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News in Slow Spanish is a Spanish podcast for those who already possess a basic vocabulary and some knowledge of Spanish grammar. Your host are native Spanish speaker from Spain.
In our program we discuss the world news, grammar, and expressions, and much more in simplified Spanish at a slow pace so that you can understand almost every word and sentence.
Learn real Spanish with us! In our course we emphasize all aspects of language learning from listening comprehension, rapid vocabulary expansion, exposure to grammar and common idiomatic expressions, to pronunciation practice and interactive grammar exercises.

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Recent Reviews
  • adventure's os Simon's sciene
    Too many ads
    I am sick of your ads👎
  • Road Warrior 2012
    Just an advertisement
    It is just a short clip that tries to sell their full audio.
  • Mozhgoon
    Estoy aprendiendo espanol y quiero decir es la mejor podcast espanol en el mundo
  • AV1114
    Not much substance
    This used to be a short news show. Now it’s just an introduction to the content you need to purchase. Totally fair to charge for content of course, but just don’t expect to get much news or quality listening practice from the free intro anymore.
  • smily :-)
    El presidente
    lol yeah it’s okay e the de historias tu
  • WinstonStorm
    This podcast used to have one story in the free version and was enjoyable. Now it’s just headlines. Don’t bother with it.
  • MariaKreek
    Not Worth It
    The free version is not worth it. There are only a few minutes and the ladies voice/intonation is kind of annoying. Looking for another.
  • 12343431234314
    Free version no longer worthwhile
    They used to include 1 actual news story in their free version. Now it is just the headlines. Not worth listening to anymore.
  • yralex1975
    Great show! I am a Spanish native speaker
    Great show in Spanish. If you want to improve your Spanish skills, you can listen my Podcast “TODO CAMBIA”. It’s only 6 minutos and enough for listening. I am able for collaboration!
  • estudiante muy viejo
    Change is inevitable
    Have loved this podcast but knew it was too good to be true. The free version has pretty much disappeared and now it’s pay and pay some more
  • Usulutaneco
    Castillian vs common Spanish
    The levels and rate are excellent, however, I do not understand why you insist on using Andalusian, Castilian Spanish which is spoken by so much a smaller population than is spoken in the Spanish speaking world. Also, you use the second person plural (vosotros) which is spoken only by the Catholic priests in the western world where most Spanish speakers live in the world. It seems that the majority of your content is European based and not where most Spanish speaking people live, ie. Central and South America. Perhaps you directors, writers, and contributors are from Spain?
  • Joliette Re
    Informative, current, and attention-grabbing.
    I have brushed up on my Spanish without feeling lost. A very good podcast!
  • Brajdeep
    Great spanish helper!
    This improved my spanish so much I was conversation by the time I went semester abroad.
  • blang7
    A perfect transition
    Finally, something that is not too elementary for adults who are trying to move to the next level. I love the use of current events as topics for listening. Non-native Spanish teachers can also benefit from this method of learning.
  • JSH3017
    Perfect level
    I studied Spanish in school a while ago, but I am now trying to get back into it and become fluent. This podcast is a perfect way for me to improve my listening skills. Thanks for doing this!
  • Lyndlw
    Perfect for Spanish learners
    This is exactly what I have been looking for!
  • drnancita
    This is wonderful. I will use this in my university course.
  • ThAAnchormAn
    Learning so much
    Such a great podcast to learn spanish! I am constantly learning new words and grammar
  • Jimbo Coles
  • Chex Mex
    This is exactly what I needed to progress my Spanish! Just wanted to say thanks so much for making these! Keep 'em coming!
  • fishie3
    On its way out
    The people and program behind this podcast are good. The biggest problem is the length. They've dropped the podcast down to less than 10 minutes to help entice you to subscribe to their subscription service. The subscription isn't in my future: too expensive... the lowest rate is $45 per year, and with all of the rates above that I'm sure that even $45/yr has highly limited content. I knew it was too good to last. Thanks for the fun up until now. I wouldn't be surprised if this podcast slowly works it's way out of my playlists.
  • samchin10
    Muchas gracias por hacer este programa. Está a un nivel en que yo puedo seguir y entender. Al mismo tiempo estoy aprendiendo nuevas palabras y idiomas de una forma interesante. A la gente que contribuye: gracias. Me imagino que no es fácil. Keep up the good work!
  • Lew Sazzle
    Exactly what I have been looking for
    This is just what I needed for my Spanish studies. This is amazing.
  • Pat Maran
    Continuing Education
    This podcast is an excellent way to continue and/or expand upon your Spanish language learning experience. The news is often slow enough for a non-native speak to understand without sounding like it was meant for a toddler, many phrases are often repeated, the news is relevant world news, and they often cover basic things like jokes or everyday phrases that you don't typically learn from a text book.
  • ArcherPicasso
    Love this
    I listen to this while relaxing on weekends
  • Sp-buenosaires
    Great Resource
    This is an excellent resource for listening comprehension. It's interesting, varied, and in a speed, tone and accent that can be understood. Are there any comprehension questions to go with it?
  • Babybruin
    Continue continue
    Keep up the diligent good work. I am a student of your podcast. The pace of the dialogue provides me the space needed to learn digest. Questing
  • Jskal
    I think this podcast is fantastic and it's amazing that it is free!
  • Snowda5_9
    Great show if you love F1 tech
    If you only watch the grand prix on Sunday this is not your show. But if you are up at 3 AM watching free practice one this is the show for you.
  • NJH123
    Confused about 1 thing
    How do you match the podcast with the episode on the website to get the vocabulary list?
  • BTPankow
    Basically, see what all the other 5-star ratings have said. ¡Me gusta mucho!
  • Amycs87
    Just what I needed!
    I LOVE this podcast! You can keep up with current events while maintaining and improving your Spanish at just the right speed! I also love the grammar, idioms, and travel sections. I love to listen to it while riding in the car or while exercising. Thank you!
  • Redder1234
    I lOVE IT!
    I absolutely love this podcast! It is SO MUCH more than news. "Me fascina" the interaction and personality of Railan and Jema! I listen to this podcast all the time in the car and find myself entranced in it. The flow of the material couldn't be any better in my opinion (newest info, news, grammar, expressions, and culture). They speak at a pace I can learn from, but they don't use vocab that is so basic. THey talk advanced, but do it slowly, which has helped me learn the language so much better. I recommend this to anyone who wants to learn Spanish!!
  • Pedro New England
    Thank you
    For helpng me with Spanish!
  • aacx97
    Just a warning, if you are like me and can't stand the spain lisp (ceceo), this podcast is not for you.
  • Rixter999
    An invaluable resource for independent learning
    This podcast is ideal for the intermediate student of Spanish. It has improved my comprehension of spoken Spanish, and since understanding what the other person is saying is essential to carrying on a conversation, this podcast has improved my ability to converse, even though it's not interactive. Check out their website for the flashcard for each episode, which contains most of the more advanced words in the episode. Reviewing the flashcard before listening to a podcast makes understanding much easier. The podcasts are currently four sections: four or so news items, a discussion illustrating a grammatical concept, a discussion of an expression, and "Explorando Latinoamerica." This last section is by a Latin American speaker, which provides some diversity from the peninsular Spanish (and peninsular accents) in most of the podcast. Moreover, the section of Explorando Latinoamerica currently consists of an audio book narrated by the author (each chapter is about 10 to 12 minutes, and I have heard about 30 so far. The audio book is really entertaining. Highly recommended.
  • Swsbcs313
    Great to listen to practice Spanish comprehension
    Every week The hosts select several world news stories to read in well-enunciated Spanish at a slower pace than other news podcasts. Great for intermediate level learners. I look forward to a new edition each week.
  • Maxine/energy
    Just what I was looking for!
    I like to listen to podcasts or audiobooks (I find them more distracting than music) while I work out. I am also studying Spanish in high school - I just started my third year of it, though my second year was mostly a waste :-/. I had tried to combine my two interests into one earlier, but all of the podcasts I found were either really difficult to understand, which caused me to stop paying attention to it, or were really really simple. Either way, I ended up getting nothing out of them. This podcast, however was exactly what I wanted. It uses vocabulary that is neither too simple nor too difficult - I often learn new words through it, but I'm never lost. The rate is also perfect for me. Overall, this podcast is fantastic if you are have a good understanding of basic and intermediate (ish) Spanish but lack the fluency and comprehension to understand "real" Spanish news (or any media, for that matter). The only negative is the weirdly simple grammar review at the end - if you can make it through the first 30 or so minutes, then I'm pretty sure you already know what's in the grammar review. I'd rather have some vocab definitions or something in there. But the rest of the podcast is so good it makes up for this, in my opinion. To the makers of this podcast, thanks so much for enabling me to improve my Spanish vocabulary and comprehension while working out! You make it way easier to fit all of the things I want to do in one day :-)
  • Kellyo10
    great learning tool and entertaining
    I've listened to a great many learning spanish podcasts, and News in Slow Spanish is excellent for those who are ready for something past the basics. My comprehension has improved greatly even for vocabulary and expressions that I didn't know or recognize immediately because after awhile you can intuit and decode meanings from the context and content that you do know. I think this is an especially clever podcast because you already know the topic and content (the news) -- which makes it easier to connect with the narrative and anticipate what they are talking about. As opposed to listening to speakers in other situations when they could be talking about anything. So its much less confusing and frustrating and gives you many "ah ha!" moments. I've learned a tremendous amount and highly recommend this one. As someone else said - their website is great too. I also really like the audio book they are doing right now.
  • BliniJaje
    Audio comprehension greatly improved
    This is a superb podcast. I am in my sixth semester of Spanish Studies at the college level and have found this podcast to be an excellent addition to my studies. The two moderators speak clearly and the content is very interesting covering many topics such as news, grammar, idiomatic expressions, history, culture and more. I can't recommend this podcast too highly. It has improved my audio comprehension immensely and I look forward to each new episode.
  • Ellen79846214
    Learning in the Carpool Line at school
    I am really enjoying this Podcast and the associated materials on their website. For quite a while, I have wanted to improve my spanish. In particular, my listening skills which are my weakest skill. I have downloaded the podcasts and printed the transcripts from the website. Now I listen and read while I wait in the carpool line. I am really grateful for this perfect fit.
  • Betticita
    News in Slow Spanish
    Helpful and entertaining show. The free vocabulary lists that go along with each podcast are great. I love this show!!! I'm really improving my ability to understand and translate Spanish.
  • asteism
    news in slow spanish
    A fantastic resource to help break out of beginning/intermediate spanish. Current news as well as travel guide and grammar sections are presented in entertaining style. The accompanying website has transcripts with mouse-over translation for a very affordable fee.
  • I'm touched
    Great content and speed is right for learners, especially when you can rewind the last 50 seconds. You need to redo your opening announcement to match the speed and quality of this great podcast. The present one falsely conveys a speed and lack of energy that would be dull and boring. Your podcast is neither! Thanks for great work!!! Allen
  • whatdoineedanicknamefor
    As a native English speaker working in Spain, but in English, I struggle to find a forum to progress my Spanish. I'm beyond tourist Spanish and find the vocabulary, grammar and pace perfect to continue learning.
  • colito p
    Slower speed makes a huge difference
    This podcast has been really helpful for me. Before finding it I had been feeling discouraged because even though I've studied Spanish a lot, I have a really hard time understanding people when they talk so fast. The slower speed of the voices on the podcast is a lot easier for me to understand than TV in Spanish. For the last few weeks I've been listening to it several times a week and have learned new vocabulary and gotten great listening practice. The presenters are also fun to listen to.
  • jubiladopkc
    News in Slow Spanish
    Without doubt one of the best listening-comprehension tools available. User can choose between 3 speeds: regular (that is, slow), 1/2 speed (REAL SLOW), and 2x speed (close to normal speed. It's FREE!!! but I'd even pay for it - it's that good! I load it on to My iPhone and have it whenever I want.
  • cndrod
    Love this podcast
    Recently subscribed to this podcast and so far I love it. Not for a beginner...but perfect for the person who has taken some Spanish and needs to practice listening and understanding. Because the subject matter is up to date news, it is not only interesting, but a little easier to grasp even if you do not catch every word. The Travel section is interesting, so it keeps you coming back. And last, but not least, the online support including the written transcript of each podcast is great. (note: the online is not free...but inexpensive and well worth the money.
  • TripleFanBoy
    Marta and Rylan are fantastico!
    I started listening to this podcast last summer while I was a student at the Defense Language Institute in Monterey California for Spanish. It was JUST barely slow enough for me to be an additional useful learning tool while I was beginning. Now that I am a graduate I listen to the podcast each week as an entertaining way to keep up my Spanish listening skills. I listen on my way to work every morning and the news as told by Marta and Rylan is always entertaining and non-biased and most importantly in "slow" Spanish. I also enjoy the segments about common phrases of expression from various countries. And last but definitely NOT least is a segment about cultural and historical facts from a different latin american locale each episode. I LOVE this podcast and would recommend it to any intermediate level spanish students or advanced students who need to refresh themselves. Keep it up Marta and Rylan! Adelante!
  • jbbarnes
    Wonderful! I don't know of anyone else doing this. For those who have good reading skills but have a hard time understanding spoken Spanish, this is fantastic. The slow pace is just right for those of us who want to increase our listening skills. Thanks so much.
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