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A weekly podcast from Vanity Fair's Josh Duboff and Julie Miller exploring the ins and outs of pop culture, entertainment, and celebrity. Pour yourself a glass of champagne (or two), and join us as we go in-depth on the celebrity narratives and storylines— from Kate Middleton to the Kardashians— we are obsessed with each week.

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  • cbroome18
    I miss these guys and when are they going to start their own pod?!
  • queenvikki
    This podcast is garbage
    If you wanna listen to two people bashing Meghan Markle and make money off that, this is the podcast for you. The hateful racist hosts will truly make your day. You can also classify yourself as garbage. Just like the hosts.
  • 3EMH3
    Glad it’s been cancelled!!
    I just couldn’t take Julie one minute more!!! Josh wasn’t much better. I tried so hard to find something to like but Julie is the kind of woman that grates on my nerves from beginning to end! Ugh!!!
  • ebbetsjim
    Last Episode
    Sorry to see the end of the podcast. You were always such fun to listen to. Good luck and looking forward to seeing you again soon.
  • lacy blaine
    Missing the Flow
    This podcast is missing the host chemistry that goes beyond just asking what each other thinks. Since there’s some interrupting and moments when they talk over each other, I’m wondering if they may not be recording in the same room? Hmm...
  • Murphy and Amy
    Hopeful There Will be More from You Both
    Love your funny take on royals and celebs. Will miss this podcast and hope for another iteration. Thank you for the entertaining run.
  • meghanmarklepincessfan
    Please don’t go!
    I love your podcast - please keep it going!!!!!!!!!!
  • Reen233
    Best podcast ever!!
    Wherever Julie and Josh go I will follow, they have great insight into what we want to hear each week. I always look forward to their refreshingly honest reactions to what they see. What fun they must have talking over all the celebrities doings, and we get a glimpse.
  • thekellefactor
    Not the worst, but not the best.
    Definitely not the most informed podcast on the royals... Depending on the episode, this pod runs hot & cold. It feels a little unnecessarily snarky? I was excited because it’s by VF but it didn’t feel like it’s reported by two people who really enjoy the Royals. Which like. I just feel like we can find people who really enjoy this genre more than these two and I’d rather listen to that.
  • Freeway Hart
    I wanted to like this one, but the hosts are vapid and annoying.
  • Larrrrrrrrrrrennnn
    Josh and Julie rule my world
    Can we please make this a daily pod? Kthx
  • Kp4 ghost
    Listen to this podcast regularly - funny, insightful- excellent!
  • charmgirl13
    If you have a brain, scroll past
    Are these people serious? Listening to this podcast is like listening to two vapid children discussing people they have no idea about. I can’t believe Vanity Fair associates with, much less supports, this podcast. Sorry to be harsh, but it’s the worst pod I’ve ever listened to.
  • Rebecca_S.
    After listening to two or three episodes, I was hooked. Josh and Julie pose each other bold, interesting, often hilarious questions and proceed to indulge both honest speculation as well as their wildest imaginings regarding celebrity happenings of the week. As a lifelong lover of pop culture and celebrity news, their musings and curiosity over what most would consider mundane details surrounding the lives of the rich and famous reassure me that I’m not the only one obsessively guessing as to what’s actually going on behind the curtain of projected celebrity images. Love this podcast!
  • MelanneW
    Snooze fest
    The hosts sound completely bored; slow monotone apathy. And they only discuss the latest drama of Meghan and Kate... Zzzzz
  • plynch82
    If you can get past the hosts’ lisp and vocal fry, you’ll find an incredibly vacuous podcast solely focused on Megan/Kate. Shocked that it’s from Vanity Fair, which usually produces such intelligent content.
  • Mar and Bar
    Slow down please
    I wanted to enjoy but you guys speak way too fast. Made me anxious, therefore I couldn’t listen. Please slow down and I’ll come back with 5 stars!!!
  • megs514
    Fun light snark
    Great takes on gossip about the royal family. I know the description says they talk about all sorts of celebrity, but it often focuses on the royals. I love listening to them speculate wildly about the motivations and the inner thoughts of the royals, because we actually know so little about them.
  • LynnMeatloaf.
    Mean, not smart.
  • 3W15
    Stop supporting lazy journalism abuse, lies and shade!
    I have always listened to this podcast with a side eye barely accurate facts and always assigning DOS Meghan’s personality traits shadily as if they know her or what she wants or feels ,but today was the last straw giving credence to some trumped up negative made up theory that that Moroccan appropriate Dior caftan dress that Meghan wore was actually intended to be worn to an event in America is so ridiculous that it’s time to call time of death on my listening to this podcast 11:17am Saturday goodbye & no thanks!
  • superteacher15
    Aren’t all of the households under the Queen’s jurisdiction regardless of where they are located? Breakaway part seems fake. Both gardens had professional designers for the gardens. Can you imagine roasting marshmallows in Africa? Sustainable agriculture and solar power is suitable for the continent with a garden that feeds people in a village. The goal is demonstrate that seeds can feed a community and harvesting some of those seeds help people to sustain themselves. You people are so snarky and do very little research . You know expectant mothers do not plan their own baby showers. Quit buying into to the “everything Meghan does is wrong”scenario. You know good and well all of this is hearsay until the event has been announced. Please do your homework before spreading misinformation.
  • izzzzzfizzzzz
    My go-to for any royal chatter. They are so spot on in their observations and not afraid to call it like they see it, even if that is critical or snarky. I devour each week!!
  • kspriggs
    Love this podcast.
  • fascinatorny
    Refusing to acknowledge the big story
    A persistent overarching narrative regarding The Duchess of Sussex has been what some people perceive as racial bias yet this podcast refuses to acknowledge this issue at all. For a show that gleefully delves into the tiniest bit of minutiae it’s a glaring omission. The question is why? It would be easy to have a guest join you to weigh in and speak about these issues but to simply ignore them is the type of white bias that undermines the legitimacy of this show as a credible source for insight and news on the BRF. They even discussed the Beyoncé video like it was some crazy meta story and not specifically a reaction to her as a fellow African American woman undergoing a level of scrutiny and criticism that really is not levelled at white counterparts. Why not engage on the big story or at least a very significant story?
  • SohoDragonGirl
    Bad Energy
    I started listening before Meghan and Harry got married but stopped because of the bad energy, especially the digs at Meghan. Julie especially is so snarky. The podcast is like listening to an adult version of Mean Girls. Disappointing since I do love hearing about the Royals. They should rename this podcast because they talk about no one except for Meghan and Kate even though the intro says “From the Kardashians to Kate Middleton”. Little Gold Men is a much better Vanity Fair podcast.
  • FromGB840
    In the Limelight
    Love these two, great chemistry. Very frivolous, which I appreciate, I come here to be entertained.
  • Traveler2828
    So, who is your audience? You need to decide that. Most Meghan casual observers could have provided deeper insight. This is just mere gossip with snarky assessment. You’re just part of the Meghan bashing. So who is your audience? The racist UK media that’s targeted her for 2+ years? Is that who you’re trying to entertain? Sounds like it. Also Meghan was a professional calligrapher, maybe that’s a fact you need to tuck away before you analyze her handwriting.
  • FashionandFaith
    So Many Questions...
    Are the host really employed by VF? Are they really writers? Do they even enjoy doing this podcast? Must they end every sentence on a drawn out, Kardashian-esque up tick (e.g., “soooooo...rumor has it the Kate and Meghan are at oddddddsssss? But they looked chummy on Christmasssss?”)? Do they do any research at all before sitting down to record? I am really disappointed by this podcast, overall. VF is one of my favorite publications: the stories have depth and are so well-written and well-presented that I find it hard to believe the ITL hosts have any affiliation with them. I get what VF was trying to do with this pod, but the execution is poor. New hosts or—at the very least—20 minutes of research before recording, and a little less speculation could go a long way. PS: not everything is “drama”. As a lifelong Royal-watcher, (and someone access to the internet and the ability to do at least rudimentary fact-checking) I can confidently say that there’s nothing to the Sussex-less Kate birthday party. Just use your brain a little: were they there last year? (Nope) Has Harry ever been to the party? (Not that has ever been reported). So, why would their absence be indicative of drama? 🙄
  • royal8326
    I cannot believe the bananarama episode. I love how Julie says that Kate has “given up” because Meghan is so much better. The reason she showed a picture that the public had seen before during the visit with the school children , is so that it would not take over the papers and completely overshadow the purpose of the charity. A new, unseen photo would have garnered instense scrutiny and been the lead in all of the articles about the visit. It wasn’t a photo some aide handed her before she left. Also - the bananas that Meghan wrote on were actually never distributed. They were turned into cakes. Hmmm... I wonder why? These two know so little about the royal family ... & the way this centuries old institution works & stays relevant ... it’s not worth a listen. The vocal fry and the um’s and like’s are grating as well.
  • Artzebacow
    Fun to listen if your Pantsdrunk
    A tad catty to listen to every episode , but J and J are especially funny when you have been drinking
  • Annemaria135g
    Bad audio quality
    I REALLY wanted to like this podcast, but the AUDIO! You guys couldn’t find two people on the same cost to host together?? I get that one is in LA and the other in NYC but the difference in audio quality between the two of them is terrible and jarring. It sounds as though one was recorded in a studio and the other on her mobile phone and cut in. If you have two hosts it should be conversational. I can’t believe this is made by vanity fair!
  • DianneW1234
    Love Josh & Julie!!
    I’m so excited to have you two back after the holiday! I always feel like I’m chatting with my besties about royal stuff and I love it. One of my favorite podcasts! 💕💕💕
  • yohoooo!
    I love a bit of goss, but can’t stand to listen to these two. They sound like teenagers OMG’ing, rather than entertainment writers — shocking they are editors for VF.
  • BugBug2!
    Very little knowledge
    I’m shocked by how little the hosts actually know about the Royals. Seriously surprised that this podcast is affiliated with Vanity Fair.
  • BarAddict
    Fun, but Josh’s vocal fry is awful.
    Fun “trashy” alternative to On Heir. You’re not going to get your trustworthy gossip here, but i like the “listener takes” section. The male host, Josh, has horrific vocal fry which is enough to make me stop listening when it gets particularly strong. Otherwise, just a fun listen.
  • littleyogajess
    Do they even like their subjects? Do they research?How in the world is this associated with Vanity Fair
  • cashmere23^
    My go to for Royal news!
    Fun - snarky - no holds barred!!! Love you guys!
  • nickname321321321
    Keep the royal stuff coming
    I love the royal decision and all the asides about my fav publications (DM, Us, People). You guys are great.
  • Fl_Monica
    Great content, but the vocal fry! Yikes!
    I really enjoy the content—the hosts don’t claim to be royalist authorities, but come from a fun pop culture angle. However, the vocal fry that both Julie and especially Josh have is grating. I actually turned off the latest podcast because of Josh’s vocal fry was out. of. control. I currently subscribe to about a dozen of podcasts and have listened to a bunch of others, and while I will leave 5 stars for those I like, this was the first time I actually wrote a review. Guys, just speak clearly and it would be so much better.
  • Camille LaPlume
    Easy listening
    Oh chill out all you haters. Can’t you tell this is tongue in cheek. I look forward to the Limelight every week. So down to earth and refreshing after a week of political name calling all week. I can tell these two love the royals and yet they’re just like you and me...they don’t know so much. That’s part of the fun. And sometimes they’re just saying, “We’re you thinking what I’m thinking?” We all know it’s just fantasy what goes on behind those ancient walls. We don’t know and neither does anyone else. Do let’s have a little fun, and lighten up.
  • ChelsBiscuit
    Just what I need
    I feel like I’m listening to my best friends. Thanks for keeping it real. The royal commentary is my favorite!
  • LaPhotog
    Their voices, especially Josh’s, are torture!
    Both need to take classes and public speaking. Josh has a voice that is really uncomfortable to listen to...I just can’t.
  • Ammara
    Vocal fry!
    The vocal fry is just too annoying, please stop!
  • Suzy Northstar
    This has to be the worst celebrity podcast I have ever listen to. It is as if these two get their info from US Weekly. Don’t waste your time. DListed the podcast is a much better celebrity podcast. Funny and doesn’t take itself too seriously.
  • Veronica NYC
    Stop the pettiness
    I find your comments to be sophomoric and mean spirited. Why be so petty???
  • ytown939
    Lights Out on the Limelight
    This podcast lacks luster. They clearly don't bother to research or read and analyze what has been printed.
  • widget6
    Not really knowledgeable about subject matter
    Not really knowledgeable about subject matter
  • Podcast otter
    Terrible podcast
    Snarky, poorly researched. They just seem to be perpetuating rumors vs doing any journalistic research.
  • kualou
    If i am wrong i think the press released from Kensington Palace said that family were able to “congratulate” them at Eugenie’s wedding, it did not say that they announce the pregnancy there. And also stop with all the Kate and Meghan comparison because they are 2 different women that just happened to marry brothers. One does not have have to do everything that the other one does.
  • haleympod
    Thank you for getting me through my workouts
    This podcast makes me crack up, especially all the Meghan & Harry talk even though I don't even care about the Royals that much!! I save this when I go on jogs or long walks because I know I won't stop until the episode is over. I literally listened to it while running a 10k race and ran my personal best because it's my favorite pod!!!
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