Operation Midnight Climax

All Genres #153History #7

George White ran the CIA brothel. He watched from a hidden room while men were dosed with LSD — and he convinced himself the fate of the nation depended on it.

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  • always..learning
    Great content, voice acting horrendous.
    The story itself is laid out beautifully. Very engaging and fascinating! The sound effects and voice acting....quite cheesy and off-putting. Almost enough to quit listening. But I will endure it because the facts and story line is so informative and interesting. I have never left a review - even though I have several favorite podcasts/ limited series......the sound effects and voice acting is THAT corny and over done.
  • Mrsbogart
    Too many commercials
    Way too many commercials compared to other podcasts. No thanks.
  • Wellwellwellll
    Solid, fun
    I like the style of this show, there aren't a lot of noir kind of podcasts like this. It's crazy how much research they've done. I've heard parts of the story, but never laid out like this.
  • wdrows
    interesting material, but...
    a touch overwrought and FAR too many ads.
  • Smurfloard
    Bad voice acting, all promo no content
    All production no content. It’s like listening to one long movie trailer with adds.
  • Cmwords1
    Very interesting and well written
    Worth a listen - Very interesting podcast which tells the story very well.
  • magic mikey
    This is great have listened to each episode twice and have gone down many rabbit holes. Highly recommended and will be turning on others to this podcast.
  • frizzellabas
    Nicely narrated series
    I really like the style of this series. The story is told like a documentary in a linear fashion. Voice acting is good too, not cheesy. Noel Brown has one of the best narrative voices. I really enjoyed this series. I’m looking forward to listening to the rest of the series as it comes out.
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