mind blowing understanding
    I’ve been reading the Bible and attending church my whole life, but never have I understood God’s word and love and intention for each of us as I do now. Pastor Lance brings clarity and meaning in a way that connects all the fuzzy dots I was stumbling over.
  • Erika Colnick
    Best Podcast Ever! Can’t wait for Season 2!
    Lance Hahn’s Thought Revolution Podcasts are current, uplifting, encouraging and transformational! He speaks clearly, emphatically and with an enthusiasm that is highly contagious! The one I have shared the most is The Secret to Contentment. I highly recommend listening to all his episodes and share, share, share! In these podcasts Lance shares treasured gems that when shared with others become gifts that keep on giving!
  • BekyBoo83
    Lance asks the tough questions
    Pastor Lance’s perspectives are fresh, unhindered, and raw. He doesn’t shy away from the tough questions, and you can tell he is well-read, well-researched, and fully “prayed-up” prior to a single word coming out of his mouth. This podcast challenges me with every episode to reconsider my opinions and preconceived notions of what Christians “should” be. Recommending the episode on “Waste” as a starter. Can’t get enough! Keep it coming, Lance!
  • wise&becoming wiser
    Ready for Season 2!
    Christian identity IS everything! Walking confidently humble with you, Pastor. I’m looking forward to more Thought Revolution.
  • Carpathian Dragon
    Farm mom
    I have loved every podcast. Can’t wait for season two. Love how thought provoking lance is. I really enjoyed Christian identity, fear and being content sessions. Hope he really is working on a book on contentment being we only got a glimpse of it on the podcast. Thank you lance!!
  • JLorenFan
    For the ‘baby’ Christian
    I’m a new Christ follower and having this podcast add a different perspective to reading my Bible, praying and attending church has been most helpful. I love Lance Hahn’s transparency regarding his own life/experiences, Biblical truths and helping us see the Radical Middle in all life’s situations. Can’t wait for Season 2! Thank you LORD for blessing this podcast.
  • tonicmama
    Listen and be inspired
    I don’t miss an episode of this podcast. It’s always uplifting. Try listening to episode 21 on what sin means to a Christian. I want to hear this message every day. It’s not what you think, and that’s the point!
  • Gllass Lady
    OMGOSH! Finally someone who thinks and causes me to do the same. Bless you Lance. Keep up His work.
  • Dazzed & Confused
    Finally, the voice of reason❣️
    So thankful for you, Pastor Lance, and for your podcasts!! I was drowning in everyone’s opinions around me and have struggled to find my own in the chaos...until I heard you speak about The Radical Middle where I found my home!! I have been a Christ follower for many years, but have struggled with politics and extremism on both sides. Thank you for giving us historical facts and a balanced view, especially during these crazy times.
  • KARENYac
    Dealing with Anger
    Pastor Lance, all of your podcasts have given me helpful insights, useful applications, and most importantly how we’re called to respond as Christians. Today’s episode on anger is timely and valuable. Your example of a pressure cooker is a great analogy of what we see today. Only God can can soothe and heal what’s causing the anger and divisiveness.
  • ready 4 hockey
    Good thoughts
    Disagreed with Lance on some of his beliefs with little evidence regarding systemic racism but he shares his thoughts in a thoughtful manner. Appreciated his insights but was looking for something more biblical.
  • Ginnyscat
    Think More Creatively
    Listening to Lance causes me to think more creatively about my faith and how it relates in today's culture. No matter where his thoughts take us each week, God still gets all the glory. His "humble confidence" makes each listen worthwhile.
  • Vonnie Roe
    Great Perspective
    Listened this am with my husband and it was a vital reminder to us all that we can always admire those who do great things but always keep our worship and focus on Jesus because ultimately mans human nature will fail at times. Thank you Pastor Lance for that thought provoking topic.
  • Melanie A Garcia
    Causes Brilliant Discussion
    Pastor Lance has many amazing points of views to start the right conversations with what is going on, not only in the world but in the church today. He always has real research and data to back up his thoughts. I really appreciate seeing a pastor tackle topics most shy away from, but not Lance! He loves to live in ‘the radical middle’ and that’s why we love him!
  • T.Davenport
    How do you do that!?
    Crazy how much you rock the boat and keep us intact at the same time! No denying all the truth that you shared Lance Hahn! Keep it going and these thought revolutions I will share❤️
  • Tiffany_Martin
    Fantastic podcasts
    Pastor Lance, your podcasts encourage and inspire me, but most of all they challenge me. They challenge me to dig deeper, think outside the box and draw closer to God. I thank God for you and pray He uses this podcast to reach others. Thank you.
  • Lord's Gym
    Discerning the Call
    Oh Lance you did it again ! Life becomes exciting and full of adventure when you share God’s Stories. You shared at 48 you are still waiting to see what has not yet been revealed in your own call . At 48 , You are still waiting! The Song Kristene DiMarco sings, “ Take Courage “ confirms your teaching on the importance of purpose in God’s Timeline. What happens in the middle seems to be what brings God’s Kingdom to Come . Thank you again Lance . You have meant a lot to me . I hear His Voice through yours . So take courage, “It’s in the Waiting “. Much Love to you and your Family ♥️ Laura Albertson
  • N Sandino
    These are so informative and inspiring. Lance is an engaging speaker and pastor. I miss being a part of Bridgeway since we moved from CA. I am so thankful that I can still listen to him. God bless you Lance Hahn!
  • Nel_95!
    A much listen. I love the way Lance communicates and how passionate he is about bringing lasting and god change to this world. You can tell he speaks from a place of love and wisdom, and I like how he can take many perspectives and is open minded. I also love how educational this podcast is and how knowledgeable Lance is. It’s so easy to binge listen these episodes! Hit that subscribe button and give Thought Revolution a listen!
  • locky locky
    Thought Revolution Lance Hahn
    Thought changing
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