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Join us as Penn Jillette, Matt Donnelly, and YOU discuss the news of the week. We'll examine religious news, talk about monkeys, and anything else that seems funny or makes us mad. We'll also take your suggestions for things you feel like talking about. We run a live video stream from Show Creators Studios for people with the time and inclination to watch people sitting and talking. The live show starts Sundays at noon Vegas time, at, & is usually available for download from your favorite podcast aggregator by 9 am Monday morning.

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  • King whirly
    One of the best PODs
    It’s never boring only a little annoying. It’s Penn’s Sunday School. I almost always get a few chuckles out of this show. Usually don’t get any useful info. I did stop listening for a while when it was Trump all the time. I’m glad that’s over. Hopefully it doesn’t come back regardless. Spread the love. Oh it adds enjoyment if you picture Penn naked while listening.
  • 65!!
    Just love it
    Love the podcast!! I got to see Penn & Teller in Boston! What a joy. Show was phenomenal. Thank you!! Carol from Lynn Ma.
  • Txd3333
    Love the show, but..
    It’s gotten so irregular I’m not certain if they’re continuing it or not. It makes it hard to follow and the videos have all disappeared from Twitch. Oh well.
  • Marlowe'sson42
    I’m in
    I wanna be a Hornpout. How can I join?
  • mbiskup
    Once a favorite
    This used to be my favorite podcast. Sadly, Penn has become a sad old man done in by Trump and Covid. He’s an emotional basket case. There is also a lot of droning on about being vegan and gender neutral pronouns. If that floats your boat, go for it. You also have to be able to tolerate the larger role Matt Donnelly has. His high pitched, 100 mph, stuttering delivery is pure torture. I stopped subscribing, thankfully.
  • Markedman2
    Wonderful entertainment
    Great wacky stories mixed with a little philosophy. Always a lot of fun! Minus one star for the Trump bashing.
  • Mala vaca
    Great show
    Don’t listen to the one star reviews. People are just upset when others have more intelligence.
  • Sean of the deli
    One star subtracted
    The lack of monkey Tuesdays is the only reason
  • TerryA2
    This was fun to listen to and I was hoping to learn about climate change. What I got from it were some good laughs, something about nuclear power, don’t live near the ocean and Australia and their love or hate relationship with cats. I don’t know exactly what message they were trying to send. I think it’s that climate change is real.
  • Mr. Nickelson
    The only Sunday school I’ll attend.
  • Bambootim
    Thank you
    THANK YOU.... as always... Wonderfully entertained
  • jp75556
    Now you’re brainwashed by your mentally ill DAUGHTER
  • dtdrummr
    Absolutely Titling!
    Wonderful show. The titling is especially titillating!
  • gentryfb
    Great Pod
    Part of my daily collection
  • BBounous
    Music temperament joke
    The Music Temperament joke gets an ‘A’. :)
  • dtricky1
    Stop pandering
    I like you as a magician but enough already. I’m listening to you AGAIN with the stupid pronoun crap. It’s confusing because people like you make it confusing. No matter how much it hurts you snowflakes there are only men and women. Period
  • Sovegut
    Love & distant support to Gedeau (sp?).
    Glad your there. Right up the way from me. Cherish everything, as I’m sure you shall. Pretty intents!
  • Jorelthefhostofkrypton
    Used to be a fan
    I used to love Penn for his hatred of mainstream views and punk libertarian attitude. Now he is a conformist left wing douche. Breaks my heart.
  • seattletanner
    love the show
    New to show but long time P&T fan! This is now in my regular top 5. Well rounded topics and great stories.
  • Thejewradicals
    To this podcast brosephine jenkins
  • Jsaint110011
    There’s gold in there
    His take on the world around him and his sheer brilliance of approach to most things in life is one of the things that we as humans need more of. Good ,honest 😉 communication.
  • Alvo595
    My review
    It’s a fine program
  • Freddie bag of donuts
    One in every family
    Perfect example of people who should not do a podcast. Your reputation before was edgy, cool, and mysterious. After you start whining, you sound like a biyotch.
  • Deathstar1986
    Tired of it all
    I’ve listened to the show since the beginning, but I‘m tired of him spending every week complaining about trump and blaming Trump for everything. I hate Trump as much as the next guy, but blaming him for Covid, is just stupid. When he tries to stop travel from China, where the virus was going crazy, he is call a racist and xenophobe by the Pelosi, Biden and the entire media. Instead they told people to keep gathering in large groups. Wake up. You are a zombie. Your hatred for Trump has made you blind to reality.
  • ElZombo
    Randi, Amazing
    I have been a longtime listener and always enjoy the show; well done!! Often I walk away from the show with at least one or two things to ponder over. Frequently I am moved, particularly with a tribute show. I’m still crying over the Goodbye To Amazing Randi episode. I’m so sorry for your loss. My Best J
  • Quality > Quantity
    Qubits Toy > Lego
    Thanks for mentioning Qubits Toy! Created by USAF Veteran Made in N.C. You’re right, Qubits Toy is better than Lego
  • LittleKev
    My favorite podcast every week!
    I am a big fan of P&T and I started listening to this wonderful podcast a few years ago. It made me a stronger athiest and gave you great conversation about life.
  • SwCandy
    Love the show!
    I love the show and hearing about him and Teller. Also hearing about his family and all the stories he has to tell! How can I find out the lyrics to the opening and closing song?
  • SBransom
    Kind Atheist
    I love this podcast for three reasons: I love the celebrity stories, the ethical discussions, and the camaraderie of the hosts. I’ve listened for years, and love hearing people who care about each other catch up and love everyone from a distance or from across the same table. And the theme song is inspirational.
  • mike_story
    The show has gone to hell. All lives matter.
  • jemmyjoe
    I’ve been a member of the congregation since Day One and I feel like I’ve gotten to know Penn and his friends. I feel like we’ve become friends. Which is stupid of me. But I’m stupid. Stupid with me by listening to this podcast.
  • TexasHornedToad
    Love you Penn, BUT.......
    While I think you are super,and continue to have a remarkable life, tell us about it! Your personal habits.....well, call me and we will talk about the current tangent you are on. THE official Quitaque Texas Melinda Collins
  • cephalopodsrule
    I used to love this show but it has now turned into a weekly update of Penn’s daily activities, bring back monkey Tuesday or anything remotely amusing or entertaining
  • BigNick57
    Bob Dylan
    Love this show. I love that Penn has this platform to express his opinion on a seemingly never ending list of topics. But generally every road leads back to Bob Dylan which makes me love the show that much more. Would love to see Penn take a deep dive into Bob Dylan in the future. Thanks for doing this 👊🏻👊🏻👊🏻
  • Canejo46
    Enjoy the congregation
    I am a little younger than Penn and find the Podcast to be an entertaining way to look at events that are occurring in life. I know I will never have the financial success but I enjoy listening to the fact that money does not solve all of life’s problems and that even with fame and wealth you still have to deal with life’s problems. Penn has been a life preserver in the crazy world we live in.
  • MonkeyMatches
    If you like bragging you’ll love this
    Back slapping and bragging. Perfect show for the trump era.
  • Steele0
    Breath of fresh air
    Just took one, and another....... hopefully will keep doing so
  • Xandercrisp
    just fun to listen to
    It is just fun to listen to these people talk. Anything can turn into an amusing tale on this podcast. Penn's personal philosophy comes through strongly, more honest for admiting that it doesn't always have the answer for what you should do. For newcomers, watch any Penn and Teller clip. if you like him talking on stage while doing a magic trick, you'll probably like him talking on this podcast.
  • istikitali
    Great show, but needs some course correction.
    Absolutely love the show. Have been a die-hard Congregationalist for several years now. However, The ads are getting ridiculous since they switched podcast networks, and the episodes seem to be getting shorter on top of that. Less content with more ads is a bad combination.
  • Mrthepresident
    I really loved this episode and enjoyed the topics touched on. Thank you!
  • Camsterrocks
    Peace and Love
    I really enjoy the show. It brings me back to the glory days of when Penn used to sit in on The Howard Stern Show.
  • TeddyBroosevelt
    Penn & The Gang Should Read Their 5 star reviews
    Love the podcast. They should read their 5 star reviews bc it encourages listeners to leave reviews so they have the incentive of potentially having their reviews read on air.
  • pgm60640
    Repetitive amusement
    He’s quite mad, you know. Penn has good, amusing stories, but he tends to tell the same ones over and over again. Also, 7+ minutes of badly-read ads in a 45 minute podcast hearkens back to the bad old days of TV. Also also, PLEASE stop talking about how much you hate chicken now that you’re vegan. We get it. Between the ads, the repeat stories, and the vegan rants, I find myself using the skip ahead button a lot these days - leading me to think I should just skip the whole download.
  • dianedetroit
    Twinkie’s and beer
    Love the libertarian lesson!! So sensible.
  • Jeff321
    Ridiculous number of ads. Most podcasts have 30 seconds maybe 60 seconds of ads. This podcast feels like it has 5 minutes easily and they’re spread out and annoying to skip. Really annoying. Aren’t you rich enough Penn?
  • Hannah hester
    My favorite podcast. Penn is a seeker of wisdom. He inspires me. I would be willing to pay to hear it without the adds in the middle, or you could put the adds at the beginning only, like Joe Rogan does. One small suggestion, that would make this great podcast even better!
  • DJ_Pistol_Pete
    Penn is awesome to listen to!
    I highly recommend this one. Penn is an intellectual-yet well balanced guy, and he is a pleasure to listen to. I really liked when they had on the guy that was trying to save the coral reef and stuff. Sciencey stuff like that is interesting to me, especially with smart and articulate people the listen to! Thanks! -Pete
  • adens869
    Glad to find it
    There’s just something about Penn Jillette, can’t really put my finger on exactly what it is, but his intriguing personality has sparked my mind since I was a young child. Not sure if it was Carson or Letterman that introduced me to his and Teller’s magic, but I’ve been hooked ever since. Was listening to him on Joe Rogan today and was pretty excited to learn he has his own Podcast. Looking forward to catching up on all the episodes.
  • Icecoldken
    great show
    very entertaining and makes me laugh out loud. Also makes me think and weirdly inspires me to be healthier.
  • Chewdogg13
    Our Atheist Padre
    Love the show, you always stay true to yourself which is a wonderfully refreshing. Can’t get enough!
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