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My name is Nick Viall and I host The Viall Files, a podcast that one anonymous reviewer called “surprisingly insightful and substantive.”

The Viall Files explores all things dating and love - from post-breakup healing to salacious texts - in our three (and sometimes four) weekly episodes.

Ask Nick - Every Monday, listeners navigating a challenging yet relatable interpersonal circumstance--from a 2 year situationship to a blowout fight with their mom to a friendship feud to reigniting intimacy after 10 years of marriage--call in for Nick's signature blunt yet compassionate advice. It's ripe with the type of hard truths your friends are too afraid to say, but you're better off for hearing.

Bachelor Recap - We break down this week's episode of the Bachelor, Bachelorette, or Bachelor in Paradise on Tuesdays. This color commentary is full of hot takes, debates, jokes, and the insider knowledge only a former Bachelor can provide. Nick, Ali and Amanda are joined by special celebrity guests--you'd be surprised how many of your favorite actors and comedians are closet bachelor fans.

Freestyle - On Tuesday during the Bachelor "off-season," we dive into the hot-button, zeitgeist topics--the latest celebrity drama, trending reality tv shows, new love song/music video that everyone's obsessed with, and occasionally a months-long highly publicized defamation trial between divorced A-list actors. Our lively discussions include takeaways we can all relate to.
We also have "Texting Office Hours," a segment where we help a caller craft, edit, and press the send button on a nerve-wracking message.

Going Deeper - Every Thursday, a special guest joins the show for a tell-all interview and to discuss their latest project, their philosophies on love and relationships, plus the most relevant pop culture topics. These episodes conclude with our beloved "Texting Office Hours " segment where Nick, the guest, and our co-hosts team up to give advice to a listener on a message they need help writing.

The Update Show - The last Friday of the month, by popular demand (and we mean POPULAR) cliffhangers are resolved and burning questions are answered with updates from our most engaging callers. These much-anticipated follow-ups reveal if the caller took Nick's advice and how everything transpired, providing much-needed resolution to the callers' stories that stole our hearts and attention.

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  • BFFR77
    Your definition of gaslighting is EXACTLY what Schwartz did to Katie for their entire relationship. So you might say he didn’t to Jo but let’s not forget how horrible he was to Katie. Loved your podcast til you decided to take 10 mins to defend one of the WORST guys on Bravo that NEVERRRR gets the heat he deserves. Don’t forget all the times Tom has dumped drinks on WOMEN. This episode literally gave me the ick and made me feel gross how hard you rode for Schwartz. Now I’m seeing why people hate Nick Viall.
  • Jahahavanxiusb
    Ego out of control
    I initially liked this show when I started listening few months ago, but Nick’s ego and entitlement is insane! He states firm opinions without full information. It’s okay to say “I’m not fully informed, I’ll research and listen before I speak.” It just feels like he is in a vacuum of people who agree with him and let him mansplain. Can someone plleeeaase check him????
  • Wingsvb
    Liked but after the deep dive I did into the alleged affair I just can’t listen
    Sorry. I don’t want to stop listening but the evidence pile of Natalie cheating is massive and I just can’t listen now without thinking of it. I haven’t been a fan of adding her since she joined especially since I feel she’s been disrespectful to Nick and now knowing what we know im definitely out. If she ever leaves I’ll come back.
  • Mynicknamewastakenandistoolong
    Ciara needs to go.
    I absolutely love this show and listen to all three episodes every week. I also am a Viall Files Plus subscriber, and I listen to those too! I am questioning whether or not I continue listening because of Ciara’s voice. it’s annoying to listen to, and I think that’s a common thought among listeners. if she stays on for much longer, you will lose subscribers - yes it is that irritating. love the show for now, but I will continue muting my volume when her voice comes on air. sorry not sorry!
  • sydkidd02
    Nick listen listen listen..
    I really want to like this show because they have really interesting interviewees and it seems like they cover the majority of pop culture news but I have issues with how much nick talks over people and acts as an authority but my BIGGEST issue is that they don’t do their research!!!! Especially regarding pop culture. They give opinions on shows that it appears nick doesn’t even watch? Get someone to do accurate research, maybe release a few less episodes a week and move toward quality over quantity.
  • adrift_
    It feels like Nick is just arguing with his producers just to argue and his voice just starts getting whiny when they have an opposing POV than him. I'm a long time listener but it's getting unbearable
  • LilianVC
    Hard to listen to
    Had to stop listening because Nick always talks over everyone and never listens to other’s point of view. He talks about his point of view until cohosts agree with him. Very annoying.
  • Kealae
    Your wife cheated on you
    Mr. Relationship expert please explain how you and your cheating wife worked through her cheating on you…
  • Serena - HR
    It’s giving - lol
    Where I disagree with Nick - stop looking at this season from the lens of Sandoval. The “redemption” arc & saying things like Ariana not bringing anything to this season is incorrect. Ariana can hold true to her boundaries, and her holding true to these boundaries have been the scenes & fun drama I’ve watched - skipped over Lala, Scheana, and Sandy’s scenes - the fake storylines, dgaf. Ariana, Katie, James, and Schwartz were the highlighted scenes I’ve watched both on the show and the reunion. be real, yall. Bring Ariana & Katie (& Dayna) on as a guest please! We need a post-season 11 interview, and whether Dayna would be open to rejoining the VPR cast! An actual cast of friends
  • pod fan 2467
    Being delulu is not the solulu
    Nick and Natalie are delulu narcissists. I’ve never seen or heard such self important nobodies. Watching the birth and wedding episodes really hit home how in love with themselves they are. Also Nick get a vocabulary and take a grammar class. Being educated and literate are totally hot.
  • korintiger
    it’s a small group of adults being super judgemental about everyone in reality tv. That’s the entire podcast. Let’s judge everyone else . I wanted something light to listen to but not mean girl behavior. Nothing entertaining about listening to you all egg eachother on and judge people on reality tv . Pointless, negative and honestly toxic to be around let alone listen to in my free time.
  • Anon373843
    Can’t stand Ciara’s fake voice!!
  • Dsh55
    Glad I’m not the only one
    I’ve been watching from day one with his podcast and even followed him on the bachelor/bachelorette and had to stop watching/listening, guess he’s trying to fit in with the young group he now has. Grow up Nick, you have a child now, read your reviews and listen to what is being said, your language is discussing.
  • Donder1
    Stop beating the dead blanket
    Way to much about people in a blanket like who cares.
  • Hmps29118
    So much Nick
    Always talks over his guests and HUGE amount of ego there….
  • Marissa Farnkoff
    Long time listeners thoughts
    I’ve been listening for a very long time and ya know radio voices do matter. I pushed through with Chrissy’s voice (it was tough i’m sorry). I LOVED Ally and Amanda. The best producers so far. Big L losing their input, there is a noticeable difference without Amanda. I enjoy the household. Sure there are a lot of voices, but that doesn’t bother me. The person who I can not for the life of me understand why they are recurring is Ciara. Her voice sounds so forced and it’s SO hard to listen to her grating curls of letters. I put up with it when she would join here or there…. but every episode. It’s getting to the point where I don’t want to listen anymore. Like I said I get her being on here and there but her opinions seem very “idk let me just throw this thought out from left field”. I’m sure she is a lovely person but she doesn’t add anything to the podcast that other members of the household do actually do well. I would love to see more banter from the household!! Push Nick! Amanda did that perfectly and the podcasts were always better for it. I enjoy Nicks opinions (although I don’t always agree), but love a debate and for him to be challenged. He can handle it.
  • pamchezz
    Only listen to Ask Nick eps
    Everything else is just Nick rambling and the household agreeing with him. Even when they try to disagree he railroads them. Ask Nick eps are good for the tea of it all. But I legit skip all other content.
  • Nikki157387
    Reality recaps
    I really enjoy listening to the pod and appreciate how much content the team puts out over the week. If I could offer a suggestion- i would like if reality recaps went in order of how the episode went and could go into more detail. The recaps tend to get off track and then will quickly switch to the next show.
  • Cherryk98
    Zero Patience
    Had to update my review because I can’t unhear him interrupting people and not letting them get the full sentence out before he takes over the conversation. I get this is his show and people are calling him for advice but if people are coming to you for help at least have the courtesy to let them finish what they have to say. The thought you’re having while they’re talking to you isn’t going to magically disappear because you have to patiently wait your turn to talk. He’s done it so much I don’t even think he realizes it and if he does realize it he just doesn’t care.
  • eeeeeeeerinnro
    What happened to this podcast? Who are all of these random people? Used to love, has become unlistenable.
  • Don't Blink, youll miss it!
    It’s the blind (arrogant, inflated ego) leading the blind.
    Nick is the arrogant blind one… And he’s leading his blind minions. To quite all of them .. “It’s GIVING stupidity”!!! Nick has THE worst & most limited vocabulary & LOVES to hear himself talk. Thus WE are subjected to a self absorbed man who is unrelenting w his grammatically incorrect very questionable opinions. The “Household” is basically a daycare & drinking Nicks koolaid. In their defense they’re like 16, so I can excuse their lack of knowledge, perspective due to utter lack of life experience. BUT listening to ALL of them discuss the diff between a latte/cappuccino was SHAMEFUL! Hence the “blind leading the blind”. I was SCREAMING the answers at them. Which btw, eveyone other than this crew learned in 1995??? This is rough. How did this guy become so popular?????
  • someone whom is not boring
    Stoned with a baby
    Nick is so disgusting.
  • Mooooooorina
    Please Stop Trying to be Kelly Rippa and Mark
    I used to LOVE this show. Never missed it. Once Natalie became a series regular it became DejaVu of Kelly Rippa and Mark’s show… the show that has hung on tight and outlived its prime era. Please go back to a main household and make sure the listeners have time to get to know them. I love and respect the relationship Nick and Natalie have, however, I’m not sure it’s providing the best content with bias and over indulge us with their “influencer status”. Go back to basics and the OG Viall Files status.
  • SLitteken
    Southern IL here
    These cicadas are smaller,not quite as loud, orange(not green), they’re not flying aggressively like the big green hard ones do. But we have 10s of 1000s in our yard that land on us constantly,they don’t bite but they have sharp legs that feel like a bite. And yes we’ve fried some in butter to eat and fish with them.
  • caitiemax
    New to the show
    Ciara’s voice & commentary - gotta go. The ask Nick commentary has become long winded and repetitive. I like the recap content but opinions become repetitive and there’s a lot of agreeing with Nick since he is the boss
  • Kmurphy12
    Hot air
    I wonder if Nick ever gets tired of hearing himself talk
  • Jj jelled
    No more…
    Wedding stuff!
  • <3 MB20
    Not enjoying as much as I used to
    I’ve listened to this podcast for years. I feel like lately his personal relationships are influencing his advice. It’s not quite as mature and solid as it used to be.
  • LeashTreese
    Love it, but..
    I have listened for a long time but I feel like there is just wayyy to much cussing from Nick lately.. He says the F word literally every other sentence! it’s annoying. Let’s tone it down a bit.
  • MelMit91
    I love this pod
    But Natalie girl it’s “giving brat” with your necklace
  • Alyy97
    Stop interrupting guests!!
    I started noticing when Zack from the valley came on that Nick interrupted him any time he chimed in. What’s the point of having guests on if you won’t even let them speak?? It keeps getting worse as time goes on, I can’t listen to it anymore
  • AnukaBC
    It’s giving…
    Delulu. For real Nick and Natalie are delusional. I used to enjoy this podcast when Amanda used to cohost but it really went downhill ever since Natalie and the million other household joined.
  • Rjoyterp
    Do better
    Earlier the review would have been higher but lately Nick and Natalie are so full of themselves… i mean the poor co hosts can’t even get a word in, much less the guest. It’s getting pretty bad.
  • littlemisstrouble26
    Most narcissistic podcast you’ll ever hear
    Nick takes every opportunity possible to bring every question and conversation back to himself - his experience on The Bachelor, his relationship, his experience with parenthood, etc. He discounts every other person’s experience if it’s not exactly his. Amanda once said how she loved her bf for the intellectual conversations they had and Nick dismissed it saying “that’s what coworkers are for” and that it can get exhausting having those conversations with a partner and that his and Natalie’s shared food tastes are more important indicators of long term success and love 🤣 he is an egotistical nightmare who has disdain for women and is straight up MEAN to people for no reason. Plus he RAMBLES forever, clearly loves to hear himself talk even at the expense of guests that are doing him a favor by being on his show that has degraded in quality so much over the years.
  • maryroseramos
    Like being forced to hang with people you don’t know, and don’t want to be around
    Tried to give this podcast a go, but keep turning it off less than halfway through. It feels like you’re hanging out with a bunch of friends you’re not in the mood for and don’t really know that well, who keep talking over one another with pointless commentary and a ton of group think going on - and everyone keeps laughing, except you. The random, long-running personal anecdotes don’t add anything either. If it’s celeb gossip and interviews - keep it short, actually interview the guests, and stay on topic.
  • Pink whale224
    I have listening to this podcast for years. Still love it! The bad editing lately annoys me a bit.
  • meg9930
    Love but recently long winded
    I really look forward to listening every week! I have been a huge fan for a couple years but recently Nick has been a pretty long winded with his responses to “Ask Nick” questions. LOVE hearing everything wedding related. I was a 2023 bride and Natalie’s hair story made me so sad for her… unforgivable offense. Anyways, still will listen to every episode! 🫶🏻
  • mary sio
    Miss Amanda SO MUCH - gone down hill and different pod now
    I just listened to an older episode with Amanda and WOW the difference between then and now is HUGE. Amanada and Ali’s insightful, empathetic, mature and different contributions is what made me enjoy this pod at the beginning. It has morphed into an immature, low intellect, gossip show with Nick and Natalie being so impressed and obsessed with their social and financial status. Not to mention everyday the “household” changes and we have no idea who is talking other than another clueless youngster. Instead of growing, this pod has regressed. I gotta find another pod that was similar to the original Viall Files ;(
  • sheenabunny
    Babbling morons
    This is where brain cells go to die
  • Universe speaks 999
    Such pseudo- intellectualism born form total ignorance. Nick is an egotistical misogynist sympathizer with really bad takes on life.
  • Engprofft
    PLEASE stop using the over-used and under-intelligent “giving”! I can’t even count the number of times everyone said it this episode. It is GIVING me the urge to send them a thesaurus or a link to the Urban Dictionary to find something new! And “love” - we do not and can not love everything. Again, thesaurus time.
  • Bubbapug69
    Here for Ask Nick
    Ask Nick > Any other episodes. Personally I could not be less interested in reality or celebrity news. BUT I love caller episodes and relationship advice! Nick gives pretty solid advice. I could listen to Ask Nick daily!
  • jmueller54
    I agree with Nick Ariana had a choice
  • Yasss2467
    Vocal fry
    Pleaseee get rid of that new cohost with the vocal fry oh my god
  • GraceForAtlanta
    Decline in quality
    I have given this podcast a chance once Amanda left (and with Ally’s voice appearing less and less) but I can’t any longer. I am in my mid-thirties, and I cannot handle that Nick only keeps younger women or women with weak thoughts and voices permanently. He gets rid of the women with strong voices and with actual life experience. Or, they are only guests with limited time to speak. Happy to see others are seeing what this podcast has become and how similar Nick is to the Toms
  • Recycle Freak5
    Episodes are hit or miss for me. Some topics I really enjoy, others I skip. One suggestion is have a shorter introduction/discussion period with the household. I find myself skipping that part consistently. 2024 Update: I would cut the new household discussion. Loving the reality TV discussions, texting office hours, and Ask Nick.
  • umbleallie
    I feel bad for nicks daughter
    It is really distressing when disgusting men like this are left to raise daughters. She will have a father who will always take the side of men and will never understand her trauma. He’s a sick foolish man. Good luck River.
  • JossAC23
    Maria G
    Geez.. Nick and Natalie… what a way to trough shade at Maria’s comment. Lame so lame. So hard to listen to you guys. Such an entitlement.
  • Indigo GT
    Insensitive to women who have been abused
    Unfollowed his podcast yesterday like so many others after his comment about Claire Crawley. It’s mind blowing that although he is married to a woman who is a survivor of childhood SA that he would make such an insensitive comment about another survivor being “difficult”. it’s also really uncomfortable hearing him constantly talk about Natalie‘s difficult childhood and her “Daddy problems“. Super insensitive for the sake of making money.
  • mayberry321
    May 7 show
    Great show. Loved all the quick wit.
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