Makers Mean Business - A Podcast for Craftypreneurs who want to turn their crafts into cash by selling online with Damon Oate


THE podcast for craftypreneurs who handmake products and want to turn their crafts into cash by selling online with less fear and more freedomBy the creators of Deco Exchange, Damon Oates Coaching, and moreHosted by Damon Oates and Parker Stelly

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  • Karen9of11
    So Excited
    I’m so excited Damon and Parker are doing this. Damon is a no nonsense business coach, who provides all the tools of success for people to follow, if they choose to! Don’t confuse no nonsense with no fun. We have lots of fun as we learn to be crafty entrepreneurs!
  • Bapchi
    The Best
    Damon is so smart and will help your business grow if you implement what he teaches. Parker and Damon are so honest and loves their community. You can go wrong following them
  • Sew Cute by Katie
    Best in the business to help you with your business
    Damon and Parker are so knowledgeable and have helped me learn so many things to help me grow my business. I’ve learned so much about how to use social media, email, websites, Etsy, blogging and so much more that I would have never figured out on my own. They are all about community which really makes the difference.
  • Craftyfamilydesigns
    Damon and Parker are amazing!
    I am in a couple of Damon’s classes and will tell you that he leads by example! Looking to improve your craft, start and maintain your small business or just need inspiration? Look no farther than Damon! Looking for quality crafting supplies? DecoExchange has been my go to supplier. Parker provides his part of the business in clear and understanding manner and I just love the subscription boxes that he puts together each month! You are missing out if you are not involved with Damon, Parker and the DecoExchange team!
  • mmigigi
    Demon is a great couch & so excited to learn more with this next journey that he and Parker are taking not only his business but all of us small business owners to to another level.
  • M0Mfun
    Nothing But the Truth
    Damon is the most honest, tell it like is guy. He goes into detail to help everyone be successful. He doesn’t sugar coat anything and you can always trust his methods. Genuine to the core.
  • tennessee red bird
    I have been in Damon’s coaching groups for about a year. I have learned so much. Damon is a straight shooter and down to business. He enjoys seeing your creative visions become a reality and your business successful. You can hear the passion and sincerity in his voice when he speaks. I am certainly a loyal follower. I have never met Damon but feel like we have been friends for years.
  • Redeemedandloved
    Business 101
    Anyone interested in turning a passion of crafting into a business, pay attention! Parker Stelly and Damon Oates are very passionate about sharing their skills of building and expanding a business, step by step. They have built a ‘crafting empire’ by surrounding themselves with other extremely skilled crafting coaches who share their wealth of knowledge as well. Pay attention y’all!!
  • Laurie Ann N
    Damon and his staff are exceptional. In the short time that I have had the privilege to learn from has been so rewording. The whole team will stop to answer questions and truly explain it . The transparency is refreshing . Great job Damon ,Parker , the coaches and the rest of the staff!! Thank you!
  • MaureenRC
    The real deal
    I followed Damon quietly for more than a year along with other wreath makers trying to decide if this was for me. Damon is the real deal. He knows what he’s doing. He is business savvy mixed with creative passion, a kind heart and at times an almost savage honesty. A combination worthy of success. He has a brilliant mind. I enjoy learning from him I think almost as much as he enjoys teaching.
  • stormydd
    The possibilities are endless
    I’m so excited to have another way to learn from this amazing wreath maker. He inspires us all do get out , and work on our business. Good luck on your new adventure.
  • Front Porch 1956
    The Front Porch Design’s By Deb
    Both are the most giving at heart, brilliant entrepreneurs, great educators and very community oriented !
  • Frogpush
    A Business Coach whose Goal is to Make You Successful
    Damon gives you Every piece of the puzzle - he leaves nothing out. If you want your business to succeed then you have come to the best of the best. He doesn’t just talk the talk he has walked the walk. Age, or knowledge do not matter he will make sure you have all you need to grow your business. You don’t just get a blanketed tutorial you get “the happening right now” info from Damon as it is unfolding. You couldn’t ask for a better business coach.
  • Paulaozz
    Great Coach and businessman
    I have been a student of Damon’s now for almost 3 years, he is a great teacher and will tell you like it is, which makes us all better entrepreneurs. And Parker is awesome always bringing something new into the mix. Love them!
  • Buckeyegirlswreaths
    Damon is the best business coach
    I have been in his coaching group since Aug of 2018. He has help this technology challenged person to run a online business and create her own website. Best decision I ever is to join Damon coaching group.
  • wreathsfmYx
    Tell it like it is.
    Tell like it is !! This has To be the reason I can’t get enough of his info and advice. He doesn’t sugar coat anything. He tells you what you need to hear not what you want to hear to help you build your business! So I’m super excited to hear what’s coming up next!! Damon and his entire team at Decoexchange “ you rock”!!
  • jpdelong
    The best
    Damon is the best business coach. I’ve learned so much in his classes. I’ve been part of his groups for 6 months now and my business has grown a lot.
  • info@DECOE
    The best in the industry!
    Stopped to watch and listen in 2017 and never left, no need everything for creatives and e commerce business right here. The dynamic duo Damon and Parker
  • MarissaMS
    I can’t even describe how this makes me feel- I have felt like an outsider in the business world for being a “maker” for years. I finally have the community I have been missing for years. I finally feel seen and heard and included. Damon is a literal genius and makes creating your crafting making empire not only possible but a fun experience AND he has a private community that is supportive, loving kind and always has a community over competition mindset. 💕 Thank you for being YOU Damon and paving the way for us to do what we LOVE!
  • CathyS DecoratorCrafts
    Damon teaches you everything from A to Z
    Damon is a no nonsense coach. He gives you the tools and it’s up to you to do the work. I’ve pushed myself out of my comfort zone thanks to Damon. I’ve created business pages and even an e-commerce site thanks to the foundation he laid. Did it all in 3 months while working a full time job. Thanks Damon and Parker for your mentoring!
    Advice from a 7 figure crafter? YES PLEASE.
    Damon walks the walk and talks the talk ... an engineer turned crafter gives you a no bull$hit perspective on what it take to thrive in the creative business. Looking forward to more!
  • Casey2075
    The Real Deal
    Damon is the “Real Deal” business and crafty coach I know. I have been following Damon for 2 years and have learned so much. Thank you.
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