Clockwise is a rapid-fire discussion of current technology issues hosted by Dan Moren and Mikah Sargent and featuring two special guests each week. Four people, four topics--and because we're always watching the clock, no episode is longer than 30 minutes. Hosted by Dan Moren and Mikah Sargent.

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  • Micro 151
    20 mins of tech + 10 mins of social issues
    I’ve been a Clockwise listener since it first launched but I simply can’t take the increase in discussion about social issues. Sometimes the hosts seem to hardly find the time to discuss the latest tech story as they are so busy pontificating about their particular race, their social orientation, their gender etc. If I wanted non-stop self centered propaganda I would watch cable news.
  • HMK48718
    A few short, interesting discussions each week. It’s not a large commitment to listen to, because it’s only thirty minutes. The hosts are good, and they are very good at finding guests. The topics each week are a good combination of news and just general tech, and it moves quickly through things, so you can’t come close to getting bored. It’s not a podcast that will get incredibly in-depth about things, but it is a good length.
  • timlozier
    Funny and insightful
    The format guarantees it will be short, but even though I listen to many tech podcasts I still often learn important things … and I’m always entertained!
  • Videoalex
    More variations in guests needed
    The same panel of people, who have been on so much they are digging deep for topics. Change it up more. Maybe even drop your main two more often-and be brave. Your hosts are great, but they seem bored with it. And why wouldn’t they be? You have been asking the same 10 or so folks to be on the show for 400 episodes and they just talk about whatever current topics-but assemble a panel of, say, smarthome people for one episode. Video people for one episode, get 4 questions about email clients or whatever. If James Thompson has to opine on some topic he doesn’t care about 2 times a show for 40 episodes then something is broken. Change it all. Mix it up. Bring on folks from the audience. Answer questions submitted or elevate people to guests. Your core truth is a 30 minute show with 4 tech topics. You’re too married to the ephemeral truths (these two guys are hosts, etc.)
  • SZVa222
    Timely Discussions
    Excellent show about tech and tech adjacent news. Always 30 mins and stays on topic.
  • BigLou154
    Phenomenal Show
    This show is one of the highlights of my week. Rotating guests and insights keep the show fresh week to week as the tech world turns. Always at the top of my recommendations for people when they ask for new podcasts to listen to!
  • Davemacdo
    A very fun 30 minutes
    For fans of fun, technology, and ruthless efficiency.
  • SkellySkelly
    Bit too ground level most of the time
    Some episodes are great, and others are....tough. There's pros and cons to having a hard limit of 30 minutes: You can't go in-depth on a lot of topics and a lot of times, it leaves much to be desired, or the listener goes "hey wait a minute you never even considered ___" and this podcast unfortunately hits that note a lot. There's also times where I wish the hosts and guests were more technically saavy than they are, it sort of detracts from a "tech" podcast and feels more like a consumer buyer's guide podcast. Some of the hosts also are weird, like answering questions with "I don't like movies" or "I don't eat food" or other weird strange edgy statements that feel uncomfortable. I'd rather the discussion be a bit more substantial than just that.
  • macsound
    September 9
    Listened to the episode that has Casey Liss because I’m a big fan of ATP and know the writings of Dan from 6 colors. Honestly, it was the most difficult podcast I’ve ever listened to. I know the time constraint is part of that but I’m comfortable with Gruber’s Dithering. So I’m not sure if it’s because there’s 4 hosts and at the end I didn’t feel any more connected or if the 30 minute limit felt like it was a 50 minute recording edited to death where everyone was afraid to pause. In any case, one and done for me. :/
  • Ahoog69
    Having My Doubts...
    Though I acknowledge that my concerns are merely related to one topic that was discussed, I have to admit I was quite surprised and dumbfounded that – for a tech-oriented podcast – the host(s) and guests were quite cynically bashing drone delivery and its future. While I understand their comments are merely opinion, it was still disappointing to hear such negativity. I might try out a few more episodes, but if the tone remains like this, I may have to seek out a more positive and upbeat tech discussion source.
  • Ant Pruitt
    I love this format.
    Get the questions up. Get them answered with some anecdotes and insight. End the podcast. I love this format and this team's delievery.
  • chinanderm
    Really Great Show, Only a Minor Issue
    I love this show and have been listening for years. However, I miss Jason as a host and his replacement is a step-down. Micah tries too hard to be funny by over-annunciating words, dragging out words and sentences, and stating needless points. It gets pretty annoying by the end of the each episode.
  • Anthony V. Ardizzone
    Weekly Quick Fix
    I love the format of this podcast. It is so unique and can also be consumed in a short amount of time. I sometimes get what can be considered “podcast fatigue” where I cannot listen to an entire episode in one sitting, but I never have that issue with Clockwise. Even with Mikah replacing Jason, this podcast is just as entertaining as ever.
  • CatOne_
    Since Jason left it’s hard to listen
    Micah is a frustrating host. It’s just sloppy and jovial and unfocused and... no longer for me.
  • Wesley779
    A Once Great Podcast
    Back from when it was a MacWorld podcast and then rebirth as Clockwise, this was a great and efficient Podcast on technology. But it's now fast forward material largely due to the weak guests they've come to rely on. Unsubscribe.
  • crankshaft333
    Excellent podcast
    I always look forward to this podcast. I enjoy both the hosts and the varied group of guests. The length and organization seem perfect to me.
  • RubiconF
    Annoying and boring
    The terrible fake laughs, boring topics, and annoying host is making me unsub. I just can't take it anymore. Do some voice coaching or something.
  • Ambiorickx
    Used to be good
    I used to enjoy this podcast, but the new host Mica has the most annoying voice.
  • Bgiese
    Great podcast
    I love the tight format of this show. The hosts and guest do a great job on staying on topics and the tight format keeps the show moving. This has quickly become one of my favorite podcasts. Easily in my top five! The show has new co-hosts and the quality has continued to be great.
  • basketrabbit
    Low value content
    A faux-funny, gabby podcast style seems to afflict podcasts in general and tech podcasts like this one in particular. Most techies are not funny. After plowing through the rubbish chatter, you're served low-value content. Example: a segment on tech habits you'd give up. (a) Really? and (b) At least provide a more insightful and less obvious answer than "social media". Deleted.
  • JayVig
    Great format
    I love it. 30 minutes. Easy to digest. I'm always amazed that 4 people do 4 topics in 30 minutes. 7.5 minutes per topic / 4 people is astounding (plus sponsor at halftime). Jason Snell was great, but Dan and Mikah are a great combo though too.
  • Christopher126
    Great Job, Mikah!
    One of my favorite Podcasts...
  • rudedog71
    So glad I found this podcast. U guys are great.
    I really enjoy the 4 topics in 30mins format.
  • The Moondog
    Interesting topics and interesting people
    Great way to get different viewpoints on technology topics quickly. Love that they try to balance the panel with men and women.
  • dwearsch
    Great Way to Keep up with Tech
    This is where I get lots of my headlines and initial breakdowns these days. Much better than sifting through all the tech blogs out there. And the 30 minute format is perfect.
  • SenatorMeatball
    Very enjoyable
    Clockwise is very enjoyable to listen to. For people like myself who enjoy technology, but who don't work in field, they keep it simple yet very interesting. Great podcast!
  • gesmithmd
    Clockwise is one of my favorite listens week in and week out. It is always timely, it teaches me something new almost every episode, it deals with real topics that affect me in my real world, and it respects the fact that my podcast listening time is limited. (You really don't know how wonderful that is!) Your guests are personable, the banter is always fresh and not overdone, the editing is super, and you always respect each others’ opinions. I really enjoyed Episode 120. Your podcast is the only one that has been able to allow me to listen to Merlin Mann at a normal speed and absorb everything he said! Please keep podcasting into the future, and I will keep listening. Does anybody really know what time it is? Does anybody really care? Yes! Greg Smith MD
    Fun and informative
    If you enjoy tech, Clockwise is cotton candy for your brain. You'll love this weekly 30-minute diversion.
  • Danno@&$
    To the point
    Not a techie but I love the focused structure of this podcast. Too few get to the point quickly and this one does. Learning a lot about something I've not had much of an interest in.
  • KinsaleWalker
    fast, insightful and fun
    Clockwise is a terrific podcast, and is one of the few out there which is really disciplined about keeping to a reasonable length. They get a lot into half an hour, and the rotating guest list enlivens the discussion. I’d recommend this to anyone who would like a brief overview of current personal tech highlights (i.e, this is not focused on corporate IT).
  • Kvormwald
    Fantastic forum perfectly executed. Concise and informative. Very well done.
  • theBoxHead
    Fantastic and compact
    The show is always an insightful and enjoyable look into the latest Apple and tech news. 4 people, 4 tech topics, 30 minutes. Great theme music, editing and banter between Jason and Dan. One of my all time favorites.
  • Wordnerdy
    Quick and easy
    I love the format - a quick overview of tech topics. I listen to this every week.
  • brenshaw833
    Nice and short
    It’s great to be able to put an interesting podcast on driving home from work and finish it by the time you get home. Always interesting guests and great content. All in all a fantastic idea and executed perfectly. Glad they joined Relay FM.
  • karan301
    I love the format of this podcast so much. It's definitely one of my favorites - I often listen live, if not within hours of release.
  • MicrophoneMixer
    This is rapidly becoming my favorite podcast.
    The format gives this show a really nice feel. It's quick, informative and often quite funny.
  • MadeInNY
    This may be the best podcast.
    Perfect concept, executed perfectly.
  • sigamy
    Excellent - Perfect Format
    This is a great show. It takes the boring 1.5 hour round table and puts it on 8x fast forward by limiting to 4 hosts and 4 topics in 30 minutes. Perfect for my commute or walking the dog. The guests are some of the top in tech, and they always bring in good topics which leads to good discussion. My only advice would be to bring in more non-Apple focused folks as it would be interesting to hear from varying perspectives once in a while.
  • malkamus
    Macwatch is what it should be called. I’ve listened to four pods now and 80% of it is Mac and the other 20% is Amazon, Google, one go around on Twitter. Danny and Jason are great hosts but its very very mac-centric.
  • vanderwal
    4 Topics and 4 Great Views in 30 Minutes
    I really like the format and the focus of this show. The 4 topic (mostly Apple related) with four people offering their views on each topic, all in 30 minutes. This gets the top issues of the week covered with divergent viewpoints in a collegial manner.
  • FWG001
    Time well spent
    I love the quick delivery of this time efficient podcast about tech news. Great hosts and guests who you really want to spend time listening to. Don’t waste a minute, subscribe now!
  • jacobyyoung
    Love the plan and the delivered product.
    As a relatively new listener to this show, I find myself really enjoying the content and the format. In some ways it is very professional and responsible in its adherence to time and I’m loving that for a tech podcast (which typically are prone to rambling). Keep up the great work!
  • wokoglopulator
    great podcast
    Smart format to bring in different guests to supplement the always sharp and fun Dan and Jason. Works like a weekly tech topic happy hour. The 30 minute limit is a good contrast to the monstrous podcasts lurking out there given time limits of my life.
  • Mike Stanley
    Great podcast
    Thanks for sticking to 30 minutes! Best use of my time each week podcast-wise.
  • morphorod
    Fast and Focused
    I love this show for two reasons, its focused and its end point is pre-defined. In an age when tech podcasts tend to be over an hour and a half, its nice to have one that isn’t so long and meandering.
    I listen every week
    This is one of the 80 or so podcasts I subscribe to. I listen every week. Thanks for the great content! @orangeposer
  • David Levine
    Great tech podcast
    With so many podcasts being 90 minutes or longer, it's refreshing to have one that stays within 30 minutes. Great hosts and guests each week. Stays on topic. Doesn't get stale.
  • Jabittan
    Great show!
    I found the podcast a couple weeks ago looking for an easily digestable tech podcast! I am not up to date with much technology, and these guys with the 30 minute format make it easy to take in a few topics on the daily commute. They are funny, smart, and full of good insights with great guests!
  • Renderdog
    Nicest people
    Dan Moren and Jason Snell are two of the nicest people in the Mac world, and they always have great guests with interesting topics. Listening to this podcast is like spending time with family (the good kind :o).
  • fivehorns87
    Perfect amount of time
    Man, some tech podcasts can go on and on and on and on... While I do love those sometimes, the format of Clockwise is so digestible that I find myself reaching for it first when I have a queue of new podcasts. Check it out and the whole library of podcasts. They're all good!
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