The End of Time and Other Bothers


An improvised fantasy roleplaying game set in the world of Alba Salix, Royal Physician. We use the Dungeon World roleplaying system and improv to weave a tale of flightless fairies, half-demons and cafeteria line workers, dystopian empires, magical waterfalls and mysterious books. Oh, and the end of time—that's in there somewhere too.

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  • coriandererrr
    Had me hooked from the first episode!
    Stellar improv, great story!
  • Eob193857281947472
    Started listening about three weeks ago and have worked through the entire back catalogue in that time. Love this show!
  • From What Is World
    My sisters and I quote this show so much my family is worried about us. We “roll for fairy cakes” and “long live Boltius” every time we talk. It makes us laugh so hard it hurts. It’s a grand story that keeps you engaged at all times. Even the patreon ads are funny!! It’s usually clean, so my younger sister can listen to it. It’s a great example of improve and role playing games. Thanks, guys!! Keep doing what your doing. I’m listening.
  • Glitchrider
    One of the best out there
    It doesn’t let mechanics get in the way of story, which makes for a great listening experience. All of the people involved get to play NPCs, as well as their characters, which allows for a lot of ongoing comedy and fleshed out world. Also Sean is fantastic at rolling with anything thrown his way... including when a player finds a way to bring bazookas into a high fantasy setting.
  • MEBrager
    My new favorite!
    Best of improv podcast since Hello from the Magic Tavern!
  • SweetCynthy
    Keep ‘em Coming!
    This is consistently one of my top podcasts to listen to. The voice actors are talented and hilarious, and I love the dynamic of the whole group. Certain episodes, like the one where Blatt meets Jerry The Jolly Jester, and more recently, the life size Candyworld, are ones that I listen to whenever I need a good laugh. I’m really looking forward to the new season.....I’ll be listening to each and every one 😃
  • pokemonLotr
    Instantly got lost in this one...
  • jadr80
    mediocre storytelling
    i made it to episode 5, just barely, and had to stop because this is just painful to listen to. the players and gm are pretty much bumbling through the story which, by episode 5, still has zero momentum. even more tedious is that i still have no reason to care about these characters. if i did, maybe i could deal with the fact that the story is crawling at a snail’s pace. also, screaming in an annoying voice isn’t comedy, it’s just juvenile and masturbatory. maybe the party just hasn’t hit their stride yet, but i can’t bear to listen them flounder through another episode. also, i listened to episode zero and what a mistake that was. no profound insights there. the gm seems to think that the leveling system of dnd 5e is broken because at higher levels the players become overpowered or some such nonsense and can only fight dragons at that point. that’s only if a gm is so uninspired that they can’t homebrew some more powerful opponents to challenge their players. oh wait, the gm didn’t even know the word “homebrew.” that was some serious foreshadowing and very telling in hindsight.
  • the1andonlykow
    Great story and lovely mechanics
    Listened to episode 0 and then dove into it and I can’t stop binging it ❤️
  • Doing this To Get Function
    Raises the Bar of Actual Play
    This show has totally reshaped what actual play podcasts can be. Mixing some insanely talented players with high-quality production and a deep, interesting story leads to hilarity and awesome action. This show truly raises the bar of what an actual play podcast can be. Even if you’re not an actual play fan, you should listen to this show for the sheer fun of the storytelling.
  • 27Letters
    The Funniest Real Play Going
    I feel like this is the real play podcast made just for me. The humor is spot on, with a cast of characters only marginally interested in making the effort to complete their mission and save the world, when there are bigger concerns going, like that irritaging rock in your shoe that you really thought you got out? But now it's there again? Okay, it's definitely out this time. No wait, I still feel it. Maybe I should take my sock off. Okay, no really, it's wonderful and I love it, and you should too.
  • Bakezori
    Excellent Show!!
    This show is excellently produced and is so much fun to listen to. Give it a try;)
  • IDreamInMusic
    Hilarious, imaginative, gripping - a true pleasure for fans of RPG
    The voice acting is realistic, dynamic, and comical. Excellent recording quality and sound editing draw the listener into this bizarre, fascinating universe while the story and cast keep the audience intently listening for more. As a DM myself, I find their process for role-play, world-building, character-development, and improv to be useful and inspiring for my own RPG imagination process. I think I like this podcast more than the Alba Salix, though the production value on the later is equally if not more impressive. Axe and crown is also a great mini series to tide one over while waiting for future installments. Keep up the great work, team Alba! I can’t wait for more :D
  • Cptn EO3
    Great Listen!
    I’ve been listening to this on Stitcher, switched over to here cause this app is more stable. I can’t get enough of this podcast! I love it!
  • Daniecatastrphc
    I absolutely adore this! Thank you so much for all of your time, effort and beautiful imagination!
  • Bendiziel08
    I love it!
    Hilarious and endlessly entertaining, great quality
  • the jamify
    Hey! Listen!
    When I came to this page to review, I was expecting a much larger audience. Seriously, only 32 reviews? This show is so deeply underappreciated. The entire cast is smart and funny and GOOD. It may feel a bit slow at first, but they get over it soon enough. Feauturing my favorite ventriloquist group, I can definitely recommend that you give this show a try!
  • Viv123982
    Very entertaining!
    Its v magical and the worldbuilding is superb! Cant wait for AS charas to show up but can stand on its own. Very engaging~
  • LottieFaye
    Oh my gosh.
    So much fun. I have laughed outrageously loud so many times and I’m only a couple episodes in. can’t wait for more 😍😍😍
  • IzzyXyr
    Funny and engaging
    This show quickly made its way into my top five favorite podcasts.
  • kkbr00ks
    Love this podcast!
    I love this podcast! It totally helps get me through the work day :)
  • BookWorm1997
    Another Masterpiece
    Sean Howard and Eli McIlveen have done it again!! I have and always will be here for whatever they may come up with next!! Thank you so much for sharing this with us!!
  • Cardamom317
    Fun fantasy improv
    A charming and funny apocalypse story. Highly recommend!
  • ChemicallyWrit
    Everything I Hoped For
    Being a fan of Alba Salix, I wondered if they could keep the wittiness and warm real fantasy worldbuilding I loved in an actual-play setting. I needn't have worried. Everything I liked about Alba and the Axe & Crown is present, with the addition of three characters who are PROPER underdogs--unrecognizable as heroes, thrown into a situation that is WELL above their paygrade. It's funny, it's fascinating, and it's delightful. Highly recommend.
  • plasticduckman
    Ready to buy dice
    Fell in love with Alba Salix and was skeptic of this as I don’t have any experience with role playing games really. Always wanted to try d&d or something similar but this show has sparked a big interest in me. Does a good job immersing you in the story but also you feel like you’re at a table with good friends your favorite beverage and a fun story.
  • Gabriel.Re
    I have never listened to any D&D/RPG type podcasts before, but as I love "Alba Salix" so very much I couldn't not listen to "The End of Time"! I LOVED it! The game play was engaging, the story was interesting and the improv/acting was so much fun! I can't wait to see where the story goes, but I am definitely excited for it!
  • Jeff VanD
    Charming, Funny, Clever, and all around Well Made
    I never played any role playing games growing up. That's not quite true, I played some, but I wasn't very good at it (or maybe the group I was with took it just a little too seriously?). But listneing to this role playing adventure podcast won me over to want to play a tabletop game again. Everyone in it is so charming and I could imagine goofing off with them immediately. The story is interesting and unfolds in a well told manner. The characters are strong and quirky and the production has just the right level of immersive playfulness. Highly recommended.
  • Christopher Gronlund
    I Was Surprised
    Audio dramas are hit and miss with me -- and even though I've played RPGs since discovering D*D in 5th grade in 1979, live-play RPG podcasts are usually really a big miss with me. So I was surprised by how much I enjoyed the first episode of TEoTaOB. The focus on role playing vs. rolling dice and table talk makes it something special. It's really a solid improvised story with two dice rolls in the first episode that shape scenes. It's everything I love about RPGs, and a story I look forward to seeing develop.
  • Bridge (C&C)
    *blat voice* Filed under F for Fantastic
    I enjoyed Alba and it’s spin off shows immensely. I’ll admit I was a little iffy at first, but the excitement Sean had about the project was nearly infectious. And as soon as I heard episode one, I was smitten. Blat, Eggerton, and Darcy all have strong character individually, so it’ll be fun to see how they act when they’re thrust together, after their world has come to an end. It really feels more like another audio drama extension to the world rather than an AP podcast. Of course it is still an AP podcast, and when the dice are rolled it doesn’t take you out of the story either. All-in-all, I love EoT and I’m excited to see where it’s going.
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