Empty Inside


"Empty Inside" is a podcast where host Jennette McCurdy talks with a different guest each episode, doing a deep dive into a specific topic. General topic areas are comedy, eating disorders, filmmaking, jealousy, therapy, and the crippling sense of doom we all face as we desperately try to fill the void within.

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  • Landden
    Very thought provoking and insightful.
    I came across this podcast on YouTube actually and loved it so much I needed to write something. The way that Jeanette lets her guests speak and get themselves spoken out onto metaphorical paper is just really healing. I love how she shares her own experiences, the allowance of venerability is extremely comforting. Can’t wait to keep on listening.
  • chrissyhj
    And topically-love content and flow
  • katielovesjazzz
    Hard topics and new idols
    I love this podcast for its openness as well as exploration of uncomfortable topics. I love how the guests have opinions and share them openly. Jeanette never shuts anyone down and talks about the pieces of life I care most about. This podcast has helped me chase my person happiness emotionally, financially, relationally. I’ve also discovered some amazing people through Empty Inside and after listening to their episode, followed their careers further. I feel seen.
  • Haym0
    Just WOW
    Came across Empty Inside, looking for a podcast that was relatable. Something that may provide me clarity while starting therapy. Your episode “Toxic Mother’s” had me in tears by the end. Thank you for sharing your story, thank you for allowing people who suffer trauma to not feel alone, strong and hopeful. Subscribed before I even finished my first episode. 👍🏻❤️
  • Star from PR
    New favorite
    Real, genuine and important conversations that will make you a better person.
    Life Changing
    Really amazing! Your story is so inspiring!
  • LastSpriteCan
    I find it funny how I finally got done with like about the first 5 out of 30 audio done, and I recently met this girl..(i am always OTR) She just opened up to me about what seems to be a mere coincidence, yeah. It was #2 Jealousy and then directly ‘Eating Disorders’. all in one day I shared her your podcast because she could use the insight and i have no idea if she listened to your podcast. But, i feel more educated about something she’s going through, Thanks Jennette.(P.S. i am a slow eater) I am somewhat random, but i support you %100! Time to catch some Zzz, dood! I miss your face, and now i hold your phase.
  • Rofx
    Great podcast
    Thanks for sharing, your podcast has been huge eye opener for the better. “Toxic moms” in particular was so insightful. Thank you again :-)
  • pocketfullofsunshineinmypants
    Thank you so much for existing 💚
  • GrownAssKidsCEO
    This Podcast is a GODSEND
    Came to this podcast honestly to see why Sam wasn’t coming back to iCarly. Then I was introduced to the real Jennette. The brutally honest truth and vulnerability of this podcast is groundbreaking. The premise of sitting down and having difficult conversations about subjects no one wants to discuss is genius. I am hooked. I went from being bummed “Sam” wasn’t coming back to being elated that Jennette has found her voice and confidence to leave such a toxic environment and find peace. Lifelong fan her now. Keep up the amazing work.
  • Ottob1
    Thank you- some difficult but healing words
    I feel healing taking place when I listen to this podcast. Thank you Jeanette
  • hacunhamatata
    So accessible and relatable
    I have never felt more seen by a podcast. Hearing you talk about what you’ve gone through has helped me process my life. It’s like we have a community finally to speak our truth. In the episode about “Toxic Mothers” you were told that you are transforming your pain into purpose and I couldn’t agree more. I look forward to continue listening and healing along side you.
  • eriktlane
    Actually listen REALLY listen
    I recently found the pod and obviously like many out there, have been a fan of Jennette bc of her work. But I was reading the comments and I’m dumbfounded. These people are rating 5 stars but then giving her crap for not rejoining the show. If you TRULY listen to her pod, then you will understand why she isn’t. We all appreciate her work as Sam, but Sam does not define Jennette. Jennette defines Jennette and she clearly is bettering herself and others around her. It takes a lot to come on this platform and talk real issues that we didn’t see as we watched her grow. If you truly are a fan of hers then support her and those she’s trying to help. If where she is now is the best version of herself and you are truly a fan of hers, Then stop guilting her and support her. Jennette, I don’t know if you’ll even see this but PLEASE don’t stop and I completely appreciate what you’ve done in the past but appreciate even more what you are doing now and trying to make a difference. Not just for you, but for others who are scared to talk. I am proud of you. 🙏
  • SkyyET
    Great Podcast
    I absolutely love what you are choosing to do with your platform. I feel as if the topics you cover are not spoken about enough. Thank you for sharing and making us the listeners feel less alone.
  • afgvcgjbcghb
    Icarly reboot
    Hi Jennette, I love your podcast. I’ve heard about the icarly reboot, and I am so excited for it but an icarly without Sam is something I cannot imagine. I know you have had tough times with child acting, but that is behind you now. I would really appreciate if you were to reconsider not coming to the show, you made it the wonderful show it was. btw Sam is my fav character ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ also I might cry my eyes out if you are not on the show cuz I saw that Carly might have a NEW best friend!!!!! Also you say you are embarrassed about your role on icarly but pls listen to me!! You are strong whether you think so or not, and your role was nothing to be embarrassed about !!! It was a hit show and were lucky enough to be on it and hey, didn’t you make some lasting friendships?
  • random kid idk my last name
    To Jennette McCurdy
    Hi Jennette I rlly love iCarly and Sam and Cat and in fact both of those u r my fav actor I rlly wanna listen to this podacst but sadly I can’t all of the episodes r marked explicit so I’m not able to listen! But anyways u made it so it’s good anyways!! I’m so sorry it embarrassed you that you were Sam but it’s just a show and ik that that’s not who u r u r an awesome person and I rlly hope u change ur mind and am rlly hoping to see u on the next iCarly season!!
  • thehorsegirl!
    Hi Jennett! So I am a younger person and since most of your podcast episodes are marked explicit I am not allowed to listen. But alas you are still my favorite actress ever!!! I know that while you were filming Icalry you were not having a very good time but you did really great there!! I love Icalry and Sam And Cat and Sam is my favorite character in both those shows. Also do you ship seddie or creddie??? I am a huge Seddie shipper!!! Thank you for being really cool, one of your biggest fans
  • A.g.34
    So relatable
    Thank you so much for this podcast. I’ve gotten a lot of insight and good advice on a variety of topics! Great listen if you’re on a self healing journey.
  • robinbird089
    So good, so real.
    Jeanette and her variety of guests are so, so, so real with everything they talk about. They cut the bull and get right into taboo topics in such a raw, yet tasteful, way. It is so refreshing to not have things sugarcoated.
  • sophiaoniashvili
    I really love it!
    Hi Jennette! I really like your podcast and I loved your role on iCarly! Please make more episodes soon!
  • chrismaria55
    So amazing
    This podcast is so amazing. The topics are perfect and enlightening and I am learning so much. I’m so grateful for this!
  • Chase00912
    Get Ready For The New iCarly Reboot/Survival Series Coming This Summer To Paramount+
  • Nurse🧡
    Feeling With You
    Thank you for talking about losing your mother! It was so relatable! I lost my Mom a few years ago too. I had to figure out who I was after she passed. I have found my comfort and identity in Jesus from the Bible which I’m so thankful for! Happy Spring!
  • marn5555
    My favorite new podcast
    I am so happy I found Empty Inside! Jennette is so honest and real. Her topics are always so interesting and get me thinking. Can’t wait til the next episode and to see what else she creates. So thankful I have found her.
  • Luz Hardy Photography
    Love It
    I just found your podcast and I am sorry for all what you have been through. I love your character on iCarly your personality reminds me of myself. You are so brave and thanks for opening up and being so vulnerable. SENDING YOUR WAY LOVE, PEACE AND LIGHT - 🙏🏼
  • payton1567
    Give it a chance and you will not be disappointed.
    Was a little suspicious about this podcast being good due to Jennette’s sarcasm about people who do podcasts. Give it a chance, there is so much to connect on and be inspired by. The dialogue between Jennette and her guests are really good and relatable. I think most people in their early 20’s to late 30’s will relate a lot.
  • zoe.kermit
    Thank you for sharing
    Love this podcast and the sheer honesty you bring to each episode. I love the conversations you have with guests it’s just so interesting and amazing to hear about your life
  • Jayden😌
    Wow. Just wow.
    This podcast is similar to things I’ve seen others try but puts others to shame. It’s so real and honest and just humble. I love listening to it while doing anything and it’s helped me with some internal issues that I’ve been dealing with mentally. This podcast is SO helpful and should definitely be listened to if you have any struggles with mental health. I’ve always idolized Jennette and seeing her views on mental health, which I agree with, add to it. She’s such an example for our society. Finally people are being genuine with mental health. LISTEN TO THIS PODCAST PLEASE.
  • Mdidbgsbnen
    I just realized you were podcasting and I feel like I’m sitting with my best friends. So real. So raw. Makes me feel ”normal” my favorite person as from my childhood still stands true to today. You are an inspiration and I’m so excited to continue along through your adventure in life with you. Never stop sharing your story it needs to be heard and needs to be realized how normal the “un-normal” is <3
  • Badtingash23
    Great podcast
    These conversations are so necessary! Thank you for discussing mental health on this platform (:
  • weleyt33333
    Best podcast!
    This podcast is like daily therapy for me & I’m so glad I found it! I grew up watching every episode of icarly & it made me happy your acting was great especially in your netflix series between that was my favorite show you’ve done & these are real topics that need to be discussed, what you talk about on your podcasts! I have so much love & mad respect for u for doing this! I have dealt with depression, jealousy, etc. & it’s helping me grow as a person. Thank you for doing this!
  • #helloworld✌🏾🤘🏾
    Pls read this Jennette
    I love this podcast so much!! So good. And interesting. Also, I know this will probably annoy you but PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE come back to Icarly you are my favorite Nickelodeon star any day and I don’t want to see you replaced by some random actor. I realize how much pain acting has caused you. But wouldn’t it be nice to see your old friends and so many people all over the country maybe even world would be so happy to see you acting again. So please. I know it is your choice but PLEASE come back to Icarly. You and so many other people like you have inspired me to want to be an actress. Please!!!! 🥺😩😀😀😀 Thank you for this podcast and please consider what I said. Edit: Please ignore all of that other stuff I am sorry please continue your podcast and if you don’t want to come back to acting I will respect that. I am sorry
  • Dazerick
    Expectations can lead to misery
    My mental health is not all there.I’m a 22 year old Texas Hispanic man, who’s always has to be strong and never let their emotion come out.I’m stressed because when I came out of high school no one told me life we’ll be this difficult but I push on. As I’m writing this I just finished watching Icarly… Remembering the good old days where I didn’t have a care in the world while I watched icarly show. Y’all were making me laugh while I lived in a vary bad neighborhood. Especially you as you played Sam. The character Sam lived in bad environments and lived around bad people. I look up to you and the character sam, because she was strong and nothing can bring her down and so are you. You kept pushing even though you had so much stress, I just want to thank you and everything you sacrificed. Also I’m proud of you and everything you have accomplished. Would be awsome if you can contract me. I can talk about my mental health.
  • Madi👁👄👁
    So excited for this podcast
    I love this podcast and the topics bay are discussed. Love seeing this side of Jen
  • b0tanic
    I have never felt so understood in my life. Listening to the episodes was like being in my own personal therapy session. This podcast is phenomenal if you want to understand human psychology in its most transparent, raw form.
  • Steelers72584
    This is one of your best podcast. I have dealt with depression most of my life and found that it’s true, the biggest lie in America is, I am fine.
  • Haley Frances 35
    Thank you
    Thank you for being in a light in the world. I read that your acting was a difficult time and you are ashamed of your roles. But millions of young women looked up to you and looked forward to your entertainment. As a parent of 3 young women icarly was one of the few shows that made me laugh with my kids. We didn’t know what a sacrifice it was at the time so I am sorry. But please don’t feel embarrassed. You helped millions of little girls grow up and millions of parents spend quality time with them. Thank you for giving the world the benefit of some of your adult insights, and giving us all a piece of your childhood and teenage years.You’re a special young lady. Be well. Xo
  • Killercars
    Love your podcast, big fan of all your work
    Jeanette I do hope you realize there’s nothing to be embarrassed about your past acting. I’ve seen a ton of cheesy character acting and I wouldn’t describe your roles in that way. I know it was difficult for you due to mental health issues and bad experiences. But your characters are enduring and your work continues to entertain my family to this day. I still crack up with my kids at episodes of iCarly and Sam and Kat. It has really helped get us through the pandemic. I think you are really talented and funny. So don’t sell yourself short. Thank you for all that you did and continue to do. You are amazing. 👍😊😊
  • Jack A. Martin
    So glad she’s doing this
  • casterblaster
    I couldn’t get past the audio quality
    The content was interesting but the audio quality was just too poor for me. Hopefully it improves! Good luck!
  • Blahblum
    AHHH i’m so happy to see this podcast still continue!!! i just found it not too long ago and i need to listen to all of the first season still but seeing recent uploads makes me excited to keep listening!! i love hearing how others have dealt with mental issues! this podcast really helps me a LOT THANK YOU JENNETTE!!!<3
  • comradetrumpski
    Not cheesy!!
    My five year old son loved you guys and I never thought you were cheesy and very much appreciated! You made him laugh and that made me smile! BTW...I always thought you were the comedian and wondered if you would ever do stand up? Really. I’ve been waiting to see more of you and now you are doing a podcast? Well what do you know? You got talent lady! Good luck!!!
  • K F Baby
    The Feeling of Connection
    Sometimes you browse podcasts, especially of those who are celebrity or somewhat celebrity and find gems. But McCurdy literally makes her guests vibe with her on a level where you feel like she’s been your friend or there friend their whole life. Such an easy person to talk to and very fun to listen to. I’ve enjoyed every episode.
  • fbfjfbdkssbxksbfkdbcjsbdjdbf
    Thanks for doing this it really helps those who need it
    Thanks again you really helped me with some of this stuff like jealousy,eating disorders thanks a lot you are my inspiration!!😊😀
  • seanstew15
    She’s my woman
    Podcast is Awesome, Jennette is so beautiful and I love her very much.
  • MrWes_
    Low quality audio
    I think you have a good format but the audio quality of the Zoom calls is really terrible. I have to turn it off sometimes, which I don’t like to do. I’m glad you have some theme music for season 2. Otherwise, keep up the good work.
  • South side 13
    we love you jennette <33
    love listening to this podcast and I relate to the things she mentions on here it’s very relatable and will keep playing these non stop ✨✨
  • tv lover12
    Please Jeanette read this PLEASE
    I know people have been bugging you about the new Icarly and I know what happened in your past about the show but I do not want some Rando to take your place in the show we need Sam pucket it’s your choice I know you have a life right now and a good one but a lot of people are counting on you and it would be nice too see your old friends again it’s your choice please please I would hate for you too never step in a nick set again so please I do not mean to bother you tho just please I really hope you read this
  • Booty ice throw
    10/5 💛
    This is such a lovely & genuine podcast to listen to. I absolutely love the awareness around mental health & the perspectives given by guests & jennette. The podcast covers topics that vary around the difficult experiences humans go through such a rejection/trauma in such a honest & novel way. 10/5! Already excited for next week (:
  • s8erboi
    Everything you come out with is amazing
    You are so strong and I am so proud of everything you’ve come to be
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