Nurture vs Nurture with Dr. Wendy Mogel


Nurture vs Nurture is a new podcast brought to you by the producers of Armchair Expert. Dr. Wendy Mogel, social-clinical psychologist and author, specializes in the protection and promotion of self-reliance, resilience, accountability and exuberance in children and she is our fearless leader in this new endeavor. Each week, Dr. Wendy sits down with a different set of parents for a therapy session. She brings her forty years of experience working with families to these intimate and wonderfully voyeuristic conversations. This podcast allows the listener to go on another family's journey and to receive practical advice along the way. Wendy proves that, perhaps counterintuitively, there is nothing more universal than our specificity. In each episode, Wendy also introduces us to a foreign word that is untranslatable into English in order to enhance our minds and vocabularies on parenthood, family and communication with those we love the most.

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Recent Episodes
  • Family #4: Rhutu & Avikar
    Mar 2, 2021 – 01:16:24
  • Family #3: Joan & Todd
    Feb 23, 2021 – 01:10:19
  • Family #2: Brooke
    Feb 16, 2021 – 01:09:09
  • Family #1: Erick and Elsie
    Feb 16, 2021 – 01:13:39
  • Introducing... Nurture vs Nurture
    Jan 19, 2021 – 00:15:54
Recent Reviews
  • littletonlisa
    Never too late to nurture
    I love this podcast! As a parent of teens it has taught me to listen before I react - what “language” are they using right now. How can I respond better in a nurturing way,
  • Nicole from Jersey
    Parenting must
    With little ones (2.5 years and 4.5 months) this is so insightful and perspective-giving, love Dr Wendy’s pearls
  • julia98115
    Couldn’t imagine a better podcast. So much wisdom. I would recommend it to anyone.
  • Hhghyuh
    So helpful for parenting tips & tricks!
  • McKay mouse
    Thank you!
    This podcast is a gift. It’s wonderful listening to parents talk about the same things I’m going through with my kids. Dr. Mogel’s perspective is so refreshing and inspiring. Every parent should take a listen
  • Kait4813
    Obsessed is an understatement. Everything Dr. Mogel says is brilliant and can be applied to any situation. Great listen for parents, but also educators.
  • Photomomcincy
    Her content is interesting (ish) but her voice drives me crazy. Why does she talk so slowly like everyone is stupid? I just can’t listen.
  • Kbwelsch
    Very Heteronormative
    I like the podcast enough, but there’s a lot of talk about “moms” and “dads” and it feels very exclusionary to other families with same sex parents or gender non-conforming people.
  • odelrox
    Fabulous show
    I absolutely love Dr Wendy’s mind. Her perspective is so fantastic. I love this show
  • kerilayne
    Great content
    Love listening to this podcast and finding ways to relate.
  • Jlmason78
    Wish I had this 3 years ago during my divorce!
    Such great and practical advice! Learn new tips and tricks each episode. I love how she flips the script and allows the guests to speak their actual inner voices and thoughts that we all have.
  • Amy98012
    Great podcast!
    Such great practical advice and very interesting families. One of my new favorite podcasts.
  • lana.guz
    Constantly talking over the guests
    Wendy seems like a nice person and I’m sure she means well but dear god it’s painful to listen to because she’s constantly interrupting or talking over the guests. She asks them a question or to describe a situation and they’ve barely gotten a sentence out before she interrupts! And she never apologizes! It comes across as very rude and makes the show hard to listen to. Also this really only focuses on rich privileged parents.
  • Oxyacetylene
    Lame Democratic bull crap.
  • Kimmy from Waleska
    Anyone else hear background “beep beep beep”
    I’m a huge fan of the content, but particularly in the first episode, I keep hearing in the background the noise of a construction truck backing up. Anyone else?!?
  • Aim0207
    This podcast is wonderful! All three episodes so far have had so many “Ah- Ha!” moments. Wendy is magical and really cuts through the b.s. in such a clear but kind way. I look forward to each episode and despite each family’s situation being different, it is easy to find lots of relatable content. Another gem from the Armchair Umbrella!
  • player4616
    A swing and a miss. She talks rather harshly about children, at one point telling one couple that their kids are “just little dumb children.” She often prioritizes what’s most convenient for the adults over what’s best for the children in her advice. Yikes.
  • TayP86
    So good! More please!
    Dr. Wendy Mogel is so wonderful! I love that she is able transport me from the parents point of view as well as the child’s point of view. She is so lovely and so supportive of parents! She provides such a great perspective to consider when working with kids.
  • Alimoyni
    Great parenting show!
    I of course found this from Armchair expert and so glad they did this spin off show. She is such a great story teller and offers great guidance to the families on each episode.
  • OllieShark
    Can’t stop listening
    The way Wendy delivers her information just works for me! I am soaking up every word and feeling more empowered as a parent and a partner. Anxiously awaiting new episodes. Well done!
  • unbridledwhimsy
    The only parenting resource that makes you feel LESS anxious!
    Wendy Mogul has been my favorite parenting expert for years. Her humor and down-to-earth perspective are so refreshing! I’m so excited to start hearing from her weekly!
  • Team_Thika
    Recommend for EVERYONE!
    This is such an AMAZING podcast! I am single and do not have children, and I find this show so interesting and informative. Of course it is a wonderful listen for those with children, but also anyone who may one day want children, works with children, or is simply interested in thoughtful communication and the importance of word choice. Further, this show is a wonderful way to gain insight into relationship dynamics of all kinds and compassionate, real, and productive discussion/counseling. I have recommended this podcast to so many people. Thank you Dr Mogel, Armchair Expert, and of course, the families that share about their lives!
  • stephanie- nonprofit for life
    Trauma and parenting
    I love this podcast so much. I’m wondering if you will include a complex topic at some point? I work at a domestic violence shelter (been there 6 years) as a “Parent Specialist/Educator”. And my job is to support parents. It can get complicated. I think the hardest thing in a parents world is parenting through trauma, whatever that trauma looks like. Thank you for the wisdom you share and the guests are also very insightful and wonderful.
  • Meffer519
    Love Wendy Mogel
    This is my favorite new podcast. If you have kids, you can get good info here. My situation may be completely different from the parents on each episode, but there is so much good, practical knowledge I can latch onto and apply in my family. Wendy Mogel is a treasure, and I’m so glad she’s got this new venture happening.
  • mamaErinE
    So richly insightful
    Beautiful, progressive, playful, educational and entertaining. My new favorite parenting and self-development resource!
  • brorndorf
    So awesome
    I am studying to be a counselor and it is so awesome to listen to such intimate conversations up close with real people. Love everything about it.
  • Mom to be!
    New mom to be!
    Iam 5 month pregnant with my first child a baby girl!!! I’m excited and at the time scared of raising a tiny human! This podcast is amazing such good ideas and simple ways to talking and teaching tiny humans! Ive been a fan pf Dax an Monica since their first episode. Now Im listening to all the podcasts in Armchair Umbrella, and Im shifting to this is my favorite one!!! Love you guys keep up the good qork!!!!
  • Brittany Pfaff
    I wanted to enjoy this
    I love perspective podcasts about family dynamics, human interaction and relationships. I had high hopes for this one, however, I felt that the host talked over her guests and belittled them (without meaning to). I feel as if we don’t get the full story from the guests and Dr. Mogel does lots of filling in the blanks and assuming rather than asking. Maybe she does know more background than what we, the listener, know, but it’s difficult to to follow. Im uncomfortable listening and feel like the guests are being talked at, rather than talked to and with.
  • d~brown
    So good for parents of any age kid! I assumed it would not be relevant to me because my kids are older - but I found myself wanting to pull over while diving to take down a few notes. Well done Wendy and appreciated the parents candor as well.
  • ShartinScorsese
    Brilliant advice
    Fantastic conversations from the wonderful Dr. Mogel. Can’t wait for more!!!
  • adgoco
    Just what I needed!
    I absolutely love this podcast so far. Both episodes have been eye-opening/validating to interpersonal relationships. I’ve questioned the way I’ve interacted in some situations that you have addressed here, so it’s nice to hear resolutions. I’ve also gotten some great ideas on how to observe/empower my kids - just in 2 episodes! Can’t wait for more. Thanks!
  • Wiggly Charlie
    Fantastic, relatable, grounded,
  • MichelleDothager
    Fantastic Clinician
    The subtle art of the therapeutic conversation with a practiced clinician. A breath of fresh air, Wendy is no pop-psychology proselyte. She provides a practical utility for busy parents seeking those quick grab podcastian nuggets. Her modus operandi is a familiar comfort inducing didactic spoken with roots in multiple theoretical frameworks and a strong moral undercurrent. Growing impatient for episode three I just pulled her up on Audible and two of three books are comp. I have two young children under 7 and I’m so glad Armchair brought this resource into our space. Wendy thank you for sharing your gifts with us!
  • Penelope_Mae
    Love the content.... BUT
    I can barely stand listening because I can hear her dry mouth in the microphone and it sounds absolutely awful 😭😭😭
  • whotaughtmosesex
    So incredible. I don’t even have children yet and I cannot get enough of this podcast and Dr Wendy’s incredible wisdom and insights. Fascinating.
  • tpiper
    Topic suggestion
    I would love an episode on how to help a parent who is too attached to her children because she’s worried about them growing up and leaving. I.e, trying so hard to make the most of every single minute with your children at the cost of setting boundaries. I loved the first two episodes and can’t wait to hear more! Thanks!
  • Real E$
    Thank you!
    These conversations, between Dr Wendy Mogel and her weekly guest, are beyond insightful! Thank you for normalizing conversations with therapists.
  • Heart it!
  • helenessi1
    Excellent conversations
    Talk about a captivating podcast!
  • jlbeason80
    Compassionate and relatable parenting chat!
    Loving this!!!
  • soy Marisol
    I love this lady
    She is reassuring and intuitive to the guests or the people calling for her advice
  • Mkrantz4eva
    Love love love.
    What a wonderful podcast and what a wonderful doctor. I absolutely love to hear the advice and stories. I am lifted and encouraged as a mother throughout each episode. Now, how do I sign up for a session with this wonderful lady?!?!
  • Jeff Curtis
    Intro song
    I love the podcast. Does anyone know the artist/title of the song “we got this?”
  • it'smereina
    I’m a school administrator and this is helping me to better understand parents and their children. I am becoming more compassionate and less annoyed!
  • justmy0pinion
    So glad I found this! Love her approach to contemporary and timeless issues.
  • Gigi24
    Holy crap this podcast is good! Do not miss out on this!
  • tinamysoul.
    So excited to keep listening.
    This is a blessing, thank you !
  • Alexandria Chisholm
    Dr. Wendy is the best!
    I don’t have children but I love Dr. Wendy. She is so thorough in her conversations and knowledge and it is truly fascinating to listen to. I found myself captivated throughout the entire episode, soaking up the information like a sponge. The production of the show is on point and I would highly recommend to anyone whether you have kids or not!
  • laurann46
    For Privileged Parents
    While I enjoyed some great nuggets of info, this is so far, clearly for one type of parent -privileged, heterosexual parents. “Over-parenting” is real in middle and upper class communities. However, as a social worker who has worked in many other communities, this is simply not always the case. Also, the first couple talks about going to hot yoga and dinner every single Friday night, and then building their own hot yoga studio in their home gym. What! This is just not relatable for so many parents, certainly not me! Hoping to hear from more diverse families.
  • notmeistaken
    I LOVE this podcast, very interesting!
    SO GOOD!
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