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The Schaub Show explores the intersection of combat sports and life in and outside the sport. Through the eyes of former fighter, comedian, and host Brendan Schaub, the show is an entertaining mix of truth, comedy, and rawness. Brendan is joined by some of the sport's biggest names and entertainers each week. Episodes include weekly insights into the sport. The show consists of deep dives with fighters during Food Truck Diaries, Friday Night Flashbacks, and Calabasas Fight Companion episodes, with a roundtable of co-hosts joining the Schaub show. Formerly Below the Belt, the Schaub show brings you inside the world of professional fighting.

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  • Jussie Formigans
    Trugg Waulg
    Water we dune?
  • gayrepublican
    nice sneakers bro
  • kmr0033
    Most Annoying Ads
    I keep getting ads for this on a streaming platform and it’s just clips of one guy being rude to the others. If I could block the ad, I would. If I never hear this guy speak again, it’ll be too soon
  • TrippersGhost
    They pay this dimwit???
  • banblueban
    You know the guy who talks down to everyone and acts like there smarter/better than everyone else. But in reality he doesn’t know what he’s talking about, and often lies about everything to make his narrative look better. That’s Brendan, once you see through the lies you realize nothing he says is authentic, and can’t look at him the same way. Find literally any other comedy podcast, he attempts to be Rogan, but is far, far dumber.
  • DFParker78
    Great Pawldcast
    Never heard it.
  • LouGary
    Love the show. Hate it being live.
    Love the show!!! However I hate that you are live and now are scared to cuss, Because Chin is worrying about it to much. Please go back to recording it, so you can be yourselves again.
  • Small Time Seller
    Low Quantity
    Uniformed cash grab low effort show. Host shows this is only a money grab from sponsors. Doesn’t add much knowledge if any.
  • kiros3725
    Brendan’s a solid dude no matter how you slice it
    If you thinking about listening to this pod I say you throw on episode #363 the reason why I’m even writing the review. This episode shows both sides of Brendan, the goofy silly side and then the real, family first man he truly is. You can be a hater all you want but you can’t deny he’s a good person at the end of the day. This ep starts off with some really tough stuff he’s going through right now with his family. Being a father myself I know how important having healthy children is. Hoping for the best, me and my daughter included the Schaubs in our prayer before bedtime. 💪 and after he got settled in talking fights he got on a roll talking some of the funniest stuff I’ve ever heard from him . Just making some funny commentary about what a fighter and his wife are going through. Not an ounce of disrespect too, pretty clever how he was able to make fun of the situation but at the same time give some solid advice. Alright I think I’m done kissing his *** this a solid pod been listening for a few years now. He’s won me over . It will also help keep you in the loop of all the major UFC stories
  • CanadienSquints
    Love Brendan but not the car talk.
    Love this show been listening for a while, Even to all the other shows he is connected to. Love hearing his expertise on fighting and such but him saying things about cars and saying he has been a car guy all his life shows his lack of it there. He couldn’t even do his air filter. Sorry bro fellow CO boy here but can’t stand the car talk please stick to the other stuff.
  • Jimmer Mepps
    I’m with him???
  • Jpojam
    Outside the box
    Brendan gives insightful commentary on the world of MMA and Boxing, offering first hand experience and objective analysis. All with humorous perspectives- never taking himself too seriously.
  • Cap_Bearer
    Such a bad show. Needs lessons in speaking and pronunciation before he talks about anything.
  • BlackCatKittyKill
    Peaked in high school and cringe to listen to.
  • Rogers280
    Love this pod, it’s entertaining & cool to hear a different take of the usual mma media.
  • Dannisour
    Not sure why people hate him. This pod is pretty dope and funny
  • heheheheheuheheue
    Brendan is dumb
    Disregard literally anything this moron says. He has a lesser IQ than a bowling ball.
  • fbgsfjgdjjb
    If you like this show it’s because you have no taste and are stupid. No discussion about it.
  • Cochecastro
    This podcast is dead
    Just end it already fellas..also maybe don’t treat your employees like garbage/stop lying about everything and get some help. Anyone that still listens to this does it out of nostalgia of what it was. Horrible people like Bryan Callen and Brendan Schaub do not deserve anymore C level pseudo famous acclaim. They are both failures staring at what is the end of their fruitless careers.
  • lasko 1125
    Great show
    Love Brendan!!
  • 7897$
    Brendan’s take on paddy is idiotic to say the least… we don’t like him because he thinks he won that fight against Jared also the 10-7 by Ariel for him demanding money to talk to him was iconic and put him back where he belongs and your just as much an idiot for backing him after that disgusting podcast with Dana take a listen, he did a good job alienating the real fans during that interview …
  • @mattstafford12 on insta
    Double speak
    Complains an awful lot about the media while being a part of the media
  • Shevek13
    Not good
    Brendan’s delivery has been getting worse now that he’s having to drink all of the bottles of unsold Tiger Thiccc whiskey at every hour of the day. He gets things wrong all the time so not a good place to get your MMA news, go literally anywhere else.
  • utilecrawded
    Just Bad
    The guy is a spiraling alcoholic who stumbles through words and has “hot takes” that just make him come off as an arrogant idiot. Don’t waste your time on this “podcast”.
  • @CobraSVT96
    Don’t waste your time
    Not funny at all, and how does it have 4 stars still when all the ratings are 1 or 2?
  • Willis5150
    How many
    How many podcasts does this tard need to be on every week?
  • MFmath
    I’d rather chew on a brick than listen to this show
    Bryan Callen is the only one with any talent and he’s ruined his career regardless.
  • papa191
    Bapa just goes
    I have this one star because this idiot only provides ingredients for the orange chicken
  • b showers 19888
    Use your words!
    Instead of buying shoes and cars you should hire a speech therapist.
  • Tsqueegee
    Please make it Stop
    This guy is a moron. Stop paying this man money to act like a doosh canoe. Maybe you do need a handler. BTW stop calling yourself a comedian you’re not funny guy.
  • Nicer2013
    Decline in content
    I used to love this podcast, and it was one of my go to’s on a weekly basis. That has changed recently. The whole “conspiracy” stuff about the UFC events and Brendan’s comments about Dana white has really changed my mind about this podcast. I used to really enjoy a lot of Brendan’s content but this is the second podcast of his that I will be unsubscribing from. Unfortunately, I think Brendan’s success with standup and in the podcast industry and changed his content for the worse.
  • lilg2253
    Play a drinking game and drink every time he calls someone “savage” you’ll be freaking plastered by the end of the podcast.
  • Kirby 16
    We’re on to you prejudice pig
    Quit before we come after you. #We are many
  • Doug_Harter
    Original copy cat
    This guy parrots ideass he hears. No original thought or take on anything he speaks of. Very easy to dislike Brendan who consistently interrupts anyone he is speaking with. The narcism is spilling everywhere.
  • Johnyyyydee
    Great show
    Love to see you keep putting out great content even with the keyboard warriors trying to sabotage.
  • santanaalwz
    Used to be a hater
    But I never listened, now I listen to every show. Dudes pretty chill. Wish he would take better care of his body
  • GoldenState94
    Ads, ads, ads
    You can tell he only does the show now to get more ad money. You can hear he doesn’t want to be there, complete sellout
  • ChefBrian1
    Blown speakers
    That last episode with Erick was rough. I think the sound needs more edit. I think the laughs blew my speakers out😳
  • capt ron's eye patch
    How to fix the world
    This is the reason I support abortion…hell play his stand up before congress and both abortion and the death penalty will not only be legal but encouraged…
  • Rlz8785
    Brendan can’t speak, his head got way too big over the years and there’s zero effort to even pronounce the fighter’s names correctly. Tried to hang on but he lost me on all his shows. Believe you me and Anik & Florian are the way to go when it comes to good professional MMA podcasts.
  • jEffigy33
    Too Dumb
    How can anyone listen to this brain dead idiot? Helwani owns Schwab.
  • Thiccc boy Dallas
    Schaub can barely form a sentence is a known liar. Time to shut it down Boppa.
  • Stan5899
    Chewing into mic is disgusting
    Love Brendan but there’s always someone eating on the shows and chewing into the mic. Ruins the show.
  • Bignix35
    Starting to lose interest
    I used to love this show . Shaub is trying to be a Hollywood star or something and has changed a lot over the years. Dude we don’t care about name dropping or anything celebrity like. We listened to your show because you were funny and down to earth . Get back to the basics
    Regurgitated Garbage
    If you’d rather listen to a distinct, concise, clear eye view of whatever Brendan thinks you should listen to JRE but this is basically regurgitated fighter and the kid mixed with whatever conversation Brendan had with Joe Rogan that morning.
  • Hsyyssbshais
    Misinformation and cringe politics
    Y’all really going to defend Tony Kelley on this? You didn’t even read the full quote before jumping on his d***. Additionally— you really gonna listen to Bryce Mitchell say “the government organizes the Uvalde shooting” and not even push back?”
  • TrueP00P
    I love Brendan. He's a smart guy with a great heart, but...
    Can't give you a perfect score my guy, because of the poor judgment shown in sharing cringe political opinions on your show. It's sad seeing a bright guy with a bunch of impressive accomplishments sounding so shallow and unoriginal by bringing up politics. Your comedy says you're a smart guy who loves to make people laugh. Your politics say you're just a rich guy who only cares about himself. It sounds like you're repeating whatever garbage your buddy told you. Or, given that everything else on the show is tied to sponsors, maybe you are being paid to share some of these ideas. Whatever the case it's not a good look and shows poor judgment on your part.
  • FinnDogg Actual
    Definitely some of the best breakdowns in the game and good locker room talk
    Thicccc boi dum dum
    Please quit comedy. Thanks everyone.
  • Joethozeski
    Brendan is the man!
    It’s great to hear Brendan’s show weekly with an interesting perspective on fighting and food
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