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  • OaxacaBound
    Journalist Siblings?
    For a show, that is mostly very good. I am completely baffled as to why the co-journalist(s) sound, almost identical in voice, mannerism, opinion, and practically all other aspects. It is not interesting for the listener to hear different journalists speak with almost the exact same voice. Please consider changing things up so as to give your listeners even the smallest impression that your journalists have unique and interesting perspectives of their own, as opposed to being modeled off of each other. If you continue with the existing approach, I am afraid that I will become increasingly less interested in what you have to offer.
  • Tchaikovsky 2018
    Michael Barbaro STOP
    Love the show, but man stop interrupting the guests with your loud, grating, over-mixed, Sling Blade, “MMMMMMM HMMMMMM”s
  • Dizzy in Denver
    Excellent Journalism
    I’m a regular listener. A great way to take a deep dive to understand an issue.
  • King of a
    7 states 1 river, Mexico ?
    Very informative, thanks Why no mention of Mexico ? Marco the tucson cowboy
  • @blake
    Great show!
  • tcd135
    Not a fan of Sabrina as the host
    I have loved the podcast for many years now. I subscribed to the Times to support this podcast. That said, Sabrina should be a reporter and not a host. I understand Michael can not do every day at this point but would recommend rotating the hosts on other days until a suitable second can be found. That is the only reason for the one star deduction.
  • TwoSnatches
    Goodbye Michael
    It’s a great podcast, don’t get me wrong, but god almighty Michael Barbaro’s voice is annoying. Talks too fast, sounds pretentious, and his interjections sound inappropriate.
  • Bzyb777
    Really interesting!
    News is hard to listen to these days. I appreciate The Daily and it’s commitment to reporting important and generally well researched stories. I have particularly resonated with the pieces that take us into others’ lives and open up the world a little more. Love listening!
    An Aggressive New Approach to Childhood Obesity
    I echo my fellow commenters in relaying my extreme disappointment in this episode’s lack of journalistic integrity and blatant spread of misinformation. I’m a longtime listener and believe that Barbaro and his team generally approach each topic as important as this one from all sides. Not sure who dropped the ball on this one but this episode dangerously missed the mark in regard to fully researching the topic, including the dangerous side effects and implications of the interventions recommended. At worst, this episode reinforced the anti-fat bias that’s already deeply entrenched in the medical industry. At best, it was sloppily underresearched and poorly reported. I have decided to unsubscribe as a result of this episode. Please, if you wish to regain our trust, take another turn at this topic, which is important and deserves better research and attention.
  • jpodcastpunk
    Could not believe my ears
    The Daily in one episode shattered my respect for them as a reputable podcast with any type of journalistic standards. Spent the whole episode waiting for them to interview a contrasting view or at least give some nuance or context. Nope, the US is obese because genetics and young kids need bariatric surgery and weight loss drugs. Wild. Was this episode produced by Big Parma and the For Profit Medical Complex?? I kept waiting for them to have a different doctor or study etc as a contrasting view! 90% of doctors and dietitians wound disagree with this! How did Michael the host not push back at all against these blanket statements? How was this one study given so much causality? There are a million reasons why changing school lunches would have no affect! Kids bring food to school; kids still consume the majority of calories at home; exercise, stress, lack of sleep and other environmental factors that impact weight gain would not be affected by these changes. NONE of that mentioned or discussed. They literally just went with: “changing school lunches didn’t help kids lose weight so this is obviously genetic and kids need weight loss surgery!” Could not believe my ears. Like, did American genes all change in a generation or two? Do other countries not have these genes? They didn’t give any nuance or context at all, literally just said we now know it’s 100% nature not nurture. What a bunch of pseudoscience, for profit medicine propaganda. Guess I’ll stop eating right and going to the gym then 🤷🏼‍♂️
  • Karlito3
    Often wrong and uninformed
    This podcast does a great job at talking politics. Most recent episode on black holes and the universe… wow. Unfortunately bleak, bland and boring. The universe is fascinating! The guy being interviewed is terrible, I can’t imagine that he’d have a teaching job. Not a mention of the JWST?! And the dissolution of the Big Bang theory? …just wow The newer Amazon rainforest episode is so boring I almost drove off the road. Get rid of that orator and writer
  • bjohns383
    A Brand, Not a News Source
    The George Santos campaign was a detritus and clear case of political fraud. And when The Times failed to do its job, a reporter—who probably should have been fired—went on The Daily to literally blame the politicians for not telling her what to report! Apparently because if isn’t in the oppo research, it won’t find its way into The Times. [seriously, go back and listen: 1/5/23. This is basically what the reporter said!] These people don’t investigate; they report what the favored powerful tell them to and then posture as if they were the only place a respectable person would go to learn about the world. Case in point: the ad spot with Sue Craig is the most sanctimonious piece of garbage I have ever heard. I honestly can’t imagine how anyone, regardless of ideology, is still buying this. The Daily (and those silly adds) exist to make news consumers feel as if they’re getting the insider’s perspective on what real journalism looks like. But the truth is just as Robert Fisk once put it: “we might as well name our newspapers ‘officials say’ …[they] do not challenge power anymore.”
  • LVK22
    An agressive approach to obesity - horrible
    This episode is so disgusting to listen to that I had to turn it off. Calling obesity a “chronic disease” is the societal perception problem that leaves us in a position where CHILDREN are getting medication designed to stop them from eating. Fat people are a kind of person, not a disease. Do better.
  • LoraAuH20
    Obesity episide
    Woefully superficial. The “expert” seemed light with respect to having a strong command of the subject matter. Her intention seemed to promote the guidelines rather than to provide a comprehensive perspective on the topic. Obesity intervention for a 2 year old? The side effects of the medications were not fully addressed. A disappointing episode at best.
  • LizzieBK123
    Childhood obesity episode
    I typically love the show and the experts interviewed. Today I felt that Gina Kolata offered an out-dated and misinformed view of a very complex and quite nuanced topic. I understand that Gina was not offering her personal opinion for the most part, and that you were simply reporting and asking questions, but I found the interview to lack self awareness about flagrant and, in my opinion, harmful, blindspots. Much research has shown that the predominant impact of these "campaigns" and interventions is to create mental health problems in children rather than amplify health. The term obesity and concept of BMI have been largely critiqued for an incredible amount of antifat bias and not being useful tools for measurements of health. It took until minute 19 in the episode for your guest to acknowledge that fatness is not always linked to health problems, spending the first 19 minutes talking sweepingly about obesity exclusively and totally as a "problem." The American Academy of Pediatrics is deeply biased and frequently makes their recommendations without much consideration of their blindspots and there was no mention of that, which feels like a vital caveat for most listeners who are taught to trust the science of medical professionals blindly. When, you, Michael asked about the “downsides” to these interventions, your guest identified “children suffering” and then gave an argument for weight loss akin to asking women to wear a rape whistle or change their skirt length. I wish you had pushed back on that— it is so damaging as you well know as a listener to hear the “solve” be asking victims to assimilate. Please have an expert like Aubrey Gordon or a HAES medical practitioner on the show to illuminate the other side of this topic and the many blindspots of your guest and the Academy.
  • ParvatiMCC
    Treating children with obesity
    Is the host working for big pharma??? Asked not one common sense question about how genetics argument for uncontrolled obesity is completely refuted by the fact that almost no children were obese ten years ago!!! When a study gave one group of children intervention at school did not work, host neglected the obvious question about whether calories and food quality was controlled during home hours! Pathetic excuse for journalism? Infomercial format.
    Podcast Jan 26 reg new guidelines on childhood obesity
    In general I like the podcast and listen to it. However today's podcast was extremely disappointing. The host failed to ask one single challenging or honestly curious question. He was completely unprepared or didn’t care to bother. Meanwhile the guest seemed to think that whispering and sounding concerned made her sound empathetic and knowledgeable. But in reality her answers were shallow and lacked intelectual rigour.
  • Grailist
    An Aggressive New Approach To Childhood Obesity. 1/26/23
    Our family listened to most if this episode, I listened to the end. The stunning level of misinformation, presumption, harmful nomenclature and bad science shallowly affirmed by the host left us all disheartend and alienated from what is most often an excellent source of information and well-done journalism. To use the phrase “has obesity” makes a person’s weight compared to height a disease and it is not. An afternoon in the Cath Lab put me into open-heart surgery the next day and afterwards so many people said to me “how could you have heart disease, you’re not fat.” Congenital aortic valve failure is a genetic/congenital heart problem, but so many are convinced one’s heart is healthybsi long as one is thin. In my 20s, I kept my weight low by smoking tobacco. Worked great! Who recommends that now? Amphetamines, addictive dangerous drugs, are prescribed for ADHD, childhood narcolepsy and obesity. We all know what they are most often prescribed for, and the damage these drugs cause, though cavalierly prescribed, is frightful and dangerous. Who would prescribe them for 12-yr-olds? Recommending bariatric surgery, a life altering and serious operation, to a young person is medical malfeasance. For some rare and selective patients who need expensive wrap-around mind-body medical care, it makes sense, yet we see one surgical service use it for a “reality TV show” as entertainment and as advertisement. Your podcast set aside all these real concerns. The purpose of labeling healthy people with a disease - having obesity - has only one goal: money. Underneath, your “journalist” missed this goal altogether. Even when the “guest” admitted that all the medical advice from the 1970s on has been shown to fail at “curing this disease,” there was no query or discussion. I believe The Daily can do better and hope the standard will go up from this unacceptable and harmful presentation. Remember it spoke of toddlers, elementary school children and older teens — those whom responsible adults are charged to protect. This podcast failed at every remark. Zero stars for this. Four stars that includes this. Laura Diviney, Subscriber to The Daily
  • Jess191817
    Disappointed in childhood obesity reporting
    This episode was awful. There was some extremely backwards logic like kids should lose weight because of weight stigma, effectively if you are bullied it’s your fault. I am so disappointed in the ignorant reporting and lack of critical thinking.
  • MckayReviews
    Good production value but clearly biased
    I like listening to get the inside scoop on stories I wouldn’t otherwise hear. However, there are so many episodes in which the people they are interviewing make clearly left-wing ideological or political statements. The hosts never check them or ask necessary, and frankly obvious follow up questions. The bias of this show to the left shines brightly through their veiled attempts at presenting as down-the-line. A veil not made any thinner by having conservative voices on a few times a year. You can bet your bottom dollar that every host, guest and source voted for Obama, Hillary, and Biden. It’s blatant whenever they cover a story on abortion, immigration, wars, and even health related news like COVID or obesity. It’s unfortunate to see what was once the greatest news paper in the world slowly drift into a political and semi-elitist echo chamber.
  • zoemalyn
    Obesity in children episode is irresponsible journalism
    Been a long time listener for years, but todays episode on obesity in children was ignorant and irresponsible. The guest obviously had incredible biases that were never examined. She admitted that there is no direct causal relationship between obesity and health problems and yet continued to drag kids through the mud. There is no way an adult should be allowed to put a child through an irreversible life changing surgery without their consent that has no proven link to improving their life. Disgusting.
  • bbbbbbbbccccccmmmmm
    Not the whole story
    As someone who is center left, it is hard to stomach how blatantly one-sided this is.
  • lindseym395
    disgusted by the NYT
    their episode from 1/26/23 on childhood obesity is so harmful. they never asked their “expert” to backup that anything they said was true. we should not be putting CHILDREN on appetite suppressants or giving them BARIATRIC SURGERY. that is insane and fatphobic.
  • Manderson_Jr
    From racism to fatphobia, NYT is determined to be a source of bigotry
    I cannot believe that the New York Times did an entire episode, referring to peoples bodies who are different than American beauty standards as a disease. In the episode, they literally admit that being fat is not necessarily going to automatically cause health risks, but people should change with their bodies look like because of the fact that being fat is stigmatize. This is the most disgusting and blatant display of bigotry that I have heard from this podcast since you brought white supremacists on to talk about racism. They are literally recommending in this episode that children take dangerous medication or surgery just so that they can fit into a society that discriminates against them. Would you make that recommendation in regards to other forms of bigotry???? This was incredibly unsafe, uncritical, and just took a recommendation from medical doctors who are notoriously bad and incorrect and uninformed when it comes to people being fat. Everybody who listened to their episode on childhood obesity, should go listen to the podcast Maintenance Phase to get some real facts cus apparently the New York Times doesn’t do facts anymore.
  • SodiumDani
    Love this show.
    This show is so informative but geez Michael is so ignorant. The restaurant critic episode really showed that. Have you never eaten at a quality restaurant that wasn’t high end? And are the French the only country that can make good food? Smh ridiculous. Why are they are bar? So many other countries have way better food. I love what Pete Wells is doing.
  • Ariel 28
    A Mother, a Daughter, a Deadly Journey
    Heartbreaking, yet necessary reporting. Thank you for bringing awareness to such difficult and polarizing issues to discuss. “Walking” in the person’s shoes is the best way to humanize a story that is otherwise incredibly difficult to understand and relate to. My deepest gratitude and admiration to the reporters 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
  • Jezzaismyhomeboy
    Report on cop city
    You shills. You cowards.
  • ajgb392
    Lately the episodes have been late How about a episode about California shooting
  • PaigeKell
    Could do without the “mmhmm” every 10 seconds
    Please hosts, chill with the “mmhmm” “hmm” during interviews and let the people talk. It drives me nuts, and I’ve seen so many reviews saying something similar. Please read our reviews on this issue and stop.
  • SirMumblz
    It’s a hard listen when you clearly favor one side over the other. Anyone who listens and is not tied to one party can clearly see this.
  • Doty Rock
    Head in the sand approach helps no one
    Perhaps the worst offender in an information war is the one who knowingly denies the truth and then proceeds to hide it from the innocent bystander. The idea that we are not in danger of economic collapse due to the current national debt crisis is ludicrous, at the very least ignorant, and perhaps evil, coming from supposed experts. Shame on this show.
  • Learner A.
    Update - news of the day - Tuesday Jan 24 /Biden Documents
    Michael Barbaro is an excellent reporter and podcast host, but in noting the very sad occurrence of mass murders in CA, I think he conflated Monterey Park in Los Angeles County with Monterey on the Central Coast. This kind of mistake happens too often with East Coast centered media.
  • Traveling Hannah
    Laughably Left
    The New York Times has a large team which allows them to take on big stories. I appreciate the detail and effort of the reporters. But the left leading reporting is exhausting. The lack of self awareness of how biased the opinions are of the host is absurd. The most recent episode about the debt ceiling is simply laughable. With half the country beingRepublican, you just lost half of your audience by being so lacking in self-awareness of your left leaning opinions
  • Different_Drummer
    Polished with good music, but …
    News with a pretty strong and unapologetic liberal bias. Facts, mixed with mostly one-sided opinions and emotional responses. Effectively “FOX News” for the left. A great example of selective/poor reporting is the report on the debt ceiling. They selectively picked the one year since the 1950s where the budget was balanced to make it look like the Republicans started the issue. They they also said Clinton balanced the budget, when it was actually cooperation between the Democratic president and a Republican house. Another error - forgetting the Korean and Vietnamese wars weren’t funded by war bonds. Learn the facts before reporting! These people have lost touch with the fact that the the purpose of the media is to REPORT the news, not to SWAY public opinion.
  • Maxximus Decimus Merridious
    Tie? You’re comparing 10 years to 12 years
    Tie? You are comparing 10 years to 12 years & a recession to pandemic where the government forced everyone to stay home. As per usual, dishonest reporting at best. I was looking forward to your numbers and was very disappointed!
  • Alejandro’s
    Apple software developer Alejandro Rodriguez
    I’m Alejandro Rodriguez whisper royals wolf family
  • Briard girl
    The Sunday Read
    Love your show which I listen to 6 days a week. The Sunday stories are as compelling as the rest, or more so. I can not stand the professional readers with their contrived and fake dramatic voices and cadence.I will not listen to them. They are like chalk on a blackboard. The writers’ voices in the intros of their stories are exponentially better and more real. Why ruin it? I am writing months after my initial review. I am so happy that you seem to have stopped using the paid professional readers of the Sunday read. It is so much more human and authentic to hear it in the writers’ voices. The diversity and variations in their tone, enunciation, emphasis, or lack of, I find to be comforting and easier for listening. Thank you for making such a change!
  • Ya-son't-say
    Please just say the words
    In general all your content is magnetic! However an avid listener , may I please request that your journalists stop the faux vocal fry . It’s so irritating and profoundly obvious that when one does that they are pushing. It doesn’t make one sound more knowledgeable, important or professional . It only announces your insecurity . It’s bad enough when the interviewer has a high sophomoric tone. But when one mixes in the fake gravel frog-ish drag at the end of every sentence I want to reach them and say “Please just say the words.” That said , this podcast is brilliantly produced . Well done .
    Journalism is dead
    This is just more of the fake news trying to give you the impression they are not biased… which they obviously are.
  • KathFire
    My Favorite Way to get the news
    I love the in depth stories that explain complicated news stories in an easy to understand way. I love both hosts. Please don’t change.
  • digifoxisbroken
    quality has really diminshed
    really enjoyed this podcast since inception, but more partisan and less objective over the years as its pivoted harder to the left. report the news, not opinions please!
  • no buses?!
    Often hard to listen to
    I used to listen to this show every morning. The quality of the content now isn’t the same. Nuance barely exists on The Daily anymore. The questions asked (and, oftentimes, the contributions of ancillary reporters) indicate a lack of deeper understanding of the subject being discussed. Oftentimes I find I’ve already learned about the subject in more detail elsewhere. For the most part, Michael really is an excellent host, and I understand his decision to prioritize time with his family. I can’t fathom how many hours he was working prior to stepping back. I’ve spent months trying to develop a taste for Sabrina’s style, but the reality is that she needs to discover what that actually is. She initially adopted a version of Michael’s speaking cadence, which is so unique that approximations are painful to listen to. Her current style feels like a forced mix of an uncomfortably empathetic NPR host and Sarah Koenig. Her questions - intended to serve as the questions of the listener - are simplistic and often fail to drive a deeper conversation forward. It feels like she’s playing a host on tv. I can’t listen to her episodes until she finds her own voice.
  • CityBaby
    Every morning routine
    I see so much disrespect for Sabrina and it is such travesty. She is a fantastic journalist and I love her voice. She could tell me the sky is falling but it’s ok because I’ll be safe tucked in that vocal blanket of hers. It took me a little while to get used to the shows interviewing style when I first started listening. I thought it was really annoying how they would summarize everything the person they are interviewing would say and then ask the next question. But I actually find myself remembering the stories better because of this!
  • Vincentvonprincent
    HMMM…Barbaro Distracts From Content
    I really enjoy The Daily but am unable to listen to it much anymore because M. Barbaro’s loud HMMM’s are so distracting, and grate on my nerves. I remember when he used to do it less frequently, but now it seems to make up a measurable fraction of his “commentary.”
  • To cool 4 u 5678901
    Kept the Music!
    This is a response to another’s listeners comment regarding the music. I love it lol. It keeps things interesting for a Gen z’er. Great podcast, love what you guys are doing!
  • msnh08
    Today’s Podcast
    Today’s episode was such old news and the host’s smug overly dramatic voice is intolerable!
  • bitty215
    Sorry for this review, but…
    Please stop sounding surprised when you hear a guest’s response to one of your scripted questions. You already know the answers which makes it sound fake. Example. China has over a million covid cases, host’s response, ‘oh wow’. It sounds fake. Or when the host asks a scripted question as if they just thought of it. I listen almost daily and like the show but this part bugs me. It’s like when you’re watching a movie and can tell the person is acting. It kills it. Also, is Mr. B no longer hosting?
  • WorkingSquirrel
    Morning routine!
    This is a great way to get a little more color on a current issue. I appreciate how hard the team works to provide an outline of what is happening. This podcast has become a part of my morning, keep up the good work.
  • Miso Happy.
    I admit to having a slight leaning towards addictive behavior. After all, don’t we all? I always feel if you’re going to pick an addiction pick an addiction that’s healthy, like say running, that actually adds to your life instead of removing pieces of your life. It is for this reason I am proud to proclaim that I am addicted to The Daily and to the sound of Michael’s voice. I’m not sure how the writers, and Michael and all of that amazing team of editors put all of this together, on a daily basis, in such a seamless way. As a Realtor and as a filmmaker I understand what thinking on your feet looks like and how you have to pull things together in an instant, but this group outshines them all. Michael has a knack for being inquisitive and asking questions in such away that you don’t feel like he’s pretending not to know information and ask about it. You actually feel like he’s learning about the topic along with you. When a guest host fills in which is not often… unless a baby falls into Michael’s lap, I do not feel and do not hear the same natural curiosity. It sounds scripted at times. I have learned so much about the world and how it works and why it works the way it does, through this brilliant show. Michael makes me look smart at parties! Even if most of them were on zoom, of late. I had the unique experience of being one of the guests on the show during covid, on the special holiday show, in which they asked the audience what good things came out of lockdown and the coronavirus for you. I was the mom who started cooking, virtually, with her daughter every night during lock down. An intimacy we had not shared with each other since she was small. The way they pulled that show together, all the cast of characters and stories, was astonishing. I was laughing, crying and relating. I got calls from people who had listened by chance, all over the United States saying how great that show was. I am proud to be in the archives of The Daily. It was an honor to hear my story told and an honor to know that I am a thread woven through the history of the show. The Daily is by far my favorite podcast. You guys just keep rocking it!
  • balletomane1
    Can’t Michael Barbaro work 365 days a year?
    I used to listen to The Daily religiously when Michael Barbaro was the consistency host. Now that more often than not it’s Sabrina T I turn it off. I’m sure she is a great person but her interviewing style really annoys me. They need to work harder to find a co- host equal to MB.
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