The UP Sponsorship Platform

A simple, transparent, data-driven podcast sponsorship network. The first platform built on real listener data.

For Podcasters

Transparent and fair
Get paid based on the number of Apple listeners who hear your sponsorship read.

Stop leaving money on the table
When you price on average download numbers, you leave money on the table A) when you make outstanding episodes and B) when your audience is growing. With UP, you get rewarded for both.

Get paid quick
No more waiting for payments. You get paid within 30 days of your episode window.

100% control
You choose the sponsors that fit with what appeals to your audience.

For Sponsors

Pay for listens, not downloads
A download is an audio file on a device, a listen is the ear of your customer. Pay for customers who actually hear your message.

Get precise listener stats
Which parts of your message did listeners like and not like? What percentage of listeners skipped? You are only charged for listeners who listened through the whole ad.

Partner with your favorite shows
Simplify the process of reaching out to highly targeted shows. Are there shows that you love but don’t know how to contact or what to pay? UP helps with outreach, fair pricing and podcaster support through the campaign.

Back future winners
Podcasters who join UP grow rapidly using the UP cross-promo platform. Establish a long-term brand relationship with them early.