Going In Raw: A Pro Wrestling Podcast

Wrestling #29

Going In Raw with Steve and Larson takes a look at the week that was in pro wrestling. Steve and Larson bring both their brand of humor and insights to every episode and is occasionally joined by good friends who share their passion for professional wrestling.
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Recent Reviews
  • Waykann1234
    I used to like this show
  • josh lg
    This show rocks!!!
    I’ve been a die hard WWE fan for as long as I can remember. Now I’ve attended AEW shows, it’s growing on me. Steve and Larson do an amazing job recapping both WWE and AEW for me. Like any other family man, I don’t get to watch every episode on a weekly basis. On my 2 hour drive to and from work, I can listen to the podcast and catchup on all shows I miss. Steve and Larson do a great job of giving predictions and sharing news. They give credit to all the news outlets but is a great hub to bring it all together.
  • Joosten12
    Guaranteed Peed On!!!
    What can I say about Steve and Larson! Oh and the 3rd man brother the Enforcer. But this podcast and the community they have created mean more to me then they will ever now. My interest in WWE is at an all time low but I can always count on Steve and Larson to keep me updated on all the happenings in the WWE Universe. But my the Friendoverse is the crown jewel. Growing up I never really had friends that liked wrestling but since I found The friendoverse that isn’t a problem anymore. It’s a community..No family that makes me never feel alone. Thank you Going in Raw Thank You Steve Thank You Larson and Thank you Enforcer
  • Some guy08
    These guys are funny, and entertaining. I enjoy the impressions Steve does. They’re a little woke but they’re also from California. They watch WWE so I don’t have too. Good weekly reviews.
  • Kushncudi
    Absolute Banger of a Podcast
    Listening From the island of Jamaica🇯🇲, this podcast has become ingrained into my daily life. Love what u guys been doing and appreciate the hard work that goes into this. Keep it up 🔥🔥🔥
  • TNA 4 Life
    Best Podcast Known To Mankind
    Steve, Larson, the Enforcer, and the Friendos have created a fun and supportive community to be part of. These guys don't take themselves too seriously and try to have a positive and lighthearted show that the listeners can enjoy listening to daily. Every episode is a great listen!
  • 47ness
    survey says: another win for the s___ twins
    always fun to catch up on the week to week with this podcast; sure, not necessarily 100% with all their wrestling opinions but at least they discuss and evolve their thoughts openly and that’s saying a lot. p.s. I always mark out to references to “The Knick”. I’m that 0.5% who enjoys it ;)
  • Metacon77
    Insanity I can get behind!
    These two have been entertaining me for years and continue to do so! Keep it up fellas. Going In Raw…Acknowledge me ( or don’t, you know, it cool. Lol)
    Hey Friendos!!
    This is the most comprehensive and up to date professional wrestling podcast on the market. Steve and Larson have a great dynamic, and are fun to listen to. From fun dumb inside jokes to news and analysis this podcast has everything you need for professional wrestling.
  • floordweller
    Supporting the Friendos
    Been tuning into every episode lately. Appreciate the personalities and value the opinions. Keep it up!
  • Setht32
    Too Negative too AEW Biased
  • JFrankUpTopCA
    Favorite Wrestling Podcast
    Steve and Larson keep wrestling news and reviews fun. They have a great rapport, their community is inclusive and thoughtful, and listening to them keeps you up to date with the wrestling world. GIR feels like a wrestling fan club that I’m proud to be a part of.
  • JaredSmithwood
    Steve, Larson & the Friendo Community
    I love GIR. The only podcast I listen to EVERY episode of. Steve and Larson are great-very entertaining and live their banter, characters. They have created a whole community of people who love wrestling.
  • Holjin
    It’s an attraction
    They watch WWE so you don’t have to
  • quovadis13
    Taking wrestling as serious as it should be
    Professional wrestling is a silly thing when you stop to think about it. These guys know when to take it seriously and know when to clown on it. These guys are both very funny and very professional. They are definitely not biiiiiiiiiig dummies.
  • Sharcaleb
    The BEST Podcast to poop your pants to!
    Stefan and Larry are the best podcast hosts for the wonderful parasite known as professional wrestling. Whenever I hear their voices, I can't help but fill my pants from all of the laughter and good vibes. Thanks, Stan and Larenzo! I love supporting some fellow Sacramento boys. Let's grab some Wiener Works chilli dogs sometime
  • KrispyMcGrizzle
    The only wrestling podcast you NEED to listen to!
    These two (plus the occasional enforcer) provide the best weekly reviews of just about every major wrestling show. The right mix of comedy and clear knowledge of the business makes this a must listen to for wrestling fans. I can’t recommend becoming a friendo enough!
  • Keithweaver
    The Best
    I’ve been listening/watching Steve and Larson since 2015! They have a passion for wrestling that not many other people in this form of media have. On top of that they are such great people. I met them at my make a wish for WM33. I approached them and told them I was a fan and why I was there. Not only did they stop what they were doing to talk to me, but they came back over to me to talk a little later. I met a lot of wrestlers on that trip and to this day meeting them was something I remember the most. Very genuine people that care for their audience. Great content. Great Podcast!
  • yurp0091528
    I love Larson’s lack of energy
  • lupeezus
    Fan since 2016!
    Howdy y’all! Been a fan since i stumbled onto your show back in 2016! I desperately needed something to listen too during my internship and while i don’t remember the episode that started it all, I do remember Steve in some lame boston celtics jersey. Anyway, love the show and while i don’t watch wrestling consistently, Going in Raw helps me stay up to date with wrestling. Best wrestling show in my opinion! There’s no forced humor or ridiculous, over the top theatrics...just genuine friends talking about an industry we can all enjoy! Much love to Steve and Larson 🖤
  • Lasertose Intolerant
    The best wrestling and game show podcast of all time
    Haven’t I said enough?
  • MerkTheLerk
    Give them a listen
    Been listening for years at this point and I always enjoy y’all’s show, and I look forward to them as well. Good source of news, great reviews, and 11/10 impression by Steve here. And their just cool dudes
  • Mrx98
    Stupendous wrestling podcast
    I rarely leave reviews, cause I’m lazy but Steve shamed me so I downloaded this podcast app, just for you, to leave a review. I’ve been listening to Steve and Larson since their Machinima days. Their entertaining takes on wrestling keep me coming back for more. Keep up the great work guys
  • AfterTheFire111
    They’re the best
    love theee dudes.
  • mrforce3590
    Excellent wrestling podcast!
    This podcast is great, it helps me get through my workday. Steve and Larson seem really down to earth, and I always look forward to the latest episode. Thank you for all you do to make Going In Raw possible!
  • mdeleon80
    Best Pro Wrestling Podcast Indeed 👏🏾
    They say this is the ONLY pro wrestling podcast we should be listening to and I can only confirm that this statement is true! Love Steve and Larson. Pressing play every morning on the way to work!
  • DeWoodro
    Fun and informative
    Great show love the friendship and chemistry of Steve and Larson they always bring the news and reviews in a fun manner. I also like how they always take time to answer fan mail. Always look forward to new episodes. They make work much more bearable.
  • Swiceg0d
    The only pro wrestling podcast you need to be listening to.
    I’ve been listening to these guys for years. They have hands down the most informative and in depth weekly reviews of all the pro wrestling shows, along with keeping you informed on all the latest news. Going in raw truly is the only pro wrestling podcast you NEED to be listening to!
  • Dhdhb budge
    I love these guys
    I’ve been listening to Steve and Larson for a few years now and I’ve always enjoyed their stupendous take on all sorts of wrestling events. Steve, Larson and the Enforcer are regularly cranking out awesome content. These guys seriously rule and are a blast to listen to, I really enjoy and appreciate the show.
  • txnnergxrd
    SID’s favorite podcast
    top notch wrestling news and show reviews! the only wrestling podcast you need to be listening to plus I heard this is SID’s favorite podcast to listen to when he’s not p**ping his pants(:
  • Bestsincedayone88
    One of my favorite wrestling podcasts
    A great listen. Steve and Larson always have me laughing with the impressions. Been listening and watching you guys on YouTube as well. Enforcer is a welcome addition to the show as well. It’s just two genuine fans who give their opinions and insight of the world of wrestling while making talk about wrestling a thing that all fans can enjoy doing.
  • GBV123
    Appointment Viewing / Listening
    I listen to an embarrassing number of pro wrestling podcasts, usually in the background when it makes sense with whatever other task I’m handling in the foreground. But whenever it’s time for a new episode of Going in Raw, it’s the only wrestling podcast I go out of my way to listen to ASAP to catch up on any headlines I may have missed, get a recap of shows I can’t make time for, and more than anything else, to get the opinions of Steve and Larson, which I find to be refreshingly positive compared to much of what’s out there, and mostly constructive when they have things to critique. Except for Steve’s hatred of sure fire hall of famer Christian Cage. Gotta see that feud blown off, preferably in a TLC match.
    Always a fun listen!
    Steve & Larson bring a fun and laid back vibe to wrestling podcasts. Been a listener/watcher for a while and their shows have been a highlight of my day. Also after having the pleasure of meeting them a few years back I know they’re the nicest dudes you’ll ever meet.
  • The Rated R SUUUUUPER Mark
    Where do I even begin?
    It’s the only Pro Wrestling Podcast that you NEED to be listening to. Been listening to these guys for years, they’re the only reason I know what’s going on in the WWE these days. Steve, Larson, and The Enforcer are great. Church of Lovely Friendos 4 Life.
  • MusicByDesign
    Sad Last Days of Searching for a Wrestling Podcast
    Look no further for your favorite wrestling podcast friendo, because you just found it. Wrestling News? CHECK Wrestling Reviews? CHECK Wrestling Discussion between two delightful friends? CHECK Lots of fun, two friends having a blast, creating a great & welcoming community, and absolutely a highlight in my day. Highly recommend!
  • Lordblakeob
    Just Two, Sometimes Three, Swell Dudes
    If you’re interested in listening to an hour long Podcast of two mid-aged white dudes getting annoyed by the decisions of an even older white dude, than BOY is this the Podcast for you
  • Richard.A.
    The Best Wrestling Podcast in Existence. You heard it here first.
    These guys are absolutely hilarious. Steve’s impressions kill me. Larson’s sense of humor and ability to seem like Steve’s erratic energy constantly annoys him make for some hilarious banter. Definitely check these guys out.
  • Mantt Rapier
    Best current events wrestling podcast!
    After listening to the Conrad Thompson network of shows to satiate my nostalgia, I realized I was missing a podcast that covers the current product. Great banter between Steve and Larson and great coverage after each main televised show. My stepson recently started to enjoy wrestling so we’ve been out to Battle of the Belts, a Raw, and Dynamite in Columbia, SC tomorrow. I feel like an 11 year old again during the Monday Night Wars only this time I have shows like Going in Raw to keep myself amped up even more. Keep up the great work guys!
  • Basia n'at
    We need more people like Steve and Larson in wrestling
    Steve and Larson are hilarious, informative and in an industry that can attract some real dirtbags, they always have the right priorities. And adorable dogs.
  • holdforhold
    Friendo Community
    Steve Here, And Larson, The Enforcer, & the entire assortment of guest stars are a constant bright spot to my day. They made wrestling fun again. Whether it’s this podcast or their twitch streams they always make everyone feel included & heard. Not to mention they’re comedic chemistry is top-notch & super best. Thank you friendos!
  • Section Leader Sanchez
    Best Wrestling Podcast
    What’s up guys! I’ve been listening to y’all since your Machinima days. My Go-2-listening podcast when I’m at work driving. Keep up the great work and Steve, your Stone Cold impressions are hilarious!
  • Larsons himbo
    Twoo sweet
    Thats it thats the review this duo sometimes trio with the enforcer are two sweet! And wholesome hilarious fellas
  • BryceMcGeorge
    The only pro wrestling podcast you NEED to be listening to
    My enjoyment of the wrestling industry has been off and on for many years. These three guys make wrestling fun again by not taking themselves too serious and structuring each episode to feel like a conversation between the hosts and listener. If you like bad accents and car pranks, why aren’t you listening right now?
  • LubricantHornet
    Great wrestling podcast
    I really enjoy this pod. Steve and Larson are great dudes. If I could critique one thing it would be Steve’s fear of bidets. Poor dude has got to polish that rusty sherrif’s badge. I’m sure Larson’s is probably fine. Thanks Friendos.
  • WinnarCircle
    Wanted to like the show they make it difficult
    Well intentioned. These two are boring. They don’t really say anything insightful. It sounds like two marks in a basement reminiscing about better times.
  • tjmaga1
    Another woke wrestling podcast
    These guys are all for teaching sexual orientation to 5,6 and 7 year olds or they just aren’t informed on the actually issues they talk about.
  • DeniseDBH9
    A great show
    It’s fun to listen to these podcasts. The guys typically talk about wrestling headlines and do recaps of shows. I find them informative, entertaining and thoughtful in their analyses. I always appreciate their critiques and their positivity. Steve, Larson, and the enforcer have great spirits and have made wrestling more enjoyable for me. They’ve also cultivated a pretty welcoming and respectful community of followers.
  • Ken B27
    Couple of dads
    Good to see peacemaker and Adam pierces dads giving us the wrestle info!
  • Bigtrizzytre
    5 stars only for Steve’s Finn Voice
    Made me laugh so I write review. Simple
  • NickyBoy1030
    One of the best...
    Been listening for years, they usually have great takes. They try so hard to be positive and that's not easy with WWE these days. Only knock is when they remind you they are nutty CA libs but they're personable enough to let it go. Something odd I've noticed though....I don't think I've ever heard them utter a negative comment about a black wrestler. Doesn't seem genuine.
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