The Secret Alliance


The Big Brother 3 secret alliance of Jason Guy and Danielle Reyes is back together again. Let’s get ready for Big Brother 22!

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Recent Reviews
  • J. Fitz.
    They don’t alert you to spoilers
    Learn to give spoiler alerts! I won’t be downloading again.
  • SpoilerSad
    Fab two
    My best friends. Love these two. They made me fall in love with BB. Funny & sassy & smart & witty. They get it. Play the game. Keep it fun.
  • Syds69
    My two favorite players in big brother history making a podcast together?! A dream come true!!!!!! Love Dani and Jason and love this podcast! Always laughing my ass off and it feels like I’m hanging with my best friends talking about my favorite show. Thank you thank you thank you ❤️❤️❤️
  • Thats_a_fact_Jack
    Get into it!!!!
    Calling all BB super fans! I’ve been a huge BB fan since season 2 and I’m hooked on this. I suggest watching the YouTube podcast video version of this show. It’s so great! They have recent voted off players and past season favorites as guests. They give such great insight on the game. I absolutely love the chemistry Danielle and Jason have as co-hosts. Thank u for this Big Brother gift that keeps on giving Dani and Jason. 5 stars!!! ⭐️
  • Fdjfskccysssesa
    I feel like this is what we’ve all been waiting for
    All these new school HGs always come out of the game and think they can start BB podcasts. Are they truly qualified? No, since they don’t really know the game to its core or the history of BB as far back as BB1. We finally have an old school duo giving their input and they KNOW what they’re talking about. I find myself saying out loud “yes! That’s right!” to this podcast more than ever!
  • Melissadiane13
    Boo for President 2020
    This is the podcast I never knew I needed.
  • Elisabeth81890
    Best Alliance of All Time
    I love hearing Jason and Danielle’s takes as former houseguests. They have the best dynamic all these years later!! Love it!
  • jtemp17
    So good!!
    Jason and Danielle have always been my favorite alliance and I looooove this podcast! Looking forward to listening/watching this summer.
  • The Man That Gravity Forgot
    Great Stuff Guys!
    It’s great hearing the opinions of the upcoming season from two of the greatest to ever play. This is a great listen for any Big Brother fan who misses having these two ageless wonders on their tv.
  • JoshuaJG
    Essential BB Fan Podcast!!!
    This is a must listen for any BB fan. It’s great hearing from two former players talk about their season and BB22.
  • VALadyNole
    Best Pair
    I love you guys! My favorite big brother duo and my favorite news anchor. 🤓
  • Chenbot vs Zingbot
    We’re in The Secret Alliance
    My favorite Big Brother duo is back! Jason and Danielle are letting us know more about the game, their friendship, and the players while they talk about this season of Big Brother. This is genius! I'm on the edge of my seat waiting for the next episode. And now I get to be part of The Secret Alliance.
  • Nicole's Mom's Potato Salad
    Best alliance in BB history about to create the best BB podcast in history. I’m here for it!!
  • Cal101010
    Great podcast
    Looking forward to listening to this during BB22!
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