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Design #38

Deep (and not-so-deep) conversations about home improvement, design, and life at home. Tune in for weekly episodes filled with casual decorating advice, DIY stories, interviews with experts, and a smattering of tips and ideas that can help you simplify, organize, and update your home. Sherry and John Petersik are the married duo who began chronicling their home improvement adventures in 2007 on the blog Young House Love, which spawned two New York Times best-selling books, as well as product lines sold by Target and Home Depot. And, well, now they have a podcast.

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  • Fun1894
    Gotten so dull
    Lack of DIY info and home improvements as the shows progress. Would like less drawn out peels of laughter and less repetitive sentences. They need to stop repeating what the other has said. We can understand the first time. If they have run out of hints and ideas to share them it’s time to change the podcast name. Edit with latest episode: wish she would downsize her laugh.
  • jazzfan322
    Yay, welcome back
    Glad you’re making podcast episodes again, even if they won’t be weekly. I will say, even if you don’t do as many DIY projects as before, I would find it interesting to listen to more regular content about your broader lifestyle and approaches to living happily as a young family. For example, I loved the story about the spontaneous gratitude song! Given that the pandemic is dragging on, hearing about how you navigate home and family life, smaller scale decor or cooking projects, stuff you are digging and game segments, would be awesome! And I enjoy Sherry’s impressions.
  • Laura814
    So happy you’re back!
    I was SO happy to have you back in my ears with this holiday special. I laughed out loud three different times - and no podcast makes me do that. Thank you for the joy!
  • Jvieau
    It’s a Christmas miracle!
    I was THRILLED to see a new YHL podcast! Thank you for this wonderful gift! I’ve missed hearing your voices so much! And I got the Heather Dubrow reference😉 RHOC for LIFE! Merry Christmas!
  • Heather Bo
    Awesome Podcast!
    Always an interesting range of topics, delivered in a lively and relatable way!
  • #nonuckname#1
    Baby Chair
    I’ve been a long time listener, from the days of the baby chair.
  • Lazydaze117
    Love this show!
    I love this podcast and have been listening on my 40 min commute to and from work (which is roughly the length of each episode!) also, I started listening backwards and it is so funny to hear the foreshadowing from earlier episodes after already knowing what happens. Can't wait for you to bring this back!!
  • lvbeidg
    Love Young House Love
    I miss this podcast so much! I always look forward to a new episode. Hearing all the embarrassing stories, relatable situations, and decision making processes make this podcast *perfection*
  • DawnH3
    Settling into our new house
    Thanks for another great episode! We are currently trying to settle into our new house. It’s a 1988 farmhouse with A LOT of improvements needed. I enjoyed listening to how you settled into your house. I was scraping textured ceilings while I listened 😂.
  • SandraGinKS
    Ever coming back?
    Long time YHL fan and regular listener of the podcast. They went on a break and haven’t heard from them for months. Is the podcast coming back or is it over for good. Would really appreciate some type of update.
  • Emilylovesyounghouse
    Best podcast ever!
    This podcast was how I made it through quarantine summer 2020 and I’m dying for a new episode! It’s always such a fun and relaxing listen and you’re always sure to learn something new!
  • @interplanetjanet
    Just started listening
    Just started listening. I have seen the blog before, but didn’t know there was a podcast. Very informative and entertaining.
  • KellyStarr5
    I’ve listened to every episode 3-4 times
    This podcast is my favorite to listen to over and over. The episodes are fun and lighthearted, educational, and just pleasant to listen to when I just want to relax!
  • Moogly7629
    They leave you wanting more
    I love John and Sherry so much, but much like their blogging days, they stopped podcasting just when I wanted more. I do hope they will return to podcasting soon. I miss them every Monday!
  • TaresaN2017
    Listen while doing home projects
    I have been painting 12 hours and this podcast is the only thing making it bearable. It’s funny, I’m learning tons of tips for diy and home renos.
  • Smitla10
    Good conversation & great info!
    I was a YHL blog reader a few years ago and only just discovered they had a podcast. So interesting to hear how their voices sound like their writing. The podcast is both informative and a nice break from doomscrolling and the news.
  • subikj
    Missing you
    Love these two. Super, professional, informative, funny, great singer (sherdog) , always makes my Monday brighter. Hope you get back at it soon!
  • mctie91
    Impossumble not to love!
    Put it on your cafeteria tray of life because it’s impossumble (imopossumble???) not to love. 🎶There are baskets in the attic; there are baskets!🎶 This is what happens when you listen to the podcast in its entirety in a month and 4 days...
  • TreasuredFamilies
    Fun & Full of Great Tips
    Think a podcast about decor is a hard concept to grasp? Give this a listen because John & Sherry take home decor and lifestyle to a fun place. Full of great tips and interviews, this is one of my favorite podcasts ever. I hope they return soon, but if not there is plenty here for new listeners that is bingeworthy! Start at the beginning and enjoy the journey of their home projects and so much more!
  • Doglover😋🐶
    Thank you!
    Thank you for making this podcast! I love it!
  • CurlyGurlee
    Quirky, fun and chockful of great tips
    Great way to begin any week. I have been a longtime fan of their blog, but the podcast is a new level of fun and information. DIY, family life, cool items to check out, trends, something for everyone. Hope they return soon!!
  • canterstar
    Light hearted
    Best podcast. Light hearted and informative. Everything doesn’t have to be so serious guys. Give yourself a break and listen. I’m going to miss this podcast but seriously hope you guys are back very soon
  • kanyes b!tch
    What’s the hype?
    They are really hard to listen to. Constant laughing by Sherry and very self absorbed. John is condescending... they both seem a bit out of touch.
  • Giselle Aerni
    The one podcast I always listen to
    So glad John and Sherry are back from the summer! This is the one podcast I always listen to as soon as I can after it airs, every episode. Having just started my own podcast, I now realize how important the ratings and reviews are and I owed them this 5 star rating and review years ago. Seriously, this podcast always makes me smile and I can’t wait to listen it every time! So thanks you two and sorry for the delay!!
  • tranteryost
    I don’t get the appeal
    I guess I just can’t listen to someone talk about a fence they had installed and the most exciting part of it was that “posts were delayed 9 weeks.” If you find John and Sherry’s overexplaining rapid speak 'adorable and charming' then you'll love this podcast. If you're looking for thoughtful, in-depth design commentary, you'll hate it.
  • Tlrhlj
    Can’t miss podcast
    I look forward to listening to John and Sherry every Monday. This podcast is light, funny and informative. Keep doing what you do YHL.
  • smkinnard
    Favorite podcast!
    This podcast is about so much more than home renovation. John and Sherry are talking about the kind of lives we want to build, along with the houses they’ve renovated and their tips for our own homes. They are insightful, down-to-earth, and funny. This is one my kids love to listen to with me, too!
  • themostcolorfulone
    Love Following their Family’s Story
    I’ve been a YHL fan for years and really enjoy listening to the light-hearted and informative episodes with fun details of the Petersik fam’s home and life adventures. Love that they have segments (including a fun game in many episodes) and that the episodes are not too long — perfect for listening in the car or while getting things done around the house.
  • w.ash
    By far my favorite Podcast
    I love listening to John and Sherry! They make me laugh every episode
  • Hoese
    YHL Love
    Love the length of the YHL podcasts! They always go by so fast and make me excited for the next one. Love all the little segments. My attention span needs this. Catching up with the pod after their winter break on my pumping breaks after maternity leave 👶🏻🐄
  • Kwhitney12
    John and Sherry are the best!!
    This podcast has a great mix of helpful hints, funny stories, and they really let you in on what they’re doing a lot of the time. Also, the Petersiks have the most fun dynamic that can brighten any day. 😄
  • m0956
    So fun
    Love listening to these two. Great stories, helpful tips, and a fun energy. I’m bummed that I’m all caught up because now I can’t listen to a new episode whenever I want.
  • Heidi from Utah
    Carefree and fun listening
    I love listening to John and Sherry! I have listened to all their episodes and look forward to new ones. I had followed their blog for years, but I felt I knew their personalities so much better after just one episode. I appreciate their design and life advice and I know their Podcast will give me an upbeat lift during my day. Some other Podcasts I listen to are heavy and serious and I like that this one is carefree and fun! It’s my favorite!
  • ebofit
    My favorite entertaining listen
    These two are just so fun to listen to. They play fun design games, offer loads of design info, and insert pop culture exactly as needed. Keep podcasting John and Sherry, don’t know what i would do without you.
  • Spritz.
    Getting bland
    Getting bland
  • chicana allstar
    A favorite
    John and Sherry are so relatable! I look forward to Mondays knowing I can get through dreaded tasks listening to them. They are just fun, and pass on great tips. Also appreciate their openness and honesty. Always a great listen.
  • SarahEC82
    The only podcast I listen to!
    I love this podcast! John and Sherry are so much fun, and they share tons of helpful tips, products, and stories. They make my 5 am runs so much more fun!
  • rene.nay
    Fun and more fun!
    I enjoy listening to these two now-familiar voices on the way to work Mondays. Their games, home and life tips, and overall optimism brings joy to my week. I also am encouraged by them rid unnecessary things in my home to make life more enjoyable.
  • AussieinTX
    Seriously Fun and interesting
    Love listening to John and Sherry! I’m constantly laughing and learning so much. It’s like sitting around with friends chatting. Do yourself a favor and listen!
  • blue 07 berry
    entertaining and hilarious
    such a great podcast! i recommend!
  • erin&co
    Favorite podcast
    I love listening. John and Sheri have great style & are very practical when it comes to making design decisions. Their podcast is funny, entertaining, and fun. Sending love from MN!
  • VonVaca
    Your new BFFs who keep design funny and real!
    I am long overdue to write this podcast review - I’ve been listening to John & Sherry on my commute home from work for years (I was always driving.... that’s why I couldn’t write a review!.... that’s my excuse!). John & Sherry are my favorite home design podcasters! They are honest and real when it comes to DIY, home renovations, and daily life, while keeping it lighthearted and funny. They are so authentic, from baskets in the attic to the more-than-occasional bathroom talk. I laugh out loud to their humorous banter! Both bring to the table their own areas of expertise. I really value John’s thorough research and reviews. He writes very detailed DIY tutorials on the blog. And I love Sherry’s insights on staging, decorating, DIYs, and contractor experience. Young House Love is such an approachable, lovable design podcast and blog. I recommend them to everyone!
  • countrybanana
    Perfect for new homeowners
    I started listening to this at the recommendation of a friend when she found out my fiancé and I purchased our first home. I burned through all 99 episodes in two weeks while I cleaned my new house and ripped up sticky tile that the previous owners put over hardwood floors. John and Sherry make me laugh and inspire me to tackle our fixer upper projects.
  • laurpoliski
    I love Younghouselove has a podcast!
    At first I thought... how can you have a podcast about home decor?! This is weird and don’t you need to have a visual?? John and Sherry proved me wrong and I have become obsessed even more recently with their Florida move and downsizing! I get so excited for a new episode to come out each week!!
  • sarah.kathryn.
    I listen while driving to work!
    I’ve been listening to Young House Love for several months now on my commute to work, and it has quickly become one of my very favorite podcasts. I’ve learned so much and laughed so much. My very favorite moment from listening was when Sherry had a little trouble pronouncing her favorite nail polish “ta ta.” I laughed so hard about that!
  • IHaveAPodcastAddiction
    Great Show!
    Young House Love always has funny and relatable content. I've gone back and listened to their earlier content for an extra YHL dose and it is still great years later. I do wish the episodes were longer. They make me want to DIY something, anything. And I'm the least handy person ever.
  • mrssombrero20
    My favorite!!
    I look forward to Mondays so that I can listen to YHL!! John and Sherry are so authentic, informative and entertaining. I love your blog & learning new ideas and inspiration from you both! Thanks for all you do 😀
  • Kristi pn
    Entertaining and relaxing
    John and Sherry hit the perfect mix of entertaining but also a great podcast to listen to when I am cooking, driving, etc. I have listened to every single one! In my top 3 podcasts!
  • blpcote
    Where I listen
    I listen on my way to our lake house on Fridays. By myself. In the car. It’s like my private “me” time. All the best in Florida. I admire your sense of adventure.
  • VBTara
    Long time can
    I have listened to every episode - typically on the day they are available. I just love their journey and their upbeat perspective is certainly needed these days.
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