Princess of South Beach

Fiction #19

Twin sisters María del Carmen and Gloria are separated at birth and raised in dramatically different ways – one in a convent and the other in the lap of luxury. When a freak accident kills Gloria, María del Carmen assumes her identity and uncovers that Gloria’s rich family isn’t as picture perfect as they seem. Told in English and in Spanish, the series pays homage to beloved telenovela tropes but adds modern twists. The series stars Rachel Zegler (West Side Story) and Sheryl Rubio (Casa de las Flores) and features Raul Esparza, Richie O’Farrill, Danny Pino, Gina Torres, Erika de la Vega and many more across both languages.

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  • fagonzo yogini bear
    Enjoying it
    I’m really enjoying the podcast. Very much like a telenovela to enjoy while working on other things. I wish it would play all Spanish since that is what I chose rather than having to go back to click rather than just letting it play through. Estoy disfrutando este podcast. Es mucho como una telenovela, y disfrutó escuchar cuando estoy trabajando en otras cosas. Me gustaría más si se pudiera escuchar solamente en español porque eso es lo que escogí. Pero me encanta que hay las dos idiomas para escoger.
  • Anouska Podcast
    My morning escape!
    This podcast/telenovela truly lets you escape life and become immersed in this family drama! Brilliantly written and acted. I look forward to new episodes popping up and cannot wait to see how this twisted plot plays out.
  • Doc_95
    Gloriously Absurd but Filled to the Brim with Heart — A Gem
    I’m obsessed! And why am I obsessed? Well… it’s simple! I love this show! I love the gleefully convoluted story, the larger-than-life characters, the quasi-improvised feel of some of the quirky exchanges between them, and I especially love just how committed it is to injecting some awkward comedy into a well-worn formula. On top of that! It’s truly a dream to be able to listen to a Telenovela on the fly—and not just any old Telenovela, but a modern, absurd take on everything I LOVE about Telenovelas. Really, this is just one of those podcasts where you can feel that every single person involved—be it the actors, the writers, the director, the sound design team, etc.—are just firing on all cylinders. I can’t wait to see how this all ends, and I can’t wait to tell all my fellow podcast aficionados just how special and unique this project is. Go listen to it! Now!
  • DulceRey
    My favorite podcast!
    Didn’t think I’d be so into a “pod-vela”! Very entertaining, great casting! Story line has me laughing and wanting more than 20min!
  • Robgon1
    Buena pero…
    Esta buena pero deberían de dividirla en idiomas para que no se intercalen y poder escuchar de corrido en un idioma y no estar cambiando el capítulo
  • ty_wwe
    Congrats to Rachel Zegler and the cast it’s a fantastic masterpiece and a good podcast
  • LabBandBud
    Unexpectedly funny and entertaining
    I’ve got to be honest, I am not a fan of telenovelas on TV but this is amazing! The production is top notch - I feel like I’m on set! The characters are super funny and the story very well written. I can’t wait for the next episode :)
  • maryinciarte
    Excelente idea, producción y sonido
    Me encantan la idea, está súper entretenida para salir a caminar y escuchar algo diferente, el sonido es buenísimo
  • For The Love of Drama
    I can’t find many of these (if any) in Podcasts - I hope they make more “Pod-velas”(?) they keep me company while I work on my accounting projects. Need more of these please! ;)
  • scarey0630
    Loving this so far.
    I’ve never really watched a telenovela but I’ve been looking for something new and entertaining. I love it! The episodes are short so I can listen while I run out to the grocery store, or text walking to my daughter’s bus stop. Raul Esparza was the reason I tuned in, Danny too! But I’m staying for the writing. Can’t wait for the next episode! Also thank you for posting it in English as well! Otherwise I would’ve missed out.
  • zeldaellie
    The most fun - whether or not you're a fan of telenovela genre
    I'll be honest while I did watch telenovelas with family growing up, it's NOT something I thought I could ever relate to as an adult! But this show is soooo funny, the characters are so over the top and I love how they have modernized it with the kinds of references and topics I talk to friends about. Plus I am a huge Law & Order SVU fan and Danny Pino and Raul Esparza are in it and they get to be latino!! Also a huge fan of Gina Torres and I've never heard her speak Spanish in a role, it was so much fun.
  • cvee16
    So glad this exists!
    What an amazing cast - excited to see where the story goes next
  • curlyheadnyc
    Me ayudan mi español
    Gracias !! Estaba buscando algo divertida para mejor mi español! Lo encontré!
  • vivmia
    Princess of South Beach
    Buenísima producción! Looking forward to the next episodes
  • Meow meow meow, chill
    Fun, funny and really well done.
    I’m hooked. What an addictive podcast adventure this is!! I promise you, give it 3 minutes and then, you’ll be hooked too!
  • Marea Chaveco
    Delicious Audio
    This is not the podcast genre I am attracted to but I was curious. Now I’m hooked and cannot wait for the episodes that follow! With a wink and a nod the tongue in cheek dialogue is deliciously entertaining!!! I didn’t know how much I needed this in my life. A wonderful break from reality!
  • Trackbrat1
    I love this show!
    So awesome that it’s in both languages.
  • 82eric
    Such a fun and smart podcast! Incredible cast also. Can’t wait to hear more!
  • GabyUMX
    The perfect Podcast-Novela !
    Love to hear Rachel Zegler & Sheryl Rubio
  • Cjachacha
    Princess of South Beach
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