Murder In Alliance


On April Fools Day 1999, 26-year-old Yvonne Layne was found murdered in her Ohio home. David Thorne, her ex-boyfriend and father of one of her children, was instantly a suspect. David was eventually tried, convicted, and sentenced to life without parole for the murder of Yvonne. But the entire investigation may have been botched, or even worse, covered up. Now, after 22 years journalist Maggie Freleng investigates Yvonne’s murder alongside Jason Baldwin (himself wrongfully convicted as a member of the West Memphis Three) and his organization Proclaim Justice. Is David actually innocent? And if so, who did kill Yvonne Layne?

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  • Erynnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
    Well Done
    So well done! Maggie and her team looked at this case from every angle. They looked at all evidence and not just the pieces that were favorable to David. I loved listening to this - it was thorough and intriguing.
  • jackburtonsporkchopexpress
    I was held in wrapt attention for the entirety of this podcast. My heart breaks for every human touched by this case.
  • Studly1975
    I could not stop listening.
    You all did an amazing job. I was so shocked near the end but feel you did everything right!
    True crime favorite …
    Maggie is one of the best podcasters around . This was not an easy story to tell but they did an amazing job . Her honesty was brutal but necessary . I thought the guys were genuine & very skilled investigators . I hope they work on something together again .
  • tonicjo
    Love it!
    I am Obsessed with the Obsessed Network!
  • beaumomma15
    One of the best true crime podcasts I’ve ever listened to! Every episode was engaging, suspenseful and well thought out. The thorough coverage of the case and the captivating delivery made this podcast 100% binge-worthy.
  • Rgdsh
    Love this podcast
    Fantastic. Can’t wait to hear more from Maggie.
  • Songbird0113
    Really Well Done
    The pace of this show is fantastic; each episode just long enough that I learn something new while eager to learn even more. Also it’s really nice to hear Jason Baldwin doing excellent work and showing his talents and intelligence on something OTHER than West Memphis Three documentaries and interviews. I have nothing but admiration for him and what he and his partner are trying to do with their innocence work. And finally, without spoiling anything I’ll just say I REALLY appreciated how clear it was that this podcast had NO hidden agenda. It was a true, 360-degree look into this case, and didn’t shy away from diving deep on facts that perhaps weren’t as “convenient” to the overarching storyline. I feel like I have a full understanding of this case, instead of just a one-sided view. Well done!
  • Swaggershot
    Love It!
    On episode 5 and so far so good. I love the dialogue and and how she lays out the evidence.
  • MarkMisel
    This will keep you wanting more! Maggie and team turn this case inside out and take you on a non stop ride as they search for what really happened!
  • NEvans2002
    Fantastic podcast!!!
    Absolutely gut wrenching story for multiple reasons. Maggie and her team did an amazingly thorough job investigating this crime. Definitely worth listening to!
  • quentinre
    Great journalism
    Amazing investigative work. Hope there is another season!
  • Collierl
    In this day and age of instant gratification, this podcast was a great display of slow and deliberate. Honest reporting. While the truth may never be known, one thing is certain. You all researched and reported this case with integrity and never over stepped. Thank you.
  • MissGigi10
    Great job!
    I loved hearing the realness when y’all were just talking to each other about the information you had gathered. I think you all did a great job giving both David and Joe a fair shot in trying to turn this around. You did a better job investigating than the police. The world need more people like you. Can’t wait to hear more from you! ~Gigi
  • KelseyR96
    It’s okay-ish
    I listen to a lot of true crime podcasts and this has an intriguing story line. It was a bit drawn out, I found myself frustrated that the same facts and observations were repeated over and over. It could have been half as long with the same information
  • lebrebtak
    Highly recommend!
    Great podcast, good pacing of the story, interesting narrators and great storytelling. You don’t want to miss this one!
  • PureSugarNow
    Fantastic story telling. I anxiously await each new episode. Thank you! Keep it coming, please.
  • taa1031
    This case was very interesting and held my attention. Well done and unexpected ending.
  • ktb224
    Definitely one to listen to
    Half way through, so far great binge.
  • Mhcptt
    Integrity in wrongful conviction podcasting
    I’ve noticed a trend of TC podcast trying to recreate that wrongful conviction Serial, Making a Murder-esq hit case. And it seems after they put in years into making the podcast, committing to a case, and getting to know the convicted’s supporters or family, they kind of lose their integrity or ability to look at the case objectively. Almost like they have to make it work now after committing so much time to it and making a whole podcast about it and become “the last hope”/ savior figure for the family/supporters, and as a result, end up omitting or manipulating a lot of evidence and presenting a spin story. Towards the end of this podcast I had that familiar pit in my stomach where yes I did believe the LE were corrupt and incompetent but also objectively, aside from any speculating or abundance of “benefit of the doubt giving” to David, it seemed none of the leads were panning out and nothing new to help David seemed to be revealed, just more problems… I figured I would just have to buckle down and finish listening to another spin podcast with a serious case of “wrongfully convicted white man syndrome” that would gaslight or victim blame, ir excuse wrong/ abusive behavior in attempts to save itself… But the Proclaim Justice and Maggie proved me wrong. I was so impressed to hear their raw honestly and questioning of themselves and their cause. I started to relate to Maggie and her pain of having to tell Susan and let her down. It gave me a glimpse into how close these podcasters get to the moms and wives and family of these convicted men and how that is a huge aspect of presenting the case and such a hard biased to overcome… I give this podcast 5 stars because it was incredibly brave and had so much integrity and I think that is hard to come by in the “wrongfully convicted white man podcast” world and it set a great example on how to handle it. This case was not cut and dry and deserved the investigation and looking into it more and as ungrateful as David and his wife might be now, they were giving an incredible amount of attention and time that other “wrongful convicted” cases do not. It’s shows we should look into everything more, question everything but also, at the end of the day, be able to remain objective and how important it is, with so many actual wrongful convictions, know when and where to draw the line so we don’t just keep investing so much time and media attention to the same few white men for the sake of podcasting success when there’s much more out there that need the public’s help and attention. Maggie you are very brave- thank you for this.
  • Addy_007
    Thank you for your honesty Maggie!! This must have been a difficult case for you!
  • KP406MT
    Lots of twists and turns. An excellent listen!
  • Akashford
    Awesome show
    I love this podcast! They gave just enough detail from the crime without being gruesome. And innocent people in prison is some thing that upsets me so much! I’m so glad we have people who are passionate about those cases and willing to work hard to find the truth.
  • meckmamma
    Maggie is the best!! Danny and John really dug in and for the first time ever I went from total innocence to 100% guilt. I felt so sorry for Joe David was seen in a different light Maggie should not be so hard on herself we all were duped last episode
  • Rjc79
    Excellent work!
    I don’t usually write reviews, but this one, this one is very well done! Maggie is an excellent investigative journalist. She knows what she’s doing. Can’t wait to hear what she does next!
  • Jstmickey
    Amazingly done
    This was definitely an amazingly well done podcast and investigation. It’s a shame more information didn’t come to light with the new investigation being done. At the end of the day, I hope Yvonne’s family can have some peace and have a good life. She is with them in spirit and I’m sure she’d want the best for them.
  • Sabelrose
    Excellent podcast.
    Clear, easy to follow, compelling reporting. Maggie Freleng is authentic.
  • Murderino80
    Amazingly done Podcast!
    I have enjoyed listening to this podcast SO much. Real raw feelings. So well done!
  • alex_houg
    Maggie is so thorough and detailed and the plot is really intriguing. Has a similar rhythm as Criminal.
  • high_voltage_crypto
    This was originally one sided but they really were willing to follow leads unbiased. This had me on the edge of my seat.
  • Lil Lizifer X
    I enjoyed the way this was all done. I also respect Maggie for wrapping the story up in the most honest way, no matter who wanted a different outcome. Reminds me of the sad conclusion of Mile Marker 181.
  • Leezlemon
    Journalistic credibility for the win
    A smart investigator who is also a gifted storyteller occupies rare air already. Add heart and uncompromising integrity and you have Maggie Freleng (sp?). Your work is important, thank you for what you do.
  • Pinkpoodle1293
    Stellar podcast!!
    Kudos to this incredible team for their hard work. Binged while gardening and blown away. Thank you for sharing this moving story and for the real investigative work!
  • Aaaaabbbbccccddddee
    Great podcast!!
    Heard about this case from True Crime Garage. I feel so bad for everyone involved. I am on episode 5 right now. Hope everyone listens!!!
  • big daddy sweet love
    Great job everyone
    I loved this pod cast it happened near where I live so the are being discussed was familiar.Maggie and the rest of the investigation team were real, emotional,and inspirering! This was a job well done.
  • Ifihavetomakeonemorename
    Very interesting
    Maggie really cares and you can tell. This starts off seeming pretty biased and then she gets very open about her feelings and the findings for this case. Very well done.
  • tiffyolivia2012
    I absolutely LOVED this podcast! It was phenomenal! You’re an amazing person Maggie!
  • Andreaburkedmcdonald
    This is one of those Podcasts that immediately grabs your interest and keeps you captivated throughout. Great job!
  • Dcg :)
    I’m loving this so far.
  • aspirinkid.7
    Excellent podcast
    I totally binged the whole thing in 2 days
  • Mrs. Hart 💕
    Alliance is my home town!
    I was hoping I recognized names because I have an older brother and sister, but unfortunately nothing rang a bell. You all invested so much into this and truly believed of their innocence. Thank you for caring about small towns, especially Alliance, Ohio! This is such a great podcast and it keeps everyone guessing! I hope, in time the truth reveals itself!
  • Ennisch
    Murder In Alliance
    Very well done. Love the host, Maggie and the story was riveting.
  • 4jens
    Best podcast
    One of the best true crime podcast I have listened to! I can’t wait for the next season!
  • joeslummer
    Just think, the research could have been done before hitting record the first time.
  • Alexa Catherine
    Good people
    Good show, good people. Out there trying to do the right thing and got conned. David Thorne was a conman. He manipulated Joe, his wife and now y’all…hopefully after this show he won’t be able to con anyone else… so maybe ALL your work wasn’t done in vain. To the person sayin you owe an apology and that they hope you get sued… nothing y’all said about the police department was incorrect. Remember in school how you had to show your work… even if you got the right answer? Same thing here. Maybe if they would’ve done their job correctly the first time, you and all these other people wouldn’t have wasted their time trying to help this guy. Just because David was guilty doesn’t mean the police over there weren’t dirty…sleeping with prostitutes (while the babies were home), stealing drugs from evidence and bringing dates to crime scenes. 🙌 my heart goes out to you girlfriend
  • Neebonator
    Outstanding work Maggie!
    I enjoyed this podcast so much! I’m leaning towards guilt for David and Joe, but this was a amazing bit of journalism.
  • Thisismomsense
    Wow! That was a roller coaster and it did not end on the track I thought it would! Loved it.
  • Beavcoon145
    Could feel the emotion in Maggie’s voice
    Listened to the final episode in the car today. Such a great podcast. No spoilers but such emotion in the hosts voice as she wrapped up the series! So much work, so many details, so interesting. Great job. Looking forward to the next podcast.
  • JessLF1588
    Alaina from Morbid recommended this and I’m SO GLAD she did! This podcast is awesome!
  • cxxxxppppp
    This has been a journey….
    Maggie could read a cereal box and make it interesting. This one wrecked me! I was so shocked with the ending and hearing her cry her heart out was so heartbreaking. I wish all the best but if Maggie couldn’t find anything new then I don’t think anyone will. I have to say also that I really enjoyed the partnership on this story and hope the join up again!
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