The Jason Lee Show will pull back the veil of Hollywood and allow fans to see their favorite celebrities in a way they never have. Through candid, compassionate conversations for the culture, host Jason Lee, will sit down with some of the most talked-about stars asking all of the fans "must know" questions. The show's intention is to "unlock" a new prescriptive of the guests that the viewers have never seen before and to keep moving the culture forward.

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  • loxe97
    Fast Forward
    I love the show. I do not want to hear about your campaign though, I have to fast forward past, you wouldn’t talk about your job on your campaign so why talk about the campaign at work. At least put it at the end.
  • larazetta
    Big LEO
    Love Love Love Jason show nothing but Facts shall be Told!! From one big Leo to the Next!!! God Bless this Podcast!!
  • jesa!!!
    Love Jason
    Love Jason Lee, but not the guests. I listen to my podcasts during the day in my ear buds and the caliber of his guests are not earbud friendly w/the lip smacking, obnoxious laughter, jewelry clanging, drinking/gulping. Ooof-like I said, love this great host and love his commentary, but get better guests!
  • shondaboo123
    I love the show but I don’t think some of the guests know that their bracelets are hitting the microphone or like when Bobby was on the show he kept screaming and you can really hear them in the mic so when you have your earpiece on at work or jogging, listening to the podcast, it’s very startling.
  • Kayla Corne
    Podcast is fun and entertaining to listen to
  • Kate V.B.
    Good pod but…
    I’ve listened to this show for a while and really enjoy it! Jason is a great host- honest, witty, and funny. He also asks guests the questions he knows the people want to hear. My only frustration is the cohost(s) For all the honest and strong opinions Jason has, I wish he had cohosts that could stand their own ground. Mirena is SO frustrating with this. It’s like she has no original opinions and just waits to see what Jason thinks about something and co-signs. You’ll notice that whenever Jason asks her what she thinks before he or Rob share their opinion, she won’t take a stance or will backtrack if Jason shares an opposing opinion. It is so cringey and it makes me skip portions . Honestly I prefer Jason to just be alone with no cohosts if that’s going to be the case!
  • Antonio Jones 334
    I like the commentary.
  • HeartofGold76
    First time listening to your podcast!!! and am here for it!!😂..Friend.
  • TamRosWal
    Where are the episodes
    More episodes on facebook. Is the podcast still a thing??
  • 500baby
    Love love love!!
    Wish there were more episodes a week😩❤️
  • Pocahontas84
    PLEASE fix the volume and sound quality
    Great podcast but very hard to listen to. I honestly expect better when it comes to Jason Lee. The fact that I have to turn the volume up really high in order to hear it is unacceptable. I don’t have to do this with any other podcast.
  • Nareba1153
    It’s a good podcast
    Love the show. Sometimes we get a lot if useful information and some good tea but the volume is always so low and the constant name dropping can be quite annoying lol
  • MyQueenDomm
    It’s Giving!
    This podcast comes highly recommended!! Love the vibes, love the knowledge, love the tea! Representing for our hometown Stockton 👏🏽 do your thang JL!
  • AlvarezWendy
    Love your Show.
    I love your show and your opinions. My go too podcast to do anything. Grieving is pretty difficult but you got this 🫶🏻
    Filled with the juice 🥤👀
    Loved Jason's style of doing media I've never been one for the "Mess" myself but it doesn't stop me from watching or listening in this case 😂, Great show with some really dope guests thus far👏🏾💯
  • dorindadyme
    Don’t tell us what to do when you’re not doing it yourself
    Jason, you are so stupid you need to have your facts straight before you come on national radio podcast whatever this is talking mess. You literally just told us that we don’t pay attention to politics you know nothing about politics, but then again, you’re gay and that is a mental disability Trump is literally the best president in The ever had.
  • Jvsmith1980
    I love your podcast. You are the right mix of funny and messy!
  • Thick and delicious
    Jason Lee Podcast
    Yesterday was my first time listening to Jason Lee. His guests were the beautiful Luenell and Claudia Jordan. OMG I’m hooked. I laughed soooo hard. They all kept it real. Keep it coming Jason Lee.
  • Nine4Baby_
  • $$&@ covid
    Love this pod cast!
    I always seen Jason I Wendy and I always loved him I just found this pod cast and I’m obsessed! ❤️
  • crmdnenwuuddbwbwbwwnd
    Captivating,and for all
    Blu is a whole vibe, Damage is knowledgeable and amazing!! Jason is timeless!!! Hoping to meet all of them one day… also like falling in Love with DAMAGE!!! Legit falling
  • Lanitaylor
    Bye…I’m out! Have a good life. 👎🏾
    Seriously respect the crew but, Jason in all honesty the show and interviews are boring. I’ll continue listening to the Breakfast Club for interviews. When you get back to doing what you do well …I’ll be back. Until than have a good life.
  • lovey dovey
    Jason’s Breakfast Club interview talking through the Karen Civil issue got me to listen the pod. Blue and DJ Damage keeps me listening. I’m in shock because I couldn’t STAND Jason Lee since, well, never😂. And Blue…you are such a FIND that I could listen to you on your own. Full stop.
  • hwu1020
    “Baby killing pills”. Ridiculous.
    Blue you went to the hospital with high blood pressure. Your doctor prescribed you a very popular medication used to reduce your blood pressure. Claiming she was intentionally trying to get you to have a miscarriage due to her being racist is a bold jump. Having high blood pressure in itself can also cause miscarriages. To say that the black community only cares about statutory rape if it happened to a black person is wild. Seems like you might be a little racist too
  • Imthe1uwantalways
    This is the best PODCAST EVER!!!
    I be hung listening to this podcast August and has listened daily. I make it apart of my work day, my evening home life and also my spare time. My AirPods are in and I’m into this. Literally sharing no time for anything else because I’m just so invested. The different host pop ins to change in main hosts but Jason is forever and he makes this show just I cannot turn away. I love it. I have shared it made it apart of other ppl lives. It gives real things you can relate too, funny and spiritual all at the same time. Thanks new and old cast because this is where it’s at.
  • king james 30
    Jason Lee is always on point with the receipts
  • Shantel Lee
    The best podcast!!!
    I loveeeee this podcast!! Just started listening and I haven’t listened to any other podcast since lol I am a stay at home mom and I listen all day (my son is small so he doesn’t understand haha) Jason is the best and he has such a good crew right now. I started with Damage and Blue and they are amazing. When I listened back I fell in love with Melissa. Thank you all for making me laugh so hard and getting looks when I have it playing in my car haha I legit feel like you guys are my friends lol
  • krissy kaiser
    You guys are the best!
    Jason I just started listening to your show about three months ago . Should have stated a long time ago. You all make my day very funny and smart conversation! Also Jason you remind me of myself I have been through pretty much the exact same thing except I raised my three nephews and recently discovered my mother and uncle are both meth heads It has been hard but when I hear your story it makes me think I’m not alone thank you guys so much !! And keep it coming!!! Lots of love to all !!
  • humbly speaking
    Jason Lee get it together 🤦🏾‍♂️
    Audio quality is always bad smh
  • TEP💜
    Thx for the laughs!
    Ep 411 I love the dynamics between Jason Lee & DJ Damage. DJ Damage is hilarious & I enjoy listening to his take on things. Yea, this was another great show. Missed Blue, though. Hope she’s enjoying her birthday. Love you Jason🙋🏽‍♀️❤️
  • Jd20161205
    Sound issue
    The volume has been too low these past few episodes. Good show though .
  • Zilla06
    Raz B interview EP 406
    Great interview and glad you gave a victim of child molestation a chance to tell his story. Keep pushing this topic to the forefront, especially in the entertainment industry.
  • Polodastar
    Dope podcast
    I love this reckless show! It’s informative and entertaining.
  • KimiTxP
    The show went downhill after Melyssa left. Jason is rude, self absorbed, and talks over his cohosts. He turns every conversation around and makes it about him. I used to love this I can’t stand it.
  • srrp723
    I love this show but not feeling blue the chemistry is just not there I think I will stick to Jason’s other show gagging
  • MarcRed
    I Love this show!
  • Nickles👌🏾
    Bring Melyssa back.... no shade to the new host but y’all can have 4 hosts! I love you guys but the show is not the same without her
  • Jlemonade19
    Great Show
    This is a great show. I love Blue! I think she’s a great addition to the team!
  • cl3$mok3
    New chick
    Love the show but this new chick is such a feminist. She is ruining the show.she needs to go or have a limited talking abilities
  • Jobueno04
    I generally enjoy this show..
    but this weeks episode... I felt for Damage and Blue having to listen to Jason because I can turn him off.
  • Girlcofe
    I can’t with Jason
    He talks down on black Women like it’s crazy. I use to love this show but I can’t continue listening to black women slander. ✌🏾
  • katherine vass
    Love Jason and DJ Damage
    I love this podcast so much!! Jason is amazing he is crazy and says whatever he wants and I love it. Damage is the sweetest guy and intelligent. Both of their opinions and the combination of them together makes such a great show.
  • Anna Tong
    Love you Jason & Ur Podcast.
  • abcdef123789
    More new episodes !
    They need more shows.
  • Smoove1494
    iHeart Puppet
    All feeling no facts when it’s to Jason’s best interest. & Let Dj Speakkkkkkkkk
  • Queen Naj3
    Welcome back
    Welcome back Melissa and sorry for the loss of your mother I can’t imagine the pain you feel. Hearing you talk about her timely death got me emotional I pray you have healing in your heart 🙏🏾
  • Am-Dub
    Melissa, Thank you.
    I’m so grateful to Melissa for sharing what she has been experiencing or has come to realize thru the death of her mother. I listened and I cried. Although I have not lost a parent, many of what she said she had discovered about herself recently was so honest, brave and relatable. I felt everything she said. It made me think of my own relationship with my mother. Another thing that struck me, is the reminder of what we sometimes garner as important. Thank you so much Melissa. I wish you light and love.
  • Swaggasogood
    Loving seeing the REAL YOU!!!
    Episode 358 has been the BEST show for me. Jason I love your transparency on this episode. It’s truly refreshing to see you speak your truth and I appreciate you opening up with ALL of us. I love the show and I’ve been a fan for a few years now. I will continue to listen in and be a true FAN!!!! Thank you and stay blessed
  • 1240starr
    Milissa is my favorite and Jason has the best interview
  • Adenike O
    Joy Villa Interview
    That delusional coon is a mess! Y’all should’ve pressed her harder. She’s filled with so much hypocrisy
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