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This limited-run series of interviews from the producers of "The Daily" takes you inside Trump’s Washington. From July through December of 2017, "The New Washington" delivered interviews with the political character you wanted to hear from most that week, with analysis and commentary from Michael Barbaro, Carl Hulse and their colleagues in the D.C. bureau of The New York Times.

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  • littlesul
    New Washington
    What happened to this podcast? It was the best one out there...BRING IT BACK!!
  • Mr. Theapprater
    Listen to this. It might be the best political podcast ever. I binged the entire thing in 2 days. Highly recommend.
  • Moviemaker2
    Welcome to faux news
    If you must listen, hold your nose and get ready for more of the same drivel.
  • ClairefromBoston
    What happened?
    I loved this Podcast but it’s no longer in. What happened?
  • metalmeredith
    Please return!
    This was a wonderful series with great interviews of people that I typically don't hear from. Refreshing to hear from reporters I trust about subjects I don't.
  • DJim2017
    Don’t stop
    Keep the podcast alive. Keep the interviews going!
  • Sjoa18
    Waiting for the next!
    Why’d you stop? Carl Hulse’s interview are great. I’ll just keep the pod in my feed hoping for another soon!
  • Slagletron
    More please.
  • Beer Maid
    Is there going to be a season 2?
    Because I loved the whole first season and it will be so interesting to see the profiles of the new members of Congress!
  • Hypatial
    The worst
    What could Trump do that would give this mindless shill pause?
  • BigSix6 Rick Von
    What happened to The New Washington?
    I really enjoyed listening to the program which was a part of my regular playlist along with The Daily. Since it hasn’t produced any shows in 2018, I’ll remove. Thanks for a great show!
  • Hoping to hear
    Speed of Speech is too difficult
    So glad to be able to express my disappointment in these broadcasts after the speech was increased to be annoying and then very agitating in both The Daily and Can he do that. It is most depressing as it is interesting but it leaves me frustrated and irritated. So I keep to see it there are enough complaints that it will be slowed down to make it worth listening. Still hoping, Judy Sherwood
  • Sallenicar
    Excelent. I expect more podcast
    I expect more podcast, I don't know why did you stopped.
  • poadawg
    It is incredible to hear such prominent figures in current politics speak so intimately. Sometimes we forget that they are just people doing their jobs. My only criticism is that the guests occasionally take advantage of the platform and spout their political agenda and at these moments I would love to hear the interviewer step in and even hit back with more pointed questions. But I suppose you have to walk a line if you hope to keep getting such big names on the show. My go to app is The Daily and this is a great bonus when shows appear. Thanks for the all the time and energy this must take to put together.
  • Campus Doc
    Are progressives just chopped liver?
    Friends, look at the entire list of interviewees to date. Look for progressives. Pelosi barely qualifies and Schumer not at all. The Times is profiting from the chaos emanating from Washington yet this podcast ignores the people who are doing things to change the course of the country. Who is responsible for this list and what is their rationale?
  • Mysideshurt
    What’s happening with The New Washington podcast?
  • Wackosuzanne
    Don’t end this podcast!!!
    This podcast, and The Daily are the 2 best podcasts in existence. Please don’t end it!!
  • Kyoto06
    FANTASTIC Podcast!!
    Michael and his colleages ask insightful questions and gets to the interviewees' truths. I love listening!
  • Matt O'Conga
    Hope this show continues
    Every episode has been excellent and expertly crafted. Even though it pains me to listen to many of the topics and guests, it is important, thorough, and accurate. I hope the shows continue in 2018
  • Calmomof3
    Why was this the final ?
    There are so many more people to cover..It made me listen even to features of folks I did not want to hear more of (Hannity, Bannon etc) and found it worthwhile..
  • topherlew
    The New Standard
    The New Washington brings a depth to our prominent leaders, influencers, and villains in the Capitol like no other outlet in any medium. Hearing NYT reporters, rather than interpreting through the defined medium of reporters’ prose as edited, lends humanity, and insight. The pregnant pause in an answer reveals more in a moment than an entire article, however expertly written. Keep ‘em coming!
  • Pegasus314
    Disappointed But Not Surprised
    Subscribed because I enjoy Michael Barbaro’s Daily podcasts and thought this would be more of the same. Unsubscribing after the latest episode, purportedly an interview with Sen. Gillibrand pivoted to a typical Times hit piece on Bill and Hillary Clinton. When will you people ever stop? And how can you possibly justify covering sexual harassment in national politics without any real mention of Trump and the 16 women who have accused him, plus the 13-year old girl he raped (she withdrew her lawsuit due to numerous death threats). I am so sick of the Times’ fawning sycophancy to the Republicans and especially Donald Trump and their inexplicable vendetta against the Clintons. Nope, I’m out.
  • lazylistner
    Things you never knew
    This is where to come to hear something new about people you don’t really know and in most cases, don’t ever want to know. It is surprising and enlightening. Michael Barbaro, keep up the great work.
  • Olivebop
    I love this podcast, but...
    PLEASE stop giving so much coverage to Bannon. He obviously gets off on the coverage. However, he has very little new to say. PLEASE MOVE ON!!!?!!
  • UrbanFlyGuide
    really? whatever your justification, it dosen't work. This guy is a pig and dosen't deserve the airtime. YOu give his a platform, no matter how tongue and cheek you might think. I will never listen to a Times podcast again. You are now part of thr problem .Shame on you guys
  • Sotto01
    Steve Bannon
    I am somewhat shocked that you gave this man airtime for his views. You put nothing against it. I feel quite disappointed. While it might have been okay to let him have his say, it should not be unchallenged. The fact that NYT gives him this platform unchallenged is not okay in my view.
  • LordeFell
    Poorly edited
    This podcast reflects the quality expected from the Nytimes. I do think it would be beneficial to listeners if full interviews were published unabridged.
  • Efbrazil
    The interviewer, carl hulse, is beyond terrible
    Just heard the interview with paul ryan. No interesting questions at all, just talking about their shared barber and golly how far ryan has come in life and hard hitting questions like “tax reform is important to pass for you, isn’t it?” Was this Fox News? Does the interviewer even read the New York Times? Please get someone that can ask interesting, tough questions. Someone like Anne McElvoy. Why not ask about changes to rules so more bipartisan legislation can pass? About how tax reform is being used to repeal the individual mandate? About why not make up for corporate tax cuts with taxes on imports? No, instead they focus on the barber and pal around for 30 minutes. Like Fox News, not the New York Times. Ugh.
  • Hophead68
    Probing interviews
    I love this podcast. Subjectively humanizes what can seem to be objectively villainous conservative personalities.
  • zinnia8
    Two thumbs way up
    great public service ... The New Washington and The Daily ... it's so helpful to get a real sense of the men and women on capital hill. Both sides of the aisle represented ... need to interview more women. thank you NYT!
  • Sparks Mom
    And The Stories Get More Details
    After listening to The Daily I wanted more for my weekend. You all must have heard me because an in-depth podcast that compliments The Daily is here. So much good content.
  • JillHCalifornia
    Worth listening
    Balanced & thoughtful podcast with interesting Washington figures.
  • mayerfamily
    A must every morning!
    I like to hear a balance, deep and good journalism. Congrats
  • Ol Davey boy
    Love Michael, too similar to the daily
    The NYT and Michael B. honestly do a great job on this podcast. However, as a faithful listener of “The Daily”, I feel like oftentimes there’s a significant overlap on character profiles from time to time. Most notably this week’s episode covering Rex Tillerson.
  • Kbjones16
    Great deep info. One of my go-to podcasts.
    Really interesting way to get more info from behind the scenes and get to know people in their own words. Love this series!
  • 🌽Jess
    Another excellent news podcast.
    Did anyone doubt it? Had to subscribe. I've been a subscriber of The Daily since day 1
  • musicgirl4mylord
    Great concept
    I really like this podcast. I think the access they’ve had is really great. I like the concept because it’s an opportunity to hear a primary source in Washington. Only reason it doesn’t get 5 stars is I don’t like that you interview the interviewer instead of making the interview with the subject be the focal point. Your current format allows for more bias to creep in, which I don’t care for. Overall it’s a great show and I’ll continue to listen.
  • Colvina
    I have really enjoyed this podcast since the beginning. In all the interviews, I feel the hosts did a really good at just reporting. As a conservative, I get the idea that my views differ from the hosts in general but most biases have stayed out of the way. However, I was highly disappointed in the Rex Tillerson interview. There was clear bias against him and the president and the whole episode felt more like an attack. HOPEFULLY, this is not the direction this podcast is heading. I have really appreciated it and have recommended to many of my friends to help broaden views.
  • Lee & Lynda
    Great interviews
  • Oge Vader
    Rehash of The Daily
    I just turned off the latest episode of this pod after being fed 15 minutes of the same info (the same clips even) as yesterday’s episode of The Daily. Of course, any subscriber of this show will also subscribe to The Daily. Do not waste my time with re-hashed information. If I want re-runs, I’ll time-travel to the 80’s and watch network sitcoms.
  • jennette q
    Love it!
    Listen to each week. So good!
  • Carvago
    These are Brilliantly produced profiles on the key players in an ever evolving Washington landscape. Each of these pieces puts forward the idea that individuals impart to government as much as government imparts to the people.
  • Tiptoebull
    Soft ball questions, mixed bag
    I didn’t appreciate how soft many of Hulse’s questions were until I heard Rubio’s interview. I guess it’s good to examine politicians on their own terms, but this series hews a little too close to promotion for celebrities sometimes. Alas, the price of access. Best episode was the one on lobbying. Maybe McConnell. The two furthest from promotion. Not recommended.
  • Brad 1234
    Same old Washington
    It’s great in concept - interviewing timely figures and let them introduce themselves and their motives in their own words. The problem: they keep falling back to interviews with known legislators. To date, they’ve interviewed only one member of the administration - the press secretary. Nancy Pelosi is not the new Washington. It’s a tough ask, but the pod needs to start living up to its name.
  • catgouge
    Love it!
    This show makes the now very public figures of ‘Trump’s America’ human and brings a better understanding of why they do what they do.
  • Inwoodus
    Great podcast.
    I listen to a number of podcasts at work. This is one of my top three.
  • Kayla Kozicky
    Great listen
    Good deep dives into political figures you may know nothing about.
  • SundayGardener
    New Washington does the job
    Keeps me up to date on current news from the Capital
  • sjtmadison
    Great and informative
    Great show
  • YossarianLives
    Excellent concept, add another perspective to improve it further
    I really like the concept: interview an important newsmaker but annotate the interview with informed background discussion to put it into perspective. I expect to binge listen to all the podcasts today. Very well done and valuable. I did notice that the journalists had a harder time giving a balanced perspective when the subject was someone on the Right like Mitch McConnell (I say this as a staunch liberal). They might experiment with bringing in a serious but conservative commentator to interview the interviewer. As long as it doesn't devolve into Crossfire this might produce something interesting.
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