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Comedy #142

Get a Taste of Taylor Strecker and her taste maker (celebrity/influencer) guests each week on her podcast with Dear Media! The Phoenix is rising from the ashes baby!!!! You may remember Taylor as the host of SiriusXM’s Wake Up With Taylor! on Cosmo Radio.

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  • JordanAlex
    Love this beach
    This beach is hilarious and I look forward to this show every week, hey girl hey!
  • Dgnbddgb
    Love it!
  • Marisamurray
    The hypocrisy is a little much these days.
  • AE41379
    Hey girl hey
    Love this podcast! Definitely one of my faves and I look forward to listening every week!
  • Geegeeeeee
    The whining, complaining, self sabotage & making fun of “fans” aka ppl who support you, became tiresome. Extremely entitled & mean.. I really liked you but idk what happened. Your life got better and you got worse.
  • bhbecca
    I’ve had it!!!
    Such a fun show!!
  • meredithblake111
    Best of the best
    Taylor is like a breath of fresh air! Love love love her and this pod!
  • Zombiesfun
    Always great energy!
    Love the collaboration and honesty. Both are hilarious!
  • Michelle 0216
    Love this girl!!!
    I started from the beginning just about 1-2 months ago and am now about half through to catching up! Love this podcast!!
  • justwantedtosayhgh🤷‍♀️
    HGH love you
  • _lindsayb
    Please stop with the Ozempic talk
    Have always loved & admired you but the Ozempic talk is not only getting to be too much but incredibly triggering. Miss old Tay.
  • JoreyLeigh
    Love when Claud or stassi are on!
    They feed off each other perfectly! Let’s get a trio episode ASAP
  • KimMM76
    Love your and Turdy’s journeys! You girlies deserve the best! Love the pod! You never fail to make me laugh! Thank you! 😘
  • maddi7589
    Tay and Claud
    I could listen to you two talk all day! Love yalls relationship!!
  • vvvvvvvv!!!
    Love you both great show can’t wait till you guys do another one🤗💛💛
  • JRaeGretcho
    Hey girl hey
    I love my weekly dose of Taylor! She also has the best guests. 🩷
  • Ash66697
    Hey girl hey
    So funny and makes my daily commute so much easier.
  • Adlsgoofy
    I love It!!
    I’ve been listening to this podcast for a couple years now and I still laugh out loud. I had to stop listening to it at work because I would just sit in my cubicle, laughing out loud trying to hold it together. This podcast is so entertaining I love Taylor’s honesty and how she’s so relatable. I wish we could be friends lol
  • JocelynCP
    Ick show
    Literally smiled and giggled the entire show wit Jared Freid. Obsessed with you two together! Your laughs are amazing
  • Peewee003
    Love it
    Long time listener, back to your Sirius days and still now. You and Andrew are hilarious together. Reminds me of you and Kenny’s banter. Love your podcast.
  • Callie J. Breen
    Love love love
    So much fun every week!!! Best pod!
  • Cesario17abby
    Bring Andrew Back
    Loved this episode! You and Andrew are so funny together! You 2 should make it a monthly thing!
  • Mfgyccy
    So we’re still pretending like Taylor didn’t make a pledge to donate to BLM charities and then conveniently forget about it? Maybe if you spent less time spending money on ugly designed handbags, you wouldn’t complain about money all the time and lie about donating to a good cause. Lying about donating is just gross
  • gwendojfchu
    Possibly the most insecure, entitled person on the planet.
  • Capejan
    Fun episode!
    Taylor & Stassi literally finish each others sentences! Always make me laugh!
  • hayleyfox44
    A M A Z I N G
    Taylor you are amazing!!! I look forward to hearing you each week. If you had pods released everyday, I’d be tuning in. Go off queen!!!
  • Minah.V
    Amazing energy! Exactly what I need!
  • CarmenChanel
    Virginia?? 🤣
  • labyke
    You’ve got that special sauce!
  • soleil santos
    Boston queen
    LOVE YOU! Thanks for being my house cleaning buddy! You’re hilarious! I’m from the cape and just watched your latest pod with your mama it’s iconic!
  • Crista723
    Always makes me laugh and puts a smile on my face! Love it 😊
  • Yiddle
    Love Taylor!
    Taylor is so so so dang funny! She is the cool BFF we all need
  • Carriecarrieb
    Looonnngg time fan LYSM!
  • Cfc394
    Hey girl hey
    A delight and so real! Look forward to listening to her every week.
  • NVCMOM19
    Love this podcast
    The best!!!
  • Elle Flem
  • smrhouselvr
    Hey girl hey!! L
    Awesome show!!ve when Babs is on!!
  • allison-h
    Could listen to Babette and Taylor all day everyday! Love!
  • Bri J B
    The best podcast! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
    Hilarious, witty, engaging, breath of fresh air, my everyday podcast on my commute!
  • LindsSherr
    Love it!
    Babs + Tay are everything!
  • Blondie603
    Hey Girl Hey!
    My best friend I’ve never met
  • TentativeListener
    Eva Longoria?
    In today’s episode, you said Eva Longoria was getting divorced, you meant Sofia Vergara. Do all Latinas just look the same to you?!! Do better.
  • anj-1414
    She’s never yelled at me!
    Love this podcast! Obsessed with your momma! HGH!
  • LBT1986
  • ✌🏼♥️💯🔥
    Love hey girl hey!
    💕💕💕 laughter, and spirit, lifting!
  • summergurrll
    My hero!
    I love you taylor! I think you are amazing and I loved you on your this year! The story of how you feel about red carpets, is my story with any family picture!
  • Blue hairpin
    Love this show hilarious
    Great show my absolute favorite
  • Dhillman82
    Honest and Amazing
    No one is more raw and transparent than Taylor. Funny and always on point of how I think. Love you girl!
  • deejay.deej
    I look forward to my daily Hey, girl, hey fix!
    Hilarious! Found her through Stassi and now playing catch-up with all episodes during my lunch break. Love episodes with Teddy, and mom Babette.
  • Wizstrzapp
    Btw guest Jamie Gabel is a PA and not a Doctor as he is labeled here.
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