And That's Why We Drink

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Murder and the paranormal finally meet! Grab your wine and milkshakes and join us every Sunday for some chilling ghost stories and downright terrifying true crime stories. The world's a scary place. And that's why we drink!

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  • Bijtop
    Favorite road trip podcast
    Me and my boyfriend always listen to ATYWD on road trips and the time just flies by. It’s funny, very real and then has spooky and true crime entertainment. 10/10 recommend. I also love Em and Christine cause they say all the stuff i think it my head, out loud. They are goals for me working on being less performative in conversations IRL.
  • 83meowj
    Spooky and fun!
    One of my favorite podcasts. I love curling up on the couch with my little one with a salty snack in hand and slurping down a hot beverage while listening to the Christine and Em tell us their wild stories. I love spooky so Ems part is always a fav. Especially bc they do fun deep dives into all of the things, example being dark holes, time travel or a simple ghost story. Whatever it is, they are wonderful story tellers. Then pops on Christine with a true crime event. Whatever the case may be, Christine tells each story with passion and care. Which is a must as true crime stories aren’t fun to tell. The podcast is also great for car rides. My Grandpa (RIP❤️) who recently passed, lived about an hour and a half away. Perfect timing to hit play as I put the keys in the ignition and begin my drive to see him. Typically the podcast may last as long as the drive. And if I’m in luck, maybe longer!
  • Honeyhorse
    The best duo
    Been listening to these two since 2017, their humor always makes my day, the rabbit trail conversations in between are the highlight. Every story is told perfectly and I appreciate their sensitivity with the true crime side.
  • andrea.loves.hiking
    Nonstop Amazingness 🥩
    Worth it just to hear Em’s “That time I went to the steak house at midnight but never got a steak” story (206?).
  • lhurcomb
    Quality podcast
    These guys rock. One of the better comedy true crime podcasts with paranormal stuff too! What more could you want! Jeeze!
  • Ant4450
    Pretty good show but they be talking bad about men a lot in the 2022 episodes, other then that it’s been good
  • JMSmith24
    Feels like friends
    I’m been listening since the very beginning. I became an avid podcast listener because of this show. Em and Christine have a great chemistry and I love the updates and content they come up with. I feel like a friend tuning in every week!
  • E the Flea
    The best
    The best podcast around! I love the mash of the paranormal/weird and true crime. I admit I’m not cool enough, and half the time I stop after the paranormal, so I don’t walk around paranoid. But I love these people. Super funny, and down to earth!
  • Shlz
    Em EASILY distracted/passive aggressive w/Christine
    Random, irrelevant subject matter to have to fast-forward 30 seconds at a time; & missing the ONE important sentence actually related to the story👿then having to “rewind” 15 secs at a time to find said sentence & listening to Em passive-aggressively torturing Christine…the stories are amazing but the gaslighting towards the other host, Christine is incredibly frustrating. Em is easily distracted from the story line after giving us one sentence intro to the story snd after over 40 min of random irrelevant subjects, we get a little more before distraction occurs again….UGH. I LOVE the stories, H8 the 40+ intro convo & having to endure sev other breakdowns from the story; randomly peppered throughout the actual podcast material, more fast-forwarding will be required. Not a good look…..or listen. Might need to take a break as TWWD podcasts get longer & longer due to these extraneous distractions of personal convo before you even get to the actual meat/potatoes of the particular podcast material.
  • ohreds77
    Your book
    Just preordered your book!!! Can’t wait to get it!!! Emily
  • Katyw82
    Keep me busy
    I found this podcast through Sinisterhood and now listening from the beginning. It makes my time go by while spending all day on the costume truck working long hours.
  • Cd0713
    Love the podcast!
    I started listening in 2021 and got caught up last year. I always look forward to new episodes and love the banter and the stories!
  • HollyAShah1
    Oodles of Noodles
    I’m binging all the episodes right now. Ive made it to 2021 and its still really good. My favorite is the listener stories because you can tell they honestly scare the piss out of you. Much love and continued success.
  • Jillzrrrr
    Audio Mix
    PLEASE hire a sound/mixing engineer/editor???!??!???? It is so hard to listen to the podcast because of the quiet, then eardrum-busting loudness. It is all over the place. I truly enjoy the podcast, but I am about to have to give up listening to it because of the audio issues.
  • Ray Reesey
    I spend all my time looking at butts.
    As a former poker dual rate a Harrah’s Kansas City, I think it’s important to support dealers and beverage servers not in that order. But, my teeth are too weak to bite into the content these two people are covering, so it’s probably better that they’re camping out on these subjects.
  • StL Sister
    Love this podcast but Ep 374 was not Em’s best. Seemed poorly researched and overly sensitive and not fun.
  • Biglitt
    Favorite of all time
    I’ve been listening nonstop for the last year or so. I’m finally all caught up and don’t know what to do with myself. Love love love.
  • reallyfashionable
    Love this pod
    I can’t believe I’ve been listening since 2018 and haven’t written a review!! I love the spookiness, love the true crime, love the hosts. I personally love the tangents and the banter. It’s one of the only things that makes me LOL when I’m by myself.
  • jsidbroahf
    Love you both and love the show!
  • Slimeya
    G*n*cide Bystanders
    I used to love this podcast but as the situation in G4za rages on it has been frustrating to not see Em or Christine speak up. My final straw was the blatant endorsement of McDonald’s in the latest episode. This situation has been going on for 6 months so it’s not a matter of being pre-recorded. Em and Christine simple do not care about the world’s events. As public figures they have more power than you think. So disappointed.
  • pachreik
    Podcast has gone downhill recently.
  • mseiz
    losing me
    constant interruptions interfer with the flow of the story
  • LUCYR0mero
    After 3 months of nothing but these two in my ears…
    I love them. I work A LOT. They were a little annoying at first but they grew on me. I didn’t realize until later in there shows how pretty new they were to each other. They work so well. They banter so effortlessly that you’d think they’d have know one another in their since since grade school. Will continue to listen although I’m sad that I’ve now caught up. Congrats on the baby!! Go Lemon!!! Em cool too 😜.
  • Imasiasl
    Love these ladies
    Such a fantastic show!
  • Sasspergers
    Here for the true crime
    Nothing against Em but in a 2 hour and 20 minute episode we don’t get to Christine until 1:47:00 in. Can we start putting in the show notes when Christine’s part starts if we just want the true crime stuff?
  • AS1920Nanny
    Favorite Podcast!
    I love you guys so so much. I relisten to the shows all the time. The second half is always my favorite with Christine. I may or may not be in love with her haha. Only thing I don’t like is the constant belittling and hate for Christians. It be really nice if their “inclusion” reached out to everyone and realize that not all Christians, just like other religions, are the same.
  • St_barbie
    I understand that this podcast is called “And That’s Why We Drink”, but heed my warning when I tell you to avoid having anything to drink while listening. You will end up laughing so hard that the act of holding liquid in your mouth long enough to swallow will become an impossible task. Also, don’t wear makeup and expect it to stay. I look like Alice Cooper most of the time that I tune in because tears are streaming down my face.
  • Cece8425
    What's the deal?
    I love Em's storytelling, they do a wonderful job painting these stories in a fun and engaging way. I stopped following the show because, I don't like how Christine talks down to Em or the constant interrupting. It seems like Every time Em speaks, Christine is there interrupting or interjecting with her own personal story.
  • ALN7744
    Really diggin this podcast ladies!!!
    Em - I listen to your half :) truly enjoying listening to all stories and you two have such great chemistry!! Just started listening and going backwards to catch up on prior episodes!
  • MobMILF
    Love you!
    You both are beautiful people and I’m so thankful to have you fill my ear holes with humor, wit, and fascination tales. Thanks for all you do and the positivity you bring to the world (even if the topics get sticky at times).
  • Canderson6
    What's the Beef?
    Christine is rude and snotty recently. She talks down to Emily a lot. I really like the content but it's honestly awkward listening to the episodes recently.
  • Denbud61
    Thank You
    I really like your gals wit and wisdom, especially when you include my daughter, Amanda (Live Love Larceny) in your show! I’m sure this will embarrass her to know I wrote this. That’s great! We love to embarrass each other!!! 🤪 You have another new listener!!!!!
  • AmSuPoEm
    LOVE this show!
    So somewhere around 2021, I discovered Em and Christine, and I’ve been hooked ever since! For whatever reason, I decided I needed to start from the beginning. Yes, back to 2017! Today, in March of 2024, I am officially caught up. But now I don’t know WHAT I’m going to listen to on my ATWWD binge days!! Not sure how I’ll make it til Sunday each week! Hope to catch you at a live show one day! Keep on keeping it spooky, you two!
  • trying2Brational
    Stay on topic!
    Banter ruins continuity of stories. Frustrating.
  • unleash_the_breest
    Generally a Fun Show
    Overall I enjoy this show and think the format of one spooky story and one true crime story is a great setup for easy listening. It is one of my go-to shows while doing laundry and other simple tasks around the house. However, if you have a pet peeve (like me) of hearing someone repeatedly talk over another person… you may not enjoy this show. Some episodes are worst about it than others, but it is a distraction for me from the comedic banter and general enjoyment of the show.
  • Stephers87
    Great but some problems
    I’ve been listening to this show for a long time. They are funny and enjoyable to listen to, but however. They seem to be very to be very sensitive to people and their situations but at the same time they don’t even take the time to learn to pronounce their names correctly??? I dunno. There are times it seems lazy but at the same time I do enjoy their banter. Overall, I listen every week and enjoy the show but the only thing I’d say is if you’re talking about victims or the dead you should at least to pronounce their names correctly and not say “I don’t know I didn’t look up how to say it” 🤷🏼‍♀️
  • Shaneman001
    Love this show!
    I love these two ladies as they cover spooky paranormal cases and share the funny commentary on what happens during recording sessions. Congrats on your live tour ladies!
  • Jfkdgnajsihdbxixnsh
    Wanna have some fun and feed your spooky addiction?
    Welcome to And That’s Why We Drink! These two hosts are funny, real, and passionate about the subject matter. They make my day so much better. I listen at work (sometimes on ear buds) and they are my entertainment for the day. Thank you to my sister for recommending this podcast and thank you to Em and Christine (and Gio) for the great podcast, laughs and spooky stories!
  • Cait0326
    My all-time absolute favorite podcast and two of my favorite people!
    I’ve been listening from the beginning and have decided to start re-listening from the beginning and hearing how far they’ve come is incredible and so much fun! I feel like I’ve grown up with them and they feel like long-distance best friends. I’m so proud of them and their success and can’t wait to see how far they go in life!!
  • luckyB908
    Best podcast
    Thanks for all the laughs
  • Walcottcj
    Enjoyed for a few years but just can’t listen anymore
    First the Good: they include a wide range of topics. There really is something for everyone to be interested in. They also can have enjoyable banter about a variety of topics. Yes the banter can also get annoying. Depends on the topic. They are also very inclusive and try hard to be understanding and accepting The Bad: the gaps in their knowledge are bewildering and aggravating. There are so many times they just literally have no idea what they are talking about. I don’t want to criticize when someone just might not have the education that I do but because of the information they are presenting on they really should know some things they just don’t. And it comes across as willful ignorance. The Christianity bashing is so old. They would never say things like that about other religions but Christianity is fair game. Also pretty rich to hear them criticize belief in God when they believe they can’t say a doll’s name without getting hurt. Sometimes their efforts to be inclusive actually get in their own way. They go off on topics they have minimal knowledge about or they interrupt themselves so many times to be politically correct that they ruin their own storytelling. The Neutral: maybe I have just aged out of this podcast. I’m in my mid 30s and find them less funny every year. They are also in their 30s but you’d never be able to tell. To each their own Overall there have been enjoyable stories but I just can’t handle it anymore.
  • cominguproeses
    Why haven’t I reviewed sooner?!
    I’ve been listening for awhile now and it’s always a good time! I laugh along while getting me thru work or while making dinner. Really and truly feels like I’m chatting with my ridiculous friends. Editing to add I’m listening 2 years behind (now stepping into March 2024)
  • SELA Liz
    Never boring
    Ive been listening backwards for what feels like a while now, and its still my favorite show. The stories are really interesting and the banter always has me laughing.
  • mckenna marie
    my all time favorite podcast
    i listen to this podcast every single day. i love listening to not only em and christine’s stories but also when they discuss their lives. the lighthearted banter definitely counter acts the disturbing tales they tell. i know banter isn’t for everyone but in my opinion, i’d much rather listen to these guys chit chat over any other popular crime podcast.
  • Hihihihihihijihih
    Please change your episode titles
    I would genuinely listen to this show more if the titles of the episode told me what the episode is about instead of what the banter is about. I don’t have time to go read the description every time so I rarely listen anymore. I wanna know what the topic is that you’re covering at a glance. I don’t mind the banter I just don’t want that to be the title of the episode.
  • ...Helen...Keller...
    My Favorite Podcast
    While there is bantering I personally love it, I get to know the podcasters on a more personal level and instead of just listening to stories it feels like I’m listening to friends. Every other true crime or paranormal story I’ve listened to online feels draining or just not scary, but hearing their insights and emotions behind it makes me feel more connected to the story and gives me a few breaths of relief during the tough stories. I love these two and have been listening for almost 3 years and will continue doing so!
  • kylaaaa333
    Fix editing issues please!!
    I love this show and have been listening for years and years. It used to be that every once in awhile an episode would have some editing issues where things skipped around or audio repeated, but as of late it seems like every episode has major editing issues. It skips over parts of the story and goes back a repeats sections in almost every episode released recently. Please fix the editing issues! It makes the episodes hard to follow and I don’t feel like I’m getting a complete story. Love the show other wise!
  • GlamLab
    Personal banter, political bashing.
    I’ve listened for years. For the most part its a fun podcast but there is way too much personal banter. This includes the hosts attempting to put down a good chunk of their listeners just because they don’t have the same political views. It’s unnecessary and narcissistic to a point. We don’t all have to have the same views on politics to listen to a paranormal/true crime podcast. That is until you directly insult your listeners repeatedly. You’ve lost an avid listener but that seems to have been the goal unfortunately.
  • Blue collar Bri
    My favorite podcast!
    My absolute favorite podcast! All of the stories are super interesting and well told. Yes, there’s bantering, but I truly think that’s what makes the show so interesting and special. I like to know a little about the people I listen to every week. Definitely my go-to!
  • kaylind
    This Is Why I Drink
    I love this podcast! Em and Christine are sooo ridiculous and I love their dynamic. Love how they normalize pronouns and speak out against institutional violence. Sometimes they do get a LIL too silly when talking about sensitive topics but I think they try to be very respectful and the jokes are trying to provide some levity when covering very distressing topics. One thing that always makes me laugh is that Em seems to have never heard of most of the true crime stories, even the super well covered ones, so their reactions during the stories are amazing. Thanks for making me literally LOL during most episodes, hope to come see the live show soon!
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