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Little Gold Men is the inside story of Hollywood, from awards shows and red-carpet premieres to the hard work and whisper campaigns that get people there. Weekly episodes feature obsessive, expert conversations about the best of television and film, with special guest appearances from stars, creators, and critics. LGM also dives deep into Oscar history, and offers insight into all the other awards that make up Hollywood’s continual dash toward glitz and glory. For more on Little Gold Men, visit

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  • guz_jon19
    A total downgrade!
    Getting rid of Katey was such a terrible move. It’s just not the same without her. She was that special ingredient that made the podcast work. Won’t be listening anymore. Wouldn’t recommend it to anyone else too. Just go follow Katey at The Ankler.
  • codycodarus
    Bring Katey Back… Why would VF get rid of her? Poor decision.
  • Iago Listens
    This pod is dead... Katey ;(
    I love all the people involved in this pod, but man I miss Katey soooo much.... Vanity Fair please do better. You killed one of your most valuable assets. Pay people fairly.
  • Lk3356363
    I love the work of the other hosts, but something is missing without Katey Rich’s enagaging presence. Also, not as interested in all-male takes. Since she was laid off I just haven’t been listening as much, as I’ll just miss the old version of this podcast.
  • Vance 3
    Miss Katey and now Richard sounds hyper Richard
    Long time listener but it’s time to go. Katey led this pod so well and it’s just not the same. David is a really good interviewer but that doesn’t translate into leading the pod. What is Richard taking? He’s hyper and hyped up…too much. It was fun while it lasted guys.
  • PurplePikmin
    Not the same
    I hardly have time to watch movies anymore, but I never miss an episode of this pod. Love Richard, Chris, et al, but Katey’s voice is sorely missed. Getting rid of a woman host and following with an all male panel is not great. Really disappointed in Vanity Fair.
  • sinceyouasked?
    Can Cris Murphy
    Long time listener. I don’t like Chris Murphy. The voice. The arrogance. A bratty boy who has opinions in which I have no interest. Just off putting and nasty. A bad look right after the departure of Katy Rich.
  • karab98
    I love everyone who hosts this show but you can already feel Katey’s absence. She hosted with such Grace and humor, bring her back vanity fair!!!
  • benpost5
    Maybe title this podcast Little Gold Men(And Women)??
    Just a thought since they cover the Emmys (which I love) but she is a SHE after all. Just a thought, and maybe a useless one after all:)
  • KRoseC05
    I Miss Katey Already
    I just listened to the interview Katey Rich and Richard Lawson did with Louis Virtel the morning after the Oscars. It was a total delight, and emphasized how well Katey can keep a conversation flowing and guide it so that there is a beginning, middle and end (not just with interviews, but panel discussions as well). She makes it seem effortless, and her conversational pattern with Richard is so enjoyable. I hope she will be reinstated at Vanity Fair soon and be able to come back to Little Gold Men. She is missed.
  • Morbo McFly
    Katey Rich!
    Katey Rich is the foundational magic of this show. The show has dealt with cycling major voices out over time yet managed to survive (even losing the fantastic Joanna Robinson!) and there’s not much bad to say about its various continuing contributors (Richard Lawson is particularly great with his quick wit). However, the show really excelled with Rich’s presence on many levels. A great sense of flow to keep things on track, warm personal knack in interviews with thoughtful follow-up questions, encyclopedic knowledge of awards minutae, (not so much a podcast thing but I appreciated the degree to which she was a mindful writer about topics outside her own life experience,) and specifically she brought an every-person engagement of award season through her lived experience. While there was a lot of valuable insight provided by her peers as feet on the ground at festivals or hearing things through industry connections, by not being in media hubs of the NY-LA scenes, Rich helped make these self-congratulatory industrial award ceremonies seem less “local” and more something for everyone to find “fun” in, if that’s their kind of thing. A lot of the other award season coverage tends to come off Moneyball and coldly data-driven and somewhat smug, but Katey Rich could somehow both seem to know raw award stats inside and out while still calling attention to the quality of films or movies as art and/or entertainment. While it seemed like she was pretty mindful to never score cheap points dunking on media she didn’t care for, I wholeheartedly trust her recommendations and wish she were still in a position to keep making a livelihood out of such a personal passion.
  • arm474
    Bring Katey back!!!
    I’m a longtime listener and super sad they’re making Katey leave and breaking up the group dynamic, which was great when led by Katey. Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease.
  • axess12345
    Bring KATEY Back
    Katey is amazing
    I won’t listen without her.
  • #ReC
    Katey!!! 😫
    Sadly I’m unsubscribing after hearing the news of Katey being “reassigned”. I love Richard and the rest of the hosts but she’s the only reason I ever listened to this podcast to begin with. I’m gonna follow my girl wherever she goes. Good luck with the show and hopefully the people at Vanity Fair stop trying to “fix” things that weren’t broken.
  • Podcast listener 46
    Brilliant, uplifting Podcast. But why move Katey Rich? Not ok
    Love this podcast. I am not in the entertainment business but consider this an essential podcast for my life and wellness. I am a busy public interest lawyer doing rewarding, but depleting work. This podcast provides me much a needed positive space to learn from the brilliance, humor and analysis of its phenomenal hosts. I am saddened & confused by the news that Katey is (what sounds like) being moved away from this show? Katey brings powerful perspectives as a scholar of cinema, and I value her insights as a mom. In dark times we need good art, writers, and storytellers more than ever. Thank you Katey for your excellent work.
  • Thecommonraven
    Bring back Katey!
    Started listening to this podcast specifically for Katey and Richard and have really loved it up to this point. Not sure if i will continue listening without her.
  • enfpa2
    Keep Katey as host
    I just discovered this podcast a month ago and it’s become my favorite—primarily because of how Katey leads the conversation. And it renewed my long-lapsed interest in Vanity Fair as a whole. I hope that Condé Nast reverses their decision to move her to other work in their portfolio. What is an email address we can write to to share our opinion on this? Thank you!
  • Jules Hope
    No more Katey?
    Cannot begin to express how upset I am about this.
  • themintmaster
    Probably won’t listen without Katey!
  • Wayside Violet
    Bring back Katie!
    I’m so bummed that Katie is being forced out by Condé Nast 🥺
  • astrayer14
    Big mistake…HUGE to get rid of Katey Rich
    Longtime listener and cannot believe what a massive mistake it is for Condé Nast to remove the heart of this podcast, Katey Rich. Absolutely no offense to Richard or David but to have two male hosts? BOO! NOT interested. Katey brings a much needed female perspective. I hope Condé Nast reconsiders this massive lapse of judgement. P.S. Katey go start your own podcast somewhere else, maybe team back up with Joanna? Will follow you wherever you go next!
  • ndale27
    No Katey Rich, no longer listening
    I have been listening to this show for years, and I love the rest of the crew. But this Katey Rich’s show. She is the heart of every episode. Unfollowing and no longer listening. VF’s response to the union is ridiculous, but who’s surprised?
  • Herre124
    Bring back Katey Rich
    Katey Rich has been the heart and soul of this podcast since I started listening to it in 2017. It does not make sense without her and I can only hope it might not be too late to reverse this idiotic decision and bring her back.
  • Drumheyoka
    Can’t deal with hosts anymore
    I cringe at the uneducated remarks about queer women by gay dudes. I feel like I’m 15 hearing fish jokes
  • Harriet_Vane_
    By far the best awards season podcast
    I look forward to this podcast every week, and think the mix between personal preferences and awards predictions is perfect. I’ve always enjoyed awards shows, even when I haven’t seen everything, but the way that the critics on Little Gold Men talk about the movies they love has gotten me to watch more new movies in general.
  • E4Girl
    Alexander Payne
    @davidcanfield97 The interview with Alexander Payne was vibrant and spectacular, love his work!! David showed his prowess as an interviewer and made this an episode not to miss. Can’t wait to see The Holdovers🤩
  • stubeef1789
    Smug and uninformed
    I listen sometimes because I love the Oscars but these people really have no insight into the awards conversation but act so pleased with themselves for their lukewarm takes. I guarantee there are people in your life who know more about the awards race than these dopes. And they probably aren’t as smug as the hosts either. Go find those people and talk to them. If you are looking for better podcasts, I recommend the Big picture podcast or Oscar Wild instead.
  • Stauffhb
    No diversity?
    This is a great podcast, but they constantly name check “diversity” and yet this is an extremely white podcast? White gay men in entertainment cannot be your only nod to being “diverse”
  • GiveMeRealNewz
    Idiot Host
    Whole crew is full of idiots & racists, who hate white people. Host is so stupid, she is clueless & her mouth runs like a machine gun. These racists & bigots will have a collective heart attack if Angela Bassett doesn’t win an academy award.
  • cinderelochka
    My go to awards season podcast!
    I sure love my weekly hang outs with these folks at Little Gold Men! It’s so fun tracing the awards race and the hosts feel warm and welcoming and wise on their subjects. My only qualm here is can we have a little more love for Banshees please?!! I highly disagree with someone being given an award because of their skin color or career rather than the performance in question - and I feel Condon deserves her moment here. Would be nice to hear a bit more positivity about Banshees and their cast and crew. That film was an absolute masterpiece?!
  • Buh Bye Felicia
    Logan’s Run?
    Gwyneth at 26 and Hillary getting a second Oscar at 30 are NOT veteran actors finally getting their due. And please stop assuming the world concurs Birdman Nomadland Greenbook are fringe or mistakes. Maybe talk about why yet another ingénue Ana de Armas best out a true veteran actress Viola Davis as nominee as has happened for years in line with a common bias wherein younger women are preferred. The average age of male verses female nominees and winners is concerning. But I guess you are too busy ridiculing “older demographic” which apparently is ok to attack. Please check your facts and check yourself.
  • susanebere
    Please talk just a beat slower…
    Love this pod but sometimes someone talks so fast it’s not clear. Thanks!
  • meingreece
    I would die for Richard Lawson
  • ofitallofitallofitall
    white noise
    love listening to white people grapple with their white guilt! very 2020!
  • buzzbuzz724
    quality has dropped significantly. love richard but katie seems to only be able to “catch up” on whatever is on Disney+ lately, and the other two hosts are half asleep at the wheel. we don’t care about your party invites! don’t even get me started in four white hosts discussing racism in Hollywood lol.
  • Eschuetz
    The Best of its Kind
    I look forward to this pod every week. I trust Richard’s opinions so much that I traveled to Manhattan from Chicago in the fall to see Dana H. Big fan of his and Katey’s. Also really enjoy when Chris Murphy guests.
  • TommyFitzzz
    I like you! Right now! I LIKE you!
    Avid fan of this show - and every other bit of content VF and these hosts help produce - for years. Obviously, there's are millions of pods on every topic imaginable. But if you're looking for a impeccably produced show featuring well rounded discussion, thoughtful interviews with a wide variety of individuals involved in the entertainment industry, hosted by a group of people who genuinely enjoy both the topics they discuss as well as each other, give LGM a shot. (Also, consistent output and wonderful audience engagement. Which, ya know.. is huge. 👏🏼👏🏼)
  • TravisAClark
    Can we talk less about how great Vanity Fair is?
    Great content and awards discussion! I wish the self aggrandizing about Vanity Fair would be kept to a minimum. Always about Vanity Fair party this, bragging about meeting celebs that. It’s just a bit annoying.
  • jpnychost
    This podcast has gone downhill
    We love our Katie and Richard but the two new hosts don’t seem to know a thing about the podcast in which they are hosting. Nobody cares about you attending parties! The predictions episode was a joke, she kept saying “Dune” but then would say but my heart says this…. What’s the point then. Talk about movies the way real people talk about movies, not journalists.
  • Gokellogg
    The only people more obsessed with little gold men than I am. Thanks Katey & crew for knowing everything and taking me into the weeds with you:)
  • Mark.Shorthouse
    Best Awards Season Podcast Out There
    The expertise, sense of humor and chemistry shared between all of the hosts is the best in any podcast I’ve listened to, awards season related or otherwise. I look forward to every week and have listened to the entire backlog as well (which I highly recommend). They’ve started to incorporate some truly A-List interviews as well which are always very thoughtful and refreshing. The whole production really gives an accessible and exciting look into Hollywood and the entire industry of award shows, can’t recommend it enough.
  • craftyinqueens
    Can’t live without!
    My go to for my favorite time of year - awards season! So nice to nerd out with folks who know what they’re talking about and share a diverse set of opinions. Not to mention incredible insight on new and exciting upcoming films… and wonderful interviews with actors, directors, composers, you name it! Love this show!
  • Patrixullivan
    All you need
    As informative as it is soothing
    I look forward to this podcast every week. This group really gives you everything you need to stay in the know every awards season. Plus I love to do a little dramatic lip sync skit to the opening. 🙈
  • s.a. 16
    the best oscar overview
    This has been one of my favorite podcasts for YEARS and it remains wonderful. The hosts are funny and smart and super knowledgeable. Recommend for Oscars season and beyond!
  • JenSJCCA
    One of my favorites
    Love this format and especially love this podcast when award shows are coming up. Great hosts.
  • Birdk92
    Love my Awards Parents
    Love my Awards Parents, Katie and Richard ♥️ David and Rebecca are fabulous adds too. Just, lovely all around!
  • Good740155
    Love The Crew and Commentary
    Great award season’s coverage and my go to listen all year round! Came to LGM via Joanna Robinson (miss her and Richard’s back and forth!) and stayed for all the awards season news, thoughts, and interviews.
  • World traveler....
    Slow down your speech-
    Your topics are interesting but speak slower. I actually checked if I had this set on a faster speed. Sometimes you are unintelligible.
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