Did I Ever Tell You The One About... MF DOOM


A deep dive into the lives of your favorite artists told by the artists, family, friends, and other artists. We take a look at the stories of the artists who made the music that we love. Told in IMMERSIVE SOUND DESIGN, so that the stories are enveloped in 5.1 stereo sound, giving you sound around the story-telling. These are the stories of our musical heroes told the way they deserve to be told.

Season 2: MF DOOM Premieres 10/25!

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Recent Reviews
  • IzaLizzy
    Kane is King
    Great stories. This is what I like to listen to. Especially from one of my all time favorite MC’s.
  • CEM Smoove
    This was a dope podcast I saw Big Daddy Kane in Houston I think in 89 he is one of the dopest MC’s ever to do it. I loved that he talked about his own story. Great great podcast
  • cipher57
    Growing up Kane
    Growing up in my teenage years as a great big fan of Big Daddy Kane, this podcast game me great knowledge of my favorite MC of all time. It’s very interesting listening to Kane and the crew tell these stories as I think about were I was in life when I first heard those songs. I can wait to here more. Kane is and has always been on top of my Top 5 and will remain! Thank Kane for the great stories man! Much love brother and thank you Search for realizing that this brother has so many stories that need to be told for the culture. Keep them coming please? Byron
  • analogmoobz
    Bangin Podcast
    So good to hear the story behind so many classic hits from a classic rapper from the Golden Age of Hip-Hop!
  • SystmSix
    Daddy Kane
    Amazing… If you grew up in this time it brings you home like never before…
  • Cole Seer
    Incredible Podcast
    Next Level We Definitely Need This For The Culture
  • Theone73
    Great stories
    BDK is top 5 dead or alive!
  • TheRareElement
    Man each episode gets better and better. This is truly one of the only reasons I wish the week away for a new one.
  • MisterOctober5
    BEAUTIFUL! A Dream Come True
    Born and raised in BK, I always wanted to meet my FAVORITE MC/Rapper of all time, but this is just as good. These stories are hilarious! Just like his music, Kane paints vivid picture with his words, but with the addition of the background sounds it makes it genius. Getting into the mind of a young Kane makes me appreciate him more, because I always felt that no one could beat time in a classic type battle, I’m even convinced more that no mainstream rapper from his era and before was beating him. This dude actually travelled with a mix in a holster! Hahahahaha! Kane was really maniacal with this battle life. Yo, PLEASE keep these stories coming, this is a dream come true. BY the way, I’m 50 years old, but I feel like I’m that 16 years old fan that loved him after hearing “Just Rhyming with Biz” and “Get Into It”. Blessings to Kane and the great MC Serch! Peace!
  • JamsFrrever
    Essential Listening for Hip Hop Culture
    Thank you, Serch. This is extraordinary work. Do not miss. Blessings.
  • Dwytewillems
    Love it!
    To hear from the pharaohs personally and the background effects make it like you can visualize it all. Great concept keep it going.
  • Chief Diversity Officer
    Legendary and Timeless
    This podcast is incredible for anyone interested in understanding the untold back stories of Hip Hop’s greatest pioneers. Having the stories told from the sources themselves is a important element that is left out of most biographical/historic podcasts. As true fan and aficionado that knows most of these artist stories, I learned so much more from this podcast. Each episode goes deeper and deeper. Amazing stuff!
  • iFollowBack1
    Truly Timeless
    Heard about this on Serch’s ep of Drink Champs. So glad I caught that ep because I now know about this! Authentic and probably perfect.
  • Sexy and Awsome
    I love it
    Not only does it take me back to when I was a kid in the Bronx listening to Kane, but it made me feel like I stepped back in time growing up. I love listening to the behind scene stories of hip hop
  • App lover skunt
    This is Hip hop history right here.
    Such a great way of telling a story, I can’t wait for the next episode.
  • 84CG
    If it’s Kane, it’s a five-star automatically without question
  • C Chil
    Who flat top ruled?
    20 years down the line we can start this, because we will be the old school artists!! This is a great podcast, brings back memories. We been waiting 30 plus years for an explanation on why BDK was so dope!! Good job!
  • Smiley co
    Been waiting to hear stuff like this from Kane! He’s definitely one of the best.
  • Monkey Brains 420
    Real talk 🔥🔥🔥
  • MoneyMarcu$
    💯%Classic Material
    This is so dope! Can’t wait to here more. Kane is the right person to “Set it off”👍🏾👌🏾💪🏾🥇🏆💐🔥🔥🔥💯
  • LeonLamont
  • Curtis75Black
    This is a dope concept that takes away from the now infamous “Talk Over” that happens when the rapper is the host. This lets the emcee guest speak his/her mind and tell the story without interruption. NICE !!
  • donron
    Well produced and well done
    I’m eager to hear the next episode!
  • JayBraz
    A Golden Era Hip -Hop 5 star podcast
    What a great series on Kane. Lots of great stories and inside knowledge on the one and only Big daddy Kane
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