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Judaism #53

Parsha in Progress is the latest podcast by Tablet Magazine. Perfect for anyone interested in the Bible, every other week hosts Rabbi Dov Linzer and author Abigail Pogrebin, an Orthodox rabbi and a Reform Jew, delve into a Biblical issue and story, and discuss how this ancient text takes on modern meaning and brings modern challenges. With humor, love, and insight, these focused discussions follow the schedule of the weekly parsha readings in synagogue.

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  • Mwána Comète
    Love it!
    I go back to the episodes often to help unpack parashot. Very enjoyable. It is a part of my journey to embracing the textual aspect of my Yiddishkeit. It is comforting.
  • DrXtract
    This podcast is a blend of religious interpretation, poetry and debate
  • jonn_msft
    Worth a listen, no new content
    Parsha in Progress is another Tablet production (like Unorthodox and Take One), this one a 10-minute discussion of the week’s Parsha between one Reform and one Orthodox rabbi. Production stopped in September 2020 but content is timeless.
  • ez does it.
    ** Snorkel & Scuba **
    Great show that both scratches the surface (snorkel) and takes a deep dive (scuba) of the weekly Parsha. If you dig Judaism, you’ll dig this podcast!
  • Brurot
    Just the thing
    Just the thing you need to get back into learning about Judaism, and discovering what meaning being Jewish has for you.
  • kellbell456!
    Love this! Wish it was longer 😊
  • hildapel
    Parsha of the week
  • upatree63
    Fascinating conversation
    These short Torah discussions have been an integral part of my conversion process. Accessible, fun, occasionally life-altering.
  • jonwbass
    An excellent podcast
    These short but informative discussions are first-rate and a pleasure to hear.
  • Andrea101323
    I enjoy this podcast
    I actually wish it was a little longer, 15-20 mins. But I love this bite sized bit of torah and their analyses and contributions. We aren't such different Jews after all. Kol hakavod.
  • stevele at hp
    Fantastic discussion of the Torah portion of the week!
    Love the five and take between Abigail and the Rabbi!
  • Hamakosan
    Traditional and modern
    I love the discussions on this podcast because Rabbi Dov and Abigail have a genial, respectful rapport and dialogue despite having viewpoints from traditional to liberal. The traditional viewpoints are never presented in a matter-of-fact or condescending manner. The only downside is that the podcast doesn’t cover every weekly parsha so there are gaps, which hopefully they cover next year. Otherwise, I love the dual perspectives without feeling like listening to mom and dad arguing.
  • olenovo
    Always interesting
    Though they may not always agree, they provide a fascinating discussion about the parsha
  • #%\.*+#%
    Interesting conversation
    Very interesting and respectful discussion be two Jews coming with different points of view. Abby challenges Dov and Doc challenges back. Wish it was longer.
  • aiméeP
    Fast, Deep, Inspiring & Fun
    Fast, deep, inspiring and fun. Dov and Abby are wonderful.
  • Arthur Kurzweil
    A brilliant idea for a podcast by two delightful, perfect participants.
  • Ruth364
    Look forward to this podcast each week
    Very open, very real, very meaningful. I like the respect and honesty these two show to each other and their Jewish practice.
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